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For   all   the   Union   Jack   flag-waving   engaged   in   by   the   Labour   Party   during   the   last   general   election,   it   is   clear that   the   victorious   “New   Labour”   government   is   just   as   committed   to   the   destruction   of   Britain’s   Anglo- Saxon-Celtic   ethnic   unity,   cultural   identity   and   national   sovereignty   as   was   “old   Labour”.   Evidence   of   this was   seen   in   the   support   which   Prime   Minister   Tony   Blair   has   given   to   a   “Commission   on   the   Future   of   Multi- Ethnic   Britain”.   The   Commission   was   recently   set   up   by   the   Runnymede   Trust,   which   describes   itself   as   an independent   charity   concerned   with   issues   of   racial   injustice   and   equality.   (The   name   of   this   organisation was clearly chosen to conceal its anti-British agenda.) In   a   forward   to   the   prospectus   of   the   self-appointed   “Commission”,   Mr   Blair   wrote:   “Britain   is   changing   fast: old   patterns   are   being   replaced   by   new   diversity   and   it   is   vital   that   we   modernise   our   institutions   to   reflect this changing reality. I   believe   passionately   that   we   can   build   a   nation   which   respects   diversity   and   provides   social   cohesion.   The work   of   the   Commission   is   at   the   heart   of   this   task.   Everyone   has   a   stake   in   the   future   so   I   would   like   to encourage   groups   and   individuals   to   contribute   with   the   experience   and   ideas   to   create   a   Multi-Ethnic Britain.” If   the   British   as   a   distinct   people   should   ever   cease   to   exist   as   a   result   of   genocide   through   race-mixing, Blair’s trite, cliché-ridden little message will be seen by historians as this nation’s suicide note.   Consider   the   meaning   of   the   phrase   “Old   patterns   are   being   replaced   by   new   diversity”.   At   first   sight   it seems   to   be   nothing   more   than   vacuous   hyperbole   of   the   type   that   Peter   Sellers   lampooned   in   The   All Purpose   Political   Speech.   But   what   are   these   “old   patterns”   to   which   he   refers   so   casually? Are   they   some unimportant,   scrap   of   cultural   litter   to   be   confined   to   a   dustbin?   No.   What   he   dismisses   so   lightly   are   a thousand    years    of    history,    of    nation-building,    of    creativity    in    every    field    of    endeavor    by    a    racially homogenous folk whose achievements, generation after generation, have never been surpassed. So   who   is   behind   the   drive   to   destroy   the   White   nations?   Francis   Deutsch   from   the   “commission   of   racial equality”   made   that   clear   at   a   meeting   at   the   Finchley   Reform   Synagogue   in   North   London.   Mr   Deutsch warned   that   we   will   fail   in   our   task   if   it   is   not   completed   in   the   next   ten   to   fifteen   years,   that   is   according   to our   organisations   legal   advisors. This   was   one   of   a   series   of   lectures   about   “the   Jew   in   society.”   Mr   Deutsch said   the   commission   had   given   legal   aid   to   thousands   of   alleged   discrimination   cases   mainly   against immigrants. WE WERE NEVER ASKED  Neither   of   the   two   political   parties   who,   have   been   governing   this   country   for   the   past   52   years   ever   went into   a   general   election   on   the   basis,   that   they   intended   to   change   Britain   into   a   mixed-race   state   –   nor   have we   ever   been   consulted   on   such   matters   by   means   of   a   referendum. All   Prime   Ministers,   together   with   their Cabinet   members,   have   acted   to   suppress   debate   and   questioning   about   what   was   being   foisted   on   the British   people   by   stealth   and   duplicity.   In   the   strident   tone   of   all   tyrannies   down   the   ages,   we   are   told   that   we must   accept   it   and,   if   we   demur   too   stridently,   we   face   prosecution   and   imprisonment.   That   is   certainly   one way   in   which   an   “old   pattern”   ----   i.e.   the   democratic   process   of   obtaining   a   mandate   –   has   been   changed under the new multi-racial dispensation. A   second   forward   to   the   Commission   prospectus   was   written   by   the   Chairman   of   the   Runnymede   Trust,   the black   broadcaster   Trevor   Phillips.   He   said   "The   question   that   we   are   trying   to   answer   is   about   identity   and culture and how we reshape the nation - these are matters of intense interest to the whole nation." How   kind   of   Mr   Phillips   to   acknowledge   that   the   way   in   which   he   and   his   equally   alien   cronies   plan   to "reshape"   our   nation   to   be   more   congenial   to   himself   and   alien   groups   is,   "of   intense   interest"   to   those whose   ancestral   homeland   this   is,   and   whose   heritage   is   being   destroyed.   If   the   opportunity   arises   make these following points to government multi-racialists. I.   The   injustice   being   done   to   the   ethnic   British   of   having   a   multi-racial   society   inflicted   on   them   without   their permission   ever   having   been   sought   or   given   at   any   time.   Parliament,   unable   to   give   a   plausible   reason   for their   mass   immigration   programme,   has   used   every   kind   of   threat   and   intimidation   to   silence   opponents   of their insane policy. 2.   The   Injustice   of   the   destruction   of   the   White   British   nation   together   with   its   traditions,   culture,   chosen   way of   life   and   loss   of   right   to   determine   its   own   future.   Parliaments   plan   is   a   genocidal   process   since   Britons   are being   denied   the   fundamental   human   right   to   survive   as   a   distinct   ethnic   group   in   their   own   ancestral homeland. In   February   2013   Tony   Blair   said   that   he   is   “giving   advice   to   David   Cameron   and   Labour   leader   Ed Milliband.” This   doesn’t   mean Tony   Blair   has   suddenly   developed   any   new   ideas   he   is   still   the   same   political airhead   with   no   views   of   his   own.   When   he   says   he   is   giving   advice,   what   he   means   is   relaying   orders   from top   level   Zionists.   That   fact   that   all   three   Party   leaders   readily   accept   the   same   ideology,   only   goes   to   prove what we already know – that all the major parties a part of the same organisation. Most   people   believed   they   had   seen   the   last   of   Tony   Blair   when   New   Labour   was   defeated   at   the   2010 General   Election.   Why   hasn’t   he   gone,   he   has   never   been   elected   by   any   people   to   carry   out   any   high   level political   work.   Let   us   explain.   Tony   Blair   has   worked   for   so   long   with   powerful   Zionist   groups   that   he   has come   to   adopt   their   arrogant   kind   of   philosophy.   They   believe   they   have   a   divine   right   to   interfere   in   the internal   affairs   of   any   country   they   want   to.   They   feel   no   guilt   at   entering   a   country   and   setting   one   faction against   another,   or   taking   charge   of   that   nation’s   most   valuable   assets   or   commerce.   Zionists   don’t   think twice   about   overthrowing   a   legitimate   government   and   installing   one   of   their   own   puppet   dictators   when   it   is done. Tony   Blair   is   confident   and   arrogant   because   he   has   what   could   be   described   as   a   ring   of   steel   around   him, provided   by   bankers   and   world   government   groups. There   was   a   time   when   immigrants   couldn’t   understand the   philosophy   of   right-wing   British   patriots. This   is   no   longer   the   case   because   Zionists   have   done   so   much damage   to   every   country   that   there   is   now   a   common   understanding   between   all   of   the   ethnic   groups residing in the UK.


