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Why   should   so   many   Jews   be   eager   to   leave   the   UK   all   of   a   sudden?   Because   organised   Jewry,   including Zionists,   have   done   their   utmost   to   bankrupt   Britain   and   destroy   our   race,   nation,   culture   and   religion   during the   past   few   hundred   years. They   feel   now   that   they   can’t   push   their   luck   for   much   longer   as   there   are   signs that   the   public   is   becoming   aware   of   their   activities.   It   is   usually   the   troublemakers   that   are   anxious   to   leave first.   We   have   allowed   them   to   control   our   governments.   They   organised   wars,   created   the   atom   bomb, bankrupted   us   with   their   fraudulent   banking   systems,   promoted   GM   crops   and   created   dangerous   products with   their   scientific   experiments,   including   gender-bending   substances. At   the   moment America   and   Europe are   suffering   mass   street   killings   as   retribution   for   the   destruction   of Arab   States   and   the   resulting   deaths   by the American   military. The   trouble   is   Europeans   don’t   think   of   the   consequences   when   they   go   to   vote. They need to vote for their own people – that is nationalis m. Just    two    years    previous    for    the    same    reason    Jews    were    leaving France   and   coming   to   the   UK   as   well   as America   and   Israel. They   are forever   on   the   move.   Why   are   they   so   different   from   other   people? Groups   of   Poles   and   Italians   remained   in   the   UK   at   the   end   of   the second-world-war.   As   fellow   Europeans   they   soon   settled   down   to become   an   indistinguishable   part   of   our   nation.   There   are   many   non- fanatical   Jews   who   give   their   allegiance   to   Britain   and   do   not   present a   problem.   However,   there   are   fanatical   Jewish   movements   that   have a   maniacal   desire   to   take   control   of   every   country.   In   order   to   fulfil   this plan   it   is   imperative   for   them   to   remain   independent   and   not   inter- marry.   Because   they   have   lived   in   every   country   they   are   aware   of national    weaknesses.    They    have    been    working    on    this    plan    for centuries.   Their   fanaticism   ensures   they   don’t   forget   what   they   have done   so   far   to   achieve   their   objective   or   what   they   still   have   to   do.   Europeans   no   longer   pass   knowledge down   to   the   younger   generations.   This   has   left   our   children   exposed   to   continual   Zionist,   communist, internationalist and anti-White European propaganda. The   ultimate   aim   of   Jewish   leaders   is   to   install   their   anti-Christ   king   as   ruling   dictator   over   the   world.   In   their own   words   “We   will   not   be   able   to   install   our   own   king   over   the   entire   world   until   the   Christian   Church   is destroyed.” They   know   they   cannot   achieve   this   while   European   nations   remain   intact   and   influential. This   is why   they   started   mass   immigration.   While   we   allow   Zionist-led   governments   to   bestow   British   citizenship, voting   rights,   passports   and   specially   designed   legislation   for   foreigners   we   will   continue   to   lose.   It   would seem   many   Europeans   have   already   lost   the   will   to   remain   a   nation.   We   cannot   allow   every   type   of foreigner to become British, if you are in doubt try to become a Jew. What   is   a   Jew?   You   might   as   well   ask   what   an   animal   is   as   there   are   so   many   different   types. As   a   general rule   the   nearer   they   are   to   the   ruling   elite   the   more   evil   they   becom e.      Very   rarely   do   you   come   across   an honest   Jew   in   the   press,   but   in   the   Times   of   Israel   on   the   1st   July   2012   one   emerged.   We will   quote   extracts   from   his   frank   article.   “We   Jews   are   a   funny   breed.   We   love   to   brag about    every    Jewish    actor.    We    brag    about    Jewish    authors,    Jewish    politicians,    Jewish Directors.   Every   time   someone   mentions   any   book   or   piece   of   art   we   inevitably   say something like “Did you know that he is Jewish?” We’re   a   driven   group,   and   not   just   in   regard   to   the   art   wo   rld.   We   have   for   example AIPAC, which   is   constructed   to   drive   the   agenda   in   Washington   DC   and   it   succeeds   admirably. And   we   brag   about   it.   A   gain   it’s   just   what   we   do.   But   the   funny   part   is   when   an   anti   - Semite   or   anti-Israel   person   starts   to   spout   stuff   like   “The   Jews   control   the   media”   and   “The   Jews   control Washington”   were   suddenly   up   in   arms.   We   create   huge   campaigns   to   take   the   people   down.   We   do   what we   can   to   put   them   out   of   work.   We   publish   articles.   We’ve   created   entire   organisations   that   exist   just   to   tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothing”. He   ends   by   saying   he   thinks   “the   real   reason   most   Jews   are   afraid   to   admit   they   are   differen   t   is   they   are afraid   of   being   responsible.   It   means   they   are   suddenly   culpable   when   they   create   dirty   TV   shows   that   sully the   atmosphere   of   the   world.   It   means   things   can’t   be   created   for   the   sake   of   amusement   fun   or   even   art. Suddenly   we   can’t   screw   up   the   world.   It   means   we   have   to   hold   one   another   to   a   hig   her   standard.   The time   has   come!   We   no   longer   have   to   change   our   names.   We   no   long   er   have   to   blend   in   like   chamele   ons. We   own   our   own   freaking   country.   Instead   we   can   be   proud   of   where   we   are,   and   simu   ltaneously   aware   of our huge responsibility and opportunity.”


