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We   constantly   hear   about   the   needs   and   demands   of   black   Africans,   Asians   and   Jews   –   but   hardly   ever hear   of   the   white   community,   unless   it   is   the   ruling   elite   ranting   about   "racism.   Parliament   announced   over thirty   years   ago   that   "only   whites   can   be   racists".   As   a   result   should   a   violent   black   African,   while   out   of control   with   hatred,   shout   white   racist   and   stab   a   European   to   death,   the   political   establishment   will   make excuses   for   him.   More   recently   fifth-   column   politicians   have   created   laws   that   deem   it   impossible   to   deport foreign murderers and terrorists. Today   only   pensioners   can   remember   a   time   when   doors   were   left   unlocked;   when   children   could   roam freely   without   fear   of   murderers,   emboldened   by   a   government   that   doesn’t   believe   in   capital   punishment, and   child   molesters   that   have   the   full   support   of   the   many   perverts   in   power.   Western   governments   have been   allowed   to   promote   their   insane   and   suicidal   policies   that   define   anyone   who   tries   to   protect   our   race or nation as "evil"; and any act that mixes or degrades our race as good. In   the   1950’s   mayors,   police   chiefs,   community   leaders   and   almost   all   the   voters   were   white.   Why   did   our people   step   aside   and   allow   all   the   positions   of   power   to   be   occupied   by   Zionists,   communists,   Freemasons and   pushy   aliens?   From   the   early   1960’s,   the   enemy   began   its   cultural-revolution   and   started   mass   non- white   mass   immigration   into   our   lands. This   began   to   destroy   our   culture,   confidence   and   national   cohesion. We   lost   our   sense   of   community   and   feeling   of   belonging   to   an   extended   national   and   racial   family. However, the Zionist Jews predominantly behind the changes ensured that their community wasn’t affected. Without   a   sense   of   belonging,   people   often   feel   abandoned   and   alone.   Never   have   there   been   so   many depressed   and   incapable   people   in   our   midst.   Instead   of   resolving   their   problems   in   the   correct   manner, these   unfortunates   remain   alone   and   isolated,   their   condition   usually   made   worse   by   drink   or   drugs,   both   of the NHS and street kind. Without   a   sense   of   identity   we   have   become   led   by   opportunists   and   aliens   who   always   work   against   our interests   and   give   preferential   treatment   to   the   better   organised   non-whites,   who   do   have   a   sense   of community.   Ken   Lagret   of   Connecticut   noted   similar   problems   to   the   UK.   He   wrote   "Over   the   years   our areas   have   changed.   We   have   lost   our   sense   of   belonging   and   replaced   it   with   misguided   individualism   and locked   doors!   Under   normal   circumstances   people   will   relate   to   others   in   their   locality   through   a   common history,   language   and   culture   which   provides   a   sense   of   brotherhood   and   friendship.   These   qualities   have rapidly diminished in the USA." People   have   forgotten   the   time   when   they   knew   all   their   neighbours;   an   age   when   people   took   a   daily interest   in   those   around   them,   a   time   when   our   police   were   guardians,   not   enforcers,   a   time   when   money was   not   the   only   criteria.   A   time   before   the   mass   alien   invasion   of   our   country   began,   before   toxins   were added    to    our    food    and    before    the    land,    sea    and    air    became    polluted    by    alien-owned    multi-national corporations and before we suffered from clearly alien-controlled governments. How   did   aliens   take   control   of   European   nations?   Scientists   studied   "the   power   of   conformity".   They   started with   the   knowledge   that   only   around   16%   of   the   public   think   in   a   constructive   way,   and   that   the   most   will   go along   with   what   can   be   made   to   appear   the   majority   point   of   view.   Even,   if   that   view   is   utter   nonsense   and detrimental   to   their   well   being.   In   a   test,   televised   on   12th   November   2016,   a   class   were   told   to   give   a clearly   wrong   answer   to   a   simple   question.   One   single   person   was   added   to   the   class   who   knew   nothing   of the   experiment.   When   this   lone   entrant   saw   the   rest   of   the   class   choosing   the   wrong   answer   they   also chose   the   wrong   answer.   Proving   that   a   desire   to   be   seen   with   the   majority,   was   more   comfortable   for   most than being sensible and correct. The main parties have remained in power by exploiting this human trait.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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