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In   the   West   political   leaders   are   not   chosen   for   their   ideas,   knowledge   or   morality.   There   are   many   virtuous men   and   women   with   the   necessary   ideas   and   skills   to   rescue   our   country   from   the   abyss.   Many   of   them have   devoted   their   lives   to   the   cause.   Men   and   women   including   Dr   Kitty   Little,   Lady   Jane   Birdwood,   A.K. Chesterton,   Wing   Commander   Leonard   Young   and   Captain   Kenneth   McKilliam.   You   probably   haven’t   heard of any of them. Around   the   time   of   elections,   we   are   constantly   bombarded   with   the   names   of   the   evil   people   destined   to   be elected   to   govern   our   countries.   They   receive   billions   from   wealthy   organisations   and   individuals   who expect   a   return   on   their   investment.   Quite   simply   money   rules   the   West.   Under   such   a   corrupt   system   there is no place for morals, serving the public and quite clearly now no place for Christianity. Dr   Kitty   Little   worked   in   the   civil   service   where   she   had   access   to   all   kinds   of   government   documentation. Included   in   the   data   was   information   that   can   only   be   described   as   Parliamentary   treachery. These   damning records    were    kept    secret    and    classified    as    information    which    in    the    "Public's    interest    should    not    be revealed." In 1993 Dr Kitty Little wrote a book titled: "MAMMON versus GOD THE BANKERS' 'NEW WORLD' DISORDER." In   her   opening   paragraph   she   writes   "People   are   increasingly   aware   that   there   is   a   great   deal   wrong   with the   world,   and   that   every   aspect   of   life   seems   to   have   deteriorated   since   World   War   11.   Although   it   is   now obvious   that   this   deterioration   could   not   have   happened   by   chance,   the   catch-phrase   "I   don't   believe   in   the Conspiracy   Theory"   is   frequently   heard   should   the   role   of   the   international   bankers   be   questioned"   Yet, these   people   have   such   control   over   world   affairs   that   no   other   group   could   be   responsible   for   the   changes that   have   occurred.   Their   fingerprints   are   all   over   it,   for   no   other   body   has   such   destructive   anti-nationalist instincts   as   the   globalist   banking   community.   During   the   first   half   of   the   19th   Century   the   international bankers   revealed   ambitions   to   be   rulers   of   the   world   through   what   is   now   referred   to   as   the   "New   World Order".  INTERNATIONAL BANKERS SEEK WORLD DOMINATION During   the   first   half   of   the   19th   century   the   international   bankers   made   it   clear   that   they   intend   to   become rulers   of   the   world   –   dictators   of   a   "New   World   Order".   Despite   these   being   the   most   evil   people   on   our planet   an   ever   growing   number   of   people   are   growing   apathetic   and   disinterested   in   this   most   important topic.   This   is   mainly   due   to   tabloid   newspapers   and   TV   news   channels   deliberately   not   reporting   on   this major event. Federal   Europe   is   meant   to   be   the   decisive   step   towards   a   world   dictatorship.   When   one   reads   the Treaty   of European   Union   (the   Maastricht   Treaty)   carefully,   one   finds   that   among   many   articles   that   are   vague,   or have   more   than   one   meaning   there   are   a   few   that   are   clear   and   precise.   One   paragraph   makes   it   clear   that legislation   provides   for   the   Executive   Council   of   the   European   Central   Bank   to   have   the   sole   right   to   issue currency   and   to   authorise   expenditure   in   a   Europe   of   the   Regions,   in   which   there   will   no   longer   be   national governments.   That   is   why   the   British   Government   is   now   rushing   ahead   with   the   "privatization"   of   all functions   of   government   ready   to   hand   our   remaining   assets   to   the   six   bankers/financiers   on   that   Executive Council. The   international   bankers   had   originally   thought   that   they   could   gain   control   by   financial   means   alone   -   ie   by getting   all   the   countries   of   the   world   into   debt   to   them;   introducing   speculation,   so   as   to   gather   into   their   own hands   all   the   major   industries   of   the   world;   and   by   control   of   currency   and,   when   it   suits   their   purpose, withdrawing much of it from circulation, as happened in 1929 and as is happening again now. Prominent   among   these   methods   is   the   control   of   fuels   and   strategic   minerals.   There   is   plenty   of   evidence of   bankers   and   their   agents   manipulating   the   energy   markets.   At   the   time   this   article   was   being   written   a scandal   broke   involving   "Climate   Secretary"   Ed   Milliband   and   his   partner   Justine   Thornton.   The   expectant mother   of   Milliband's   child   is   a   senior   environmental   lawyer   who   works   for   E.on,   a   company   that   was   at   the time   negotiating   to   build   a   series   of   new   coal   and   nuclear   power   stations.   