High   ranking   Zionists,   Fabians   and   Freemasons   expect   their   sons   to   carry   on   with   their   work.   If   the   children are   not   intelligent   enough   to   be   trusted   to   take   over   it   will   be   made   abundantly   clear   to   them. They   are   made to   feel   unwanted   and   often   become   outsiders.   Unable   to   take   up   a   position   that   allows   them   to   control   public minds   or   make   vast   amounts   of   money   they   will   take   on   working-class   jobs.   They   will   then   stop   being   Jews and   probably   leave   home.   I   have   known   several   such   genuine   people,   who   have   worked   for   various nationalist parties. Albert   Elder   was   born   into   an   Orthodox   Jewish   family.   When   he   left   school   he   got   a   Job   in   hospital   finance and   administration   where   he   worked   for   over   thirty   years.   His   father   was   furious!   “Foolish   boy   you   won’t have   any   political   power   or   influence   there   or   make   any   real   money.”   Later   he   married   an   English   girl   and left   the   family   home.   He   became   concerned   at   the   number   of   immigrants   that   were   entering   the   country   and helped   run   the   “Powell   for   Prime   Minister   Campaign”.   When   that   came   to   an   end   in   1975   he   joined   the National Front. In April   1979   he   contested   the   Hendon   South   general   election   for   them.   This   is   an   area   with   a   high   density Jewish   population.   Predictably   he   came   up   against   a   solid   wall   of   Jewish   anger   and   opposition.   In   1977   the Labour    and    Liberal    Parties    in    that    constituency    boasted    they    had    run    a    massive    campaign    against nationalists.   Albert   Elder   had   an   antiquarian   book   business   in   Eastbourne.   The   Hendon   Times   listed   his interests    as    “improving    the    standard    of    education,    foreign    language    and    fostering    good    international relation s.” However,   as   a   Jew   going   against   Zionist   interests   he   had   even   more   fanatical   ranting and   screaming   directed   against   him   than   a   Christian   candidate   would   have   received. This   is   not   surprising.   The   Liberal   candidate   was   Treasurer   of   the   “Liberal   Friends   of Israel”   and   a   hard-line   Zionist.   Peter   Thomas,   the   Conservative   candidate   was   educated at   Oxford.   He   is   Vice   President   of   the   “Conservative   Friends   of   Israel”.   The   fanatically anti-British    Wendy    Mantle    was    the    Labour    Party    candidate.    She    also    went    to    the dreadful Oxford University. Leonard   Goss,   although   not   taking   part   in   the   election   was   allowed   to   put   forward   his tirade   against   Albert   Elder   despite   the   fact   that   it   breached   the   “Representation   of   the Peoples   Act”.   This   gave   the   sole   right   of   candidates   and   their   agents   to   address   the public   on   political   matters   during   the   election   fortnight   without   interference.   Anyone   that   says   or   does anything   that   is   likely   to   be   prejudicial   to   any   candidate   and   is   likely   to   affect   the   number   of   votes   cast   was liable   to   arrest   and   a   term   of   imprisonment.   At   least   the   law   was   there   but   trying   to   get   it   enforced   was another   matter.   Tony   Blair’s   government   scrapped   this   law   as   it   didn’t   work   in   Labour’s   favour.   Leonard Goss   was   a   leading   official   in   the   “Council   for   Christians   and   Jews”.   He   had   it   published   in   the   Hendon Times   group   of   newspapers   “That   every   voter   should   cast   their   vote   against   the   National   Front.”   The Council   for   Christians   and   Jews   has   since   been   proven   to   be   an   anti-Christian   organisation.   Although clearly   the   best   candidate   Albert   received   a   disappointing   result!   The   Jews   voted   for   pro-Israel   candidates. The unthinking English, guided by the Zionist-controlled media and press voted the same way. Around   the   same   time   the   Sun   newspaper   had   an   article   headed   “Left   Run   the   BBC.”   The   BBC   has admitted   what   people   have   always   feared   ...   it’s   run   by   a   bunch   of   trendy   lefties. A   summit   to   ensure   it   stays impartial   revealed   that   their   star   presenters   are   biased   against   Britain.   Executives   admitted   that   the   bible could   be   thrown   in   a   bin   but   not   the   Koran. An   editor   who   wore   Union   Jack   cufflinks   to   work   was   condemned for   it.   It   also   emerged   that   the   BBC’s   diversity Tsar   wants   Muslim   women   to   be   allowed   to   wear   veils.   Details emerged   from   a   leaked   account   of   the   meeting   called   by   the   Chairman   of   the   BBC,   the   influential   Jew Michael Grade (Gradowski).


