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1 . All   Parliament’s   decision-makers   owe   their   allegiance   to   bankers,   multi-national   corporations   or   sinister power-grabbing   organisations.   For   this   reason,   they   have   ambitions   which   are   mostly   in   conflict   with the needs and desires of the people they have been elected to represent. 2 . Parliament   committed   the   highest   form   of   treason   when   it   passed   control   of   our   country   to   a   foreign body   namely   (the   EU)   over   which   we   have   no   control.   Under   the   original   British   Constitution,   anyone even   trying   to   do   this   would   have   been   executed.   Both   Labour   and   Conservative   governments   have had   the   impertinence   to   say   that   the   public   will   not   even   be   allowed   to   voice   its   opinion   on   this   most important issue. 3 . Not   only   is   Parliament   subservient   to   the   EU,   but   for   generations   it   has   been   almost   completely controlled   by   the   forces   of   international   Zionism.   Even   backbenchers   have   allowed   this   unacceptable situation to continue in order to secure their own positions. 4 . Going   against   our   Christian   principles,   Parliament   encouraged   Jewish   bankers   to   set   up   a   financial system of usury that has been robbing the public ever since. 5 . Parliament    has    continually    used    bribery,    threats,    intimidation,    character    assassination    and    press censorship   to   prevent   the   most   capable   and   trustworthy   Britons   from   making   headway   in   politics.   It   has also   used   rowdy,   left-wing   mobs   to   attack   individuals   and   organisations   which   it   sees   as   a   threat   to   its position. 6 . During   the   1960’s,   opposition   to   our   rulers’   anti-British   activities   began   to   grow.   To   overcome   this, Parliament   opened   Britain’s   borders   and   brought   as   many   different   foreigners   into   our   country   as quickly   as   it   could.   These   immigrants   have   been   given   votes   that   they   are   not   entitled   to,   and   then organised by the main political parties to outvote the indigenous British wherever possible. 7 . In   1939,   parliamentarian   Winston   Churchill,   with   others,   took   control   of   Britain’s   armed   forces   on   behalf of   the   Zionist   Federation. They   still   control   them   today,   which   is   why   our   troops   are   continually   engaged in   conflicts   that   are   of   no   concern   to   us.   The   military   is   being   prevented   from   defending   our   borders which should be its main function. 8 . Since   1950,   Parliament   has   being   doing   its   utmost   to   destroy   our   culture   and   abolish   the   rules,   that evolved   over   centuries,   that   made   the   UK   a   civilised   society.   The   removal   of   the   death   penalty,   loss   of discipline in schools and encouragement of bad behavior are just three of the many ways that the UK is increasingly being turned into a degenerate, violent and dysfunctional society. 9 . Having   bankrupted   Britain   with   the   cost   of   the   second-world-war,   Parliament   then   began   to   help sabotage   our   aircraft   and   shipbuilding   industries.   Margaret   Thatcher’s   government   encouraged   alien businessmen   to   strip   Britain   of   its   most   highly-regarded   and   long-established   companies.   Parliament also   sold   public   utility   companies   that   were   not   it’s   to   sell.   You   will   remember   that   this   smash   and   grab of Britain’s assets was aptly referred to at the time as “selling the family silver”. 1 0 . Parliament   has   politicised   the   army,   police   forces   and   the   NHS   in   order   to   change   them   from   their original role to a chaotic model that suits it. 1 1 . For   the   past   fifty   years   Parliament   has   been   trying   to   de-Christianise   the   UK.   It   began   with   banning Christian   morning   assemblies   and   nativity   plays   in   schools.   Anti-Christian   ideas   have   been   continually disseminated   through   the   television   and   cinema.   Wearing   a   small   crucifix   has   seen   many   wearers sacked,   while   the   burqa,   which   can   cover   the   face,   is   deemed   perfectly   acceptable.   It   has   been noticeable   during   the   past   few   years   that   red   and   green   Christmas   lights   have   been   disappearing   and that   blue   and   white   decoration,   the   Jewish   colours,   are   now   predominant.   