Don’t   go   into   debt   at   university   to   learn   about   this   subject.   You   will   only   be   taught   the   same   Zionists, communist   and   Fabian   anti-British   propaganda   that   has   been   espoused   for   the   past   eighty   years.   Our national   demise   and   political   correctness   has   come   about   to   a   large   degree   through   ex-university   students having   access   to   the   media,   constantly   repeating   the   subversive   nonsense   they   learnt   on   their   courses. The BBC being the worst offender! Find out the truth and pass it on.


Not   everybody   has   noticed   that   our   governments   are   selected   and   controlled   by   powerful   groups   that remain   virtually   unseen.   The   public   does   not   choose   its   governments   they   merely   rubber-stamp   one   of   the two   groups   of   sham   leaders   that   are   on   offer.   Multi-national   corporations,   international   organisations,   secret societies,   Zionists   and   Mafia   groups   that   are   really   in   control   have   no   concern   for   people,   the   environment or   public   safety.   As   a   result   most   of   the   nations   in   the   Western   world   are   powerless   and   have   to   accept whatever   unfair,   dangerous   or   insane   decisions   are   made.   It   is   only   now   coming   to   public   attention   how much   damage   has   been   done   to   our   planet   by   these   organisations   in   their   insane   drive   to   take   complete control.   We   reached   a   point   where   working   in   the   national   interest   came   to   be   considered   by   them   to   be   evil decades ago. This is merely because such policies are generally in opposition to what they want to do. Ditch   the   old   political   parties   that   conspire   against   us.   We   British   must   come   first   in   our   own   country,   no more   of   this   equality   nonsense   which   puts   foreigners   before   our   own   people.   Stop   immigration,   put   an   end to   foreign   speculators   building   all   over   the   UK,   and   ensure   our   own   people   are   housed   first.   Make   sure   we don’t   get   involved   in   any   more   expansionist American   wars. As   soon   as   parliament   took   control   of   the   police and   the   NHS,   they   were   deliberately   made   inefficient.   The   people   taken   on   to   work   there   no   longer   had   the required   level   of   training   or   ability.   In   1983   Margaret   Thatcher’s   government   sacked   the   English   and   Irish fully   trained   and   experienced   nurses   so   that   untrained   immigrants   could   be   taken   on.   Many   doctors   today do   not   reach   the   high   standards   required   in   the   1950’s.   Often   they   are   no   more   than   computer   operators typing    in    symptoms    and    prescribing    the    suggested    drugs.    Regularly    symptoms    are    overlooked    or misdiagnosed.   As   a   result   every   week   we   hear   of   patients   being   made   worse   or   dying   as   a   result   of mistakes   made   in   the   NHS.   Similarly   lower   standards   of   education   and   much   reduced   height,   physique   and eyesight   were   made   acceptable   in   the   police   force.   Worse   still   police   chiefs   were   selected   that   no   longer had   a   determination   to   make   our   streets   safe.   Immigrants   responsible   for   the   most   violent   attacks   and murders   were   often   deliberately   overlooked   because   parliament   doesn’t   want   them   brought   to   the   attention of   the   public.   The   drug   problem,   which   was   introduced   on   to   our   streets   by   immigrants,   isn’t   tackled   with sufficient    determination.    If    the    author    ities    had    the    same    enthusiasm    on    this    issue,    as    they    do    on criminalising   so-called   racists,   the   drug   problem   would   be   over.   Often   murders   do   not   even   get   reported   in local newspapers. There   has   been   a   constant   attack   on   Europeans,   their   culture,   thoughts   traditions   and   beliefs   since   the 1960’s.   Our   unrepresentative   leaders   have   been   trying   to   force   us   into   a   mental   straightjacket   by   only allowing   an   approved   way   of   thinking. Anyone   with   traditional   thoughts   or   a   desire   to   do   what   is   best   for   us is   treated   with   disdain   like   an   outcast.   The   EU   has   acted   in   the   same   way   becoming   more   dictatorial   every year.   We   shouldn’t   be   surprised   for   our   current   leaders   secretly   come   from   the   same   groups   that   controlled the   Soviet   Union.   