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Europeans   have   lost   control   of   their   countries,   their   politics,   cultures,   religion   and   way   of   life.   Worse still,   those   who   now   dominate   every   aspect   of   our   lives   are   hell-bent   on   eradicating   the   White   European nations   first   and   the   other   nations   as   fast   as   possible.   This   is   being   done   through   wars,   immigration,   race- mixing,    reducing    birth    rates,    hospital    deaths    and    indoctrination    by    the    mass    media    and    cinema.    Our Christian   basis   had   been   built   on   honesty   and   trust   which   is   exemplary   if   one   lives   entirely   among   good people.   However,   being   trusting   is   a   disadvantage   when   one   is   ruled   by   liars,   swindlers,   cheats,   mafia   types and   aliens   who   view   morality   as   a   sign   of   weakness   to   be   exploited. As   a   result,   all   positions   that   give   power and   influence   have   now   been   taken   by   the   most   evil   people   on   our   planet. The   Rothschild’s   control   the   West through   banking,   and   they   are   related   to   Karl   Marx   the   communist   murderer   of   millions   of   Europeans.   Boris Johnson is a Zionist, descended from Turkish/Lithuanian Jews, including a Rabbi. In   August   2020   many   Europeans   including   Swedes,   Germans,   French   and   English   finally   came   to   realise that   their   governments   are   trying   to   get   them   outnumbered   by   illegal   immigrants.   Parliament   has   been inviting    foreigners    from    every    non-European    country    since    the    1960’s.    Recently    Paul    Golding    has discovered   numerous   hotels   filled   with   illegal   aliens   all   paid   for   by   the   British   taxpayer.   It   should   have   been clear   that   parliament   doesn’t   work   for   us,   at   the   time   of   the   second-world-war,   when   Churchill   chose   Stalin and    other    Russian    communists    as    allies.    This    was    after    they    had    murdered    millions    of    the    most knowledgeable,   and   capable   Europeans.   Churchill   also   recruited   many   Jews   from   Eastern   Europe   to   come to the UK and help arrange his war and then gave many of them officer positions in the British armed forces. Few   people   realise   that   we   have   fallen   totally   under   the   control   of   the Ashkenazi   tribe   who   claim   to   be Jews   with   the   help   of   secret   societies.   Ashkenazi   is   just   the   most   evil   tribe   of   Europeans.   This   is   why   our people   are   fooled   into   voting   for   them   because   they   look   just   like   us.   If   Europeans   do   not   act   fast   they   will   be living   in   slavery   and   poverty   under   a   hostile   World-Government   Dictatorship.   Every   country   in   Europe   is already   suffering   from   a   breakdown   in   civilisation   brought   about   by   its   own   anti-nationalist   governments. Without   exception,   these   are   self-serving   administrations   which   have   been   foisted   on   the   people   by   way   of   a fraudulent   party   system.      Virtually   every   country   in   the world   is   ruled   by   an   unseen   enemy.   A   Catholic   priest said   “A   One   World   Government   is   inevitable.”   He   was likely   not   a   real   priest   but   an   enemy   acting   as   one.      By their   own   admission,   our   anti-Christ   Jewish   enemy   has revealed    they    were    evicted    from    109    countries    over centuries for causing vast amounts of trouble!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Parliament    has    made    using    the    word    “English”    a criminal     offence,     although     it     was     an     accurate description   that   had   been   in   use   for   many   hundreds   of years.    Do    you    really    think    that    an    Englishman    was responsible   for   this?   This   was   a   move   by   our   political enemies   to   make   us   use   the   word   “British”   which   any undesirable   foreigner   can   come   into   our   country   and use.   Without   any   checks   they   are   often   given   British citizenship,    medical    treatment,    jobs,    money    and    the right to vote. Of   course   they   are   likely   to   vote   for   the   anti-British   Labour,   Tory   Liberal   and   communist   politicians   who enticed   them   to   come   here.   The   English   have   been   stripped   of   their   citizenship,   while   many   aliens   have   two countries,   Britain   and   the   country   of   their   birth.   Yet   a   nearly   all   Black   group   is   calling   itself   the   English Football team. The   fact   that   our   political   enemies,   call   foreigners   seeking   temporary   refuge   “immigrants”   prove   they   intend to   keep   them   here.   Recently   I   overheard   someone   saying   “I   want   to   cut   the   world’s   population   by   two thirds.”   Two   days   later   I   heard   of   the   coronavirus.   