The   Jewish   Chanukah festival    is    getting    bigger    every    year    while    the    meaning    of    Christmas    is    being    lost.    It    has    been commercialized   for   the   benefit   of   big   business   to   the   degree   that   Hindus,   Muslims   and   even   Jews   feel comfortable   celebrating   it.   For   most   people,   Christmas   has   become   merely   a   time   of   feasts,   get- togethers   and   present-giving.   The   ultimate   aim   of   Parliament   is   to   officially   make   an   anti-Christ   form   of Judaism    the    dominant    credo,    with    the    Islamic    religion    second,    and    Christianity    reduced    to    a meaningless babble of liberal/socialist dogma, third. That   an   anti-religious   form   of   Judaism   dictates   to   Parliament   is   easy   to   see.   News   laws   have   recently   been introduced   to   impose   filth,   perversion   and   depravity   onto   an   unwilling   public.   This   has   been   done   in   the name   of   democracy.   Because   we   no   longer   have   independent   national   governments,   the   same   legislation   is passed in many countries at the same time.  Parliament must be replaced with a body of constituency representatives as soon as possible. Parliament   is   committing   many   other   acts   of   treason,   including   knowingly   endangering   the   public’s   health   in several   ways.   I   have   listed   enough   here.   You   will   find   out   much   more   by   reading   this   website.   But   here   first is    evidence    of    David    Milliband    doing    his    utmost    to    downgrade    Christianity    while    advancing    and respectingthe Muslim and Jewish religion s. To   think   this   anti-British   Marxist,   idiot   could   easily   have   become   Prime Minister! David    Milliband    sent    Foreign    Office    greetings    around    the    world    for Ramadan.   He   also   broadcast   a   New   Year   message   for   the   Jewish   New Year,   but   did   not   send   out   anything   on   Christmas   Day   or   Easter.   He   was also   accused   of   ignoring   St   George’s   Day,   while   giving   Scotland’s   First Minister,   Alex   Salmond,   “plenty   of   FCO   airspace’   to   wish   Scots   a   happy   St Andrew’s   Day. This   anti-English   and   anti-Christian   attitude   is   not   peculiar   to the   Jewish   Millibands.   It   is   rife   throughout   the   political   establishment   and the BBC. There   are   dozens   of   subversive   and   undesirable   left-wing   organisations   which   are   nearly   all   unwittingly funded   by   the   taxpayer.   Many   of   today’s   prominent   politicians   have   belonged   to   bodies   which   sought   to legalise    paedophile    activity.    An    organisation    called    “PIE”,which    stands    for    Paedophile    Information Exchange,   had   a   thousand   liberal/socialist   followers.   Among   these   perverts   were   Deputy   Labour   Party leaderHarriet   Harman,   Shadow   Housing   Minister   Jack   Dromey,   and   former   Health   Secretary   Patricia   Hewitt. Despite    these    people    being    exposed    in    of    the    most    widely-read    daily    newspapers    they    have    all    still managed to keep their prestigious jobs. Around   the   time   in   question   the   Chairman   of   the   National   Council   for   Civil   Liberties   was   Henry   Hodge.   (He is   now   married   to   Margaret   Hodge,   who   is   a   member   of   the   Oppenheimer   German-Jewish   banking   dynasty.) The   NCCL   had   close   associations   with   PIE,   which   had   also   aligned   itself   with   the   homosexual   lobby.   In 1975,   the   NCCL   conference   was   addressed   by   the   PIE   chairman   where   a   motion   was   passed   declaring   that “awareness   and   acceptance   of   the   sexuality   of   children   is   an   essential   part   of   the   liberation   of   the   young homosexual.”   The   Liberal   Peer,   Lord   Avebury   held   a   meeting   in   London   during   the   1970’s   where   it   was suggested that sex with six-year-olds should not only be allowed but encouraged. How   do   such   evil   people   manage   to   get   elected?   It   is   because   too   many   people   vote   for   a   party,   knowing nothing at all about the candidate, or the evil character of the organisation they represent. Below   is   that   damning   report   that   appeared   in   the   Daily   Mail   on   the   14th   December   2013.   Yet   even   this didn’t see them kicked out of politics !
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