Through   mind-control   they   have   been   able   to   persuade   many   that   taking   life-   threatening street   drugs   is   normal   behaviour,   self-harming   has   become   common,   they   have   shut   down   all   criticism   of mass   immigration   and   pushed   through   legislation   for   same-sex   marriage. They   have   recreated   Britain   in   the image   they   desire.   By   allowing   television   and   newspapers   to   control   public   thinking,   numerous   anti-British politicians    have    held    cabinet    positions,    including    Jack    Straw,    who    as    Justice    Secretary    released    a succession of foreign murderers free on to our streets. Our   alien   and   politically   correct   representatives   moved   work   from   predominantly   English   Corby   to   immigrant infested   Leicester   with   the   comment   shown   below.   Many   officials   cannot   wait   until   there   is   hardly   a   white face   to   be   seen   on   our   streets.   Then   they   would   be   able   to   congratulate   themselves   on   having   completed the task they were required to do by their government employer’s.   E very   means   possible   is   being   used   to   place   immigrants in   positions   above   indigenous   Britons.   Zionists,   Fabians and    Freemasons    etc    are    to    be    placed    in    the    top positions,    with    selected    immigrants    below    them    and then    the    Muslim    community    followed    by    blacks    and Asians.   In   the   lowest   position   the   majority   of   Britons,   are to   become   poor   destitute   and   unrepresented,   relying   on a   chaotic   NHS,   and   prescription   tablets   to   send   them into    a    state    of    oblivion.    At    least    this    is    what    the politicians   want;   that   the   public   foolishly   elected!   Once parliament    turned    the    UK    into    a    “plutocracy”    any incredibly   wealthy   foreigner   could   have   more   say   than the entire British population. D ue     to     strange     anti-British     and     anti- Christian    ideas    widespread    in    parliament crime     and     murder     rates     have     risen alarmingly     since     the     1950’s,     while     on average   383   children   disappear   from   our streets   every   day.   The   people   need   to   take back    control    by    rejecting    the    main    party candidates   that   are   secretly   controlled   by evil   forces.   We   were   given   a   warning   by H.G.Wells   in   his   book   1984.   Wells   thought the      Fabians      and      Freemasons      were honourable,    well    meaning    institutions.   As he   gained   their   trust   and   rose   in   their   ranks he   was   let   into   their   secrets.   He   then   came to    realise    their    totally    evil    ambitions.    He then    wrote    the    1984    and    Animal    Farm books   as   a   warning   to   people   all   over   the world. Once   you   realise   that   Western   governments   are   controlled   by   outside   forces   the   plan   is   quite   easy   to understand.   We   are   to   be   outnumbered   in   our   own   countries   by   immigrants,   who   will   continue   to   vote   for the   old   parties   out   of   gratitude   for   being   invited   here.   By   2030   the   movement   that   is   behind   the   scheme,   is confident   that   Western   Europeans   will   be   outvoted   and   unable   to   prevent   an Anti-Christ   world-   government- dictatorship   from   being   set   up.   We   are   warned   of   this   in   the   bible   where,   it   also   says   at   the   time   of   the   great change   the   majority   will   be   deceived.   It   is   surprising   how   many   of   our   fellow   countrymen   block   their   ears and   refuse   to   listen.   Peter   Mandelson   said   several   years   ago   that   they   were   running   out   of   countries   to bring   immigrants   in   from.   The American   government   has   solved   that   problem   for   them   by   sending   the Arab States   into   complete   chaos.   The   issue   of   immigration   is   so   vital   for   their   success   that   they   have   closed down   all   debate   on   the   subject.   While   voters   can   be   convinced   that   we   live   in   a   democracy,   when   it   is   clear that we are ruled by a self-serving gang of multi-millionaires, our enemies will continue to defeat us. Every   Prime   Minister   and   most   cabinet   ministers   since   1940   have   been   committed   Zionists.   As   such   they have   deliberately   created   serious   problems   for   Christian   Europeans.   