The too-trusting Public are tricked at every general election.   Most voters believe they play some part in electing the MPs who will dictate government policy.  Well they don’t!   Members of the public may have voted for Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, Leon Brittan or David Cameron.  However, voters played no part in selecting these people.  Jewish leaders chose candidates who would secretly work for them, and then had their names placed on ballot papers in safe constituencies, where they were certain to be elected.  Months before the elections it is decided by the Zionist Federation who will be the next Prime Minister and who will form his cabinet.  Thus everything that Parliament has done since 1939 has been in the interest of the fanatical Jewish movements at the expense of the long-suffering British public.


How do Zionists abuse the control they have over parliament?  They are using mass Immigration to destroy the white European character of the British nation.  They continually strengthen the EU, which is a large part of the formation of a Zionist controlled world-government dictatorship. Currently they are trying to introduce a single European army and unite America with the EU.  There has also been talk of Israel joining the EU. Organised Jewry ensures the continuance of a Jewish system of usury-type banking, which robs both governments and the public. Zionists use our military to fight wars which are solely in their interest, while retaining low levels of education in our schools.  They put fluoride in the water supply and poison the planet with insecticides.  Jews run our justice system and label as criminals anyone who opposes their evil tyranny.  We are not criticising all Jews here merely those in the Anti-Christ movements.

Our enemies in parliament have taken full control of the NHS, education, the police, armed forces and the judiciary.  As a result none of them adequately serve the British national interest.

Elections are like the three card trick. The card sharp will take three cards and show you that one is a Queen.  Then without you seeing he will switch the Queen for another card.  He then places the three cards on a table and moves them around.  He then asks you to find the Queen.   No one ever finds the Queen because it isn’t there among the three displayed.   General elections work in a similar way.  The public always hopes for a government that will do what it wants, but Zionists always ensure that pro-British parties are kept out.  We will continue to elect anti-British, Jewish-led governments for as long as the public is taken in by their lies.   Remember, the first rule of war is to identify the enemy.  It wasn’t Saddam Hussein, the Iranians or the Serbian leader Milosovic.  Nor was it the Germans in 1939.  Our enemies are organised Jewry, plus the American and Israeli governments.

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This was the headline on the front page of the Jewish Chronicle dated 15th August 2014.

Why should they feel the need to run away?  Through guilt, caused by the likelihood of the public becoming aware of the terrible things they have done to our once great nation.  To many Britons this might come as a surprise.  Then most Britons don’t study this most important issue, they merely absorb whatever the BBC and popular press tell them.  While most Jews and Gentiles have just been looking after their families and working etc, many super-efficient and evil Jewish organisations have been asset-stripping our country, plotting our national destruction while trying to take control of the world.  It has come to the point where every aspect of our daily lives and all major Parliamentary decisions are dictated by organised Jewry.

If you are in doubt think about this? The majority of the public would like to have our borders controlled,  see an end to mass immigration, stop getting involved in unnecessary wars, scrap political correctness; improve the NHS and education, while having a police force that deals adequately with violent criminals.    Over these issues, and many others, the British public is allowed no say.   The fact is, organised Jewry has deliberately created these problems for its own benefit and has no intention of having them changed.

Organised Jewry has had complete control of our country since the time Harold Wilson was Prime Minister.  Since then Jewish interests have been put first, foreigners needs have been placed second, and grudgingly, British requirements and desires a poor third.  Most Britons are aware of this, but have failed to recognise it as the cause of our problems.

We shouldn’t look at just the Jewish aspect of our problems Christian Zionists are equally guilty.  Many politicians, liberals and church leaders revel in anti-Christ Judaism because the mass media bestows the feel-good factor on them.   Those who join this anti-British army will find that they will be invited on to television programmes to engage in political debate etc, and be made celebrities.  No matter how perverse, they will be lauded as thoroughly decent people as were Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe and Greville Janner.  The sordid crimes of these three MP’s, were widely known to the public, yet the police, courts and Home Office conspired to protect them. This is because they all belonged to a powerful anti-British, Jew-based organisation which controls all three main political parties.  As members of this clandestine elite these MP’s would become furious when confronted by anyone or organisation which sought to make Parliament work in the national interest.

Jews represent a tiny percentage of the world’s population.  Surprisingly, a tiny percentage of this minority, now completely governs both America and the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent most other countries. How have they achieved this?  By keeping their activities secret!  Their network grows by way of Jewish family connections, secret societies and organisations they have infiltrated. These undercover Jews either hold influential positions or are extremely wealthy.  Although born into Jewish families these political controllers are generally not religious and do not attend a synagogue.  Often they change their names to conceal their identity.

They would not get away with pushing all nations towards world government if they were seen to be controlling the politics of the West.  So they use what they call “goyim” or non Jews to front for them.  Tony Blair, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel are typical examples of this. There are also many politicians including Jack Straw and David Cameron who are descended from Jews who keep the fact secret.

Through lying, cheating, thieving, intimidating, warmongering and spreading revolution, Zionists now have possession of much of the world’s most valuable commodities and commerce.  They control the world’s largest and most up to date military forces, which they regularly use to attack civilian populations around the world.  The number of demonstrations against government misrule and oppression are increasing on every continent.  To quell this Zionists are introducing stricter and more brutal means of taking away the public’s right to object. This is being done through surveillance, intimidation, violent policing, beating, jailing, and preventing protesters from obtaining a job

These Jewish gangsters spread the lie that they are God’s people and that when they have everything and control everyone, in an Orwellian fashion, we will reach Utopia.  Anyone who believes such nonsense must be mad.  Too many people unfortunately do!  This is because organised Jewry on one hand uses threats, and on the other dominates the news and entertainment industry from where they broadcast what they want people to believe.  Christians are the natural opponents of these Anti-Christ Jews.  To help eliminate this opposition Zionists have to a large degree de-Christianised Europe, North America and Australasia.  In order to control the way people think and act, they created the 1960’s liberal “anything goes” cultural revolution. This encouraged teenagers to follow the herd and accept as normal, whatever undesirable activities Zionists, and their liberal allies, tempted them into.

