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Betty   Friedan,   formerly   Bettye   Goldstein,   was   a   founder   of   the subversive,   left-wing   feminist   movement.   She   was   also   co-founder of   the   National   Organisation   for   Women   in   America.   This   women's rights    organisation    parallels    the    mischievous    black    civil    rights movements.    Both    left-wing    camps    had    a    common    purpose    of undermining    European    Christian    rule,    while    creating    discontent and    civil    unrest.    Their    ultimate    goal    is    to    remove    all    Christian European   influence   and   bring   about   the   genocide   of   the   white nations. Betty Friedan Friedan's,   and   other   women’s   rights   organisations   have   de-feminised   much   of   the   female   population   and   undermined their   valuable   purpose   in   society.   The   mother’s   traditional   role   as   guardian   of   family   morals,   setter   of   guidelines   for behaviour,   and   protector   of   her   children   has   been   expunged   by   the   vociferous   left-wing   entertainment   and   "populist" politics   industries.   The   women   who   under   the   guise   of   freedom   that   have   wanted   to   become   more   like   men   have   lost respect   and   their   lady   status.   On   the   other   hand,   many   men   have   been   made   more   effete   or   feminine,   and   the   change has depleted them of their natural manly instinct to defend their family, nation and race. Gloria   Steinham,   another   American,   Jewish   champion   of   "sexual   liberation"   has   done   much   to   bring   about   the   loss   of child   innocence.   This   has   led   to   a   rapid   increase   in   teen   pregnancies   and   a   wide-scale   spread   of   sexual   diseases,   often resulting   in   infertility.   Steinham's   Marxist   and   anti-Christian   activities   have   been   financed   via   the   CIA   department   of   the American   government.   European   nations   have   too   readily   allowed   themselves   to   be   manipulated.   As   a   result   of   this Jewish   /   Communist   attack   upon   our   beliefs   and   traditional   values,   western   white   societies   have   become   seriously dysfunctional and are rapidly diminishing in their numbers.   Although   many   feminists   (and   there   is   a   misnomer)   have   had   to   admit   that   the   promotion   of   their   ideas   has   had disastrous   results,   we   still   see   the   likes   of   dowdy,   Germaine   Greer   on   our   television   screens   treated   with   celebrity   status. More   intelligent   people   who   had   the   foresight   to   see   where   the   feminist   movement   would   lead   us   would   have   spoken   out against it. They were as usual prevented from voicing their opinions by the left-wing controlled mass media.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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