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Abu   Hamza   was   an   Egyptian   imam   at   Finsbury   Park   Mosque   in   North London.   As   a   Semite   living   in   North   Africa,   his   people   have   lived   in   close proximity   to   Jews   for   over   two   thousand   years.   Therefore   there   is   not much   about   Jews   that   they   do   not   know.   He   risked   his   freedom   to   make the   British   aware   of   the   great   threat   they   were   under.   It   is   tragic   that   they didn’t listen! Muslims,   Hindus,   Jews   and   Sikhs   generally   have   an   awareness   of   their history.   Due   to   the   changes   that   were   made   to   the   school   curriculum,   the break-up     of     families     and     the     enormous     amount     of     mind-numbing entertainment   available,   British   history   doesn’t   feature   very   high   in   most people’s   minds.   Plus   we   have   the   problem   that   everything   the   establishment   does   has   to   accommodate every kind of foreigner. The   fact   that   we   are   not   teaching   our   children   British   history   was   brought   home   to   me   one   Sunday   when   I parked   my   car   in   Harrow. A   line   of   children   between   the   ages   of   six   and   twelve   were   making   their   way   into   a hall.   I   asked   them   where   they   were   going.   They   said   "We   are   going   to   learn   about   Jewish   history   and   the importance   of   being   a   Jew."   I   thought   isn’t   about   time   we   started   teaching   our   children   about   UK   history   and the importance of being British. In   this   Daily   Mail   article   above   from   the   14th   Feb   2004,   Abu   Hamza   criticized   Jack   Straw   and   Michael Howard   for   hiding   their   Jewish   roots.   This   is   a   valid   point   for   they   were   able   to   carry   out   policies   that benefitted   Jews   at   the   expense   of   the   British.   He   claimed   that   Britain   was   being   controlled   by   Jewish infiltrators.   We   have   been   desperately   trying   to   get   the   British   to   understand   this   for   decades.   In   his   sermon he   denounced   the   Nazi   holocaust   as   a   lie   and   said   the   six   million   figure   death   toll   was   exaggerated   by   Jews in   order   to   get   their   own   country.   The   holocaust   has   been   used   as   a   stick   to   get   Europeans   to   give   in   to every   Jewish   whim.   Think   how   the   Jewish   "gay   agenda"   is   now   used   to   crush   common-sense,   traditional ideas and Christian beliefs. Jews   control   parliament   to   an   alarming   degree.   They   use   the   words   "racism"   and   anti-Semitism   to   scare into   submission   Europeans   who   want   to   defend   their   national   borders.   However,   in   the   Jewish   News   dated 10th   March   2016,   there   was   an   article   reporting   a   survey   that   found   that   48%   of   Jewish   Israelis   want   the Arabs   expelled   from   Israel.   Who   are   the   racists?   Most   of   these   Jews   are   in   fact   comparatively   recent interlopers. One wouldn’t find out such facts as these without reading Jewish newspapers. How   did   the   Jews   come   to   have   so   much   political   power?   By   allowing   them   to   operate   a   system   of   usury- banking   they   rapidly   accumulated   incredible   wealth   at   the   expense   of   the   indigenous   people.   In   England not   long   after   they   set   up   their   system   of   usury,   the   Rothschilds   were   able   to   build   in   England   several massive   grand   Gothic-style   houses   set   in   landscaped   grounds.   The   locals   never   seemed   to   question   the morality   of   how   they   made   their   colossal   fortunes.   Later   the   nobility   started   to   allow   their   daughters   to   marry aspiring   social-climbing   Jews. All   their   future   children   would   generally   be   brought   up   Jewish.   What   was   left of the aristocracy was bankrupted by death duties, instigated predominately by the Labour Party. The   leaders   of   countries   have   always   been   drawn   from   their   own   people.   In   recent   times   we   have   been controlled   by   incredibly   wealthy   aliens.   This   has   allowed   the   most   ruthless   and   evil   money-worshipers   to take   control   of   the   West.   