Only if you read the Jewish newspapers are you likely to know that during the past year they have been forced to flee France in large numbers.  This is due to their unacceptable anti-French behaviour.  Most of them are joining Jewish communities in Israel, America and England.   Those arriving in the UK will immediately join political parties and other organisations, from where they will strengthen the attack on the British groups who are trying to gain a say for our own people.

You cannot reason with trouble-making Zionists.  They are fanatics following an Anti-Christ agenda.  Their leaders feel they have a right to introduce strict laws to force people to believe and say only what they allow.  Articles have appeared recently suggesting that anyone mentioning the wrongdoings of organised Jewry should receive a jail sentence.   With Parliament under their control, this outrageous suggestion could become a reality.  David Cameron has already shown himself in agreement with the idea.  Don’t forget, Jews have already made it a criminal offence to raise concerns over the number of our people that have been murdered by third-world immigrants, and arguing with their holocaust numbers can be a jailing offence.  Notice how Parliament, in league with the EU, has invented laws to prevent foreign murderers from being deported.

Some fanatical Jewish groups believe that “it is the job of a good Jew to help get the wealth of nations into their hands.”  Most Jewish parents ensure that their children are high academic achievers who go on to take up the most prestigious jobs. To ensure that our children do not compete with theirs for work the level of education has been severely reduced and numerous activities that waste time are promoted.  If you don’t have a prestigious job you are unlikely to be allowed to broadcast your views to the nation, no matter how knowledgeable and talented you may be.

Successive American and British governments have turned the US and UK into something akin to inefficient third-world countries. Non-representative government has created this shambles that covers a multitude of sins.   When Harold Shipman was found to have murdered at least 250 of his English patients the incident was played down.  We would have had continual uproar if a British National Party doctor had killed the same number of his Jewish patients. For a long time, Britons have been dying in hospitals through neglect and incompetence.  There are no rapid moves by government to remedy this situation.  That far more concern is shown for Jews than others facing a similar tragedy goes to show the effect that continual brain-washing has had.   The impression given is that only Jews suffer and only Jews matter.

We have more in common with all other nations, religions and cultures than we do with Zionist Jews.  They have their own ambitions, newspapers, religion, politics, history, language and perception of morals.  By allowing Zionists to control the British and American governments, Muslims have been made our enemies.  The mass immigration programme suffered by Europe has led to Muslim terrorist groups setting up within our borders. Christians are generally sympathetic to Middle East and other nations’ problems but we cannot allow our country to become divided into warring factions.  Immigrants from other continents should be encouraged to return home wherever possible, but we should help make their countries more efficient for them to be able to do so.

Who will gain from the wars raging throughout Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan?  Just over a decade ago Israelis feared that the Arab countries would unite against them.  Not so now!  George Bush and Tony Blair started the Zionist-led assault on this region when they attacked Iraq under false claims of “weapons of mass destruction”.   Provoked into senseless violence, more Arab States have broken out into sectarian fighting.  Zionists have created conflicts in the Middle East in the same way they did in Europe during the first half of the 20th century when, for no good reason, they managed to keep us at war.  Allowing Zionists to monopolise news broadcasting has resulted in perpetual world chaos.  That must stop!

This is not the first time England has suffered an internal Jewish enemy.  Whenever a country receives a large influx of Jews, there are always groups of them who soon gain wealth, power and influence, either through bribery, corruption, intimidation or sheer will power.  Once in a strategic position, they act like Freemasons.  As soon as positions become vacant they engage their fellow conspirators.  Every sphere of power and influence in the UK is now filled with them, including the upper levels of Parliament, broadcasting, commerce, the judiciary, the Civil Service, universities, entertainment and literature distribution etc.  Through apathy, ignorance and lack of understanding, everyone living in the UK is now subservient to fanatical Jewish rule.
Most people do not have the faintest idea of the degree to which British politics serves the interest of the world Zionist movement.  I first found out through my determination to make Parliament serve the British.  Immediately I entered the political arena many organisations and all of the established political parties ganged up against me.  They spread ridiculous smear campaigns and made it clear that the usual means of promoting ideas, liking hiring public halls and being able to join in debate would be closed to me.

I noticed that many of the anti-British political activists on the attack were on numerous committees where they could wield power and have influence.  Let us look at just one example.  Claus Moser’s father was a banker in Germany.  In 1936 the family was forced to flee over his anti-German activities.  Despite being enemies of Christendom, they were soon welcomed into the heart of the British establishment. Moser became a lecturer at the notorious London School of Economics which was renowned for its Marxist subversion.  He held an important position in Harold Wilson’s Zionist-led government.  Moser worked as Director of Rothschilds, which he described in an interview as a “Jewish” Bank. (That is, it serves Jewish interests).  Moser was the Chancellor of Keele University, former head of the Government’s Statistical Services, one-time chairman of The Royal Opera House, Editor of The Economist magazine and warden of Wadham College, Oxford.  His work included studying how social attitudes could be changed.  Like many other traitors he received a peerage – in his case a CBE.
He noted with great satisfaction that, due to the introduction of multiculturalism, the English no longer view themselves as a nation.  Due to Zionist manipulation, we now have to compete in our land with Jews, Muslims and foreigners from all over the world.  Each of these groups has a strong feeling of identity, a sense of purpose and a vibrant religion.  Parliament has destroyed our national cohesion.  It has also made the church ineffectual through its interference and by allowing the Prime Minister (always a Zionist) to appoint church leaders.

