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You   cannot   talk   for   long   to   a   group   of   Welsh   nationalist   without   becoming   aware   that   at   least   one   of   their motivations   is   that,   in   what   was   the   Kingdom   of   Mercia   there   are   now   more   coloured   people   than   there   are Welshmen   in   Wales,   and   this   is   not   what   they   joined   when   union   with   England   was   declared.   With   real Scottish   nationalists,   not   the   socialist   variety,   it   is   not   just   unemployment:   Scotland   has   had   unemployment for   more   than   half   a   century.   It   is   the   disgust   the   Scotsman   feels   when   he   journeys   to   London,   in   terms   of decadence,   race-mixing,   pornography,   anti-patriotism,   and   a   general   abuse   of   the   concept   of   Britain   itself, which   has   fired   him   to   no   small   degree.   Which   much   to   his   disgust,   the   BBC   has   taken   the   greatest   pains   to emphasise and nourish. It   is   however   at   the   political   extremes   that   bias   becomes   the   most   blatant,   particularly   in   regard   to   the International   Socialists   and   Trotskyites   on   the   one   hand   and   the   National   Front   on   the   other.   They   should each   be   given   air-time   in   proportion   to   their   support   in   the   country.   It   is   a   fact   that   whenever   they   have   stood in    the    same    election,    the    National    Front    has    achieved    between    three    and    five    times    the    poll    of    the International   Socialists.   Do   you   imagine   they   have   had   three   to   five   times   the   coverage;   or   that   they   have been   covered   so   sympathetically?   Moving   from   the   political   to   the   social   realm,   the   same   sort   of   situation applies. In   discussing   the   economic   failure   of   this   country,   it   is   quite   ridiculous   to   pretend   that   we   are   not   grossly over-populated,   and   have   further   exacerbated   this   problem   by   massive   immigration   since   the   end   of   the Second   World   War.   It   is   dishonest   and   thoroughly   dangerous   to   ignore   its   effects   in   causing   unemployment in   this   tiny   island,   which   has   one   viable   acre   for   every   two   and   a   half   acres   the   Frenchman   has,   not   only   in terms of farming but in mineral wealth as well. How   often   have   you   heard   the   BBC   mention   that   at   the   turn   of   the   century   this   country   was   putting   in   place subsidies    to    enable    people    to    emigrate    because    our    population,    which    stood    at    thirty    million,    was considered   too   large   to   accommodate.   Between   the   1920's   and   1970's   up   to   150,000   British   children   over the   age   of   three   were   deported   to   the   colonies.   This   was   sometimes   done   without   the   consent   or   even   the knowledge   of   their   families.   This   movement   started   at   a   time   when   Britain   was   a   major   manufacturing country,   and   both   industry   and   farming   were   both   labour   intensive.   Today   immigration   has   pushed   that figure   to   around   60   million.   It   is   absolutely   mandatory,   when   considering   unemployment,   and   indeed,   the economic   failure   of   the   country   as   a   whole,   to   see   it   in   the   geo-political   terms   inherent   within   it.   Why   has   this never   been   detailed?   The   answer   of   course,   is   that   it   might   "offend   the   racial   minorities"   or   might   "lead   to racial   tension".   Hence   this   constant   application   of   soothing   ointment   to   what   is,   and   has   long   been   known   to be a cancer in our country. It   may   appear   very   humane   to   let   in   Ugandan   Asians,   Somalis,   Jamaicans,   Nigerians   and   people   from   all over   the   earth's   surface   who   happen   to   want   to   come   here   for   one   reason   or   another;   but   how   humane   is   it to   import   them   into   a   country   which   can   never   absorb   them?   Where   is   the   humanity   shown   towards   the British?    Immigrants    and    their    children    have    no    conceivable    future    other    than    at    the    expense    of    the destruction   of   the   indigenous   population.   