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Our   enemies   that   infest   the   major   Western   political   parties   cannot   have   it   both   ways.   During   the   1950’s   and 60’s   they   belligerently   insisted   that   Europeans   did   not   belong   in   Africa   and   would   have   to   leave.   The   fact that   Europeans   (particularly   the   British   and   Afrikaners)   were   the   only   people   there   able   to   run   a   modern country   was   conveniently   overlooked.   Because   of   the   leftist   organised   attacks   on   whites   living   in   our colonies,   thousands   of   Europeans,   who   didn’t   repatriate   themselves   fast   enough,   were   brutally   murdered. No apology was heard from the Socialists and Communists responsible. The   impossible   Leftist   dream   of   a   free   African   Utopia   soon   disappeared.   Once   Europeans   lost   control,   one African   country   after   another   was   saddled   with   IMF   and   World   Bank   debt,   then   their   national   assets   were commandeered   by American   based   vultures.   Many   of   the   ex-African   colonies   together   with   Ceylon   became countries   where   few   want   to   live.   Where   did   the   natives   go   after   independence?   To   Britain   which   they viewed   as   the   mother   country!   So   the   UK   was   not   the   great   villain   exploiter   that   the   Lab,   Lib,   Commie,   Cons claimed. Dennis   Skinner,   one   of   the   brainless   idiots   who   demanded   that   Whites   be   repatriated   from   Africa.   Is   now ranting   about   there   being   no   chance   of   repatriating   any   of   our   immigrants,   no   matter   how   undesirable   they may   be.   Skinner   MP   asserts   that   we   need   foreigners   here   to   carry   out   operations   in   our   hospitals.   Maybe parliament   shouldn’t   have   lured   our   surgeons   to   America   with   the   prospect   of   higher   wages   or   sacked   the English   and   Irish   fully-trained   nurses   in   1983.   May   I   remind   him   that   it   was   Europeans   who   first   gained medical   knowledge   and   introduced   hospitals   into   the   third   world!   The   fact   that   we   are   relying   on   people, from   countries   that   have   only   recently   emerged   from   the   dark-age,   is   due   to   Parliament’s   insistence   on dramatically   reducing   the   standard   of   education   in   our   schools.   Few   White   male   school   -   leavers   now   have the   ability   or   confidence   to   consider   a   pr   ofessional   career.   For   years   we   have   seen   reports   that   a   high percentage   of   our   children   are   leaving   school   near   innumerate   and   illiterate.   No   (democratic)   government will do anything about it because they want to see our people languishing at the bottom of the social heap. Handing   out   passports   and   bestowing   British   citizenship   on   everyone   that   found   accommodation   here, should   have   been   recognised   as   a   criminal   offence.   It   is   amazing   that   the   British   stood   for   it.   We   have   every right   to   repatriate   foreigners   who   create   problems   and   conspire   against   us.   We   need   to   take   the   passports and   British   citizenship   away   from   Africans   and   Asians   who   do   not   deserve   them.   Then   classify   them   as guests   in   our   country   just   as   we   would   be   in   theirs.   Never   forget   that   the   Zionist   plot   behind   mass immigration   was   to   bring   about   the   eventual   disappearance   of   the   white   European   character   of   our   people. We must not let them win this deceitful war. That   the   third   world   people   don’t   belong   here   would   have   seemed   common   sense   to   most   Britons   in   1945. That   many   have   come   to   accept   black,   brown   and   yellow   people   as   British   shows   how   the   brainwashing programme   is   taking   effect.   Parliament   partly   clouded   the   issue   by   trying   to   prevent   our   people   from   calling themselves   English.   Being   British   has   come   to   cover   a   multitude   of   sins   but,   with   few   exceptions,   to   be English, a Scot, Northern Irish or Welsh you must be a White European. All   the   major   parties   have   done   their   utmost   to   erase   the   British   character   of   our   islands.   The   most   obvious change   was   the   scrapping   of   the   ever   popular   Royal   Tournament   and   turning   the   criminal   and   violent Notting   Hill   Carnival   into   London’s   main   annual   event.   The   police   are   told   to   look   the   other   way   when   minor crimes   are   committed.   Despite   a   large   police   presence   there   are   numerous   thefts,   stabbing   and   killings most   years.   Yet   the   BBC   and   many   newspapers   can   be   relied   upon   to   describe   it   as   a   successful   and enjoyable event with little crime . The   very   popular   Royal   Tournament   was   scrapped   so   that   the   violent   and   alien,   Notting   Hill   Carnival   could be   listed   as   London’s   main   annual   attraction.   Our   enemies   in   parliament   have   done   their   utmost   to   destroy everything   British   about   our   country.   They   have   done   this   while   promoting   everything   foreign   that   is   not wanted   here.   We   are   in August   2017,   foolishly   expecting   the   Zionist-led   Conservative   and   Labour   parties   to arrange   our   exit   from   Europe.   Foolish,   because   both   of   these   internationalist   parties   secretly   want   to   keep us   trapped   within.   According   to   Jewish   newspapers   Boris   Johnson   had   long   been   their   choice   for   Prime Minister.   Due   to   his   juvenile   and   unpredictable   behaviour   they   must   have   switched   to   Theresa   May   at   last minute.   She   spent   her   last   night   before   becoming   Prime   Minister   at   the   home   of   the   Chief   Rabbi.   Theresa May   was   made   Prime   Minister   and   had   the   task   of   overseeing   the   plans   for   Brexit. An   unfortunate   choice   as she had voted to remain.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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