There are many Jews who disagree with what is going on, but under the current system, like us, they are powerless to do anything about it.  Mike was one such sympathetic Jew.  He was a house-to-house trader, selling goods on estates in North West London.  He was living in the real world not, Parliament or the city.  We would meet from time to time in connection with our work and have a conversation.  We both knew that organised Jewry posed an enormous problem.  In 1977, while standing for Parliament with a desire to do what was right for Britain, I was being verbally attacked by leading Zionists.  On seeing my predicament Mike said “Get yourself circumcised and I can get you public speaking engagements.”  This was, and still is, the way the political system still operates in this country.  If you do not have the backing of organised Jewry, it will do everything in its power to stop you from being elected.   In order for Jews to retain their supremacy, Parliament has remained hysterically opposed to all forms of British nationalism.
No one is criticising Jews for being Jews.  Many have performed a great service to the UK.  Charles Rolls financed the versatile engineer Henry Royce and together they created probably the world’s greatest company.  It is mainly Jewish bankers, politicians and subversives that need to be brought under control.
If Europeans and Americans want to break free from servitude and improve the quality of their lives, they must tackle their Jewish problems.  This must begin with removing from power all of those who conspire against us, while disbanding the organisations these people work through.  To safeguard our nation, we must re-introduce the rule that no Jew can stand for Parliament.  (What chance would a Christian Briton have of being elected to the Israeli government?)  Jews holding high office in the UK currently swear an oath each year, saying that, although they are supposed to be working for us, their actual allegiance is to world Jewry.  There is however no reason why some of their trusted people with exceptional skills cannot be offered a position.
If you do not read the Jewish newspapers you can have no idea of what is going on.  For instance, the official line is that from 1948 natives in our African colonies started to fight for independence against the evil British, Rhodesians and South Africans.  In fact, the British and American, Zionist-led governments had already decided to bring an end to the British Empire by 1943, but couldn’t afford to be seen doing this.  So Jews, many from Eastern Europe, were financed and employed to set up and organise the black terrorist groups and anti-apartheid movements etc.  Helen Suzman and Joe Slovo, both Jews, were two of the most high-profile anti-white agitators. Firm evidence of this was only printed in the Jewish newspapers. Bishop Desmond Tutu made it clear that without Jewish involvement there would have been no independence in black Africa at that time.  The British were not removed for the benefit of black Africans but to leave the way clear for Jews from around the world to move in and exploit the region.

In the Jewish Chronicle of 15th August 2014 Shimon Cohen described himself as “the Sultan of spin, saying you have to tell the truth but not the whole truth.”  He not only works for such organisations as the “Holocaust Educational Trust” but wrote “a number of speeches for Nelson Mandela”, and you probably thought that Mandela was his own man.

By monopolising the mass media, Zionists control the way most people think.  Fortunately, the internet is changing this.  All that the younger generations know of the second-world-war is the holocaust and the Diary of Anne Frank.  Around 60 million people died in this horrific war with an uncountable number wounded. European cities were devastated, lives were disrupted and several countries bankrupted. This war was organised by Zionists solely for Jewish interests.  Incredibly it was only a relatively small number of political extremists who were responsible for this conflict and even fewer who created the wholly Jewish atomic bomb.

UKIP should be an improvement on the old parties but many ex-Conservatives are joining their ranks.  Conservative MP’s lack courage and have constantly submitted to Zionist rule and the party whips.  Where were they in the 1970’s, when the National Front was trying to regain control of our country?  They were standing alongside Zionists shouting obscenities!  Why haven’t they spoken in favour of nationalists who have come since?

That the majority of Jews feel they will have to leave Britain has come at a time when the creation of Israel is seen as a total failure and Hollywood’s blaming of the nasty Germans has worn thin.   When the Germans reached a situation of sheer desperation they took back control of their own country.  This was not going to be tolerated by the powerful Zionist movement that had ambitions of setting up a State in Palestine.  More to the point, they wanted to conquer more countries and not be forced to abandon Germany.  This is basically what precipitated the second-world-war.

The Germans had to find out the hard way, what it was like to live under Jewish rule. Here an astute German magazine shows Winston Churchill being led astray by the wandering Jew.
However, in the UK the real blame lies with the British public for not taking control of their politics, when there clearly was a need to do so.  There still exists an unhealthy public apathy that allows parliament to take us in directions we do not wish to go.  Finally, it must be realised that Zionists such as Tony Blair and David Cameron have caused more damage than any fanatical rabbi.

The American government has made so many regime changes that most countries no longer have independent governments.  This can be seen in the way numerous countries adopt identical policies at the same time.  Many so-called democracies are a sham.  There is an old saying that “if elections changed anything they would be banned.”  This statement has never been more profound.

There are always misguided people prepared to support our enemies.  “One of the staunchest allies of the ‘Jewish cause’ was Lord Macauly.”  Referring to them “not being allowed to stand for parliament he said “they may rule the money markets; Kings may not declare war or sign a treaty until they have conferred with him; but he may not be called Right Honourable.”  He couldn’t see it, but in his own words they already had too much power.    “In 1858, the Jewish Relief Act allowed the parliamentary oath to be made non-Christian.  In the same year a member of ‘the most dangerous and manipulative family,’ the Rothschilds, took his seat in the House of Commons.”
This red paragraph is taken from an article in the Jewish Chronicle only the words in black have been inserted.

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1 All Parliament’s decision-makers owe their allegiance to bankers, multi-national corporations or sinister power-grabbing organisations. For this reason, they have ambitions which are mostly in conflict with the needs and desires of the people they have been elected to represent.


2 Parliament committed the highest form of treason when it passed control of our country to a foreign body namely (the EU) over which we have no control. Under the original British Constitution, anyone even trying to do this would have been executed. Both Labour and Conservative governments have had the impertinence to say that the public will not even be allowed to voice its opinion on this most important issue.


3 Not only is Parliament subservient to the EU, but for generations it has been almost completely controlled by the forces of international Zionism. Even backbenchers have allowed this unacceptable situation to continue in order to secure their own positions.


4 Going against our Christian principles, Parliament encouraged Jewish bankers to set up a financial system of usury that has been robbing the public ever since.


5 Parliament has continually used bribery, threats, intimidation, character assassination and press censorship to prevent the most capable and trustworthy Britons from making headway in politics. It has also used rowdy, left-wing mobs to attack individuals and organisations which it sees as a threat to its position.


6 During the 1960’s, opposition to our rulers anti-British activities began to grow. To overcome this, Parliament opened Britain’s borders and brought as many different foreigners into our country as quickly as it could. These immigrants have been given votes that they are not entitled to, and then organised by the main political parties to outvote the indigenous British wherever possible.