This   has   certainly   given   our   dodgy   political   leaders   an excuse   to   take   complete   control   over   us. Also   the   5G   tower   spy   networks   which   are   being   installed   in   major cities create high frequencies that are a serious health hazard which we should oppose. Europeans   have   been   deceived   for   ages   because secret     organisations     control     every     means     of communication.   They   own   95%   of   the   television companies   world-wide,   own   and   control   what   the newspapers    can    print.    Similarly,    with    the    film- industry   producing   thoughts   it   wants   to   send   into our     minds.     They     own     most     of     the     large companies,      including      food      distribution      and pharmacy   as   well   as   dominating   the   pornography business.   They   control   what   is   taught   in   schools and   colleges.   Oxford   and   the   London   School   of Economics   are   fed   with   their   continual   anti-British propaganda.   This   is   because   most   MP’s,   Judges, broadcasters,   film   makers,   newspaper   editors   and all   others   who   control   public   thinking   often   attend Oxford    and    the    LSE.    There    is    a    noticeable difference     in     attitudes     between     the     ordinary members    of    the    public    and    these    brainwashed twerps   who   rule   over   us.   A   high   percentage   of Britons   see   no   purpose   in   voting,   so   don’t   bother. This   allows   political   Jews   and   non-whites   to   elect our enemies time and time again. Recently     they     have     been     promoting     black awareness    that    was    started    in   America.    Within hours     demonstrations     were     seen     in     eighty countries    around    the    world.    Only    the    secret societies   have   the   ability   to   do   that.   Blacks   are killed    every    day    in   America,    so    how    come    this death   was   so   different.   According   to   the   Jewish News   George   Floyd   the   black   African   that   was killed   by   police   was   Jewish.   This   shows   how   this one   race   is   able   to   influence   the   masses   around the   world!   Sure   the   blacks   should   be   treated   fairly in   America   as   various   racial   groups   arrived   there over    the    centuries.    Although,    Africans    should return   to   their   homeland   before   it   is   taken   over   by China. Britain   however   is   different.   It   was   virtually   an   all-white   European   country   until   the   late   1960’s.   This   was when   our   secret   manipulators   decided   to   switch   from   wars   to   getting   us   killed   in   large   numbers,   to   using   non white   immigration   to   get   us   outnumbered.   The   same   troublemakers   have   been   in   control   of   the   building programme   making   numerous   ugly   blocks   of   flats,   then   filling   them   with   aliens.   The   NHS   has   also   been used   as   a   killing   machine   by   employing   untrained   doctors.   We   should   have   been   aware   of   the   political tactics   through   their   continual   anti-British   activity   for   over   a   hundred   years.   In   1945   we   were   one   of   the   most advanced   nations   on   earth.   We   built   and   sold   aircraft,   ships,   lorries   and   many   other   kinds   of   goods   all   over the   world.   As   soon   as   the   war   was   over   Churchill   closed   down   most   of   our   successful   aircraft   factories   for the benefit of America. Soon after, most of our heavy industry was moved to the Far East. For   his   own   ego,   Nigel   Farage   sold   us   out   by   accepting   funding   from   among   others   the   billionaire   Jew, Arron Banks.   Britain   has   two   major   problems,   the   EU   and   mass   immigration.   He   is   funded   by   our   Jewish   enemy on   the   understanding   he   doesn’t   mention   them   or   immigration.   Unlike   real   nationalists   Farage   can   relax, laugh   and   act   the   clown   while   being   given   access   to   the   press   and   television.   Unlike   genuine   nationalists   he doesn’t   have   to   expect   trouble   from   hordes   of   screaming   reds   out   to   attack   him.      Nor   are   the   halls   he   hires in   danger   of   being   smashed   up   as   genuine   nationalists   are.   This   is   because   the   hordes   of   communists   are led   by   the   same   Jews   who   fund   Farage   and   run   the   Labour,   Liberal   and   Conservative   Parties.   Political Jews,   including   George   Soros   don’t   spend   their   money   on   Christian   European   interests.   Of   course   Jews don’t   mind   us   getting   out   of   the   EU   because   they   want   to   tie   us   up   with   Israel,   who   already   supply   us   a   vast amount of untrustworthy drugs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In   the   1950’s   Britain   was   virtually   crime   free   we   had   a   feel-good   society,   despite   just   having   fought   an unsettling   second-world-war.   Families   survived   comfortably   on   a   single   wage   earner   with   wives   staying home   looking   after   the   children,   shopping,   doing   the   housework   and   socialising   with   their   white   British neighbours.   