Since   1914   the   Jewish   money   power   has   ruthlessly   dictated   America   and   UK policy. Anyone   that   has   tried   to   resist   has   been   harshly   dealt   with.   New   laws   have   been   created   to   make   it   a criminal   offence   to   oppose   many   of   the   terrible   things   our   enemy   is   forcing   us   to   accept.   Germany   was   put firmly   under   the   Zionist   jackboot   in   1945,   and   other   European   countries   came   under   the   control   of   the Jewish   money   power   when   they   entered   the   EU.   There   was   no   chance   that   the   major   European   countries would   accept   a   merger   with   the   Soviet   Union.   Now   that   the   former   communist   bloc   has   been   given   the illusion of freedom they have foolishly been joining the EU. The   people   in   America   and   Western   Europe   are   not   aware   of   the   truth   and   fail   to   see   their   most   important problems.   This   is   because   the   facts   are   kept   secret   from   them.   Jews   should   be   grateful   to   Britain   and   its allies   for   making   such   a   tremendous   sacrifice   during   the   second-world-war.   But   no!   We   are   all   supposed   to feel   guilty   over   the   "holocaust".   No   mention   of   the   fact   that   Jews   organised   the   war   and   prevented   the   many Christians who wanted to prevent it from doing so. The   most   horrific   holocaust   was   the   killing   of   around   66   million   by   the   Jewish   Bolsheviks   in   Russia.   The victims   were   mostly   Christians.   Most Americans   and   West   Europeans   are   unaware   of   this   fact   due   to   them being   rigidly   controlled   by   their   unseen   Jewish   masters.   No   publisher   in   the   Western   world   dares   to   print books   that   reveal   the   truth   on   many   subjects.   Even   if   he   did   it   would   not   be   distributed   through   the   normal channels   and   Jewish   agencies   are   likely   to   take   him   to   court   over   alleged   anti-Semitism.   If   you   want   to learn   the   truth   you   have   to   use   the   internet.   Although   our   invisible   enemy   is   trying   to   remove   everything from   there   that   shows   them   in   bad   light.   Truth   is   often   censored   out   now   under   the   pretext   of   controlling terrorism.   Before   the   internet,   governments   would   conceal   vital   information   from   the   people   by   merely classifying it as "not in the public’s interest for them to know." Many   historians   believe   the   Rothschild   banking   cartel   financed   and   controlled   the   Bolshevik   revolution   in Russia.   The   Bolshevik   movement   was   almost   totally   Jewish.   Its   internationalist   aim   was   to   kill   as   many Christian   Europeans   as   possible,   destroy   patriotism,   nationalism   and   Christianity   while   moving   towards   a world   government   scenario.   They   made   anti-Semitism   a   criminal   offence   to   prevent   criticism   in   the   same way   as   they   have   done   recently   in   the   West.   What   was   happening   in   Russia   at   the   time   of   the   revolution   is identical to events taking place in America and Western Europe today. David   R   Francis,   the   United   States   ambassador   in   Russia   in   1918   sent   a   message   to   Washington   saying "The   Bolshevik   leaders   here,   most   of   whom   are   Jews,   care   little   for   Russia   or   any   other   country   but   are internationalists   trying   to   start   a   worldwide   revolution.   The   Netherlands Ambassador   in   Russia,   Oudendyke made   the   same   point   a   few   months   later   saying   "Unless   Bolshevism   is   nipped   in   the   bud   immediately,   it   is bound   to   spread   in   one   form   or   another   over   Europe   and   the   whole   world   as   it   is   worked   and   organised   by Jews who have no nationality, and whose objective is to destroy the existing order of things. Americans   and   West   Europeans   are   controlled   by   political   correctness.   Most   people   are   afraid   to   speak their   minds   for   fear   of   losing   their   jobs. As   a   result   we   are   becoming   more   oppressed   by   the   month.   We   all need to demand freedom of thought and reclaim our land before it goes any further.

 So who decides who can live in the UK, certainly not the British!