7 In 1939, parliamentarian Winston Churchill, with others, took control of Britain’s armed forces on behalf of the Zionist Federation. They still control them today, which is why our troops are continually engaged in conflicts that are of no concern to us. The military is being prevented from defending our borders which should be its main function.


8 Since 1950, Parliament has being doing its utmost to destroy our culture and abolish the rules, that evolved over centuries, that made the UK a civilised society. The removal of the death penalty, loss of discipline in schools and encouragement of bad behaviour are just three of the many ways that the UK is increasingly being turned into a degenerate, violent and dysfunctional society.

9 Having bankrupted Britain with the cost of the second-world-war, Parliament then began to help sabotage our aircraft and shipbuilding industries. Margaret Thatcher’s government encouraged alien businessmen to strip Britain of its most highly-regarded and long-established companies. Parliament also sold public utility companies that were not its to sell. You will remember that this smash and grab of Britain’s assets was aptly referred to at the time as “selling the family silver”.


10 Parliament has politicised the army, police forces and the NHS in order to change them from their original role to a chaotic mode that suits it.


11 For the past fifty years Parliament has been trying to de-Christianise the UK. It began with banning Christian morning assemblies and nativity plays in schools. Anti-Christian ideas have been continually disseminated through the television and cinema. Wearing a small crucifix has seen many wearers sacked, while the burqa, which can cover the face, is deemed perfectly acceptable. It has been noticeable during the past few years that red and green Christmas lights have been disappearing and that blue and white decoration, the Jewish colours, are now predominant. The Jewish Chanukah festival is getting bigger every year while the meaning of Christmas is being lost. It has been commercialised for the benefit of big business to the degree that Hindus, Muslims and even Jews feel comfortable celebrating it. For most people, Christmas has become merely a time of feasts, get-togethers and present-giving. The ultimate aim of Parliament is to officially make an anti-Christ form of Judaism the dominant credo, with the Islamic religion second, and Christianity reduced to a meaningless babble of liberal/socialist dogma, third.


That an anti-religious form of Judaism dictates to Parliament is easy to see. News laws have recently been introduced to impose filth, perversion and depravity onto an unwilling public. This has been done in the name of democracy. Because we no longer have independent national governments, the same legislation is passed in many countries at the same time.

Parliament must be replaced with a body of constituency representatives as soon as possible.

Parliament is committing many other acts of treason, including knowingly endangering the public’s health in several ways. I have listed enough here. You will find out much more by reading this website. But here first is evidence of David Milliband doing his utmost to downgrade Christianity while advancing and respecting the Muslim and Jewish religions.




Milliband sent Foreign Office greetings around the world for Ramadan. He also broadcast a New Year message for the Jewish New Year, but did not send out anything on Christmas Day or Easter. He was also accused of ignoring St Georges Day, while giving Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, “plenty of FCO airspace’ to wish Scots a happy St Andrews Day. This anti-English and anti-Christian attitude is not peculiar to the Jewish Millibands. It is rife throughout the political establishment and the BBC.

There are dozens of subversive and undesirable left-wing organisations which are nearly all unwittingly funded by the taxpayer. Many of today’s prominent politicians have belonged to bodies which sought to legalise paedophilia. An organisation called “PIE, which stands for Paedophile Information Exchange, had a thousand liberal/socialist followers. Among these perverts were Deputy Labour Party leader Harriet Harman, Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey, and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt. Despite these people being exposed in of the most widely-read daily newspapers they have all still managed to keep their prestigious jobs.


Around the time in question the Chairman of the National Council for Civil Liberties was Henry Hodge. (He is now married to Margaret Hodge, who is a member of the Oppenheimer German-Jewish banking dynasty.) The NCCL had close associations with PIE, which had also aligned itself with the homosexual lobby. In 1975, the NCCL conference was addressed by the PIE chairman where a motion was passed declaring that “awareness and acceptance of the sexuality of children is an essential part of the liberation of the young homosexual.” The Liberal Peer, Lord Avebury held a meeting in London during the 1970’s where it was suggested that sex with six-year-olds should not only be allowed but encouraged.

How do such evil people manage to get elected? It is because too many people vote for a party, knowing nothing at all about the candidate, or the evil character of the organisation they represent. Below is that damning report that appeared in the Daily Mail on the 14th December 2013.

Daily Mail, Saturday, December 14th 2013

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In December 2007, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, compared the Bolshevik Revolution to Cromwell’s civil war. He was careful not to mention that both were brought about by fanatical Jewish bankers, in order to take control of both countries governments.

If you are aware of Parliaments history, you will know that Oliver Cromwell was backed by Jewish usurers from mainland Europe. After a series of bloody civil wars they seized control of England and its Parliament. In reality, Oliver Cromwell was only a pawn in the hands of the all-powerful moneylenders who had been waiting for a chance to get back into England since they had been kicked out by King Edward 1st in 1290.

The Parliamentarians were in effect an alien-led army of traitors which was a deadly enemy of the English. Unfortunately, many people were taken in by a Jewish-socialist style of propaganda, the type of which we still hear today. The Irish have a more vivid memory of Cromwell as a murderous tyrant. His rag-tag, but well organised, army defeated the Royalists there in 1649. At Drogheda they slaughtered around 3,500 people, of which 700 were civilians and Catholic priests. Cromwell’s mule-headedness, vanity and gullibility resulted in over 190,000 deaths out of a population of a mere 5 million.

In this unnecessary conflict, brother often fought brother, and father fought son. This war culminated in the most treacherous act, the execution of King Charles I. At this time a great deal of corruption was discovered. In the end Cromwell was installed as a military dictator, ruling to a great extent on behalf of Jewish usurers and warmongers – just as Tony Blair has done centuries later. In 1656, Cromwell’s Parliament, in league with the Dutch Rabbi Manasseh Ben Israel, secretly opened England’s borders to Jews and welcomed them back in. As Cromwell would have seen it, he was personally indebted to them, for they encouraged and funded his revolution as well as giving him invaluable military and tactical advice. When Cromwell died, the public rejoiced and partied, for at last they were free of strict State-rule and a hated tyranny.