By R.Pentecost in South Africa There   are   plenty   of   examples   to   prove   that   some   supra-national   group   with   great   influence   over   national governments   and   their   leaders   want   to   do   away   with   any   superior   race   group.   They   want   all   peoples   of   the world   thoroughly   mixed   into   one   global   race;   a   one   world   citizenship   scenario.   Thus   the   way   is   being   paved for   one   single   government   to   rule   the   world.   Having   no   need   to   appease   an   opposition,   it   could   drop   the farce   of   democracy   and   appear   in   its   true   colours   as   a   supreme   dictator.   Being   in   command   of   the   armed forces,   the   police,   the   Courts   and   so   on   it   could,   and   as   demonstrated   to   date,   would   simply   wipe   out   any opposition   without   resorting   to   subterfuge.   There   are   pointers   to   some   of   the   groups   responsible   for   this treachery.   In   South Africa   there   is   the   giant Anglo-American   group   which   donated   R   14.2   billion   towards   the B.E.E.   Black   Economic   Empowerment   movement. The   incredibly   wealthy   organisation   that   is   helping   blacks to    rise    above    Europeans    is    governed    by    the    Oppenheimers.    Even    worse    South    Africa    had    a    new constitution   forced   on   it.   This   favours   negroes   and   gives   them   a   new   “Bill   of   Rights”.   This   was   contrived   by two Jews named Arthur Chaskalson and Abie Sachs. I   don’t   think   anyone   who   isn’t   living   in   fairyland   will   disagree   that   much   needs   to   be   done   to   really   make   this world   “a   better   place   for   all”   and   not   just   an   endless   stream   of   political   propaganda.   The   fact   remains   that   it has   been   proven   that   politics   is   not   going   to   bring   that   idea   to   fruition.   All   government   personnel   MUST   be rigorously   selected   for   duty   in   what   MUST   be   a   way   that   is   open,   honest   and   accountable   to   their   nation. At the   moment   governments   are   hastening   the   end   of   the   world   instead   of   making   a   better   one.   You   cannot win   while   governments   are   playing   fairy   godmother   to   the   world’s   most   backward   people   while   killing   of   the most   advanced.   Governments   today   do   almost   everything   but   govern,   instead   they   get   involved   in   all manner   of   extraneous   activities,   especially   with   other   “governments.” Thus   the   indications   are   that   this   world is set for complete takeover by a group that are unfit to govern or make any decisions that affect all of us. Another   popular   deception   is   in   Western   democracies   is   that   people   can   influence   their   governments.   Most people   are   not   aware   that   laws   have   been   passed   that   make   it   a   criminal   offence   to   raise   issues   that   they don’t   want   discussed.   You   may   notice   that   the ANC   banner   and   supporters   operate   a   claim   of   “FREEDOM”. But   freedom   like   this   in   present   society   means   chaos.   You   cannot   give   a   Western   government   a   free   hand without   creating   another   Zimbabwe.   Europeans   are   facing   a   wipe   out   by   their   own   governments.   If   you dilute    a    glass    of    whisky    you    weaken    the    flavour.    Keep    adding    water    and    the    whisky    will    eventually disappear.   This   is   the   deliberate   policy   of   American   and   West   European   governments.   Only   by   Europeans uniting against their oppressors can the threat be defeated. South   Africa   and   Rhodesia   were   successful   white   nations.   They   were   changed   into   violent,   chaotic   and bankrupt   countries   in   just   the   form   that   Zionists   and   communists   planned.   They   are   slowly   transforming America   and   Western   Europe   into   carbon   copies   of   those   disasters.   So   what   is   it   that   makes   Zionists   and their   communist   creation   such   a   destructive   force?   Zionists   hold   a   2,000   year   hatred   of   Jesus   and   the   moral principles   he   followed. They   hold   an   ancient   grudge   which   has   grown   stronger   with   every   century.   Unable   to do   anything   but   contaminate,   corrupt   and   destroy   they   have   been   amassing   money   for   ages   with   the   intent of   gaining   control   of   the   world   through   finance.   We   have   the   choice   are   we   going   to   serve   ourselves   and God or the money manipulators?


By   2009   Israel   had   become   the   homosexual   capital   of   the   world.   It   is   rife   there,   Tel Aviv   has   been   called   the “Great   Orange”   as   it   celebrates   homosexuality   day   all   year   round.   Homosexuality   was   decriminalised   in Israel   around   1990.   They   have   spread   the   unwanted   phenomena   around   the   world   through   the   media, political   pressure,   creating   gay   organisations   and   gender-bending   chemicals.   Some   black African   countries are   resisting. They   are   being   denied   loans   and   means   to   sell   their   produce   to   try   and   force   them   to   conform. In   the   West   being   gay   has   spread   like   a   craze   for   some,   similar   to   Hula   Hoops,   the   rubik’s   cube,   mini-skirts, line dancing, glue-sniffing and drug-taking. The BBC in particular has made it “the in thing to do”.


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