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During August   2011, Al   Gore,   the   former   US   Vice   President   to   Bill   Clinton,   admitted   that   his   party   had   used smears   of   racism   to   silence   critics   of   the   non-white,   foreign   invasion.   He   explained   how   natural   moves   by White   Americans   to   protect   their   race   were   overcome.   “There   came   a   time   when   racist   comments   would come   up   in   conversation   and   in   ten   years   past   they   were   just   natural”,   he   said.   “Then   came   a   time   when people   would   say   “Why   do   you   talk   that   way?”   Slowly   the   conversation   was   won.   By   a   monstrous   abuse   of the   mass   media,   education,   advertising   and   politics,   the   haters   of   the   White   race   managed   to   overwhelm the   populace   and   stifle   free   expression.   Through   a   vile   and   criminal   act   of   attempted   genocide, Al   Gore   and his   kind   claim   to   have   had   success;   in   what   we   cannot   be   sure,   for   they   certainly   have   never   won   the argument. The   reason   Al   Gore   mentioned   “mind-manipulation”   was   that   he   claims   a   similar   smear   attack   needs   to   be mounted   against   global-warming   skeptics.   He   said   that   society   had   succeeded   in   marginalizing   racists   in the   civil   rights   era.   He   then   went   on   to   voice   the   opinion   that   those   questioning   the   veracity   of   climate change will be seen in the same negative path. The   word   “racist”   was   brought   into   use   by   the   White   genocide   mob,   at   the   time   of   the   Black,   civil   rights movements.   This   was   a   time   when   the   establishment   was   actively   encouraging   and   supporting   Black Africans   in   their   challenge   to   European   authority.   Al   Gore   said   that   those   who   do   non-believe   in   global warming   will   be   made   to   look   like   social   lepers   and   outcasts.   It   is   an   explosive   admission   that   those   given the racist label were equally abused. Moves   to   wipe   out   the   White   race   in   the   United   Kingdom   began   in   earnest   during   the   1960's. At   that   time   an army   of   new,   young   teachers,   who   had   been   brainwashed   with   nation-wrecking   thoughts   at   colleges   and universities,   took   up   appointments   in   our   schools.   Thousands   of   other   such   graduates   easily   found   work   in the    public    sector,    and    the    BBC,    from    where    anti-British    and    pro-immigrant    thoughts    were    constantly broadcast.   We   must   all   have   seen   in   print   calls   from   the   powerful   anti-White   lobby   to   have   someone   sacked either   because,   that   person   holds   traditional   British   values,   or   belongs   to   a   patriotic   group   that   our   enemies have smeared and marginalized. The   first   Race   Relations   Act   was   introduced   to   Parliament   in   1965   in   order   to   make   it   a   criminal   offence   to try   and   ensure   the   continuance   of   the   British   people.   This   is   nothing   short   of   a   conspiracy   against   us, perpetrated   by   our   own   government.   When   governments   want   to   persecute   and   unfairly   treat   the   people they   are   supposed   to   represent,   it   is   common   practice   to   allow   aliens   to   carry   out   their   terrible   deeds.   The first   Race   Relations   Act   of   1965   was   introduced   to   parliament   by   the   Labour   Attorney   General.   Frank Soskice,   a   Russian   Jew.   Further   Race   Relations Acts   were   devised   at   the   instigation   of   the   Board   of   Jewish Deputies.   The   Jewish   Chronicle   stated   that   amendments   must   be   made   to   the   Race   Relations   Act   since   it wasn't working the way they wanted it to. The   Home   Office,   Foreign   Office   and   Inland   Revenue   have   become   chaotic   and   inefficient.   This   is   due   to workers,   many   from   the   Third   World,   being   employed   for   their   multi-racial   views,   rather   that   their   ability   to do   the   job.   As   a   result   we   have   seen   many   genuine   Britons   forced   out   their   country   while   people   from   all over   the   world   are   given   full   British   citizenship.   The   governments   excuse   for   deporting   our   people   is   that they   were   born   while   their   parents   were   out   of   the   country.   May   I   point   out,   that   every   coloured   immigrant that   has   been   given   full   British   citizenship   was   also   born   on   another   continent!   The   reason   parliament changed   the   way   British   nationality   was   determined   was   so   that   true   Britons   could   be   expelled.   For generations   parentage   decided   nationality.   If   your   parents   were   British,   you   were   British.   It   was   changed   to place   of   birth   so   that   every   foreigner   having   a   child   while   in   the   UK   could   register   it   has   a   full   British   citizen. While   dealing   with   the   Brexit   process   the   government   is   expelling   many   Europeans,   while   the   first   to   go should   be   racially   incompatible   black   Africans,   particularly   those   involved   in   violent   crime   and   anti-British Zionist   Israelis.   We   should   encourage   Africans   to   return   to   their   homelands,   civilize   and   develop   them before some other nations d o. A   girl   is   sent   home   from   school   for   wearing   a   small   crucifix   while   Sikh   boys   are   allowed   to   carry   knives.   “The New   Internationalist”   is   a   blueprint   for   the   destruction   of   Western   civilization   in   readiness   for   a   Zionist takeover of the world. See how they pretend to support Africans in an endeavor to defeat Europeans . Tony   Blair   ranting   like   a   lunatic!   Blair   didn’t   have   a   sensible   political   idea   of   his   own.   He   was   recruited   by high   level   Zionists   like   Lord   Levy   to   advance   their   world   government   programme   for   them.   Zionist   puppets like   Gordon   Brown,   who   wrote   in   the   Jewish   News   “How   he   has   loved   Israel   since   childhood”   also   promotes the Satanic “New World Order” . It   is   not   only   politicians   who   have   used   mind-bending   techniques   to   change   public   opinion,   television   script- writers   are   masters   at   it.   Johnny   Speight,   a   traitor   to   his   own   race,   wrote   the   “Till   Death   Us   Do   Part” television   series   which   ran   from   1965   to   1975.   It   has   been   established   that   the   aim   of   the   project   was   to make    anyone    objecting    to    the    foreign    invasion    of    our    country    appear    uncaring,    bigoted,    stupid    and unreasonable.   The   main   character,   Alf   Garnett,   is   a   loud-mouthed,   poorly   educated   Londoner,   who   by careful   scripting,   appears   to   be   incapable   of   giving   a   reasoned   argument   for   the   way   he   thinks. Alf   Garnett was   played   by   Warren   Mitchell,   a   member   of   London’s,   large   Jewish,   community   which   did   much   to   get Britain   to   war   in   1939,   and   later   bolster   mass   immigration.   Johnny   Speight   explained   it   thus,   “Alf   Garnett was   an   unlikeable   person.   We   tried   to   give   the   impression   that   anyone   agreeing   with   Enoch   Powell   was equally repugnant. Tony Booth, Cherie Blair’s father, played the part of Alf Garnett’s son-in-law.


Americans,   Britons   and   Germans   in   particular,   have   no   say   over   the   seriously   damaging   policies   that   are being   implemented   by   their   governments.   We   are   all   aware   of   the   illegal   attacks   on   Iraq   that   were   based   on deliberately   fabricated   evidence.   We   are   not   governed   by   our   supposed   leaders   they   just   act   as   a   screen   for those   making   the   decisions.   The   manipulative   groups   that   we   never   see   have   the   power   to   dictate   “how   the world   will   develop”.   If   the   public   knew   the   intentions   of   these   evil   maniacs   they   would   rise   up   in   protest.   The main   political   parties   in   the   West   are   not   in   a   position   to   make   any   important   decisions. They   merely   exist   to fool   the   public   into   believing   they   have   a   choice.   If   those   who   devise   the   policies   became   senior   politicians they   would   soon   be   thrown   out   never   to   return.   By   using   a   revolving   door   of   stooges,   they   can   secretly   keep their power, as various governments come and go. Beautifully simple isn’t it when you know. The   UN,   NATO   and   the   EU   are   evil,   undemocratic   organisations,   which   were   set   up   to   force   nations   to comply    with    often    unacceptable    directives.    For    instance    when    Europeans    were    desperate    to    deport numerous   foreign   criminals   and   terrorists,   the   EU   invented   rules   to   prevent   them   from   doing   so.   Our   entry   to the   EU   was   based   on   lies,   but   could   not   have   occurred   while   we   still   had   an   empire.   Getting   rid   of   our empire   was   achieved   by   trickery.   There   was   an   agreement   between   Winston   Churchill   and   the   American administration   to   do   so   during   the   1940’s. A   start   on   dismantling   the   empire   was   to   be   made   as   soon   as   the war   ended.   Neither   the   British   or   American   government   could   be   seen   to   be   responsible,   so   they   created fake    terrorist    organisations    to    work    for    them.    Newspapers    and    the    BBC    at    the    time    enthusiastically bolstered the lie that our colonial subjects were eager to bring an end to British rule. You   must   have   heard   of   the   “New   World   Order”   but   few   people   understand   the   full   implications.   Basically the   liars,   cheats   and   lunatics   of   the   various   anti-Christ   groups   that   dominate   Western   politics,   are   intent   on taking   control   of   every   country.   They   will   then   be   part   of   an   ever-growing   bloc   state,   which   will   gradually assume   total   power   on   every   issue.   All   the   people   within   this   monster   will   lose   all   of   their   rights   and   be forced   to   conform.   This   can   only   be   achieved   by   threats,   jail   or   Gulags   as   there   were   in   the   Soviet   Union. This   should   come   as   no   surprise   for   the   EU   is   being   developed   by   the   same   groups   that   organized   the Bolshevik   Revolution.   Already   the   EU   is   arranging   to   create   a   single   European   army   which   would   force every one of its member countries to follow one directive, no matter how unpopular.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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