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  The   world   is   in   chaos   and   disorder,   with   many   countries   now   bankrupt   and   seemingly   incapable   of   rectifying their   problems.   This   terrible   state   of   affairs   has   come   about   not   because   the   problems   are   insoluble,   it   is due   to   a   sinister   power-hungry   mafia   that   has   taken   charge   of   the   political   affairs   of   almost   every   country and is preventing the right course of action from being taken. The   Jewish   News   reported   during   May   2012   that   "when   Nelson   Mandela   was   on   the   run   from   the   South African   authorities   in   the   early   1960’s   he   stayed   at   a   "safe   house"   that   belonged   to   a   Jewish   communist, Wolfie   Kodesh.   Here   learned   about   liberation   "struggles".   In   particular   the   terrorist   activities   of   Menachim Begin   that   were   used   to   drive   the   British   out   of   Palestine."   The   move   to   drive   Europeans   out   of Africa,   were chiefly another Jewish plot run along similar lines. The    anti-apartheid    movements    had    been    formed,    financed    and    organised    by    Jewish    groups.    Nelson Mandela   was   used   as   a   token   black   man   and   Joe   Slovo,   a   dark   skinned   Jew   was   his   second   in   command. This   was   to   give   the   impression   that   it   was   the   black Africans   that   were   eager   to   bring   an   end   to   European rule. The Jewish-controlled media world-wide spread the false information. Mandela   had   been   imprisoned   in   South   Africa   along   with   six   Jews,   for   bombings,   public   violence   and sabotage. The lawyers and judge at the trial were all Jewish, although this is rarely reported. Not   only   Europe,   but   South   Africa,   Kenya,   Uganda,   Nigeria,   the   West   Indies   and   Zimbabwe   in   particular have   suffered   severely   by   changes   imposed   by   scheming   liberals,   socialists   and   Zionists.   Yet,   even   as   we view   the   poverty,   starvation,   disease,   civil   wars   and   hopelessness   now   to   be   found   in   much   of Africa,   those responsible claim to have improved the situation from what it was in 1946. For some strange reason, maybe fear,   many   seemingly   right-thinking   people   go   along   with   the   idiotic   notion   that   black   African   independence was a good thing. What   few   people   realise   is   that   the   aim   of   so-called   liberators   was   never   to   give   Africans   freedom,   but   to take   charge   of   their   countries   assets   and   commerce,   as   well   as   loading   them   with   IMF   debt.   In   doing   so, they   have   made   impoverished   slaves   of   the   indigenous   people.   If   this   were   not   so   serious,   it   would   be laughable.   For   anti-apartheid   movements   to   claim   they've   done   good   work   ranks   in   absurdity   with   the   Monty Python   dead   parrot   sketch,   where   the   shopkeeper   tries   to   convince   the   customer   that   the   dead   parrot   is alive and well. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF CIVILISATION IN AFRICA? Nelson   Mandela’s   image   was   created   by   Zionists   in   the   style   of   a   Hollywood   Hero.   He   would   have   remained an   insignificant   jailed   terrorist   responsible   for   planting   bombs   in   a   railway   station   if   he   hadn’t   been   made   to appear something he wasn’t by the world-wide media. Mandela   is   seen   here   with   Helen   Suzman   who   acted   as   an   agent   for   him.   Shimon   Cohen,   who   brags   about being   the   "Sultan   of   spin",   wrote   in   the   Jewish   News   how   he   wrote   speeches   for   Nelson   Mandela. You   were probably   led   by   the   mass   media   to   believe   that   Mandela   was   his   own   man   rather   than   a   mere   puppet   of Zionists and usurers. The   establishment   gives   much   of   the   credit   for   the   overthrow   of   white   rule   in   Africa   to   Helen   Suzman.   This enemy    of    the    people    died    in    January    2009,    to    great    acclaim    from    the    Zionist    controlled-press,    with headlines   such   as   "Heroine   of   War   on   Apartheid,   Helen   Suzman,   dies   at   age   of   91."   To   be   accurate, Suzman,was   the   daughter   of   a   Lithuanian   Jew,   who   had   to   flee   mainland   Europe   after   a   backlash   from Whites   who   grew   tired   of   their   attacks   on   Christendom.   Helen   Suzman   carried   on   with   the   attack   on Christendom   in   Southern   Africa.   She   fought   tirelessly   to   drive   whites   out   of   their   colonies   and   destroy Christian,   European   civilisation,   as   well   as   remove   the   effective   infra-structure   that   had   been   established there. She   justified   her   actions   by   claiming   blacks   had   to   live   in   harsh   conditions   and   had   a   lack   of   job   prospects. They   had   fewer   jobs   and   harsher   conditions   before   the   arrival   of   Europeans,   most   have   endured   even worse conditions with fewer job prospects since the overthrow of white rule. What   was   never   made   clear   by   anti-apartheid   groups,   out   to   demonise   Whites,   was   that   columns   of   blacks arriving   in   South   Africa,   every   day   came   from   many   surrounding   countries.   They   did   this   for   the   chance   of getting   work,   education   and   hospital   treatment   they   couldn't   get   in   their   own   homelands.   It   was   impossible to assimilate them at the rate they were arriving. Many   of   those   seeking   a   better   life   set   up   crude   shanty   towns   on   South   Africa's   borders.   These   temporary shelters   were   made   from   whatever   material   was   at   hand.   They   were   photographed   by   anti-apartheid campaigners,   who   claimed   this   is   how   blacks   were   generally   treated   in   their   target   country.   Even   Nelson Mandela   had   to   use   the   police   and   military   to   close   the   borders,   saying   that   he   could   not   improve   the conditions   for   his   own   people   with   so   many   extra   families   arriving   every   day,   and   all   looking   for   food,   jobs, hospital   treatment   and   education.   (In   2015   a   large   percentage   of   black Africans   still   live   in   the   same   kind   of primitive   shanty   towns.)   Have   you   noticed   how   troublemaking   do-gooders   who   have   put   so   much   effort   into bringing   an   end   to   Christian,   European   rule,   are   doing   nothing   for   black   Africans   in   their   own   countries, whose   current   situation   is   so   much   worse   than   when   the   colonies   were   under   British   rule.   Today,   with   little resources,   it   is   mainly   Christian   Europeans   so   despised   by   anti-nationalists   like   Suzman,   who   are   running AIDS hospitals and relief camps. Helen   Suzman,   nee   Gavronsky,   was   a   Marxist   who   lectured   in   the   economics   department   of   Witwatersrand University   where   she   twisted   the   minds   of   naive   young   students.   During   the   same   period   she   was   politically active   in   the   Institute   of   Race   Relations   for   whom   she   worked.   During   the   anti-apartheid   campaign,   Marxist students,   social   workers   and   teachers   could   be   seen   outside   supermarkets   giving   out   leaflets   urging shoppers   to   boycott   South   African   produce.   The   phone   number   for   further   information   was   the   local   social services centre. So much for helping black workers! In   1953   this   most   prominent   destroyer-of-civilisation   in   South   Africa,   gained   extra   political   power   by   being elected to parliament in the affluent constituency of Houghton, which was predominantly Jewish. Even   Suzman   had   to   admit   later   that   the   defeat   of   white   rule   was   destabilising   the   country   and   causing embittered   black   youths   to   strain   a   fragile   democracy.   (Isn't   that   an   under-statement?)   Henry   Kissinger   flew into   South   Africa   to   strike   the   final   blows   against   white   rule.   Although   he   had   appointed   himself   to   be   the one   to   put   a   final   end   to   the   European   administration,   Kissinger   claimed   to   speak   on   behalf   of   the American Government,   the   United   Nations   and   the   African   militants.   It   has   always   been   a   sick   joke   that   both   Henry Kissinger and Helen Suzman were both nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For   her   part   in   destroying   civilisation   in   Southern Africa,   and   causing   the   bloody   death   of   thousands   of   white farmers,   Helen   Suzman   was   given   an   honorary   DBE   by   Margaret   Thatcher's   phoney   patriotic   government (the   same   government   that   allowed   Milton   Friedman   to   dictate   the   financial   free   market   policy   which   has done so much to bankrupt Britain). Helen   Suzman   backed   black   terrorist   Nelson   Mandella.   She   used   her   access   to   the   global   left-wing   media to   incite   hatred   against   white   Europeans.   Without   her   assistance   Mandela   would   have   left   jail   and   been forgotten.   Largely   as   a   result   of   Suzman's   campaign   of   hatred   against   Christian   civilisation,   South Africa   has fallen   into   a   state   of   violence,   corruption   and   ineptitude,   where   no   European   is   safe.   Suzman   herself,   and the   Oppenheimer   family   who   employed   black   slave   labour   in   their   diamond   mines,   remained   free   of   such attacks. This is no doubt due to the fact they had convinced naive blacks that they were on their side. Zionists   and   their   Communist   puppets   are   working   in   tandem,   carrying   out   the   same   destructive   programme in   Britain   as   they   employed   in Africa.   There   was   no   sizeable Afro/Asian   population   in   Britain   to   incite   to   rise up against whites, so one was imported for the purpose. Public   sector   jobs   which   consume   vast   amounts   of   taxpayer's   money   have   become   the   exclusive   domain   of left-wing   social   engineers.   These   posts   are   advertised   internally,   in   the   Guardian   newspaper,   or   among   the immigrant   and   homosexual   communities.   The   left-wing   army   employed   in   the   public   sector   view   their   job   as raising   the   status   of   non-whites,   while   driving   indigenous   Britons   into   an   underclass   rank.   So   brainwashed are   these   left   wing   degenerates   that   when   an   innocent   white   is   murdered   by   a   black   or   Asian   they   actually feel   smug   that   'whitey'   got   his   come-uppance.   Various   explanations   have   been   given   for   the   riots   that   took place   in   England   during August   2011.   No   newspaper   editor   or   television   company   has   mentioned   the   Zionist factor.    In    Britain,    as    in    South   Africa,    various    self    interested    groups    have    been    backing,    supporting, organising   and   empowering   blacks   and Asians   in   an   attempt   to   have   them   overcome   the   indigenous   British. Continual,   left-wing,   multi-racial   propaganda   and   agitation,   has   affected   not   only   the   mindset   of   some immigrants,   but   the   thinking   of   many   naive   and   gullible   White   Britons.   This   is   why   many   young   English teenagers,   clearly   wanting   to   identify   with   Africans   and   the   alien   cause,   have   taken   part   in   violent   acts   of disorder. The    title    "accursed    ones"    has    been    applied    to    people    who    are    unable    to    prevent    themselves,    from fanatically, dedicating their lives to social destruction and racial conflict.    Black   on   black   violence   like   this   has   once   again   become   commonplace   throughout   much   of   Africa.   It seldom   happened   while   it   was   governed   by   Europeans.   This   is   an   uncomfortable   truth   for   the   liberals, socialists and Zionists that brought white rule to an end. The first picture on the left is a policeman.
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