The   nuclear   power   station contract alone was worth £20 billion. Milliband   admitted   that   he   had   "not   excused   himself   from   meetings   at   which   the   E.On   deals   were   discussed. Critics   established   that   there   was   a   clear   possibility   that   self   interest   could   be   a   factor   in   the   decision   and Miss Thornton was barred from being involved in future negotiations. One   such   mineral   is   gold,   used   by   the   bankers   in   their   financial   manoeuvres.   By   the   late   19th   Century   it   had become   apparent   that   South   Africa   was   the   main   source   of   gold,   and   so   the   bankers   decided   to   seize control   of   the   goldfields.   Their   attempt   was   thwarted   by   Cecil   Rhodes.   They   subsequently   prevailed   upon the   then   British   Prime   Minister,   Joseph   Chamberlain,   to   replace   Rhodes   by   a   bankers'   agent   Milner,   who launched the Boer war. By   1940   it   had   also   been   found   that   Rhodesia   (named   after   Rhodes)   and   South Africa   were   almost   the   only sources   of   chromium   and   a   number   of   other   essential   minerals,   and   so   the   bankers'   agents   who   were   to infiltrate   Parliament   were   ordered   to   take   action   to   destroy   Rhodesia   and   South   Africa.   The   destruction   of Rhodesia   was   to   be   their   single   most   important   objective.   Over   a   decade   later   "apartheid"   was   decided   on as the excuse for attacking South Africa. They never did have an excuse for attacking Rhodesia." When   Margaret   Thatcher's   Conservative   Government   was   elected   there   were   many   self-deluded   voters who   believed   the   incoming   government   would   give   their   support   to   Rhodesia.   Lord   Peter   Carrington,   a   one- time   Chairman   of   the   Bilderbergers,   put   an   end   to   any   such   hopes   when   he   installed   terrorist,   Robert Mugabe   as   dictator   of   Rhodesia,   which   was   soon   renamed   Zimbabwe.   Although   Margaret   Thatcher   was   a Zionist   and   did   most   of   what   Jewish   groups   demanded,   she   refused   to   agree   to   monetary   union   with   the EU.   In   May   1989   the   all   powerful   Bilderberg   group   decided   that   she   must   replaced   by   someone   more subservient.   John   Major   was   installed   as   a   short   term   replacement   on   the   understanding   that   he   signed   the Maastricht Treaty. Michael   Heseltine,   William   Whitelaw,   Harold   Wilson   and   Jeremy   Thorpe   are   like   naive   simpletons   when pitted   against   bankers   who   work   to   carefully   laid   plans   that   go   back   over   400   years.   Kitty   Little   mentioned how   bankers   are   behind   the   creation   of   the   Euro-state.   Ted   Heath   was   yet   another   political   ignoramus   who could   easily   be   led   by   any   wealthy   banker   who   displayed   an   air   of   authority.   With   Edward   Heath   unfit   to carry   out   the   duties   of   Prime   Minister,   Lord   Rothschild,   of   that   banking   dynasty,   had   no   difficulty   securing   for himself   the   job   as   Director   General   of   the   Governments   Central   Policy   Review   staff   and   head   of   the   cabinet think   tank.   Edward   Heath   strutted   around   trying   to   look   important,   while   the   Rothschild’s,   lurking   in   the background,   took   the   main   political   decisions.   Just   3   years   later   in   1973   the   stooge   Edward   Heath   signed the Treaty of Rome, and Britain was plunged into the bankers European Economic Community. In   1979   Sir   Keith   Joseph   began   an   initiative   to   sell   off   Post   Office   telephones.   The   very   profitable   telephone side   of   the   Post   Office   had   in   the   public   interest,   been   able   to   subsidise   the   postal   service.   Subsequent governments   have   since   sold   off   the   more   lucrative   parts   of   the   post   office.   Against   public   wishes,   Peter Mandelson   (another   of   the   bankers,   Euro-men)   is   currently   trying   to   sell   off   even   more   of   what   was   once   the "Royal Mail". Despite   being   a   pathetic   nobody,   the   other   Milliband   brother   David,   holds   the   position   of   Foreign   Secretary in   our   government.   The   undesirable,   alien   Milliband   family   fraudulently   gained   entry   into   the   UK.   Their purpose   in   coming   was   to   corrupt   our   youth   with   Marxism   and   do   whatever   they   could   to   wreck   this   country; while of course banking vast amounts of money for the privilege. Decades   ago   there   was   a   sudden   increase   in   cancer.   The   government   declared   that   it   was   due   to   smoking. Dr   Kitty   Little   studied   the   situation   and   found   that   the   rapid   rise   in   cancer   wasn’t   nation-wide.   It   was   confined to   Britain’s   major   cities   where   the   number   of   diesel   lorries   had   recently   rapidly   increased.   She   published   her report.   Parliament   ignored   her   because   it   was   a   fact   it   didn’t   want   to   face.   It   is   only   in   recent   years   that   the health hazard caused by diesel motors has been revealed to the public.
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