This   is   a   point   of   view   well   backed   by   all   historical   precedent,   and for which a clear case can be made. It is entitled to be heard every bit as the opposite case. In   the   nineteenth   century   public   bodies   were   allowed   complete   freedom   of   expression   except   in   regard   to sex,   atheism   and   sedition.   Over   years   the   BBC   has   become   obsessed   with   the   once   taboo   subjects   of   sex, perversion,    atheism    and    sedition.    It    is    precisely    the    line    of    least    resistance,    always    adopted    by    the compassionate   man   of   the   centre   that   in   thirty   years   has   prevented   this   country   from   taking   any   hard decisions   which   were   absolutely   crucial   if   it   was   to   survive.   The   BBC   bans   the   transmission   of   the   most crucial   facts   of   the   day.   One   is   alarmed   that   small   groups   of   people   with   their   own   political   agenda   are   able to   dictate   what   the   BBC   is   allowed   to   produce   and   broadcast.   Censorship   by   this   corporation   which   only permits   the   transmission   of   viewpoints   which   are   already   rejected   by   a   massive   proportion   of   the   populace would   in   a   dictatorship   be   as   impracticable   as   it   would   unacceptable.   It   is   indeed   a   sad   fact   that   no   dictator could ever hope to get away with what the BBC has been getting away with for decades. During   the   summer   of   2017   the   BBC   was   promoting   the   "queer-gay"   agenda   every   day   to   a   tremendous degree. Although   it   is   supposed   to   be   the   British    Broadcasting   Corporation,   politically   it   primarily   serves   the interest of Zionists, communists and queers. What   the   BBC   board   seems   totally   unable   to   grasp   at   any   level,   is   that   it   is   not   its   function   to   have   a   position or   a   viewpoint   about   anything.   It   should   broadcast   an   honest   and   fair   assessment   of   whatever   it   is   reporting. Quite   apart   from   the   morality   of   the   question,   it   is   very   doubtful   whether   it   has   personnel   in   quantity   of   the calibre   to   form   judgements   for   the   Nation   State.   However   distasteful   the   BBC   may   find   the   fact,   they   are   the servants   of   the   Nation,   not   there   to   censor   popular   views   or   act   as   spokesmen   for   some   would-be   World Government   consortium.   If   this   sinister   World   Government   nightmare   becomes   a   reality,   the   BBC   will   have played   no   small   part   in   its   fulfilment.   In   the   meantime   let   it   earn   its   corn   as   what   it   is   -   the   servant   of   the British people, bound and severely limited by its Charter. BBC   history   and   political   programmes   are   often   made   to   twist   the   truth   to   show   events   how   they   would   like them   to   be   and   not   how   they   are. As   for   fictional   historical   drama   we   simply   shouldn’t   allow   it.   History   is   no longer   taught   in   schools   as   it   once   was. All   that   is   taught   is   a   distorted   version   of   the   second-world-war.   It   is bad   enough   that   most   of   our   people   know   little   of   our   history   from   the   Saxons   to   the   Victorians,   so   confusing them with pure fiction of our past simply shouldn’t be allowed. During   the   summer   of   2017   the   BBC   was   promoting   the   "queer-gay"   agenda   almost   every   day   to   a tremendous    degree.   Although    it    is    supposed    to    be    the    British    Broadcasting    Corporation,    politically    it primarily   serves   the   interest   of   Zionists,   communists   and   queers.   There   are   many   African   countries   that insist   on   keeping   to   their   traditional   beliefs   and   rejecting   homosexuality   due   to   it   being   undesirable.   The   US based   money   power   is   putting   pressure   on   them   by   withholding   loans   and   preventing   them   from   marketing their produce to try and force them to comply. When   Donald   Trump   talks   about   “fake   news”   no   organisation   is   more   guilty   of   transmitting   it   than   the   B.B.C! Over the years it has been known as "The Blatant Bias Corporation"ݠand the "Bum Boys Club".
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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