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Creating   a   "multi-racial   society;   has   been   used   as   a   means   to   destroy   our   race,   culture   and   chosen   way   of life.   Despite   constantly   being   told   we   live   in   a   democracy   we   clearly   do   not.   Whenever   the   public   tries   to make   a   stand   it   finds   numerous   obstacles   are   stacked   up   against   it.   The   most   wealthy,   powerful   and influential   groups   in   the   country   are   Zionists,   Freemasons   and   organised   Jewry.   They   investigate   everyone that   stands   for   parliament.   If   there   is   any   hint   they   want   to   work   in   the   British   interest,   they   either   ensure   a media   blackout   is   performed   or   they   receive   a   high   level   of   smears   and   character   assassination.   Therefore anyone   becoming   an   MP   is   not   going   to   work   for   us.   The   multi-   racial   society   has   led   to   division,   confusion, a   lowering   of   morals,   a   rise   in   murder,   rape   and   general   criminal   activity.   As   a   result   our   streets   have become unsafe and our children have been deprived of a normal childhood. Free   will   independence   of   thought   and   freedom   to   follow   one's   own   inclinations   are   natural   instincts,   but   are not   allowed   when   living   under   a   rigid   dictatorship.   The   nanny-state   has   done   much   to   deprive   youngsters   of a   normal   outdoor   childhood   playing   among   their   peers.   Since   time   immemorial,   children   gathered   together and   roamed   and   played   without   fear   or   government   restrictions.   They   would   play   games,   experiment   with planks   of   wood   and   other   materials.   They   would   make   go-carts,   catapults,   bows   and   arrows,   tree   houses and bonfires. Childhood   would   mean   exploring   woods   and   fields   while   looking   at   the   wildlife,   fishing   for   tiddlers   in   ponds and   discovering   the   many   kinds   of   trees.   Each   child   would   view   things   differently   and   learn   practical   skills along   the   way.   Former   generations   were   far   more   aware   of   the   world   around   them,   the   changing   seasons and   the   variety   of   characters   they   would   meet   on   their   journeys.   In   short,   a   natural   childhood   encouraged development, individualism and the value of freedom. During   the   past   sixty   years   society   has   changed,   or   rather   it   has   been   changed   to   suit   our   political   lords   and masters.   Literally   from   birth,   the   state   now   wants   to   rigidly   control   what   is   thought,   what   is   believed   and what   is   done.   No   climbing   trees,   no   games   of   football   on   the   green;   if   possible   no   school   sports   and certainly   no   competitive   inter-school   competitions.   Mass   immigration,   child   molestations,   child   murder   and   a rapid   rise   in   anti-social   behaviour   are   problems   never   encountered   by   previous   generations.   They   have   put an   end   to   the   child's   right   to   roam   and   walk   to   school.   Instead,   he   never   leaves   the   company   of   a   parent   as he is driven backwards and forwards to school. Another   reason   why   children   do   not   get   a   chance   to   view   life   from   their   own   perspective   and   form   their   own ideas   is   the   constant   presence   of   television.   There   is   a   constant   flow   of   what   appears,   to   a   child,   to   be factual   established   truths.   Why   does   one   need   to   think,   to   find   out   -   the   young   viewer   reasons   -   when everything   is   understood   from   those   in   the   television   studio?   Much   of   what   is   transmitted   on   television   is misinformation,   and   propaganda   designed   to   deceive,   but   this   idea   would   never   cross   a   child's   mind. As   he sits   at   home   in   isolation,   shut   in   his   bedroom,   he   plays   with   his   computer   or   absorbs   whatever   is   on television.   He's   becoming   more   and   more   conditioned   in   a   rigid   nanny-state,   politically   correct,   mental straightjacket.   Many   Orthodox,   Jewish   schools   in   America   will   not   accept   a   child   if   he   has   a   television   at home, for he is likely to spread bad ideas among his classmates. In   order   to   further   the   cause   of   the   multi-racial   society,   many   newspapers   and   the   BBC   constantly   churn   out left   wing   propaganda.   R&B,   hip   hop,   garage   music   and   rap   are   being   promoted   in   the   hope   that   White youngsters   will   latch   on   to   it.   Unfortunately,   many   do.   We   now   have   the   ludicrous   situation   where   White youngsters,   who   have   been   turned   away   from   good   European   music,   are   attempting   to   impersonate   Blacks in America.   