Children   were   free   to   roam   wherever   they   wanted   without   fear   of   being   molested.   Homosexuals kept   their   activity   to   themselves,   were   generally   polite   and   proved   no   danger   to   children   at   that   time.   All   of this was to change as our near perfect society was gradually destroyed by Parliament from the 1960’s. Peter   Mandelson,   a   high-ranking   member   of   the   Fabian   Society,   said   in   the   early   1960’s,   at   the   time   of   the start    of    the    cultural-revolution,    to    completely    wreck    Britain.    “We    will    not    need    another    Bolshevik-style revolution   to   achieve   our   aims.   We   will   merely   change   attitudes   from   one   generation   to   the   next.”   By   setting the   downgraded   school   curriculum   youngsters   have   now   accepted   ideas   that   are   intolerable   to   the   elderly. Corrupt MP’s have said “if you take drugs or not are merely a lifestyle choice.” MP’s   are   among   the   biggest   rogues   on   earth.   For   instance   Lord   Boothby   was   a   leading   member   of   the Conservative   Party   who   was   used   to   explain   aspects   of   Tory   policy   to   the   public.   He   was   a   friend   of   the Jewish   gangsters   the   Kray   twins.   They   would   supply   him   with   innocent   young   boys   to   bugger   sometimes   he would   walk   the   streets   with   them   looking   for   innocent   victims.   Greville   Janner   was   a   senior   Labour   MP   and head   of   the   Board   of   Deputies   of   British   Jews.   This   is   a   powerful   organisation   that   keeps   parliament   on   a Zionist   path.   Of   Jewish   Lithuanian   descent   he   wasn’t   interested   in   doing   anything   for   the   British.   It   was known   by   a   large   section   of   the   public   that   he   was   sexually   abusing   people   over   a   long   period,   but   he   was allowed   to   get   away   with   it.   His   main   interest   was   giving   the   British   a   guilt   complex   over   the   holocaust   which he   managed   to   put   on   to   the   school   syllabus.   Despite   his   well   known   criminal   activity   he   was   made   a Queens   Counsel.   Most   Western   governments   are   under   Zionist,   Fabian,   Freemason,   illuminati   and   Banker control.   Every   British   Prime   Minister   since   Winston   Churchill   in   1942   and   most   cabinet   ministers   have   been Zionists   secretly   working   for   anti-British   causes.   Winston   Churchill   was   known   to   get   involved   in   homosexual activity   from   his   years   as   a   cadet.   If   this   was   known   by   the   public   he   could   never   have   become   a   political leader.   There   was   a   feeling   at   one   time   that   Britain   (the   Motherland)   and   Germany   (the   Fatherland)   should unite.   By   allowing   Zionists   to   exaggerate   the   importance   of   the   second-world-war   and   the   EU   it   has   been impossible to bring this about. Whatever   undesirable   legislation   Jews   want   the   Jews   get.      This   is   because   they   dominate   every   means   of communication.   In   the   1980’s   independent   MP   Robert   Kilroy   Silk   had   a   chat   show   on   BBC.   This   was   a   time when   the   truth   could   still   sometimes   be   told.   One   morning   he   had   an   audience   almost   filled   with   women.   He broached   the   subject   of   homosexuality   when   a   man   in   the   audience   admitted   that   he   used   to   sexually   abuse young   boys.   Before   the   women   could   get   up   and   attack   him   he   explained   that   he   volunteered   to   be chemically   castrated   and   hadn’t   had   a   single   sexual   thought   since. A   group   that   the   pervert   promoting   gang never   mention   are   “asexual”.   These   are   sexually   normal   people   that   do   not   have   sexual   thoughts   because they   spend   their   time   concentrating   on   specific   studies   such   as   art,   science   and   technical   development. More   recently   due   to   the   sudden   increase   in   the   cost   of   living,   many   British   young   men   have   decided   they cannot afford to get married and have stayed at home living with their parents not dating girls. Sex   changes   in   men,   is   largely   due   to   chemicals   in   the   environment.   Not   only   are   these   effecting   humans but   animals,   birds   and   fish   as   well.   There   are   many   species   that   have   female   traits   that   causes   them   to behave   strangely!   Male   fish   show   female   traits   by   having   egg   cells   in   their   testes.      Birds   behave   in   odd   ways with   male   birds   abandoning   their   normal   behaviour,   leaving   two   females   to   bring   up   the   chicks. A   commonly used   chemical   atrazine   has   been   found   to   change   the   sex   of   frogs   exposed   to   it.   The   rise   in   sex   changes has increased with the amount of unnatural chemical in the environment.  In   the   1980’s   when   these   sex   changes   became   pronounced,   was   the   same   time   parliament   announced   the UK   will   not   be   involved   in   any   more   wars.   (Other   ways   would   be   used   to   reduce   our   numbers).   This   meant that   enrolling   effeminate   men   into   the   armed   forces   didn’t   matter,   although   homosexuality   was   hell   for   many service   personnel.   They   had   no   one   to   complain   to   as   the   higher   they   went   up   the   ranks   to   complain   the more   common   homosexuality   became.   Homosexuality   has   been   promoted   by   parliament,   with   politicians using   the   army   from   the   beginning   to   take   part   in   their   gay   parade   events.   This   is   no   doubt   due   to   a   high percentage   of   politicians   being   homosexuals.      People   whose   lives   have   been   wrecked   by   sexual   deviancy should be suing politicians for ruining their lives rather than taking part in gay-pride parades. Every   Prime   Minister   since   1945   has   been   a   Zionist   as   a   result they   have   not   seen   the   British   as   their   first   priority.   Israel   is   the queer   capital   of   the   world.   This   is   why   homosexuality   has   been promoted    globally.    Today    we    see    it    being    heavily    pushed    in schools   for   children   as   young   as   three.   We   should   protect   our youngsters   from   this   unwanted   indoctrination.   I   see   that   Asda   is another   that   has   been   promoting   this   undesirable   activity   since July   2020.   When   I   was   in   my   early   twenties   in   the   early   1960’s,   I knew   that   there   were   effeminate   men,   but   it   would   have   seemed so   bizarre   that   I   never   imagined   they   would   want   sex   together. For   the   political   Jews   it   encourages   another   division   in   society along    with    multi-racialism    that    they    are    using    to    destroy    our nation.   Orthodox   Jews   in   the   picture   are   defiantly   against   Zionism.   In   fact   they   burnt   an   Israeli   flag   in   Ilford Town   Centre   to   register   their   disapproval   of   the   Jewish   state.   Fed   up   with   living   in   a   multi-racial   society many    Orthodox    Jews    have    left    Stamford    Hill    and    relocated    to    Canvey    Island.    Many    poor    Jews    who understand and oppose what the Zionist establishment are doing often join nationalist groups Mr   and   Mrs   Richards   moved   from   London’s   East   End   to   Edgware.   After   they   had   settled   in   they   went   to   a local   Synagogue,   where   they   were   made   to   feel   unwelcome.   Two   weeks   later   they   went   to   a   different nearby   synagogue.   Mr   Richards   was   asked   where   he   lived   and   what   he   did   for   a   living.   When   he   said   he lived   in   a   council   flat   and   worked   as   a   bus   driver   the   couple   where   immediately   made   to   feel   unwelcome. We   can   see   how   schools   have   been   used   to   destroy   our   nation.   When   becoming   adults   many   of   these children   are   likely   to   do   what   they   have   been   brainwashed   into   doing   –   that   is   marrying   someone   from another   race.   Of   course   our   Ashkenazi   rulers   never   do   this   unless   they   gain   an   advantage   by   doing   so.   By inviting numerous nations to live amongst us they can also at any time incite a war with us. Melanie   Philips,   the   Jewish   Guardian   Journalist   revealed   that   the   establishment   has   been   deliberately destroying   the   West   since   1945.   As   a   Jew   she   was   permitted   to   broadcast   it.   As   an   honest   Englishman   I have   been   trying   to   broadcast   the   same   message   since   1947   but   have   continually   been   blocked   from   doing so.   There   have   been   many   other   Europeans   who   have   been   prevented   from   warning   the   public.   The manipulative Ashkenazi should be recognised as the anti-Christ . The   combined   Jewish   movements   conceal   themselves   in   every   nation   pretending   to   be   normal   citizens, while   pursuing   their   own   evil   agenda.   They   hide   themselves   like   chameleons   while   taking   up   numerous positions   that   give   power   and   influence.   Unseen;   Jews   like   Malini   Bhulani   pretend   to   be   black   Africans, stirring up trouble between the races, while Parliament has invited 3.5 million more Chinese. Israel   has   one   of   the   highest   birth   rates   in   the   world.   They   already   dominate   Western   business,   politics, commerce,   TV   programmes,   cinema   and   theatre.      The   Jew   Charles   Saatchi   and   his   army   of   helpers destroyed   British   art   by   replacing   great   works   with   talentless   daubs   and   items   like   Tracy   Emin’s   unmade bed.   They   did   the   same   in   Germany.   When   the   National   Socialists   burnt   the   rubbish   and   reinstated   proper art, Jews in the UK complained. We   need   to   close   down   government   laboratories   and   investigate   their   evil   activity. The   addition   of   fluoride   to the   water   supply   prevents   the   public   from   thinking   clearly   and   causes   cancer.   