In order to pacify the public, Parliament allowed the illusion of a restoration of the monarchy. In 1660, Charles 11nd was crowned King, but only in name. He did not have the power that was granted to previous monarchs.

In 1694, Jews instigated the setting-up of a bank to supply banknotes to the government. This was a private company but, by naming it the Bank of England, the public were tricked into believing it to be a State institution. The Rothschilds are probably the most powerful Jewish family. Frederick Morton recounts in his book called The Rothschilds that “their wealth consists of the bankruptcy of nations.”



From among the English aristocracy came the defenders of our nation. Since 1945, the Labour Party has, particularly through its class war strategy, been trying to wipe out the aristocrats. They have now almost achieved their objective. For the last twenty years we have seen Zionists, who now see themselves as the new aristocracy, filling the House of Lords in their place.

Party Conferences are a sham. All political decisions are taken by the executive committees. The Queen has to endorse whatever anti-British activity they are engaged in. Generally, party executive members have no work experience and are totally devoid of constructive ideas. They rely on bankers and lobbyists to tell them what to do. The unelected shysters who dictate government policy also control the armed forces, the police, education and the NHS. That is why these bodies and services no longer adequately serve the interest of the public


During the past seventy-five years, every major political decision in the UK has been taken by Jews. Any Briton who has publicly protested has been silenced by accusations of racism. This has been made possible by the “race acts” which were devised principally by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and introduced to Parliament by the Russian Jewish MP Frank Soskin. The Zionist-controlled media gives the impression that there is an abundance of knowledgeable Jewish politicians and their politically correct associates. It then leads us to believe there is hardly anyone from the indigenous population who has anything of importance to say. This is because the former are boosted while the latter face a media blackout.

Have you ever heard of Commander Andrew Fountaine, Squadron Leader Leonard Young or Captain Kenneth McKilliam? Probably not! These were three of the greatest British political-thinkers of the post-war era. (You can find some of their writing elsewhere on this site.) But you will have heard of Nigella Lawson, the “Domestic Goddess”, who was made out to be something that she wasn’t. Her husband Charles Saatchi’s company carried out the advertising campaign for Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party in the late 70’s. More recently he has been using his considerable wealth to subvert the art world by promoting pathetic and near pornographic art, leaving genuine artists without recognition. As one art critic put it, “Saatchi’s dominance of the art world is dictating the direction it will go.” The same kind of stunt was carried out by other members of his tribe in Germany during the 1930’s.

Fifth-columnist Nigel Lawson was allowed to be in charge of the UK’s finances between 1983 and 1989. When the writer first entered politics as a British patriot, Lawson had the impertinence to have a letter published in my local newspaper saying something to the effect that I should not be allowed to participate in politics or voice my opinions. As I was in the singularly fortunate position of being on friendly terms with the Editor, I managed to make a damning reply. Lawson’s son, Dominic, is editor of the Sunday Telegraph. This is the negative effect that just one family has had on our lives, and there are many worse Jewish groups than the Lawsons controlling our national affairs.

Now that you are aware of who controls the political system you will surely not expect it to work on our behalf.

If you are still in doubt, ask yourself why so-called anti-semitism is considered by Parliament a greater crime than theft, abduction, rape or sometimes even murder. The charge of anti-semitism is used to try to prevent a challenge to the Zionist take-over of Parliament.

Don’t think we are being unfair to Jews. By their own admission, they have had to be kicked out of every country where they settled in large numbers – so far with the exception of Scotland. America was never mentioned although they control it completely, or their homeland called Birobidjan in Eastern Russia. If the existence of this autonomous state had been more widely known, they would not have been able to impose themselves on to the Palestinians. They did this by pretending they had nowhere else to go, but they had turned down Madagascar when it was offered to them. The truth is they selected Palestine as their homeland because it stands at the crossroads of three continents.

Remember, Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers do not work for us they are permanently in the Jewish camp.

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There exists a long-term Parliamentary programme of national destruction. For decades it has been carried out eagerly and efficiently by successive governments, both Labour and Conservative. Issues such as the loss of British industry came about so rapidly that it is difficult to prove that sabotage was used. However, there are three major, long-term escalating problems that have been created by Parliament, which have been put beyond discussion. They are the EU, mass immigration and the pathetically low standards found in most British schools. Despite the seriousness of these issues, Parliament will not be drawn into debating them. This is because immigration and the EU are central to world government aspirations and a non-thinking, poorly educated public will help them get away with what they have planned.

Harold Wilson’s dreadful Labour government was responsible for wrecking our education system. In 1965, Wilson’s Secretary of State for Education, Anthony Crosland, introduced the inept Comprehensive system. Like Peter Mandelson, Crosland was a leading member of the Fabian Society. This far-reaching organisation believes in bringing about a world Marxist dictatorship. This would not be done through a bloody Bolshevik-style revolution, but by gradually changing public attitudes. Marxists and socialists try to give the impression that they are working on behalf of the workers. This is a complete myth. They are helping to get the world’s wealth and power into the hands of the same money-grabbing mafia as phony conservatives and liberals.

The Comprehensive system of education teaches children of mixed ability together in one room. This holds the brighter children back and is of no benefit to the less able. Soon after the change to comprehensives was made, it was noted in the press that standards had fallen, and they have been getting worse every year since. This has gone on for forty eight years but there have been no serious attempts to remedy the situation. Clearly, Parliament has achieved what it wanted. Of course there are students who receive excellent tuition but not in comprehensive schools. The wealthy can afford to send their children to private schools. Church schools have avoided many of the negative changes, while the Zionist community, which is responsible for much anti-British activity send, its children to Jewish schools, with Jewish teachers who implement very high standards of education.

