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George   Orwell’s   novel,   1984,   is   a   chilling   description   of   the   horrors   of   totalitarianism. As   we   enter   1984   it   is time   to   rededicate   ourselves   to   the   ideals   of   freedom   and   democracy   which   are   under   attack.   In   particular let   us   keep   alive   national   freedom   which   is   in   danger   of   being   extinguished   by   those   cosmopolitan   forces which Orwell so despised. The   world   of   Orwell’s   1984   is   one   where   "Big   Brother   is   watching   you".   It   is   one   where   disagreement   with the   official   line   is   regarded   as   thought-crime,   to   be   rooted   out   by   the   state   thought-police.   When   we   think   of the   enthusiasm   with   which   national   values   are   suppressed   today   –   by   the   banning   of   "racist"   children’s books   from   libraries,   by   the   political   control   of   school   curriculums,   by   restrictions   on   freedom   of   speech,   by the   exclusion   of   "incorrect   views"   from   the   mass   media,   even   the   banning   of   Christian   school   assemblies   we can see that the world of 1984 casts a shadow over our contemporary life. Some    of    our    most    precious    freedoms    –    the    freedom    to    retain    our    national    identity    and    national independence   and   freedom   of   speech   –   are   denied   to   us.   The   power   to   determine   our   own   affairs   and   live according   to   our   own   customs,   with   our   own   people   is   being   taken   out   of   our   hands.   Real   power   is   being transferred   to   huge   super-national   institutions   such   as   the   Common   Market   (now   the   EU),   the   International Monetary   Fund   and   the   giant   multi-national   companies.   Ordinary   people   have   a   feeling   of   powerlessness,   a feeling   that   their   destinies   lie   in   the   hands   of   small   remote   groups   over   whom   they   have   no   control.   Why cannot   the   public   see,   that   by   accepting   a   party   system   of   voting,   they   are   putting   us   under   the   control   of   an impenetrable political elite that does not represent them. George   Orwell’s   hero   in   the   book   1984   confronted   with   the   "Big   Brother"   state,   declared   that   "If   there   is hope   it   lies   with   the   proles."   It   was   a   declaration   of   faith   in   the   ordinary   working   people.   If   national   freedom   is to   be   preserved   then   it   is   the   ordinary   people   who   must   take   back   responsibility   from   the   small   groups   of faceless   men.   They   must   declare   that   they   will   not   tolerate   the   creation   of   a   "thought-crime"   to   shackle   and intimidate   those   who   embrace   national   ideals   and   traditional   values.   With   your   help   we   can   keep   alive   the flame   of   national   freedom,   regaining   our   strength   and   our   faith   in   ourselves   as   a   nation   until   that   happy   time when   power   is   taken   back   from   the   Big   Brothers   of   this   world. You   cannot   expect   help   from   any   MP,   MEP   or councillor   –   they   had   to   sell   us   out   to   gain   their   "politically   correct"   position.   We   have   to   make   our   own   break to freedom. Reproduced   from   the   front   page   article   of   the   British   Free   Press   dated   Winter   1983/4   If   only   the   public would read articles like this instead of the tabloid press that work for the thought police. No   one   allows   criminals   to   be   their   own   judge   or   place   themselves   above   the   law.   Yet   we   have   allowed politically   active,   Zionist   Jews   to   do   just   this   by   introducing   the   law   of   "anti-Semitism".   One   may   ask   how these   separatist   people,   who   claim   to   be   a   victimised   minority   managed   to   have   sufficient   control   over   our government   to   have   this   monstrous   piece   of   legislation   introduced   into   law.   The   majority   of   Semites   in   the world   are Arabs   and   not   one   of   them   has   complained   of   anti-Semitism.   Yet   the   majority   of   those   claiming   to be Jews are not Semites but members of the Ashkenazi tribe.
Last updated 24 th.  Jun 2020
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