This   is   widely   understood   by the   public,   but   this   is   simply   one   of   the   many   issues   that   our   Zionist   masters   will   not   allow   to   be   raised. Generally the public does not understand the problem of allowing numerous non-Europeans into our Country!    Firstly    it    creates    divisions    and    many    are    likely    to    become    an    internal    enemy,    particularly    in countries   where   our   government   has   stirred   up   trouble.   Unfortunately,   the   modern   practice   of   intermarriage is   destroying   our   nation.   This   is   encouraged   by   our   ruling   enemies   who   are   determined   to   wipe   out   our nation   in   this   way.   Although,   they   are   careful   to   ensure   this   does   not   happen   to   their   own   people.   Already Zionist-backed Black Africans and Muslims are threatening the white British. The   coronavirus   outbreak   was   convenient   for   parliament   as   it   killed   off   a   large   percentage   of   the   elderly, which   prevented   a   lowering   of   the   voting   age   to   achieve   its   objective.   Most   deaths   were   caused   by   sending them   to   hospitals   and   then   establishing   them   in   care   homes   were   the   virus   was   rampant.   Hospital   workers have   been   joking   in   recent   years   how   many   death   certificates   are   falsified   to   cover   up   mistakes   or   deliberate murder. No doubt, coronavirus has been used to cover up many more mistakes. Newspaper   headlines   warned   us   around   five   years   ago   that   ninety   percent   of   foreign   doctors   have   never been   tested   to   see   if   they   are   competent   to   carry   out   the   work   they   are   engaged   in.   Unfortunately   the   public has   not   been   in   a   position   to   raise   the   subject.   Among   NHS   doctors   that   have   murdered   their   patients   are Harold   Shipman   who   murdered   218   in   his   care   and   nurse,   Lucy   Letby   who   killed   11   babies.   Few   modern doctors   are   fully   trained,   many   just   look   up   a   patient’s   medical   record   and   go   to   their   laptop,   type   in   their symptoms and prescribe whatever drug the big multi-national corporations are pushing. The   bandit   state   of   Israel   took   control   of   the   British   police   during   the   early   1960’s.   The   system   was   changed to   recruit   many   inappropriate   people   and   since   that   time   murder,   theft,   rape   and   child   molesting   has   been encouraged.   Standing   up   for   the   British   is   now   considered   by   parliament   to   be   the   only   serious   crime.   Israel also has a great deal of control over the American police. In   December   2019,   Zionist   MP’s   were   bragging   how   they   prevented   the   best   of   our   people   from   being elected.   It   is   likely   they   also   exert   their   influence   to   prevent   the   most   knowledgeable   and   capable   from   our people   becoming   ministers   in   many   of   our   churches.   We   should   all   be   aware   of   how   when   Jesus   returned from   the   dead   “He   went   cautiously   in   fear   of   the   Jews.”   It   is   possible,   but   what   is   never   mentioned   is   that one   reason   for   Jesus   submitting   himself   for   brutal   crucifixion   was   to   show   people   how   evil   Jewish   leaders are.   In   2020   the   East   European Ashkenazi   Jews   who   invaded   Palestine   from   1945,   were   boasting   how   they had   the   highest   per   capita   rate   of   population   growth   in   the   developed   world.   They   are   clearly   looking   to enlarge their population to carry on killing off the original Palestinian population. Peter   Mandelson   said   we   are   running   out   of   countries   to   bring   immigrants   in   from.   His   problem   was   solved when   America   begun   bombing   more   countries   causing   the   native   populations   to   flee.   (During   the   Second- World-War    no    Britons    left    the    UK.)        Our    treacherous    government    began    inviting    foreigners    into    the UK,knowing    full    well    that    some    of    them    would    seek    vengeance    against    us.    Peter Mandelson   is   the   grandson   of   Herbert   Morrison   who   was   Churchill’s   right   hand   man, acting   as   Minister   of   Supply   during   the   second-world-war.   It   is   said   that   only   around   six men control the world and Mandelson knows every one of them. Nelson Mandela and Helen Suzman Black   Africans   and   politicians   all   over   the   world   are   forever   bragging   about   how   Nelson   Mandela   sent   the Whites   out   of   Africa.   But   Britons   never   were   there   in   the   numbers   that   Blacks   are   in   the   UK.   Our   people were   used   by   parliament   to   build   roads,   railways,   airports,   hospitals,   schools,   and   provide   pure   drinking water.   It   wasn’t   actually   the   black Africans   that   drove   the   British   out   it   was   East   European   communist   Jews led   by   the   Lithuanian,   Helen   Suzman   and   Joe   Slovo.   Since   Europeans   left   many   decades   ago   the Africans have   generally   not   been   able   to   make   any   improvements.   