WHAT IS THE “WORLD GOVERNMENT” THAT WE NOW HEAR ABOUT? Most   people   haven’t   the   faintest   idea   what   politicians   are   secretly   plotting   and   scheming.      You   can   often   hear   the   remark “I am   not   interested   in   politics.”   Everyone   should   pay   attention   for,   governments   determine,   if and   when   we   go   to   war,   if   the   NHS   is   in   safe   hands,   if   our   children   are   receiving   a   high   standard of   education.   Their   policies   determine   if   our   streets   are   safe,   if   our   food   is   healthy,   who   is allowed   to   enter   our   country   and   how   much   of   our   wages   we   are   allowed   to   keep,   plus   much more.   Generally   the   public   is   not   even   aware   of   the   powerful   self-serving   groups   who   have   a strong influence over Western governments.  For   instance   there   is   an   Anti-Christ   movement   trying   to   drive   all   nations   into   accepting   a   world- government   dictatorship.   Most   people   believe   that   the   type   of   Jewish   usurers   who   had   Jesus brutally   crucified   no   longer   exist.      They   do   and   are   more   powerful   than   ever.   The   reason   most people   are   not   aware   of   this   most   important   information   is   that   the   mass   media,   which   the public   relies   on   for   news,   is   controlled   by   “world   government”   groups.      Western   governments are     secretly     manipulated     from     behind     the     scenes     by     the     Anti-Christ     movement,     the Bilderbergers, Zionists, Freemasons, Fabians and others.  Democracy is a sham!  


John   Swinton,   one   time   Chief   of   Staff   for   the   New   York   Times   said   at   a   Press   Club   Meeting “There   is   no   such   thing   in   America,   as   an   independent   press.   You   know   it   and   I   know   it.   There   is not   one   of   you   who   dare   to   write   your   honest   opinions,   and   if   you   did   you   know   that   it   would never   appear   in   print.   If   any   of   you   were   foolish   enough   to   write   the   truth,   you   know   that   you would   immediately   be   put   out   on   the   streets   looking   for   another   job.   The   business   of   journalists is   to   destroy   the   truth,   to   lie   outright,   to   pervert   and   fawn   at   the   feet   of   mammon,   and   to   sell   his country   and   his   race   for   his   daily   bread.      We   are   the   tools   and   vassals   of   rich   men   behind   the scenes.   We   are   jumping   jacks,   they   pull   the   strings   and   we   dance.      Our   talents   and   our   lives   are all   the   property   of   other   men.      We   are   intellectual   prostitutes.”   You   cannot   get   truth   printed   in   a major newspaper if the anti-Christ movement wants to keep it secret . As   a   result   we   see   anti-British   propaganda   like   this   published   in   popular   tabloid   newspapers.   To find   out   what   is   really   going   on   you   need   to   read   what   is   printed   for   Jewish   eyes   only.   Then   you will   learn   that   they   have   incited   virtually   every   war   since   1939   and   many   more   before,   were principally   responsible   for   the   dismantling   of   the   British   Empire   and   the   creation   of   the   EU. Around   half   of   Jewish   Israelis   would   like   to   see   the   Palestinians   kicked   out   of   their   own   homeland.   This   is   the   most   evil   case   of racism,   but   should   Europeans   try   to   defend   their   homelands   from   Jew-organised   alien   invasions,   they   receive   torrents   of abuse.   If   we   British   are   to   reclaim   control   of   our   country   it   is   vital   that   our   children   receive   a   first   class   education   and   become aware   of   our   predicament.   Every   Briton   should   ensure   that   future   generations   become   alert   and   are   not   distracted   by computer games, films, television and over-hyped sports such as premiership football. Of   course   Israel   welcomed   Obama   straight   after   the   election.   Jewish   leaders   selected   both   Presidential   candidates!      Haven’t you   noticed   how   the   media   is   always   hostile   to   anyone   who   wants   to   put   their   own   people   first   and   intend   to   do   what   is   best for their country? This is because it is not what Israel wants.  In   December   2016,   Jeremy   Corbyn   announced   he   was   going   to   try   and   get   the   British   public   to   change   its   political   thinking   and go   against   its   own   best   interest.      In   the   same   week   the   Jewish   News   announced   that   the   Jewish   “grassroots   movement   had helped   propel   Jeremy   Corbyn   to   the   Labour   leadership.”   