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It   is   not   just   a   matter   of   comparing   the   pros   and   cons   of   separate   issues.   The   EU   is   a   large   part   of   a forthcoming   anti-Christ   world   government.   It   has   been   brought   about   by   deceit.   Most   people   live   under   the illusion   that   our   “presumably”   elected   governments   decide   the   important   issues   affecting   their   countries   they   do   not.   Our   presidents   and   prime   ministers   are   selected   for   office   by   secret   controllers   long   before   they are   known   to   the   public.   It   is   this   invisible   force   which   tells   our   governments   what   they   must   do.   So   we   are secretly   controlled   predominantly   by   Zionists,   Freemasons,   Fabians   and   bankers.   We   don’t   hear   much   of the   Freemasons   and   Fabians   as   they   act   in   an   undercover   way.   But   it   should   be   clear   that   Zionists   decide the   policies   of   western   governments   and   bankers   control   the   finances.   If   you   are   old   enough   you   will   have noticed   that   during   the   past   seventy   five   years,   each   time   a   different   party   comes   to   power   there   has   been no change in political direction as you would expect. The   EU   was   set   up   originally   as   the   EEC   which   was   to   be   merely   a   trading   group.   While   Britain   had   its Empire   it   could   never   have   been   persuaded   to   join.   Our   empire   was   dismantled   by   deceit   by   the   four aforementioned   groups   with   the   help   of   Jewish   communists,   the   fraudulent American   and   UK   governments aided by the BBC. (Of course the US and British governments couldn’t afford to be seen involved officially.) Starting   from   a   mere   trading   bloc   the   EU   has   grown   into   a   massive   dictatorship   that   forces   the   nations   it controls   to   implement   policies   that   are   damaging   to   its   own   people.   Any   hope   of   working   in   the   national interest   has   gone.   The   EU   has   its   own   flag,   its   own   constitution   and   is   now   creating   its   own   army.   The illusion    of    freedom    for    the    people    in    the    EU    is    rapidly    vanishing.    The    Zionist-controlled    American government   has   been   trying   to   get   Canada   and   the   countries   of   South   America   to   join   with   it   to   become   a second   part   of   a   forthcoming   world   government.   Since   1939   wars   have   been   created   to   overthrow   national leaders and replace them with world government agents. (These have been known as regime changes.) The   EU   has   a   “one   size   fits   all”   for   the   value   of   its   currency.   This   can   be   disastrous   as   we   have   seen   in   the economic   plight   of   countries   like   Greece   and   Italy.   It   is   vital   for   countries   to   control   the   amount   of   money   in circulation   to   prevent   boom   and   bust.   What   are   presumed   to   be   national   banks   are   nothing   of   the   kind! They are   mostly   privately   owned,   and   alternately   create   more   money   than   is   required   then   drastically   reduce   the amount.   Everyone   has   extra   money,   spends   and   goes   into   debt.   The   bankers   then   withdraw   most   of   the money   so   it   becomes   scarce   and   the   public   struggles   to   survive.   In   the   1930’s America   and   Britain   suffered severe   depressions   due   to   a   lack   of   money.   As   soon   as   our   secret   masters   wanted   to   go   to   war   endless amounts of money could mysteriously be found. The   EU   has   already   become   an   evil   dictatorship   similar   to   the   former   Soviet   Union.   This   should   come   as   no surprise,   as   the   EU   was   set   up   by   a   few   powerful   Zionist   manipulators.   This   was   the   same   group   that   were responsible   for   the   Bolshevik   Revolution   and   the   Soviet   bloc   that   followed.   These   powerful   and   secretive people   wanted   to   unite   the   countries   of   Western   Europe   with   those   in   the   Soviet   Union.   The   British, Germans,   French,   Italians,   Spanish   and   Dutch   etc   would   never   have   accepted   it.   By   temporarily   given   an illusion   of   freedom   to   the   people   of   the   former   Soviet   Union,   they   have   subsequently   been   persuaded   to   join the EU, putting themselves back under the ruthless control of their former enemies. While   creating   a   rigid   dictatorship,   the   EU’s   first   aim   has   been   to   destroy   the   White   Europeans   nations   that have   been   the   driving   force   behind   the   world’s   development.   This   is   being   achieved   by   mass   immigration. The   EU   is   getting   its   way   by   taking   advantage   of   the   Christian   ethic   of   wanting   to   help   the   unfortunate.   The Europeans   nations   are   clearly   the   people   they   need   to   subjugate   first   if   they   are   to   succeed   in   their   anti- Christ plan. If you understand this you know why the EU must be dismantled. There   are   also   vital   national   considerations   to   be   taken   into   account.   It   is   important   that   the   amount   of money   in   circulation   at   any   time   is   equivalent   to   the   nations   needs.   If   there   is   too   much   money   available   the public   feels   wealthy   and   overspends,   when   it   is   in   short   supply   we   have   serious   depressions   causing enormous   problems.   What   appear   to   be   central   or   national   banks   are   run   by   private   individuals   that   charge interest   for   the   privilege   of   creating   the   nation’s   currency   out   of   thin   air.   The   banks   need   to   be   controlled   by governments   so   that   money   can   be   provided   free   of   interest   and   regulated   to   the   amount   the   nations   needs. Without   debt-burden   the   nation   will   become   wealthy.   Out   of   the   EU   we   would   also   be   free   of   VAT   tax,   which is   currently   17.5   percent   extra   on   everything   you   buy   or   have   repaired.   There   are   many   things   that   a   nation needs to do in its own interest. It cannot while it has to conform to regulations imposed by a bloc state.


1 . Stop   uncontrolled   immigration.   Put   the   British   people   first   in   their   own   country   and   end   the   lunacy   of “positive”   discrimination.   The   EU’s   mass   immigration   programme   is   nothing   less   than   a   means   of bringing   about   the   genocide   of   the   white   Europeans.   Causing   the   deliberate   genocide   of   a   nation   is recognised as a serious crime. 2 . Improvethe standards in our schools and remove the Marxist, Zionist and subversive influences. 3 . Put   the   NHS   under   the   control   of   British   specialists   who   are   the   most,   skilled,   knowledgeable   and experienced in this field. 4 . Import only goods that are vital and produce as much for ourselves as we can. 5 . Crackdown   on   foreign   criminals,   murderers,   terrorists,   muggers   and   subversives!   Restore   adequate penalties. 6 . Use   overseas   aid   money   to   pay   for   immigrants   who   want   to   go   home. Also   use   aid   money   to   help   third- world people to develop their own countries in a positive way. 7 . Stop   supporting   the   American   government   in   its   maniacal   desire   to   develop   larger   and   more   powerful weapons.   Create   peace   between   nations   and   work   together   to   solve   the   world’s   problems,   including the poisoning of our planet by chemicals, toxins, and plastic. 8 . A   vicar   writes   “I   cannot   openly   identify   with   any   patriotic   parties   for   fear   of   losing   my   position.”   Many people   are   in   fear   of   speaking   the   truth   due   to   the   likelihood   of   reprisal   such   as   loss   of   job,   loss   of house   or   prosecution   by   our   enemy-run   courts.   Parliament   under   Zionist-control   is   extinguishing   the people’s   instinct   for   national   survival.   It   has   been   made   a   criminal   offence   to   act   to   ensure   the   survival of our race and nation. This dreadful problem must be addressed.  We can solve none of these problems until we regain control of our country.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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