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The   standard   of   education   in   British   state   schools   is   the   lowest   in   the   developed   world.   This   has   been   reported   regularly in   the   tabloid   press   for   decades.   It   will   remain   so   until   the   public   demands   that   massive   improvements   are   made.   In   July 2017   it   was   reported   that   the   education   secretary   was   more   interested   in   pushing   the   gay   agenda   than   improving standards   in   the   schools.   It   is   incredible   after   so   many   years,   that   the   public   still   do   not   realise,   that   politicians   are   not interested   in   efficiently   carrying   out   the   work   they   have   been   assigned   to.   They   only   want   to   push   ahead   with   their   world- government   agenda.   White   British   boys   are   generally   at   the   bottom   of   the   class.   The   Marxists   and   Zionists   that   are   in control   of   education   in   the   UK   inform   teachers   that   they   must   give   special   attention   to   black   boys   and   ignore   white   pupils. British   boys   are   fully   aware   of   this   discrimination   that   many   of   them   give   up.   Muslim   and   Asian   parents   recognise   the need   for   their   children   to   attain   high   standards   so   they   often   set   them   homework   or   encourage   them   to   study   outside school. Television   is   not   only   a   distraction   but   much   of   what   is   transmitted   is   mind-numbing   and   irrelevant   entertainment. Orthodox Jews in America won’t let a child into their school if they have a television at home. Scruffy Marxist teachers do not inspire confidence. The   headline   "The   school   where   NOT   ONE   pupil   is   English   should   have   sent   alarm   bells   ringing   in   the   minds   of   our people!   But   as   one   Muslim   said   to   me   "If   I   stay   here   with   my   family   for   long   they   will   become   as   zombified   as   you   British." Parliament   has   been   used   to   destroy   our   once-great   nation.   It   got   us   involved   unnecessarily   in   two   world   wars   which seriously   depleted   our   numbers.   Then   it   started   a   mass   alien   invasion   and   brought   into   our   country   as   many   non-white immigrants   as   they   could   in   the   shortest   possible   time.   Wages   were   driven   down   by   using   immigrants   to   swell   the   labour market   and   exporting   our   manufacturing   industry.   This   led   to   many   of   our   young   people   remaining   at   home   with   their parents   as   they   felt   they   couldn’t   afford   to   get   married   and   raise   a   family. As   a   result   many   young   women   fell   into   the   trap of   marrying   a   non-white   immigrant,   further   lessening   the   number   of   whites.   Their   latest   scheme   to   turn   men   into homosexuals will create further problems. While   we   are   on   the   subject   of   homosexuals   we   should   consider   this.   There   have   been   numerous   reports   of   young   boys being   forced   into   homosexual   acts,   often   buggered   and   then   murdered   to   keep   them   quiet.   Homosexual   attacks   on   boys are   most   common   among   priests   in   the   Catholic   Church,   teachers,   judges,   MPs   and   senior   officers   of   both   the   police   and armed   forces.   One   doesn’t   attain   these   top   jobs   today   through   ability,   honesty,   morality   and   an   ability   to   impart   ones knowledge   to   students.   Gaining   one   of   these   prestigious   positions   is   usually   done   through   the   "the   ex-university   old-boys network,   freemasonry,   Fabianism   or   being   part   of   the   top   level   of   the   Jewish   community.   These   groups   commonly   use dark   and   satanic   forces,   as   well   as   mind   control,   to   increase   their   power   over   the   population.   Part   of   Satanic   ritual   is comprised   of   engaging   in   disgusting   homosexual   acts.   Now   that   homosexuals   have   been   given   "equality"   it   is   going   to   be difficult from preventing the wrong people from becoming teachers due to the likelihood of them abusing young boys. For   decades   Parliament   has   refused   to   restore   either   an   appropriate   syllabus   or   proper   teaching   methods   in   state schools.   Socialists   in   particular   have   gone   out   of   their   way   to   ensure   that   children   leave   school   at   a   standard   far   below what   is   required.   A   frightening   new   breed   of   state   police,   who   masquerade   as   teachers,   are   taking   DNA   samples   and fingerprints   of   all   children   and   ordering   them   to   give   personal   family   details,   such   as   "where   do   your   parents   work,   what   is their   religion?   Do   they   belong   to   a   political   party   and   where   did   your   grandparents   come   from"?   