In his formative years, Harold Wilson absorbed many Jewish socialist ideas. For this reason, he saw no problem with packing his government with fifth-column, anti-British, Zionist activists. The pipe-smoking leader was in a mental straightjacket which prevented him from putting up any opposition to their programme of national destruction. Wilson had another major problem that was not of his making. When asked by concerned members of his government why they gave in to every American demand, the Prime Minister replied that we rely on their money to remain solvent. Only 25 years earlier, Sir Oswald Mosley had warned Winston Churchill, both publicly and privately, that “If we enter into this unnecessary war with Germany it will bankrupt Britain and make us subservient to America.” Sir Oswald added that “It will also cost us our Empire. The American President, Franklin D Roosevelt, was no friend of ours. He had declared before Mosleys warnings that his greatest dream was to see the end of the British Empire.

In recent years, left-wing teachers have managed to persuade students for the most part to abandon technical, practical and engineering subjects in favour of social and media courses. This has produced an army of ex-university students capable of broadcasting endless, anti-white-Christian and multi-racial propaganda. On the other hand, firms find it near impossible to recruit British youngsters who are able to undertake skilled work.

In December 2013, the unacceptable standards of UK education came under investigation. Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of OFSTED, said that “the expectations of children are far too low.” But the children are merely seeing the situation as it is and are being realistic. The state of British education was clearly summed up by a twelve-year-old East European immigrant when he said to his parents “If you don’t take me back home to Poland when I leave school at sixteen, I will be unemployable.”

Sir Michael Wilshaw said that “most teachers haven’t even identified who their most able pupils are.” This is because those teachers are not interested in proper teaching. Too many teachers see their job as being to brainwash youngsters with left-wing, subversive, propaganda in the Fabian way. Leaders of the teachers unions claim that standards are not falling, but many of them have such a low level of education themselves that they wouldn’t know what was acceptable.

Harold Wilson’s government was largely responsible for closing down much of the UK’s manufacturing industry. It went on to introduce race relations laws which made it a criminal offence to defend our country. His damaging social changes include abolishing capital punishment in 1965 which sent the number of murders soaring. He decriminalised homosexuality in 1967, which has caused its promotion, and led to numerous sexual attacks on young children, which have often resulted in death.

Wilson also legalised abortion which rapidly became a common means of contraception for thousands of unfortunate young girls. Theatrical censorship was brought to an end in 1968, which led to all manner of perversion, anarchy and anti-social behaviour being glamorised in public. In 1969 Wilson made divorce easier, resulting in the widespread social problems we see today. It was also the time when the BBC came under Marxist control. Separately, each of these changes may not seem momentous, but if you compare society as it is today, with how it was before Harold Wilson’s government had its way, the rate of degeneration is staggering.

Harold Wilson was so shortsighted that he allowed several of his anti-British Zionist MP’s to set up the Anti- Nazi League. The purpose of this organisation was to try and prevent people supporting individuals or groups who wanted Parliament to serve British interests. The name Anti-Nazi League was chosen to imply that those they attacked were supporters of German National Socialism. This was ridiculous. They targeted everyone who opposed destructive Zionist policy. Unfortunately, as a result of constant bombardment with anti-German and Holocaust propaganda, the public has mistakenly tended to side with our Zionist enemy and go against the bravest, most capable and far-seeing Britons who had the courage to speak up for our people. During the 1970’s it was the National Front that took the brunt of these attacks.

Also mobilising students for subversive activity at this time were the International Socialists, led by Ygael Gluckstein and Chenie Rosenberg. These kinds of communist undesirables formed the left-wing section of the Labour Party.

Margaret Thatcher’s government took the opposite line to defeat British patriots. Where the Labour Party had defined patriotic policy as evil and indefensible, the Conservatives stole the National Front manifesto and used it as their own for the election period. Many concerned Britons who were desperate for change, took the view that they no longer needed to support the National Front because the Conservatives were going to save them. Once elected, the Conservative Party betrayed voters and carried on implementing the Zionist agenda.

The biggest problem with Zionists is not that they control virtually everything that gives power and influence, but that their ringleaders are evil to a degree that most people cannot even begin to understand. We wish the public would not view these alien troublemakers as white men. Whenever anyone describes them as such they will sometimes point out that they are not so, but Jewish.


Harold Wilson had one foot in the Soviet camp and as we see from the newspaper article, one foot in the Washington camp. He was also at the mercy of the unions, the Zionist movement and numerous communist organisations, which were really part of the Labour Party. Wilson eventually stated that “the country is ungovernable” and resigned. He was right. The country will remain ungovernable until parliamentary power is taken away from bankers, Zionists and the Directors of multi-national corporations. They are not going to admit their guilt and give up their power easily. They must be forced to stand aside by a massive groundswell of public opposition. When that time comes we will need, in each constituency, a group of honest, dedicated, articulate, well-informed and educated people to take over.

For their own advancement, Zionists organised the second-world-war in which over 60 million Europeans died. With no justification in 1945 they secretly made the first atom bombs which they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The purpose of this was to show all governments that no one had better threaten either of the Zionist States, America or Israel. Armaments are not the Zionists only weapons. For instance through their mass immigration programme they have seriously damaged the white-Christian British nation. The Anti-Christ groups between them have managed to control minds to the extent that the public now tolerates what is unacceptable, and sometimes even welcomes it.

Banking fraud, Education, the EU, Immigration and the misuse of our troops are subjects too important to ignore. The public needs to get on its feet and start making demands now.

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David Cameron tried to score easy points by calling for “international intervention” in Sri Lanka. We shouldn’t forget that his Conservative Party supported the Zionist New World Order that brought an end to the British Empire, plunging our former colonies into chaos, poverty and perpetual civil war.

The secret world government that the Labour, Liberal and Tory parties belong started dismantling the British Empire as soon as the second-world-war came to an end. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon had been a beautiful place to live while it was under British rule. In the 1970’s I had many Ceylonese customers who had lived happily in their country until they received so-called independence. After suffering severely under an incompetent dictatorship, many people were left queuing all day in a desperate attempt to get something to eat. Many left Ceylon and came to Britain which they viewed as the mother country. They would then send food parcels back home to their families.