On   the   15th   April   2013   the   Jewish   News   had   a   picture   of   David   Cameron   with   the   caption   "I   will   empower UK   Jews".   He   was   talking   at   a   Jewish   meeting   where   he   said   "learning   about   my   Jewish   ancestors   has been   one   of   the   highlights   of   the   year.   In   an   earlier   edition   of   the   Jewish   News   was   a   picture   of   Tony   Blair and   Michael   Howard   saying   "We   loves   Jews,   vote   for   us."   The   three   of   them   give   their   allegiance   to   Israel and know how vital the Jewish vote is for winning elections. Many   Britons   realise   that   the   political   system   is   skewed   against them.   During   April   2011,   Maurice   Glassman,   a   very   important member   of   the   Labour   Party   Policy   Committee,   admitted   that "Labour   lied   about   immigration"   and   that   mass   immigration   is being    used    to    keep    wages    down."    Maurice    Glassman    is described   as   a   Jewish   academic,   just   like   Peter   Mandelson, Jack   Straw,   the   Milliband   brothers   and   a   countless   array   of judges. (France also has its Strauss Kahns and Sarkozys) It   was   reported   in   the   Sun   newspaper   on   December   6th   2001 that   Christopher   Molyneux   was   hauled   into   court   and   fined   for calling    himself    English    on    his    census    form.    Parliament    had secretly   decided   that   England   as   a   country   doesn’t   Exist.   It   was hoped   we   would   view   ourselves   as   British,   so   England   as   a country    could    be    dispensed    with.   At    the    same    time    the    EU stopped   printing   the   word   England   on   its   maps.   It   was   only   at the   insistence   of   the   Dowager   Lady   Jane   Birdwood   that   it   was put    back.    Lady    Jane    had    been    hounded    by    successive governments   for   printing   her   anti-immigration   paper   choice,   and the    book    she    published    called    "The    Longest    Hatred    an Examination   of Anti-Gentilism.   She   was   hauled   into   court   at   the Old   Bailey   in   London.   She   expected   to   be   accused   of   mis- quoting   the   great   men   she   had   used   to   prove   her   points.   She took   a   pile   of   books   into   court   to   prove   her   innocence.   The   Old Bailey   Judge   said   she   was   not   being   accused   of   mis-reporting, but   that   her   book   could   induce   anti-Semitism.   To   which   Lady Jane    replied    "I    have    only    told    the    truth."    Much    to    our amazement   the   Old   Bailey   judge   replied   "Truth   is   no   longer necessarily relevant in a British Court". On April   6th   2011   the   Daily   Telegraph   reported   how   Nick   Clegg’s   father   used   his   connections   to   get   his   son a   prestigious   EU   position   in   Brussels.   The   friends   of   the   family   they   turned   to   make   it   possible   were   Lord Peter   Carrington   and   Leon   Brittan.   Leon   Brittan,   real   name   Brittanisky,   is   an   anti-British   Lithuanian   Jew, who   together   with   his   cousin   Malcolm   Rifkind   (Rivkind)   conspired   against   our   people   while   serving   in Margaret   Thatcher’s   government.   Peter   Carrington,   another   fifth   columnist,   was   one   time   Chairman   of   the secret   world   government,   known   as   the   Bilderbergers.   It   was   Carrington   who   sold   out   our   fellow   Europeans in   Rhodesia,   and   put   that   once   great   country   under   the   control   of   the   murderous   tyrant,   Robert   Mugabe. With   the   likes   of   Brittan   and   Carrington   putting   political   poison   into   the   mind   of   Nick   Clegg,   it   is   no   wonder that his thinking is anti-British in the extreme. Jews   were   banned   from   standing   for   parliament   at   a   time   when   the   British   recognised   them   as   an   internal enemy. Here we reproduce an article from the Jewish Chronicle. I n   1656   and   all   that:   a   history   of Anglo-Jewry   –   celebrations   and   concerns   as   Jews   gained   the   right   to   sit   in parliament. Among   the   few   predictable   certainties   about   last   week’s   general   election   –   as   with   every   similar   election   for well   over   a   century   –   is   that   the   JC   is   able   to   inform   its   readers   of   candidates   and   eventual   MP’s   who   are Jewish.   