In   many   countries   they   have   not   even   been   able to   provide   safe   drinking   water.   It   is   easier   to   head   for   the   UK   where   everything   has   been   done   for   them   and they are given every kind of benefit that they are not entitled to. Recently,   China   has   been   investing   heavily   in   African   countries.   It   will   soon   control   them   and   view   them   as its   own   territory. As   yet   there   is   no   sign   of   any Africans   or   European   Zionists   to   have   them   removed.   It   would make   sense   if   more   Black   Africans,   who   have   learnt   skills   in   the   West,   to   return   to   their   homeland.   They could   start   by   providing   safe   drinking   water   for   the   own   people,   which   we   are   daily   asked   to   send   money   to. They   also   urgently   need   medical   help.   It   would   be   a   way   of   easing   our   racial   problems   in   the   West   and providing   a   meaningful   opportunity   for   many   out   of   work Africans.   We   could   then   trade   with African   countries once again, as we did before we went into the EU. The   British   are   generally   not   aware   that   the   Labour   Party   has   had   representatives   in   Africa   for   decades, telling   the   natives   how   they   are   needed   in   the   UK.   This   is   how   we   have   become   swamped   by   a   variety   of them.   Britain   was   one   of   the   first   countries   to   have   hospitals   but   the   white   doctors   were   persuaded   to   go   to America   to   get   higher   wages.   While   the   English   and   Irish   nurses,   as   well   as   Matrons,   were   secretly   sacked in   1983.   This   allowed   Parliament,   with   the   public   not   knowing   these   facts,   to   invite   coloured   immigrants   in   to the UK to replace them. There   is   a   tremendous   range   in   the   types   of   immigrants.   Some   are   an   asset   to   the   country   doing   valuable work.   The   highly   religious   Black   Baptists   and   Pentecostal   people   are   totally   loyal   to   the   British.   They   stick   to their   own   community,   do   not   race   mix,   are   generous,   and   always   willing   to   help. The   husband   of   one   family   I knew   well   took   early   retirement.   He   was   advised   by   his   doctor   to   go   to   hospital   and   be   checked   to   see   if   he had   any   disease   he   wasn’t   aware   of.   His   wife   drove   him   to   the   hospital   and   managed   to   park   the   car.   She then   went   looking   for   him   but   was   unable   to   see   him   in   the   area   he   should   be. Asking   a   nurse   she   was   told maybe   he   had   been   admitted.   She   replied   that   he   only   had   come   for   a   test.   She   was   informed   soon   after that   he   was   dead.   Later   she   said   “I   don’t   know   why   we   came   to   the   UK   it   is   a   decision   I   now   regret.”   I   said because   the   Labour   Party   told   you   that   you   were   needed.   I   told   this   story   of   the   man   dying   during   what   was supposed to be a check up and was told the same thing happened to someone he knew. There   is   a   vast   difference   in   race   problems   in   America   and   the   UK.   The   United   States   was   populated   over centuries   by   a   vast   number   of   people   from   all   over   the   world.   Whereas   the   UK   was   a   near-all-white   country until    the    late    1970’s,    when    parliament,    the    mass    media,    communist    indoctrination    and    the    cinema encouraged blacks, Asian and Orientals to come here to get us outnumbered. There   are   immigrants   who   are   an   asset   and   others   that   are   a   dangerous   nuisance   shooting,   stabbing, robbing   and   raping   while   trying   to   take   over   our   country.   The   numbers   that   they   are   in   is   the   biggest problem.   The   Zionist-led   Black   Lives   Matter   is   yet   another   challenge   to   take   over   our   country.   Britain   is   a tiny   island   into   comparison   to   Africa,   which   is   where   they   belong.      Straight   after   the   coronavirus   which   has allowed   politicians   to   take   complete   control   of   the   nation   we   heard   of   the   death   in   the   USA   of   the   Jewish black African   George   Floyd.   This   has   led   to   worldwide   demonstrations   where   revolutionary   blacks   use   it   as an    excuse    to    dominate    us.   Then    the    anti-British    Jew,    Justin    Welby,    who    has    become   Archbishop    of Canterbury,   together   with   the   homosexual   Dean   of   St Albans,   Jeffrey   John   produced   a   subversive   picture   of a   black African   Jesus.   Jesus   is   likely   to   have   had   a   light   brown   skin   similar   to   an   Egyptian.   There   is   no   way he could have been a black African. Winston   Churchill   wrote   some   embarrassing   anti-Jewish   articles   in   his   early   years.   He   lost   all   of   his   money in   the   Wall   Street   Crash   and   became   acquainted   with   several   New   York   Bankers   led   by   Bernard   Baruch. They   showed   him   how   to   become   wealthy   by   playing   the   Stock   Exchange.   