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Tony   Blair   is   now   leading   an   attack   on   Christianity.   Before   we   look   at   his   new   venture   we   should examine his political track record. If   the   British   were   not   so   disunited, Tony   Blair   would   today   be   serving   a   life   sentence   for   treason   against   the nation   and   crimes   against   humanity.   He,   along   with   George   Bush,   has   destabilised   a   large   part   of   the Middle   East   and   been   responsible   for   thousands   of   deaths   in   the   process.   For   that   purpose   he   put   our armed    forces    at    the    disposal    of    a    private    body    that    calls    itself    "The    New    World    Order".    This    is    an organisation   which   seeks   the   destruction   of   Britain.   His   misuse   of   the   military,   has   led   to   a   rapid   build   up   of Islamic   terrorist   organisations   around   the   world.   Not   satisfied   with   that,   millions   of   angry   Muslims   have   been invited   to   come   and   live   among   us.   (It   has   now   been   contrived   by   Parliament   and   the   EU   that   even   known terrorists cannot be deported.) While   acting   as   Prime   Minister,   without   hesitation   he   implemented   policies   designed to   bring   about   the   genocide   of   our   race,   and   the   enslavement   of   the   citizens   of   these islands   under   an   EU   socialist-bloc   state.   He   now   calmly   moves   on   to   attack   our   nation in   a   different   way   and   acts   as   though   he   has   done   nothing   wrong.   (See   on   the   left Blair play-acting as usual.) Tony   Blair's   Government   managed   to   outlaw   vital   parts   of   Christianity   in   a   number   of devious   ways. At   the   same   time,   Satanists   and   sodomites   were   elevated   to   privileged positions   and   protected   by   new   laws.   Muslims   have   been   given   licence   to   do   more   or less   as   they   please   without   fear   of   arrest   or   deportation.   The   British   public   now   have no   say   on   what   is   happening   to   their   country.   However,   neither   Tony   Blair,   Gordon Brown   nor   David   Cameron   have   any   original   political   ideas   of   their   own!   They   do   not need   them,   for   they   merely   carry   out   whatever   orders   their   powerful   anti-nationalist masters set them. In   April   2008   Tony   Blair   launched   his   neo-Satanic   inter-faith   group   at   Westminster Cathedral,    with    a    lecture    called    "Faith    and    Globalisation".    Sir    Sigmund    Sternberg    said    he    was    "very encouraged   by   what   he   had   to   say".   "He   can   bring   people   together   across   faiths.   I   am   very   impressed   with what   he   is   going   to   do   and   I   will   give   him   all   the   help   he   needs.   He   will   be   very   successful."   That   is   a predictable   response,   seeing   how   Judaism   has   been   deemed   sacrosanct   and   will   therefore   be   immune   and remain   unaffected   by   the   work   of   the   inter-faith   movement.   It   is   Christianity   that   is   under   attack   -   and   the other religions, coupled with liberalism and Marxism, are the intended means to bring Christianity to an end. Sir   Sigmund   Sternberg,   a   leader   of   the   Jewish   community,   was   in   fact   a   co-founder   of   the   Three   Faiths Forum.   However,   we   expect   Tony   Blair,   despite   his   unpopularity,   to   be   put   forward   as   its   prime-mover.   This inter-faith   watering   down   of   Christianity   is   nothing   new.   During   the   1970's   nationalists   and   Christians   helped bring   an   end   to   the   activities   of   the   "World   Council   of   Churches".   This   body   had   the   same   aims   as   the   new Sternberg/Blair   initiative.   The   defeat   of   this   anti-Christian   Council   was   achieved   by   widely   distributing   a book   by   the   Catholic   writer,   the   Rev   Fahey   called,   "The   Fraudulent   Gospel".   In   that   book   he   exposed   the motives behind the inter-faith movement. Those   who   keep   a   close   watch   on   the   company   that   Tony   Blair   and   Gordon   Brown   keep   know   they   will   not be    batting    for    Christians.   Although    the    Christian    church    has    been    heavily    infiltrated    by    anti-Christian Marxists   and   Zionists   there   are   still   many   defenders   of   our   faith   who   are   aware   of   this   ancient   plot   to   destroy Christianity    by    bringing    them    together    in    a    mish-mash    of    religion-free,    perceived    do-gooding.    This destruction   by   mixing   is   the   same   method   with   which   multi-racialism   and   multi-culturalism   are   being   used   to wipe-out   the   white   race   and   destroy   civilisation.   Nowhere   is   the   effect   of   globalist   anti-nationalism   more apparent than in South Africa and Zimbabwe (the once glorious Rhodesia). Both   the   Protestant   and   Catholic   Churches   need   to   shut   Tony   Blair   out.   As   an   agent   of   anti-Christ   usurers, he   poses   a   threat   that   can   easily   be   dealt   with   by   making   it   clear   that   we   are   aware   of   his   evil   intent   and   not allowing him to gain a foothold.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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