Those   of   us   who   want   to   ensure   the survival   of   our   nations   are   continually   accused   of   hatred.   This   is   not   true   we   do   not   harbour   bad   feelings towards   immigrants.   It   is   our   governments   that   harbour   hatred   in   their   determination   to   wipe   out   the   White European   nations.   Churchill   and   his   Zionist   and   banker   friends   engendered   hatred   towards   Germany   to create   a   war   that   led   to   the   deaths   of   around   65   million   people,   mainly   white   Europeans.   Over   a   thousand Britons   who   could   have   prevented   the   war   were   rounded   up   and   put   in   jail   under   a   rapidly   introduced   18B rule. The   public   never   hear   the   truth   about   this   because   our   enemies   monopolise   the   media   and   every   other form   of   disseminating   news.   There   are   thousands   of   evil   people   belonging   to   numerous   organisations,   who spend   hours   every   day   working   out   ways   to   trick   the   public   into   accepting   ideas   that   will   advance   their cause.   They   can   always   find   what   seems   a   plausible   excuse   for   what   they   want   to   do,   but   can   always ensure   that   knowledgeable   people   who   can   give   very   good   reasons   why   we   shouldn’t   are   always   shut   out of any discussion. B y   1945   everything   the   warmongers   had   wanted   had worked   out   for   them.   Vast   numbers   of   Europeans   had been   killed   off.   The   major   European   countries   were put   deep   into   debt   to   Jewish   bankers   and   fortunes were   made   by   those   who   supplied   items   for   the   war effort.   They   also   put   East   Germany   and   Poland   under the   control   of   the   Soviet   Union,   while   ensuring   the   UK, West   Germany,   France,   Italy   and   ordinary   Americans were   put   firmly   under   the   Zionist-jackboot.   You   will meet   many   people   on   the   street   who   can   confirm   this, but   not   one   of   them   will   be   invited   on   to   a   television programme    to    explain    what    really    happened    or    be asked to write the front page of a daily newspaper. In    the    early    post-war    period    you    could    often    here Britons   complaining   that   borrowing   money   for   the   war   had   placed   the   UK   under   the   complete   control   of America   and   its   “almighty   dollar”.   Many   were   also   aware   that   Israel   and   the   Jewish   community   were   the only   people   to   benefit   from   that   war   that   had   been   fought   at   the   expense   of   Europeans.   Within   a   decade   the American   government’s   dream   came   true   when   the   British   Empire   was   dismantled,   allowing   America   with its   adviser   Israel   to   become   officially   the   new   super-   power.   The   other   mass   slaughter   of   Europeans   took place   in   the   Bolshevik   Revolution.   This   was   organised   by   the   same   Zionist   Movement,   Jewish   bankers, secret societies and communists that were responsible for the second-world-war. Unfortunately   most   people   are   not   deep   thinkers   they   are   either   too   busy   with   their   daily   lives   or   easily distracted   by   meaningless   activities.   One   thing   for   certain   we   cannot   allow   the   American   and   British governments   together   with   the   EU   to   carry   on   leading   us   to   total   disaster.   The   television   and   film   industry doesn’t   just   provide   entertainment,   the   old   fashioned   Christian   attitudes   on   which   our   once-great   country was   built,   have   been   expunged.   Since   the   1960’s   their   scripts   have   increasingly   been   written   to   convey ideas   they   want   us   to   believe.   What   we   now   call   political   correctness!   It   is   advisable   to   watch   only   the programmes   that   you   find   interesting,   and   not   allow   a   child   to   watch TV   without   being   supervised.   Orthodox Jews   in America   will   not   have   a   child   in   their   schools   if   they   have   a   TV   at   home,   because   they   are   likely   to introduce   dangerous   ideas   to   their   classmates.   One   should   also   be   aware   that   with   the   latest   technology subliminal   messages   can   be   sent   through   the   TV   which   cannot   be   detected.   Films   since   the   1960’s   have become   increasingly   violent,   carrying   immoral   messages   that   impact   on   the   way   people   think.   This   can   be seen   in   the   changing   attitudes   between   the   generations.   