There   is   good   reason   to   believe   that   Corbyn   is   one   of   the   many   secret Jews or “Marranos” as they are known subverting politics. Most   West   Europeans   are   not   even   able   to   deport   foreign   murderers   and   alien   terrorists.      West   Europeans   have   finally become   worried   about   the   endless   waves   of   immigrants   pouring   into   their   countries,   terrorist   attacks   by   non-Europeans   and loss   of   national   identity.   People   are   concerned   about   the   damage   being   done   to   our   planet,   the   toxins   as   well   as   the   chemicals in our food and the pollution of the oceans.   Before   he   became   Prime   Minister   Did   Tony   Blair   say   that   he   would   start   unnecessary   wars   of   mass   destruction   in   the   Middle East?      Did   Margaret   Thatcher   warn   us   that   she   would   sell   off   the   nation’s   most   valuable   assets?      Did   Edward   Heath   warn   us that   the   EEC   he   signed   us   up   to   would   eventually   grow   into   a   world   government?      Turkey   and   Israel   are   already   in   line   to   join the   EU.      Successive   American   governments   have   been   trying   to   take   control   of   South   American   countries   by   subterfuge   and loading them with debt. Canada has been fighting for decades to remain separate from America. Already   there   have   been   talks   of   trade   links   between   the   United   States   and   the   EU.   (Ted   Heath’s   EEC   was   only   supposed   to   be a   trading   area.)      More   recently   Barack   Obama’s   military   attacks   on   Arab   lands   have   been   carried   out   to   create   governments more   favourable   to   world-government   groups.      It’s   a   well   kept   secret   that   the   American   and   UK   governments   were   behind   the dismantling   of   the   British   Empire.      The   EU   has   isolated   us   from   our   former   colonies   and   in   particular   Canada,   Australia,   New Zealand   and   South   Africa.      Our   enemies   have   had   some   success   in   corrupting   their   governments   into   accepting   a   globalist agenda.  Did    Harold    Wilson    admit    that    his    government    would    seriously    lower    the    standard    of    education    by    introducing    the comprehensive   system   and   open   our   borders   to   virtually   everyone   in   the   third-world?   Nor   did   Winston   Churchill   inform   the public   that   his   main   reasons   for   going   to   war   were   to   allow   Jews   from   Europe   to   invade   Palestine,   put   Germany   back   under   a system of usury-banking and permanently weaken the major European powers?   A   Heath   to   the   gallows   demonstration   by   some   of   those   who   knew   the   real   intention   of   the   EEC!      Of   course   they   were   denied access to the mass media, which used character assassination against them. Our   governments   have   been   controlled   by   self-serving   elites   who   are   only   interested   in   money   and   power.   They   think   nothing of   the   problems   they   create   for   the   ordinary   people,   or   the   damage   they   are   doing   to   the   earth.   These   shysters   have   no intention   of   giving   up   their   power,   but   realise   they   can   no   longer   prevent   the   public   from   voicing   opinions   which   have   been silenced   for   so   long.      In   order   to   stay   in   control   they   have   tricked   the   people   once   again   by   selecting   new   political   leaders   who talk   about   what   concerns   the   public,   but   who   continue   to   secretly   serve   the   same   Zionists,   bankers   and   Freemasons   etc.   This was   made   clear   on   the   18th   Jan   2016,   when   Theresa   May   spoke   gloriously   about   Britain   no   longer   being   a   white   European country,   but   an   ever   growing   melting-pot   of   every   nation,   race,   religion   and   culture.      The   motive   behind   this   divide   and   rule tactic   is   to   create   tension   and   in-fighting   ensuring   that   the   English,   Irish,   Scottish   and   Welsh   will   never   again   be   able   to   have   a country they can call their own. Without national unity the same greedy, power hungry, planet destroyers will remain in power.  We   will   never   be   able   to   overcome   our   problems   until   we   get   rid   of   Zionist   politicians   and   Zionist   judges.   To   do   this   we   must find   our   own   regional   leaders   and   not   just   accept   those   selected   by   our   enemies.      Then   Britons   once   again   will   be   able   to   set Parliament’s agenda  Usurers   claim   to   create   money   for   governments.   However,   the   money   they   pretend   to   lend   does   not   exist.   They   merely   create a   figure   and   governments   agree   to   repay   it   with   interest.   A   debt   is   created   and   will   get   paid   back   if   governments   are   able   to repay.      