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Twenty   years   ago   the   Israeli   government   said   that   it   was   worried   that   the Arab   countries   could   unite   against them.   The   United   States   armed   forces   have   prevented   this   from   happening.   After   devastating   much   of   the Middle-East,   Muslims   have   been   invited   by   Zionists,   to   come   to   Europe.   Many   of   these   immigrants   are angry   with   the American   government   and   Europeans   who   are   perceived   to   be   in   agreement   with   US   foreign policy. As   a   result   every   week   we   see   attacks   on   the   public   throughout   the   West. This   has   allowed   the   media to   portray   Muslims   as   our   number   one   foe,   while   turning   the   spotlight   away   from   our   real   enemy   Israel   and the   Zionist   movement. The   public   should   insist   that   its   government   does   not   interfere   in   the   internal   affairs   of any   sovereign   state.   Rather   they   should   concentrate   on   problems   at   home.   In   1939   Britain   was   an   all   white peaceful   Christian   country.   Everybody   knew   their   neighbours,   who   were   always   at   hand   to   give   help   when needed,   crime   was   minimal   and   murders   were   virtually   unheard   of.   Children   were   able   to   wander   freely without   fear   of   being   molested   or   kidnapped,   education   was   at   a   far   higher   standard   than   it   is   today   and   the UK had numerous world-leading manufacturers. We   could   look   around   the   world   at   countries   that   were   far   less   fortunate.   The   Greeks   and   Turks   were fighting   in   Cyprus,   the   Muslims   and   Hindus   in   India   etc.   Palestine   has   become   a   permanent   warzone   since the   state   of   Israel   was   created.   Wars   continually   flare   up   where   people   of   a   different   cultures,   religions   or race   live   in   the   same   country.   As   a   result   of   mass   coloured   immigration   European   countries   have   become divided,   violent   and   chaotic.   This   problem   has   been   created   by   the   same   groups   that   destroyed   Rhodesia, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. In   the   Jewish   News   24th August   2017   Bar-Hen   warned   that   Spain   has   become   a   hub   of   Islamist   terror   for   all of   Europe   and   that   he   had   been   telling   Jews   to   leave   the   country.   Whose   fault   is   this   Muslim   problem? Jewish    politicians    and    Jewish-led,    left-wing    political    groups    have    been    behind    swamping    Europe    with Africans   and Asians   since   the   early   1960's. They   have   fiercely   opposed   every white   that   has   opposed   mass   immigration   into   their   country.   So   once   again Jews    are    leaving    behind    the    troubles    they    have    caused    leaving    the Europeans    to    deal    with    the    massive    problem.    When    Margaret    Thatcher, under   the   control   of   Zionists,   sought   re-election   she   said   about   immigration "people   are   rather   afraid   of   being   swamped   by   these   people."   This   was   to fool   voters   into   thinking   the   Conservatives   were   going   to   do   something   about it.   Really   it   was   only   to   prevent   Britons   from   voting   for   the   National   Front. Once   Margaret   Thatcher   was   re-elected   the   swamping   carried   on   faster   than ever.   The   rise   of   European   nationalist   parties   in   Italy,   Spain,   Germany   and the   UK   in   the   1930's,   threatened   the   continuance   of   Jewish   rule.   Which   was the   main   reason   war   in   Europe   was   essential   to   our   alien   masters.   While   we are   on   the   subject   of   Jewish   interference   in   British   politics,   in   the   same   issue of   the   Jewish   News,   we   were   reminded   that   Albert   Einstein,   among   many other    Jews,    showed    their    disappointment    at    the    prospect    of    peace,    when    Prime    Minister    Neville Chamberlain   came   to   an   agreement   with   Hitler   that   Germany   would   not   attack   the   UK.   This   led   to   the statement   "Peace   in   Our   Time."   The   card   on   the   left   above   depicts   how   the   Germans   knew   that   Churchill was   being   led   astray   by   Jewish   extremists. The   meaning   is   'English   leadership   is   in   good   hands   as   Churchill is   blindly   led   astray   by   a   rabbi.'   It   is   important   that   the   European   nations   have   closer   relations.   This   should be   achieved   by   the   people   themselves   making   contact,   not   some   Jew-created   dictatorial,   international organisation. Enormous   amounts   of   taxpayer's   money,   is   spent   every   year   on   the   needs   and   whims   of   immigrants. Unrestricted   immigration   will   cause   our   problems   to   escalate   every   year.   However,   Satanists   and   the   anti- Christ   fraternity   that   rule   Parliament   try   to   convince   us   that   we   can   all   live   together   in   harmony,   knowing   full well   that   it   isn't   possible.   Political   activists   are   able   to   stir   up   discontent   between   the   different   groups   when   it suits   them.   Bankers   have   admitted   that   "racial   tension   is   their   greatest   weapon",   while   parliament   has blatantly stated that "there will be no upper limit to the number of immigrants allowed in." The   rate   at   which   immigrants   arrive   has   required   the   equivalent   of   building   a   city   the   size   of   Birmingham every   year.   