When   the   paper   was   founded   in   1841,   however,   no   such   report   would   have   been   possible.   Despite being    immersed    in    virtually    every    aspect    of    society,    and    having    gained    full    social    and    economic emancipation,   British   Jews   in   the   mid   nineteenth   century   lacked   many   political   rights   and   were   ineligible   to stand for parliamentary or council elections. The   reason   was   largely   technical. The   oaths   a   person   had   to   pronounce   before   taking   up   office   involved   the promise   to   uphold   the   constitution   "on   the   true   faith   of   a   Christian." Attempts   to   remove   the   phrase   ran   into obstacles   of   prejudice   and   self   interest.   One   of   the   staunchest   allies   of   the   Jewish   cause   was   Lord Macaulay,   the   historian,   essayist   and   statesman.   He   ridiculed   the   fact   that   a   Jew   "may   be   a   juryman,   but not   a   judge...   He   may   rule   the   money-markets;   kings   may   postpone   declaring   war   or   signing   a   treaty   until they   have   conferred   with   him,   but   he   may   not   be   called   the   Right   Honourable.   Macaulay’s   plea   for   equal treatment   of   the   Jews   was   not   welcomed   in   all   quarters.   Some   MP’s   objected   that   it   might   lead   to   Jewish missionary activity and constitute a threat to the Christian faith. Other   critics   protested   on   racist   grounds.   William   Cobbett,   the   journalist   and   social   reformer,   described   the Jews   as   a   "naturally   mean   race,   a   sordid   race,   a   money-getting   race   who,   are   destitute   of   all   elevated   and amiable   sentiments."   In   1830,   a   bill   to   permit   the   entry   of   Jews   into   parliament   was   defeated.   Subsequent Bills   gained   approval   from   the   House   of   Commons,   but   were   rejected   by   the   more   conservative   House   of Lords.   The   cause   seemed   hopeless,   so   energies   began   to   be   channelled   instead   into   gaining   municipal rights.   These   were   achieved   in   the   Jewish   Disabilities   Removal   Act   of   1845,   in   which   those   professing   the Jewish   religion   were   allowed   to   take   a   special   oath   that   did   not   compromise   their   faith.   Jews   could henceforth   serve   as   recorders,   town   clerks,   councillors,   aldermen   and   mayors,   and   in   many   other   positions previously barred to them. The   battle   then   returned   to   parliament.   Baron   Lionel   De   Rothschild   was   twice   elected   by   the   City   of   London, but    each    time    was    unable    to    take    his    seat    because    of    the    oath    and    had    to    withdraw,    leaving    his constituency   unrepresented.   Sir   David   Salomens   was   less   patient.   Elected   in   1851   as   the   member   for Greenwich,   he   insisted   on   taking   his   seat   without   reciting   the   full   oath.   He   delivered   an   illegal   maiden speech   and   voted   in   three   divisions   before   being   forced   to   withdraw   from   the   House.   His   dramatic   actions added   to   the   pressure   for   change.   In   1858,   the   Jewish   Relief   Act   allowed   the   oath   to   be   altered;   the   same year   Rothschild   took   his   seat.   Within   three   years,   two   other   Jews   entered   parliament,   while   Salomons became the first Jewish Mayor of London in 1855. In   the   century   and   a   half   that   they   been   in   parliament,   they   have   proven   that   they   work   for   their   advantage at   our   cost.   The   time   has   come   to   tell   them   they   have   had   their   chance   and   abused   it.   Now   it   is   time   for them   to   go.   We   shouldn’t   be   surprised   they   have   their   own   national   objectives   and   as   an   anti-Christ   people they   pose   a   tremendous   threat.   The   wars   they   have   started   in   our   name,   the   system   of   usury   that bankrupted   us,   their   communism   and   internationalist   programme   go   against   our   interests,   as   do   their immoral   actions,   which   they   excuse   with   the   phrase   "the   ends   justifies   the   means".   Every   Jew   sitting   in parliament   gives   his   allegiance   to   Israel   and   the   Jewish   cause.   We   must   say   once   again   that   we   cannot allow Jews into parliament from where they conspire against us.
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