Most   countries   are   unable   to   repay   at   the   agreed   schedule,   requiring   new   false   loans   to   be   created.   As   a   result   most countries   have   billions   of   dollars   of   debt   that   is   forever   growing   and   can   never   be   repaid.      This   system   of   usury   enables moneylenders   to   gain   power   over   governments.      Israel   is   trying   to   become   the   world’s   new   super-power.   By   dominating   the American,   British,   French   and   German   governments,   Israel   has   control   over   their   combined   armed   forces.   With   the   money Zionists   have   amassed   they   have   also   been   able   to   take   ownership   of   many   of   the   world’s   most   successful   companies, creating   powerful   monopolies.      Usury   is   totally   evil   which   is   why   Jesus   was   so   strongly   against   it.         WHY   DO   CHURCH   LEADERS NEVER MENTION ANY OF THIS? In   the   West,   the   anti-Christ   movement   has   also   taken   control   of   the   public   subconscious   and   is   leading   it   to   its   own   self- destruction.   There   is   no   longer   a   strong   Christian-based   moral   culture.   Gone   are   the   loyalties   to   tradition,   family,   nation   and concerns   for   ones   moral   and   spiritual   needs.   As   a   result   there   is   much   depression,   loneliness,   underachieving   and   self- harming.   Fortunately   out   of   the   needs   of   many   there   is   a   rise   in   the   number   of   charitable   movements.   Nevertheless,   this doesn’t   overcome   the   wide-scale   subservience   to   the   negative   forces   of   the   anti-Christ   that   accelerated   with   the   cultural revolution of the “swinging sixties”, when every bad practice became acceptable in the eyes of the establishment.   In   former   times   parliament   was   in   safe   hands,   William   Pitt   said   in   1803   “We   must   recollect   what   we   have   at   stake,   what   it   is we   have   to   contend   for.      It   is   for   our   property,   it   is   for   our   liberty,   it   is   for   our   independence,   nay   for   our   existence   as   a   nation; it is for our character, it is for our very name as Englishmen, it is for everything dear and valuable.”   We   have   now   reached   a   point   where   doing   what   is   right,   moral   and   Christian   is   often   viewed   as   a   crime   by   those   in   power.     We can’t go on allowing our governments to conspire against us.  Help us to fight back. Do   you   need   further   evidence?      Gordon   Brown   without   warning   sold   off   cheap   more   than   half   of   Britain’s   gold   reserves   (395 tonnes).  This greatly benefitted traders and foreign speculators at our expense. While   at   university,   Jack   Straw   was   a   troublesome   anti-British,   communist                     revolutionary.      Since   his   teens   his main   aim   in   life   has   been   to   get   as   many   black   and   Asian   immigrants   into   the   UK   as   possible.   His   hatred   for   the British   could   be   seen   in   the   articles   he   wrote.      A   recurring   theme   is   that   the   British   are   racists,   and   how   he would   like   to   rewrite   our   history.   This   internal   enemy   has   given   a   false   account   of   the   British   Empire   in   order   to try   and   give   our   people   a   guilt   complex   to   make   them   more   subservient.         For   thirty   seven   years   he   has   been an MP.  During this period he has held the office of both Home and Foreign Secretary. In   2000   Jack   Straw,   while   Home   Secretary,   was   eager   to   work   with   the   “Runnymede   Trust”   to   introduce   laws   regarding   the future   of   a   “MUTI-ETHNIC”,   non   European   Britain.      Labour   peer,   Lord   Bhikhu   Parekh   who   headed   the   Commission,   saw   his anti-British,   “racial   diversity   ideas   turned   into   laws.      Yet   in   2001   Straw   was   forced   to   publicly   admit   that   “crime   gangs”, including   Chinese   “snakeheads”,   were   already   running   the   chaotic   asylum   system,   which   had   deliberately   been   allowed   to   get out   of   control.      During   the   past   forty   years,   there   has   been   no   attempt   by   parliament,   or   the   treacherous   EU,   to   secure   our borders.     Since   2001   it   has   been   a   criminal   offence   for   an   English   person   to   officially   call   oneself   English!      How   was   this   allowed   to happen?      It   has   been   achieved   by   lowering   the   thinking   ability   of   the   public   through   mass   medication,   street   drugs,   adding fluoride   to   the   water   supply,   mind   control   at   universities   and   continual   distractions   by   the   global   media.      The   public   needs   to wake up and address this issue before we suffer the same fate as the Palestinians and Red Indians.