It   is   likely   that   this   group practiced   Kabbalah   Mystic   mind   control   which   they   would   have   placed   him   under.   From   a   young   age Churchill   had   a   manic   interest   in   war   which   was   noticed   by   his   young   cousin.   Given   the   choice,   he   would have chosen war over peace. Plus he was more interested in America than the UK. It   was   Churchill’s   Second-World-War   that   led   to   Britain’s   rapid   downfall.   The   UK   was   bankrupted   by   fighting the   war   alone.   As   soon   as   this   happened   the   American   government   pretended   it   hadn’t   been   forewarned about   the   Japanese   attack   on   Pearl   Harbour.   This   was   brought   about   by   the   US   secretly   supplying   Britain with   military   equipment. This   trick   changed   the   minds   of   the American   public   from   being   against   going   to   war to   being   for   it.   The   British   government   came   under   the   influence   of   American   leaders   from   that   time.   As   a result   we   are   not   free   to   use   the   British   military   for   our   own   use,   which   is   why   we   are   not   able   to   deploy   our navy   to   protect   our   shores   from   the   swarms   of   immigrants that arrive daily. If   we   don’t   sort   these   problems   out   soon,   those   who   don’t want   to   live   in   a   degenerate,   violent,   crime-ridden   and   anti- White   European   climate   will   have   to   move   to   Denmark   or Iceland.   I   don’t   see   why   we   should   have   to   flee   due   to   our   diabolical   politicians,   pushy   law-breaking   black Africans and Asians who are rapidly filling parliament and the mass media.                Let   us   sum   up   our   position   -   the   West   and   much   of   the   rest   of   the   world   are   controlled   by   .1   per   cent   of   the most   evil   people   on   the   planet.   They   decide   everything   we   are   allowed   to   read,   see,   hear,   view   and   think. They   hound   those   who   try   to   expose   them.   (In   fact   they   regard   them   as   the   only   criminals.}   They   start   wars for   their   own   convenience   and   load   the   public   with   the   debt,   own   most   of   the   large   corporation   and   have caused many honest family businesses to close down. Controlling   much   of   the   food   production,   they   add   many   harmful   ingredients   which   have   become   a   health hazard.   Of   course,   Jews   don’t   have   to   eat   it   as   they   have   their   own   specially   selected   Kosher   food.   Notice how   on   average   Jews   live   much   longer   than   the   rest   of   us.   Even   the   Queen   and   the   likes   of   Vera   Lynn   live to   around   one   hundred   by   eating   similarly.   Zionists   secretly   control   governments,   pushing   the   world   towards an   evil   one   world   satanic   state.   It   seems   that   the   coronavirus   epidemic   was   created   in   a   government scientific laboratory where they design other diseases and things like atom bombs. Everything   in   the   UK   has   been   getting   worse   since   they   organised   the   horrific   First-World-War   in   1914,   for which   no   plausible   reason   has   been   given.   The   Second-World-War   should   never   have   taken   place   either. There   is   plenty   of   evidence   of   how   Jews   manage   to   rule   over   us.   They   secretly   control   governments.   All   of the   nations   of   the   world   need   to   take   control   of   their   own   affairs   and   work   in   co-operation   with   each   other. Firstly   we   need   to   identify   and   remove   all   Jews   from   positions   where   they   control.   Then   we   need   to   stop these   continual   wars   and   put   an   end   to   the   usury   system   of   banking.   The   Establishment   gives   Europeans the   illusion   of   choice   by   having   various   political   parties   and   communists.   But   they   all   have   the   same   aim they   merely   put   their   false   rhetoric   in   different   ways   to   appeal   to   various   sections   of   the   public.   Secretly   the most   wealthy   bankers   and   communists   have   an   identical   agenda.   In   times   of   trouble   the   bankers   and Fabians etc will do their utmost to get communists elected by pretending they are on the side of the public. Britain   is   the   home   of   the   English,   Welsh,   Scottish   and   Northern   Irish,   not   every   foreigner   that   parliament and   other   subversives   invite   here.   Some   non-whites   are   doing   useful   work   and   could   be   allowed   to   remain, but   necessarily   as   full   British   citizens.   Anyone   who   is   guilty   of   murder   should   be   executed.   Immigrants   that are guilty of rape or physical attack should be deported back to their homeland never to return. In   the   early   1960’s   Parliament   prevented   the   most   capable   and   honest   Britons   from   joining   the   police   force. Instead   they   recruited   many   less   intelligent   people   who   had   no   desire   to   bring   criminals   to   justice.   