The   whole   entertainment   industry,   including   TV companies   and   newspapers   are   under   the   control   of   a   small   number   of   mind-controllers;   think   Rupert Murdoch for instance. Successive   Zionist   controlled   governments   have   fanatically   been   creating   wars   to   gain   control   of   country after   country   since   1939.   Much   to   our   shame   British   governments   have   slavishly   been   helping   them.   The state   of   Israel   began   working   with   Zionists   in   the   United   States   government   dictating   policy,   soon   after   it was   created   in   1948.   Furthermore,   they   are   assisted   in   their   aims   by   secret   and   semi-secret   organisations. The   heads   of   the   Freemasons   and   Fabian   Societies   as   well   as   the   illuminati   are   among   them. There   is   also the   Bilderberg   group,   made   up   of   ex   Western   presidents,   Prime   ministers   and   cabinet   ministers,   all   of whom   are   programmed   to   work   destroying   nation   states.   In   addition   there   are   powerful   people   like   Henry Kissinger   bullying   governments   to   accede   to   their   demands.   Collectively   they   are   setting   the   world   on   a course   toward   the   kind   of   catastrophe   that   is   predicted   in   the   bible.   Only   the   people   can   avert   the   disaster,   if only we can help them to find the will. Parliament   is   not   a   democratic   institution;   its   members   are   not   selected   for   their   knowledge,   ability   or   loyalty to   the   British   people.   A   large   part   of   the   problem   is   that   political   courses   set   at   Oxford   University   and   the LSE   have   been   compiled   to   permanently   fix   anti-British   ideas   into   the   minds   of   the   students,   as   you   can   see on   this   site. All   of   the   powerful   secretive   groups   mentioned   are   determined   to   take   power   for   themselves   by setting   up   a   one   world   dictatorship   devoid   of   nation   states.   This   is   the   New   World   Order,   that   we   are hearing   more   of.   Successive   governments,   selected   on   this   basis,   have   been   devoid   of   the   knowledge   to deal   with   the   many   specialised   subjects   that   they   have   to   contend   with. The   ordinary   MPs   daren’t   speak   out when things go wrong for fear of being replaced by someone more subservient. Communists   continually   exploit   divisions   in   society   to   further   their   own   ambitions.   They   always   support   the ones   they   see   as   underdogs   to   gain   their   support   at   the   ballot   box.   Therefore   they   favour   workers   over management,   immigrants   in   favour   of   the   British   and   back   homosexuals   against   the   normal   majority.   They also   support   the   feminist   movement.   This   isn’t   because   they   are   genuinely   interested,   they   only   care   for themselves.   They   believe   that   the   accumulated   number   of   minority   votes   could   get   them   elected.   With   the encouragement   of   communists   and   Zionists,   non   white   immigrants   are   led   to   believe   that   Europe   is   theirs. We   are   told   by   these   two   self-serving   groups   that   our   countries,   we   fought   for   centuries   to   defend   are   no longer   ours.   What   parliamentary   treachery   we   are   under!   If   we   don’t   make   a   stand   now   Europeans   will   be relegated to history books. In   1961   a   volcano   erupted   on   the   island   of   Tristan   da   Cunah   and   the   inhabitants   were   brought   to   England for   safety.   It   was   made   clear   to   them   that   they   were   not   expected   to   stay.   They   all   happily   went   home   as soon   as   it   was   safe   to   do   so.   The   BBC   is   bemoaning   how   immigrants   are   suffering   from   wars   and murderous   governments.   This   is   being   used   an   excuse   to   keep   them   here   permanently.   They   are   often given   preference   in   housing   before   true   Britons.   It   should   be   made   clear   to   all   refugees   that   they   are expected   to   return   home   as   soon   as   it   is   safe   to   do   so.   They   certainly   shouldn’t   be   given   houses,   British nationality,   passports   and   votes.   The   second-world-war   was   a   terrible   experience   for   the   British,   Germans, Italians,   French,   Dutch   and   Japanese,   but   none   of   them   left   their   homelands.   To   have   done   so   would   have been   considered   something   to   be   ashamed   of.   