You   see   our   impressionable   youngsters   copying   frizzy Afro   hairstyles   and   listening   to   the   worst kind   of   Black   music   -   which   is   often   aggressive   and   anti-white. The   glorification   of   aggressive   and   rebellious, unmelodic,   pseudo,   Black   culture   is   furthering   crime   and   anti-social   behaviour.   The   lyrics   often   go   on   about giving   grief   to   the   police,   being   a   big   man   with   a   gun,   getting   high   on   drugs   and   using   violence   to   gain   street credibility.   With   rising   crime,   the   last   thing   we   need   is   our   White   youngsters   copying   the   "tough"   Afro- American   street   culture   and   breaking   the   law.   Of   course,   nothing   would   suit   our   politically   correct   masters more   than   a   high   number   of   Whites   getting   involved   in   what   are   predominantly   Black   kinds   of   crime.   Anti- White   politicians   would   then   smugly   be   able   to   say   that   Whites   are   no   better   than   blacks   when   it   comes   to street crime. Childhood   used   to   be   considered   the   best   time   of   your   life.   Provided   youngsters   were   responsible   they   had the   freedom   to   do   more   or   less   as   they   pleased,   with   their   friends,   and   without   responsibility.   In   the   last   sixty years   children   have   become   prisoners   fearful   of   going   out   alone,   while   their   parents   act   as   overworked minders.   Before   the   1970’s   child   abduction   was   rare.   Currently   children   go   missing   in   the   UK   at   the   rate   of one   every   three   minutes.   Parents   fear   for   their   children   being   sexually   attacked,   murdered   or   sold.   Who must   be   held   responsible   for   these   terrible   crimes?   An   impenetrable   self-serving   club   including,   MPs, members   of   the   broadcasting   and   entertainment   industry,   the   judiciary,   teachers,   Zionists,   clergymen   and freemasons.   In   fact   the   same   gang   who   imposed   political-correctness,   immigration,   Marxism,   the   gay agenda,   same-sex   marriage,   human   rights   laws,   race   equality   and   the   EU   upon   the   unwary   public.   As   we might   expect,   all   these   groups   have   a   remarkably   high   percentage   of   homosexuals   among   them.   By allowing   these   most   dreadful   people   to   set   our   political   agenda   we   know   have   a   remarkably   high   number   of people suffering from depression.


The   rapid   rise   in   the   amount   of   gender   bending   chemicals   used   in   products   is   seriously   feminising   man, animals,   birds   and   fish.   In   every   case   serious   changes   have   occurred   in   their   bodies   which   alter   them   from male   to   partly   female.   There   are   fish   with   both   sex   organs,   male   birds   that   have   abandoned   their   role   of getting   food   for   the   chicks,   leaving   two   females   to   raise   the   young.   Some   fish   have   changed   sex   completely. Bisophenol   A   (BPA)   which   is   used   in   plastics   and   the   female   contraceptive   pill   are   the   main   causes   for   the feminising   of   males.   Instead   of   holding   gay   pride   festivals,   these   victims   of   pollutants,   should   be   at   war   with governments   and   the   companies   responsible   for   wrecking   their   lives   and   turning   them   into   freaks.   We   need urgent    action    now.    Unfortunately,    Western    governments    that    are    under    the    thumb    of    multi-national corporations   haven’t   sufficient   interest,   knowledge   or   ability   to   solve   the   problem.   How   everything   has changed   during   the   past   sixty   years.   Growing   up   in   the   1950’s   we   realised   that   some   male   entertainers   had female   mannerisms,   but   it   would   never   occur   to   us   that   two   men   would   want   a   sexual   relationship,   the   idea was   to   bizarre   to   contemplate.   Perhaps   the   feminisation   programme   has   been   deliberately   contrived   to reduce the human population. Certainly there is no move to overcome the problem as you would expect. We    have    ended    up    where    this    article    began.    Specialised    government    departments,    scientists,    secret societies,   multi-national   corporations   and   self   interested   groups   make   monumental   life-changing   decisions that   affect   us   all. Yet   the   public   has   no   say   over   what   is   being   done   and   clearly   no   regulation   is   taking   place. In    2017    people    are    falling    over    each    other    in    the    insane    rush    to    merge    male    and    female    into    one abomination. A   school   has   just   banned   girls   from   wearing   skirts   to   school   so   that   each   sex   is   not   separately defined.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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