As   a result   crime   rates   have   escalated.   At   the   same   time   proper   Judges   started   to   be   replaced   with   Jews   who protected   their   own   villains   and   criminalised   innocent   Britons.   Parliament   is   not   interested   in   protecting   the people   or   environment.   Toxic   material   and   plastic   waste   has   been   allowed   to   build   up   in   land   fill   sites   and the   sea.   During   the   so-called   coronavirus   epidemic   mountains   of   plastic   face   masks   have   been   scattered around,   all   adding   to   the   problem   of   non-disposable   rubbish.   Now   that   money   is   scarce   Jews   have   started   to take advantage, by reopening pawn shops. This   is   a   result   of   voting   Labour,   Liberal,   Tory   or   Communist.   We   need   to   scrap   the   political   parties   and   find our    own    constituency    candidates,    from    among    the    most    honest,    trustworthy    and    knowledgeable    local indigenous people. When   the   immigrants   began   appearing   in   large   numbers   in   our   cities,   the   public   should   have   known   it   was the   result   of   Parliament’s   invitation.   As   a   result   the   guilty   MP’s   should   have   been   arrested   and   put   on   trial. Instead   Britons   in   droves   fled,   making   even   more   houses   available   to   the   invading   hordes.   Many   of   those that   moved   spent   up   to   four   hours   driving   backwards   and   forwards   to   work.   Now   that   the   problem   has become   even   worse,   we   see   an   ever   increasing   number   of   our   people   moving   to   distant   lands.   Blind   to   their stupidity they feel no shame. Google   is   a   self   appointed   censor   of   truth.      Among   the   cover-ups   it   does   its   best   to   hide   and   wipe   out   are results   showing   the   connection   between   the   coronavirus   and   5G   high   frequency   masts.   This   can   and   has been   used   to   control   crowds   that   raise   topics   that   our   controllers   do   not   want   revealed.   By   using   this   high frequency   weapon   it   can   and   has   caused   brain   damage   and   cancer   among   many   other   physical   problems. Bill   Gates   is   the   second   wealthiest   man   in   the   world   and   has   an   unhealthy   interest   in   the   coronavirus epidemic. It is clear that the West has been misruled by a wealthy few during the last hundred years. There   is   growing   evidence   that   most   Western   governments   are   trying   to   kill   off   thousands   of   their   citizens with   viruses   and   that   many   of   the   so-called   treatments   are   fatal.   Everyone   needs   also   to   become   alert   and carefully   examine   the   food   we   eat,   for   much   of   it   has   been   contaminated.   The   time   has   come   for   everyone to   do   their   own   research   and   not   allow   the   establishment   to   silence   its   critics.   When   we   finally   tackle   the Ashkenazi   Jew   problem   they   must   be   put   in   jail   for   their   crimes.   We   cannot   allow   them   escape   to   Palestine and help with the murdering of innocent men, women and children. Originally   only   house-owning   men   were   allowed   to   vote.   This   may   seem   unfair,   but   at   least   they   had   good minds   and   covered   many   trades   and   professions.   It   has   been   revealed   on   many   occasions   that   only   around 16%    of    the    public    think    clearly    for    themselves.    The    majority    can    be persuaded     to     vote     for     anti-British     politicians     by     the     mass     media, newspapers   and   the   misuse   of   vast   amounts   of   money.   Today   numerous aliens   are   allowed   to   vote   and   decide   the   outcome   of   elections   in   many   of our   major   cities.   As   many   of   them   have   anti-British   attitudes,   which   are encouraged   by   our   current   MP’s   and   the   media   this   dangerous   situation   will continue.   This   is   why   every   true   Briton   needs   to   wake   up   and   expel   our current   politicians.   Don’t   let   the   situation   drag   on. The   public   is   waking   up   to the    coronavirus    con    trick    that    is    tying    us    down,    spoiling    our    lives    and wrecking   our   industry.   More   and   more   people   are   becoming   aware   that   we are   offered   dangerous   drugs.   Hopefully   young   women   will   realise   soon   the stupidity of marrying black males which is a rapid way to destroy our nation. It   has   not   been   possible   to   mention   all   of   the   Western   government’s   evil   activity   of   the   past   hundred years   in   this   small   book.   With   the   rapid   advances   in   science   I   dread   to   think   what   else   it   could   get   up   to.   It   is vital   that   we   vote   the   main   political   parties   and   communists   out   of   power.   Then   all   the   nations   of   the   world can work together in a positive way.    You can download articles and books at:-


Last updated 18 th. Sep 2020
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