As   a   result   much   of   our   best   farmland   has   been   used   for   housing.   The   aim   behind   this   insane immigration   policy   is   to   get   the   British   outnumbered   in   their   own   country,   so   they   will   not   be   able   to   regain control.   We   are   all   expected   to   accept   the   subsequent   breakdown   in   society,   the   vast   number   of   murders, physical   attacks,   rapes   and   other   crimes   as   well   as   racial   tension   and   the   drug   problem   etc,   without complaint. Those   responsible   for   the   destruction   of   Britain   now   sit   in   TV   newsrooms   pontificating   on   how   we   must protect   our   multi-racial   society   and   arrest   and   put   in   mental   homes   those   who   want   to   recreate   the   ideal   kind of country we had in 1939, before Churchill and his mad men sent us needlessly to war. Socialists,   Conservatives,   Liberals   and   Marxists   have   ruled   over   the   West   European   nations   for   nearly   a hundred   years. They   all   follow   the   identical   destructive,   anti-civilisation   agenda,   which   creates   misery   for   the majority   and   an   increase   in   power   and   profits   for   the   exclusive   few.   Most   people   base   their   political   beliefs on   what   they   see   on   TV   and   read   in   the   newspapers;   most   of   which   is   fake   news.   News   created   by   our enemies,   to   show   events   from   a   perspective   they   want   the   public   to   believe.   When   a   main   party   in   the   West, is   replaced   by   its   Tweedle-Dum   partner,   there   is   never   any   change   in   political   direction.   Democracy   and choice   are   a   sham.   There   is   a   saying   that   "If   elections   changed   anything   they   would   be   abolished."   For nearly   a   hundred   years   we   have   been   ruled   by   an   elected   tyranny. A   system   where   all   those   in   a   position   of power are selected by their fellow tyrants! It is incredible that most people cannot see this. Our   problems   began   when   Oliver   Cromwell   brought   Jewish   usurers   back   to   England   from   Europe. As   soon as   they   arrived   they   immediately   began   undermining   and   criticising   the   king,   which   led   to   the   English   Civil War. The   preferred   way   of   ruling   by   a   king   and   his   court   was   replaced   by   a   non-accountable   parliament. The bank   of   England   was   set   up   just   sixty   years   after   the   moneylenders   arrived   back.   It   should   have   been   called the bank of Jewish usurers. The   appalling   behaviour   of   Jewish   leaders   caused   them   to   be   expelled   from   47   European   countries   during   a period   of   879   years.   (They   recently   overcame   this   problem   by   taking   charge   of   the   news   and   re-writing   it before   distribution.)   During   the   1930's   Germany   was   desperate   to   expel   trouble-making   members   of   the Jewish   community.   As   Jews   were   in   control   of   the   mass   media   in   America   and   the   UK   they   were   able   to distort   the   News,   engender   hatred,   and   create   the   second-world-war.   Winston   Churchill   gave   us   a   clue when he said "History will speak well of me, for I will write it." We   can   only   blame   the   demise   of   the   West   on   the   half   wits   who   vote   for   the   main   parties.   There   are   good intelligent,   honest   and   capable   people   that   have   gone   out   in   all   weathers,   at   their   own   expense   travelling around   and   holding   meetings   in   the   hope   of   being   elected.   Too   often   they   are   met   with   ignorant   members   of the   public   who   simply   won't   listen.   On   the   positive   side   recently   the   British   made   the   sensible   choice   to leave   the   EU,   Donald   Trump   made   it   clear   that   the   mass   media   spreads   'fake   news'   and   although   Marine La   Pen   was   defeated,   in   the   final   weeks   by   an   establishment   backed   stooge,   the   French   do   seem   to   be waking up. Americans    and    many    Europeans    look    aghast    at    the    immoral    actions    of    their    governments    as    their servicemen   are   sent   on   insane   attacks   on   sovereign   countries   where   we   have   no   right   to   interfere.   In   whose interests   are   these   attacks,   usurpations   of   power   and   thefts   of   national   assets   taking   place?   The   answer   is the   secretive,   new   world   order   that   wants   to   run   the   world.   Are   these   murderers,   corruptors,   warmongers, liars,   cheats,   thieves,   destroyers   of   nations,   cultures   and   civilisations   really   the   kind   of   people   to   be   in control of Western governments? There   are   millions   of   good   Christians   who   attend   church   every   week   to   ensure   they   follow   God's   laws. These   church-going   Christians   even   collectively   do   not   possess   the   power   to   start   wars,   put   countries   into debt   or   bully   nations   into   accepting   their   demands.   Yet   through   ignorance,   it   is   good   Christians   who   have voted   the   anti-Christ   people   into   power.   One   has   to   be   very   brave   in   Britain   today   to   stand   up   for   the   British. Doesn't this tell us that there is something terribly wrong with the current political Establishment!
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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