I   see   mostly Africans   and Asians   while   travelling   around   London.   Stuck   in   a   traffic   jam   on   the   M25   with   the traffic   at   a   standstill   I   couldn’t   help   noticing   how   many   white   Londoners   were   travelling   for   hours   to   get home.   Why   did   they   run   away   and   not   stand   their   ground?   Why   did   they   vote   for   parties   that   made   it   clear that   they   intended   to   swamp   us   with   aliens?   One   of   my   major   concerns   now   is   “white   flight”   –   the   drift   of Britons   to   the   countryside.   “In   these   days   of   political   correctness”   few   white   people   will   admit   their   move was    motivated    by    a    desire    to    quit    the    multi-racial    squalor    of    urban    areas.    However,    analysis    of    the population   census   returns   show   that   “white   flight”   commenced   with   the   onslaught   of   coloured   immigration and has accelerated as the alien population increased. This   trend   not   only   threatens   our   countryside   (permission   to   build   4.4   million   homes   in   rural   areas   was granted    during    a    fairly    short    period)    but    it    means    we    are    abandoning    our    great    cities    to    non-white immigrants   who   wil   eventually   take   over   our   town   halls   and   parliamentary   constituencies.   There   is   plenty   of land    available    in    urban    areas    for    residential    development,    although    with    the    size    of    the    indigenous population   not   increasing,   why   should   we   attract   millions   more   foreigners   here   by   building   homes   for   them? White people must be encouraged to stay and fight for their rights. In   particular,   help   must   be   given   to   our   young   people.   Patriotic   groups   must   concentrate   on   recruiting   and training   the   next   generation   in   leadership   roles,   not   just   within   their   organisation,   but   within   society   at   large. It   is   important   that   they   adhere   to   Christian   ethics,   for   it   has   been   the   falling   away   from   the   moral   path   by our   national   leaders   which   has   led   to   corruption   in   parliament,   and   an   abandoning   of   civilized   behaviour among   large   sections   of   the   community.   We   must   tell   the   younger   generation   to   hold   together   and   never give up the fight. A Letter from J.Jones Michael   Winner   writing   in   the   Sunday   Times   diners   column   on   June   6th   wrote,   “My   parents   wanted   me   to study   at   Cheltenham   College   but   the   bursar   said   ‘I   am   afraid   the   Jewish   quota   is   full.’   My   mother   responded “I   thought   that   is   what   we   were   fighting   the   second-world-war   for.”   That   the   war   was   fought   over   Jewish interests   is   a   fact.   The   war   is   long   over   yet   Zionist   interests   still   hold   sway   over   British   government   policy. This   is   not   only   due   to   the   vast   amounts   of   money,   and   media   control   they   possess,   but   because   they   have a persistence and determination to get their way which Christians do not. This   anti-white-Christian-European   movement   hides   under   the   cloak   of   Judaism,   while   it   is   keeping   up   with its   programme   of   swamping   Britain   with   foreigners. This   army   within   the   gates   is   the   driving   force   behind   the “social   justice”   and   “Human   Rights”   groups,   the   refugee   councils,   the   “Jewish   Council   for   Racial   Equality” and   the   whole   gambit   of   political   correctness   that   threatens   the   very   survival   of   our   race   and   nation.   How dare   these   usurpers   of   power   bring   to   our   country   all   and   sundry   and   give   them   equal   rights   to   us   in   our own   country.   On   the   22.6.06   The   Jewish   News   contained   a   large   article   by   one   Tom   Finch,   the   Director   of the   Refugee   Council   where   he   outlined   the   large   part   the   Jewish   communities   play   in   inviting   just   about everyone   to   come   to   Britain.   In   order   to   get   as   much   political   information   as   possible   you   need   to   read   the Jewish   News   and   Jewish   Chronicle.   Every   week   they   both   include   pages   of   wedding   groups,   Jewish festivities, barmitzvahs, advertisments etc in all these pages I have never seen a dark face . Tony Blair, the ham actor, pretending not to be a vain worshipper of Mammon (money).
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