Don’t   go   into   debt   at   university   to   learn   about   this   subject.   You   will   only   be   taught   the   same   Zionists, communist   and   Fabian   anti-British   propaganda   that   has   been   espoused   for   the   past   eighty   years.   Political correctness    has    come    about    through    ex-university    students    having    access    to    the    media,    constantly repeating   the   nonsense   they   learnt   on   their   courses.   The   BBC   being   the   worst   offender!   Find   out   the   truth and pass it on.


The   people   need   to   take   back   control   by   rejecting   the   main   party   candidates   that   are   secretly   controlled   by evil   forces.   We   were   given   a   warning   by   H.G.Wells   in   his   book   1984.   Wells   thought   the   Fabians   and Freemasons   were   honourable,   well   meaning   institutions. As   he   gained   their   trust   and   rose   in   their   ranks   he was   let   into   their   secrets.   He   then   came   to   realise   their   totally   evil   ambitions.   He   then   wrote   the   1984   and Animal   Farm   books   as   a   warning   to   people   all   over   the   world.   Unfortunately   most   people   are   not   deep thinkers,   they   are   either   too   busy   with   their   daily   lives   or   easily   distracted   by   meaningless   activities.   One thing   for   certain   we   cannot   allow   the   American   and   British   governments,   together   with   the   EU   to   carry   on leading us to total disaster. The   television   and   film   industry   doesn’t   just   provide   entertainment.   Since   the   1960’s   their   scripts   have increasingly   been   written   to   convey   ideas   they   want   us   to   believe.   What   we   now   call   political   correctness!   It is   advisable   to   watch   only   the   programmes   that   you   find   interesting,   and   not   allow   a   child   to   watch   TV without   being   supervised.   Orthodox   Jews   in America   will   not   have   a   child   in   their   schools   if   they   have   a   TV at   home,   because   they   are   likely   to   introduce   bad   ideas   to   their   classmates.   One   should   also   be   aware   that with   the   latest   technology   subliminal   messages   can   be   sent   through   the TV   which   cannot   be   detected.   Films since   the   1960’s   have   become   increasingly   violent,   carrying   immoral   messages   that   impact   on   the   way people   think.   This   can   be   seen   in   the   changing   attitudes   between   the   generations.   The   whole   entertainment industry,   including   TV   companies   and   newspapers   are   under   the   control   of   a   small   number   of   mind- controllers; think Rupert Murdoch for instance. Successive   Zionist   controlled   governments   have   fanatically   been   creating   wars   to   gain   control   of   country after   country   since   1939.   Much   to   our   shame   British   governments   have   slavishly   been   helping   them.   The state   of   Israel   began   working   with   Zionists   in   the   United   States   dictating   government   policy,   soon   after   it   was created   in   1948.   Furthermore,   they   are   assisted   in   their   aims   by   secret   and   semi-secret   organisations.   The heads   of   the   Freemasons   and   Fabian   Societies   as   well   as   the   illuminati   are   among   them.   There   is   also   the Bilderberg   group,   made   up   of   ex   Western   presidents,   Prime   ministers   and   cabinet   ministers,   all   of   whom   are under   mind   control,   programmed   to   work   for   fanatical   Zionists.   In   addition   there   are   powerful   people   like Henry   Kissinger   bullying   governments   to   accede   to   their   demands.   Collectively   they   are   setting   the   world   on a   course   toward   Armageddon.   Only   the   people   can   avert   catastrophe,   if   only   we   can   help   them   to   find   the will. Parliament   is   not   a   democratic   institution;   its   members   are   not   selected   for   their   knowledge,   ability   or   loyalty to    the    British    people.    The    political    courses    of    Oxford    University    and    LSE    have    been    compiled    to permanently   fix   their   ideas   into   the   minds   of   the   students,   as   you   can   see   on   this   site.   All   of   the   powerful secretive   groups   mentioned   are   determined   to   take   power   for   themselves   by   setting   up   a   one   world dictatorship   devoid   of   nation   states.   This   is   the   New   World   Order   that   we   are   hearing   more   of.   Successive governments,   selected   on   this   basis,   have   been   devoid   of   the   knowledge   to   deal   with   the   many   specialised subjects   that   they   have   to   contend   with.   The   ordinary   MPs   daren’t   speak   out   when   things   go   wrong   for   fear of being replaced by someone more subservient. Another   problem   we   have   is   that   governments   are   comprised   of   members   of   the   Labour,   Liberal   and Conservative   parties.   How   many   people   do   you   know   that   belong   to   these   organisations?   I   don’t   any! Doesn’t this seriously reduce our choice?
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