It’s   time   the   public   made   a   list   of   the   most   anti-British personnel   working   at   the   BBC   and   insisted   on   them   being   sacked.   After   all   it   is   called   the   BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation which it is something it clearly is not. Whenever   an   advanced   race   meets   up   with   primitive   people,   the   overall   effect   is   for   the   backward   nation   to bring    the    more    competent    nation    down.    Successive    governments    have    not    only    welcomed    coloured immigrants   into   the   West,   but   they   have   often   given   them   priority   in   employment   in   the   public   sector, particularly   in   the   civil   service,   local   government,   the   NHS   and   education.   The   communist-led   National Union   of   Teachers   insists   that   immigrants   are   given   special   tuition   to   allow   them   to   progress   at   the   expense of   indigenous   children.   We   all   should   be   aware   of   how   anti-British   the   Labour,   Liberal   and   Conservative parties   are,   but   the   public   still   votes   for   them   while   rejecting   far-sighted   and   genuine   Britons   who   are determined   to   create   a   fairer   system.   It   is   not   as   though   the   public   hasn’t   been   warned.   Of   course   the immigrants,   who   shouldn’t   be   allowed   to   vote,   predominately   support   the   Labour   Party.   This   is   most noticeable in our major cities where the original British communities have been driven out. When   Tony   Blair’s   government   was   in   power   the   Daily   Mail   published   this   article   “REMORSELESSLY, unstoppable   Britain’s   bloated   public   service   sector   just   keeps   growing.   With   another   95,000   employees joining   the   public   payroll   last   year,   one   in   five   of   us   now   works   for   Whitehall,   town   halls   and   the   myriad   of quangos   spawned   by   New   Labour.   In   some   areas   nearly   half   of   all   workers   are   paid   by   the   state,   this dependence   is   reminiscent   of   life   in   the   old   Soviet   Union.   This   all   powerful   state   dominates   the   labour market   at   the   expense   of   our   dwindling   enterprise   economy.”   Every   public   service   employee   has   to   ascribe to    the    internationalist,    anti-British    agenda    or    face    the    sack.    The    more    enthusiastic    they    are    for    this dangerous   dogma   the   higher   they   will   rise   in   the   ranks.   Every   civil   servant   will   receive   a   state   pension   paid for partly by the already overstretched public. The   World   is   descending   into   chaos,   with   continual   wars   and   unacceptable   levels   of   crime   and   murder. There   is   a   rise   in   the   number   of   people   killing   themselves   on   street   drugs   or   phasing   out   on   prescribed tablets.   Our   manufacturing   industry   was   exported   to   the   Far   East   so   that   a   privileged   few   with,   no   national loyalties,   could   increase   their   profits.   Naive   politicians   were   persuaded   to   tear   up   the   hedgerows   around   our farms   and   make   them   much   larger   and   then   to   use   insecticides,   pesticides   and   other   chemicals   to   kill   the pests   that   natural   insect   predators   did.   As   a   result   our   land   is   seriously   devoid   of   our   precious   insects.   For centuries   banking   has   been   organised   on   a   system   of   proscribed   Jewish   usury   that   robs   the   public   and gives   political   power   to   those   who   should   never   be   allowed   to   have   it.   These   are   just   a   few   of   our   current problems. Political   correctness   and   self   censorship   has   to   a   large   degree   been   responsible   for   our   current   situation. Imagine   two   women   standing   at   a   bus   stop.   Observing   the   takeover   of   their   town   by   coloured   immigrants one   says   “The   old   people   around   here   are   fast   disappearing   you   hardly   now   see   a   white   face.”   The   second woman   says   “Yes   I   and   George   at   number   23   are   the   only   original   English   people   in   our   road.”   Then   they suddenly   say   “Oh   we   shouldn’t   say   this   should   we,   its   racist.”   This   is   how   self   censorship   has   been   allowed to   operate.   Whereas   in   fact   it   is   the   groups   who   decided   to   bring   millions   of   coloured   immigrants   to   the West in order to wipe our race out who are the racists. We   were   all   surprised   by   the   discovery   that   Prince   Charles   wrote   to   his   good   friend   Laurens   van   der   Post   in 1986   confiding   that   “Jews   were   to   blame   for   the   turmoil   in   the   Middle   East”   and   “hoping   that   someone   in   the United   States   would   take   on   the   Jewish   lobby.”   