All these ex-colonials hoped conditions would improve in Sri Lanka so that they could return home. They never did, and large numbers of them left the UK and settled in America. It is not only Ceylon that suffered from a secretive changeover to Zionist control. Rhodesia was a beautiful country that had been created from wilderness. So industrious were Rhodesian farmers they produced an abundance of food that fed white men and black Africans alike. South Africa was another success story that had been built up from an East India Company staging-post. There was no large native population there, but due to the work available, hospitals and education Africans poured in by the tens of thousands to take advantage of the amenities that were not available in most of black Africa.

Kenya had developed into a civilised and modern country. Its police and armed forces had been formed up to British standards. Its capital, Nairobi could be compared favourably with many European cities. Since being cut off from Britain, Kenya like most other former colonies has predictably become violent and disorganised where feuding is now commonplace.


The White dominions Canada, Australia and New Zealand were also isolated from the UK during the period of “independence”. This meant that, instead of working as a cohesive whole, each former colony was left defenceless and at the mercy of Zionist wolves in all their guises. This includes the American government, the IMF, multi-national corporations and various new dictatorial international bodies, such as the UN and international, development agencies.

The largest group fighting to save the Empire was the League of Empire Loyalists. The Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties continually tried to thwart its efforts, as they have every other patriotic organisation since. The main parties could not afford to be seen attacking these legitimate movements on the streets, or fighting with the police, so they were pleased to see naive, communist students doing their dirty work for them. This resulted in horrified members of the Conservative Party forming the Monday Club in opposition to their own treacherous party leaders.

Lying politicians have been applauding themselves over false claims that they set our colonial subjects free to enjoy a better future. Whenever we see black Africans on television now, they are calling for our help to alleviate their suffering from severe starvation, disease and lack of drinking water. In the thousands of years that these tribes have existed, they have never been in such a desperate state. When they lived by their simple traditional ways they survived. Under colonial rule they had a reasonably happy and content existence (not as the negative propaganda of the lying media would have us believe). At the time of so-called independence, they actually came under Zionist rule, and it is from this time that life really became grim for our former colonial subjects. Life for the British and Americans has also been deteriorating since 1948, when our political leaders put us under the heel of the Zionist dictatorship.

In Africa, America and the UK, black on black killings and black on white murders are far more common than white on black, yet the mass media deliberately distort the facts to show Europeans in bad light. Below is an African policeman who was butchered by blacks for trying to keep the peace. The young girl and schoolteacher were mutilated for no reason.






In order to create opposition to white rule in Africa, Zionists insisted that there was no place in Africa for Europeans and that Africans must be left to plan their own future. Only a few years after most whites had left their African colonies, a flood of non-white immigration began to hit the UK. This started with West Indians and went on to include people from virtually every country until we were “swamped”. For no good reason, Parliament and its anti-British allies have encouraged millions of Muslims to enter the UK. They have carried on doing this despite the likelihood of civil war coming as a result.

If there had been no high-profile communist activists in Africa, like Helen Suzman and Joe Slovo, anti-apartheid movements would not have existed. These two anti-civilisation troublemakers were both Lithuanian Jews who should never have been allowed into South Africa.

Not until Europeans start thinking for themselves will they realise how Zionists have been able to form their opinions for them. Only when the white man comes to understand this simple truth can the situation start to improve. West Europeans are coming to understand the cause of their problems, and as a result are supporting right-wing movements in large numbers. This has caused our old enemies to step up their pro-immigration demonstrations.

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Tony Blair and Lord Levy are ecstatic because by creating “New” Labour they were able to keep Parliament working principally for organised Jewry.

We would like to make it clear that most Jews are not part of this conspiracy they are victims just like us.

The group responsible for this outrage belongs to the fanatical Jewish fraternity. The UK was an all-white, peaceful Christian country until our Zionist-led governments opened our borders and invited everyone in. There were several motives behind this treachery. Firstly, the black and brown immigrants stood out in the crowd and the problems they created took people’s attention away from the destructive political activities of organised Jewry. Secondly, they provided a workforce which could replace Britons. Despite high unemployment, West Indians on arrival were welcomed into London Transport and the NHS by senior politicians and union leaders. Then Asians from Kenya and Uganda who followed were immediately used to replace Britons in the civil service.


Zionists have brainwashed many Britons into accepting every foreigner as being equal to them in their own country. Many fools have gone along with this and given up their birthright. This has now reached a point where we are fast becoming a pushed around minority in our own land. However, by comparison, Zionists are not so weak or compliant. They are of the opinion that if the indigenous population can be convinced that Britain does not belong to it, then it must be theirs. Racial tension and race laws have been created by Zionists in the hope that Britons would meekly surrender their country to them. In fact, our alien oppressors are on record as saying that “racial tension is their greatest weapon.”

On several occasions tabloid newspapers have shown that there are in England, many roads where there is no longer a single English person living, and schools where no pupil speaks English as a first language. For some inexplicable reason the public does not see the need to take immediate action. Yet, on the other hand, British men and women are prepared to join the Army and risk getting blown to pieces on behalf of Israel. One doesn’t need to go to a battlefield to solve Britain’s problems. It merely requires identifying the cause of our suffering, which is quite simple. The senior positions in all three of Britain’s main parties, and those in America’s two are all Israeli agents. All that needs to be done is to stop voting for these parties and find candidates who will battle for us. Then Parliament will put British interests first – which it hasn’t done since 1939.


Mass immigration was also started with the intention of promoting inter-racial partnering which would lead to a loss of European identity. At the time of writing mixed-race partnering has reached alarming levels, so we can conclude that immigrants are being accepted. However, if the Zionist manipulators wanted to start a civil war between blacks and whites or Muslims and Christians, they could do it at the drop of a hat. See the wars they have started in the Middle East between various ethnic and religious communities that have lived in reasonable harmony for generations.

Those responsible for creating wars between rival factions have often been Marranos Jews or undercover Zionist agents such as Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe and Mahatma Gandhi. A Marranos Jew is a political fanatic who has distanced himself from the Jewish community in order to wreak havoc in a country without being suspected. Creating divisions and organising civil war may not take place until the second or third generation and they often change their names as well to conceal their origin. Jack Straw, Peter Mandelson, Leon Brittan and Oliver Letwin are among those of Jewish origin who have helped bring about a mass foreign invasion of our country. Letwin is a Rothschild agent who is currently in charge of government policy. This enables him to put the City of London’s desires before the needs of the general public.