A   mother   in   North   West London   was   horrified   when   her   six-year-old   daughter   came   home   with   an   identity   card   of   herself   she   had   been   told   to make.   It   included   a   picture   of   herself   with   a   colour   drawing   of   her   eye,   a   print   from   her   own   finger,   her   name,   address   and several   personal   details. The   aim   of   this   exercise   was   clearly   to   get   children   used   to   living   in   the   kind   of   totalitarian   police- state that Parliament would like to introduce. We say "NO, YOU DON'T." Steve   and   Debbie   Sheperd   from   Grantham   in   Lincolnshire   successfully   taught   their   seven   children   at   home.   Neither   of the   parents   are   teachers.   Steve   had   worked   as   a   computer   specialist,   while   his   wife   used   to   be   a   manager   at   a   branch   of Mothercare.   Their   own   level   of   education   is   pretty   good,   they   have   common   sense,   a   desire   to   succeed   and   advice   is available   from   a   support   group   when   they   need   it.   The   internet,   museums   and   local   library   provide   most   of   the   necessary material, while council officials monitor each child's progress every six or twelve months. The   family   work   together   as   a   team.   Each   child   has   learnt   the   basic   subjects   to   a   higher   standard   than   they   would   if   they had   attended   a   government-controlled   school.   In   addition,   from   an   earlier   age   than   is   usual,   they   have   been   able   to   carry out   extra   studies   relevant   to   the   kind   of   work   they   want   to   do.   Seventeen-year-old   Joe   has   been   accepted   on   a   media course   at   Lincoln   College,   while   Rhiannon   is   hoping   to   work   as   a   journalist.   Jed   is   currently   attending   a   biology   course   in preparation   for   becoming   a   vet,   while   Tom,   the   eldest   son,   hopes   to   become   a   pilot.   Would   they   have   achieved   this   much in   a   government-run   school?   Most   unlikely!   Mr   Shepard   added,   his   children   had   the   benefit   of   a   childhood   where   they weren't turned into mini-adults. With   appalling   standards   in   state   education,   an   increasing   number   of   children   are   being   taught   at   home. Around   150,000 children   are   currently   tutored   by   their   parents,   and   that   number   is   set   to   rise   rapidly   in   the   next   decade.   The   National Front   had   hoped   to   encourage   parents   to   unite   in   a   bid   to   have   the   worst   teachers   sacked,   but   perhaps   setting   up   working groups   with   shared   costs   might   prove   a   better   option.   Once   a   mini-school   is   in   operation   it   should   be   possible   to   get   either state   or   council   funding.   It   is   perfectly   lawful   to   teach   children   outside   of   school,   as   the   law   states,   "It   is   a   parent's responsibility   to   ensure   their   children   receive   an   education   suitable   for   their   age,   aptitude   and   ability   at   school   or otherwise" 'otherwise' being the key word. Here   is   one   clear   example   of   how   children   are   being   failed   in   state   schools.   A   young   man   of   around   eighteen-   years   of age   spent   much   of   his   time   sitting   on   a   wall,   always   looking   depressed   and   sometimes   smoking   dope.   A   friendly neighbour   took   interest   in   him   and   enquired   "why   don't   you   get   a   job?"   "I   am   not   very   bright,   I   cannot   read   or   write,   and was   always   bottom   of   the   class.   My   teachers   said   I   was   dyslexic   and   would   never   succeed   at   anything",   said   the   youth. The   kindly   neighbour   took   the   "lost   sheep"   home   and   sat   him   down   with   one   of   his   seven-year-olds   reading   books.   In   no time   the   youth   was   able   to   read,   and   within   a   fairly   short   space   of   time   he   could   read   adult   books,   as   well   as   write.   With some   help   and   encouragement,   and   a   newly-found   confidence,   the   young   man   signed   up   for   an   engineering   course   at   a nearby   college.   When   he   left,   having   passed   the   course,   he   was   able   to   find   employment.   Today   he   runs   his   own business,   carrying   out   emergency   repairs   to   electrical   and   mechanical   equipment.   We   know   of   many   such   school-leavers who   have   been   let   down,   ignored,   derided   and   mocked   by   so-called   school   teachers.   One   usually   finds   these   reprobate teachers   to   be   members   of   the   Labour   Party.   Well,   of   course,   keeping   our   children   uneducated   is   political,   you   see.   To promote their world-government agenda they need to keep the indigenous British out of top level positions.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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