It   is   a   pity   he   didn’t   voice   those   sentiments   publicly.   Since that   time   many   ordinary   members   of   the   public,   not   in   his   fortunate   position,   have   been   sent   to   jail   for voicing   similar   opinions,   that   we   all   know   are   true.   I   would   take   issue   with   him   for   referring   to   it   as   merely   a Jewish    “lobby”.    In    the    West    they    have    almost    total    control    of    our    politics,    commerce,    newspapers, education,   TV,   entertainment,   the   stock   exchange,   publishing   and   much   more.   There   is   also   the   continual fear    of    the    atom    bomb    being    used.    It    was    created    by    a    predominantly    Jewish    team    led    by    Robert Oppenheimer   and Albert   Einstein.   This   is   what   happens   when   Christians   allow   Jews   to   make   decisions   for them. The time is long overdue for us to recognise this fact and put it right. The   most   influential   Jews   use   Kabbalah   mysticism   and   black   magic   to   gain   power   over   people.   Although these   mind-controllers   only   represent   a   tiny   fraction   of   the   population   their   advantage   lies   in   the   fact   that most   people   are   not   aware   of   them   or   are   too   frightened   to   confront   them.   Only   the   16%   of   free-thinkers   are not   affected   by   them.   If   the   public   could   start   making   their   own   minds   up   on   issues   and   then   express   their true feelings the problem would cease to exist. At   least   five   years   ago   medical   experts   widely   reported   that   drinking   from   plastic   bottles   can   raise   the body’s   levels   of   controversial   “gender-bending”   chemicals   by   more   than   two   thirds.   By   carrying   out   tests, experts   have   become   concerned   about   the   possible   health   effects   of   bisphenol   A   (BPA   –   an   everyday chemical   used   in   many   plastic   food   and   drink   containers   and   tins   as   well   as   clear   baby   bottles.   BPA   is already   clearly   classified   as   toxic   in   some   countries.   A   study   found   that   participants   who   drank   for   a   week from   polycarbonate   bottles   showed   a   69%   increase   in   their   urine   of   BPA   which   mimics   the   female   sex hormone   oestrogen.   Other   tests   have   proven   that   high   levels   of   BPA   consumption   are   likely   linked   to   birth defects,   growth   problems,   an   increased   risk   of   heart   disease   and   diabetes.   This   is   taken   from   a   Daily   Mail medical   report   by   Jenny   Hope.   Despite   an   alarming   rise   in   the   feminisation   of   young   men   what   has   the government done? Precisely nothing! Another   problem   we   have   is   that   governments   are   comprised   of   members   of   the   Labour,   Liberal   and Conservative   parties.   How   many   people   do   you   know   that   belong   to   these   organisations?   I   don’t   any! Doesn’t   this   seriously   reduce   our   choice?   By   listening   to   parliament   and   the   BBC   you   would   form   the impression   that   we   are   a   nation   of   queers.   They   are   obviously   determined   to   shape   our   nation   to   fit   in   with what   they   desire.   Parliament   does   not   represent   us,   it   is   our   enemy.   Now   that   we   are   leaving   the   EU   it   is   the ideal   time   for   us   to   take   back   control   of   our   own   country.   Europe   should   be   united   by   Europeans   not   world government   dictators.   Nations   have   traded   with   each   other   for   countless   centuries.   We   do   not   need   a   self- serving, anti-nationalist organisation to make trade deals possible. Study   this   course   and   gain   the   knowledge   you   need   to   help   prevent   the   world   from   being   taken   over   by lunatics.

 On this site there are books to download and other important sites you can click on here. 

It sounds too grotesque to be true. But Labour Deputy Harriet Harman, her shadow minister husband and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt were all linked to a group lobbying for the right to have sex with children. KGB: Michael Foot was our agent THE SUNDAYTIMES   Cream of   the left   on  KGB   target list     Former Labour leader defends cash to Tribune
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