David Cameron prides himself on his descent from the German-Jewish, Levita and Ree, financier families. This is probably why he puts the interests of Israel, Zionism and immigrants before those of Britons. Then we have leading the Labour Party the Millibands who have been at war with Christian Europeans for generations.

Parliament realises that voters will eventually wake up and stop voting for those who betray us. MPs are getting us outnumbered by foreigners, who they have given every advantage to. They have done this to gain their electoral support so that they can out-vote us.

The time is long overdue for Britons to take charge of their own country. Recently international organisations have been lobbying on behalf of Australian aborigines and American Red Indians saying these “indigenous peoples have a right to self rule.” But no such rights are being offered to the rapidly disappearing white British.


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Europe and America were sent on a disaster course centuries ago. The situation was never remedied because the majority of the public refused to believe the truth when it was told to them. As a result America and the Eurozone are now bankrupt and suffering from inequality and social turmoil. This is most noticeable in the United States, where it is has become clear that the public have been robbed, silenced and manipulated by an untouchable ruling elite. Due to the corrupt Party System, cabals of bankers, Directors of multi-national companies and fanatical Zionists have been able to use the United States Government solely for their own ends. Europe is suffering from identical problems which have led to massive street demonstrations in many major cities.

Through despotic control of the mass media, villains have often been portrayed as heroes and angels as villains. The American public has finally come to realise that the perpetual wars organised by their government have not only been unnecessary and unfair, but were used to effect regime-changes to further the ambitions of a secret elite. One needs to realise that the American/European destruction programme was speeded up by Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt when they organised the second-world-war on behalf of “World Government”, anti nationalist, groups. They later had the help of Joseph Stalin. Bankers, Zionists and Communists were the most forceful of those agitating for war in the 1930’s. The fanatical warmonger, Winston Churchill was closely involved with all three groups as well as being a Freemason. It was not just his fervent devotion to bankers and Zionists that motivated this war leader he was also well rewarded financially for his efforts.

Any politician who does not make this situation clear is simply not to be trusted. Let us hope that the public will now support genuine nationalist and patriotic organisations in order to give power back to the people.

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On the 21st July 2013, BBC2 transmitted a programme about the mysterious and clandestine life of Uri Geller. For thirty years he had been working as a spy for military and intelligence agencies in three continents. Psychic Mr Geller and his associates were careful not to give away any information about their activities that hadn’t already been discovered. However, a sentence they used, “breaking the infrastructure of nation states”, is very revealing. In practice, it has meant, replacing the leaders of countries with their own agents. It is this kind of activity that has allowed financiers, world-government groups, Zionists and Mossad to secretly take control of country after country and then run them to destruction.


This death of the nation state has been brought about in many ways. Putting nations deep into debt through the “money creation swindle, forming bloc groups such as the EU, the movement of populations, and starting wars, these are the four most common methods by which we are all becoming powerless world citizens, devoid of both representation and rights.


Throughout the television programme it was made clear that the subterfuge, intrigue, surveillance and State interference which are blighting peoples lives worldwide are being carried out for the benefit of Israel. If religious Jews, rather than Zionists, had taken control of Israel in 1948, todays problems may not have arisen. Former Jewish leader Theodore Hertzl once spoke the truth when he said “All people are treated in accordance with the manner in which they behave.” If the Israeli government were to understand the meaning of these words, it would stop being belligerent, hateful and vindictive to others. Then, all nations could live in peaceful co-operation. Zionist domination of American politics has been widely recognised for many years, thus we have the well-known saying that “Israel is the tail that wags the dog called America.”

Bradley Manning, the people’s hero was savaged by the self-serving elite who control the U.S. government. The whistleblower, who passed information to Wikileaks, said that he wanted to expose the US military’s “bloodlust”. Since 1945 America has, on average, bombed one sovereign state every year and currently has a military presence in almost one hundred countries.


Bradley Manning may get the last laugh by being able to sue the American government for millions of dollars. He is currently changing sex into a female which will obviously create trauma and psychological problems. It has been proven that, during Bill Clinton’s term in office, plans were drawn up to create a bomb that would turn men into homosexuals. This would be done by chemicals contained within the explosive. In their bid for maximum profit many multi-national corporations, with links to senior politicians, are using toxic as well as gender-bending chemicals. Despite scientific evidence of the serious problems they cause the American government, the one that claims the moral high-ground, continues to ignore the issue.




Most Britons and Americans are under the illusion that their countries national security organisations exist for their protection. This may have been the case when they were set up, but certainly not during our lifetime. Today security forces are used primarily to protect the guilty and Zionists in particular, who are working within the political establishment. Only those taking a firm stand in defence of the people will see the ugly, sinister, vindictive and tyrannical nature of certain government departments. If the security forces were doing the job they were intended for, murderers, terrorists, and organised criminal gangs wouldn’t be allowed to enter our countries, with government approval, so easily.


The case of Cyril Smith, the high profile Liberal MP, showed how high-ranking police officers, M15, Special Branch and the Crown Prosecution Service all conspired to ensure the Rochdale serial predator, of boys and young men would never face trial. This was in spite of police investigations showing that Smith had committed numerous homosexual attacks and even one suspected murder. Similarly, the BBC’s presenter, Jimmy Saville had his perverted, criminal activity covered up. In both cases thousands of people were aware of this couple’s crimes, but were unable to break the establishment’s bluff. However, these two cover-ups are overshadowed by the most serious of criminal acts committed by Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, George Bush, Edward Heath and members of the banking dynasties.

It’s our world, our lives and our freedom. Don’t allow the New World Order Shysters to control or wreck all three!

We have already seen how telling the truth, to help the public, can lead to a long-term jail sentence. It is vital that we all join the fight against the tyranny, that Western politicians call democracy. It is the only way to regain sanity, justice and freedom

There are numerous books that are essential reading for those seeking the truth, here are just a few. They are all available now from Amazon

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