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Never   before   have   so   many   of   our   people   been   sick,   depressed   and   unrepresented.   We   currently   suffer from   the   highest   rates   of   crime,   murders   and   suicides.   In   September   2018   the   Daily   Mail   informed   us   that hundreds   of   children   are   being   enslaved   by   more   than   a   thousand   drug   gangs   that   use   them   to   flood   rural and   suburban   areas   with   heroin   and   crack   cocaine.   These   gangs   are   mostly   led   by   Pakistanis   who   recruit their   victims   from   children’s   homes   or   outside   schools.   It   isn’t   reported   that   Britons   are   regularly   murdered by   immigrants   while   a   high   number   of   patients   die   unnecessarily   in   NHS   hospitals.   It   has   been   known   for years   that   Pakistani   gangs   have   been   allowed   to   regularly   rape   our   girls,   while   paedophile   groups   often molest   young   boys   without   prosecution.   Dementia   is   caused   by   toxins   in   the   air   such   as   diesel   fumes.   This problem   has   been   made   considerably   worse   by   over   population   caused   by   the   constant   alien   invasion. Parliament   is   our   enemy   it   does   nothing   to   protect   the   public   from   the   many   problems   it   has   encouraged   to develop.   Most   Britons   have   been   persuaded   that   parliament’s   legislation   that   caused   these   problems   is necessary   and   the   correct   way   to   go.   This   is   because   our   minds   are   constantly   being   filled   with   anti-British propaganda,   through   the   television,   films   and   newspapers   that   are   controlled   by   our   enemies.   They   have also   devised   a   means   of   mind-control   that   works   through   subliminal   messages   that   go   straight   into   the   brain and   cannot   be   detected.   As   a   result   most   of   our   people   have   accepted   parliament’s   damaging   legislation without   question.   Too   often   we   hear   the   remark   “I   am   not   interested   in   politics”.   As   a   result   few   Europeans question the motives of our political leaders or who they work for!  There   are   several   evil   organisations   including   the   Fabian   society,   that   Peter   Mandelson   belongs   to,   as   well as   high-ranking   Freemasons,   Zionists,   bankers   and   the   Bilderbergers   that   determine   who   will   become   Prime and   cabinet   ministers.   They   manage   this   through   a   simple   means   of   deceit.   They   search   for   someone   who will   secretly   work   for   them   while   under   their   instructions. This   traitor   will   then   join   the   Labour   or   Conservative Party   and   will   soon   receive   positive   coverage   in   the   media.   At   a   general   election   they   will   be   placed   in   a constituency   where   they   are   certain   of   being   elected.   Every   Prime   Minister   since   1940   has   been   a   Zionist working   for   our   enemies.   For   instance   Theresa   May   has   deliberately   made   a   mess   of   Brexit   because   she wants   to   keep   us   tied   into   the   EU,   which   is   to   form   a   large   part   of   the   forthcoming   satanic   world   government. This   global   dictatorship   is   already   being   called   “The   New   World   Order.”      Certainly   the   European   nations need   to   link   up   so   that   we   are   all   aware   of   each   other’s   problems,   but   this   must   be   done   through   our   own initiative, not under the direction of our EU enemies. It   should   be   clear   to   all   Britons   that   politicians   care   more   for   immigrants   than   it   does   us.   Parliament   does little   to   protect   us   from   murderers   and   criminals.   The   NHS   has   been   turned   into   a   chaotic   and   underfunded institution   that   is   killing   many   of   its   patients.   We   were   warned   recently   that   90%   of   foreign   doctors   have   not been   tested   to   see   if   they   are   capable   of   carrying   out   the   work   they   are   engaged   in.   You   would   have expected   loud   public   anger   and   parliament   forced   to   rectify   the   situation.   There   was   no   reaction   from   the zombified   public   so   everything   carried   on   in   the   same   life-threatening   way.   NHS   doctor   Harold   Shipman   is believed   to   have   killed   250   of   his   patients.   Doctor   Jane   Barton   murdered   at   least   656   of   those   she   was treating   and   received   no   condemnation   from   parliament   in   fact   she   was   allowed   to   carry   on   working. Children’s   nurse   Lucy   Letby   killed   17   babies   while   they   were   in   her   care.   The   public   only   heard   of   these   few cases   because   they   were   reported   in   the   daily   newspapers,   not   because   parliament   took   any   interest. Doctors admit that death certificates are often falsified to cover up their mistakes. Parliament   has   supported   every   immigrant   who   threatened   the   British   nation   including   Diane   Abbot,   Paul Boateng,   Bernie   Grant,   David   Lammy,   Oona   King,   Doreen   Lawrence,   Steven   Woolfe, Trevor   Philips   and   Lee Jasper.   In   contrast   it   strongly   attacks,   opposes   and   criminalises   Britons   who   move   to   defend   our   nation. George   Orwell   warned   us   of   “hate   speech”   in   his   book   1984.   Parliament   has   been   using   hate   speech against   its   opponents   for   decades.   Hate   those   who   oppose   unnecessary   wars   by   declaring   them   traitors, hate   those   who   expose   parliaments   plan   for   the   genocide   of   the   British   nation   by   calling   them   racists,   Nazis or Fascists.   Immediately   after   the   second-world-war   ended   we   found   ourselves   controlled   by   the American   government. Many   Britons   complained   at   the   time   of   being   ruled   by   “the   almighty   dollar.”   Soon   after   for   the   benefit   of   the United   States   our   world-leading   aircraft   industries   were   closed   down.   This   was   followed   by   the   rest   of   our heavy   industry,   right   up   until   Margaret Thatcher’s   government,   when   she   made   the   absurd   statement   that   “It didn’t   matter   that   we   had   lost   our   manufacturing   industry   because   its   loss   could   be   made   up   by   tourism.”   It should   be   clear   by   now,   that   successive   major   Western   governments   have   been   as   determined   to   wipe   out the major European nations as the Israeli government is to kill off the Palestinian population.  For   decades   the   most   prestigious   jobs   have   not   been   gained   by   those   with   the   required   knowledge,   ability or   desire   to   work   in   the   best   interest   of   our   people.   Those   in   the   top   positions   have   been   selected   because they   belong   to   secret   societies,   including   Fabians,   Zionists   and   high-ranking   Freemasons.   These   groups use   homosexual   practice   including   sexually   molesting   young   boys   in   their   satanic   rituals.   Judges,   politicians, priests,   police   chiefs,   high-ranking   officers   in   the   armed   forces,   head   teachers,   and   executives   in   the broadcasting   industry   obtain   their   position   by   belonging   to   a   secret   society.   They   are   often   guilty   of   vile   sex crimes   but   are   never   prosecuted.   It   was   these   perverts   who   brought   in   new   laws   to   place   homosexuality above   normal   behaviour.   Such   is   their   influence   they   were   able   to   introduce   same   sex   marriage   in   many countries around the world simultaneously with few people understanding what the consequence would be. In   fact   we   have   no   armed   forces   to   use   to   defend   our   shores,   they   were   handed   over   to   the   Zionist Federation   by   Winston   Churchill   in   1939   and   we   haven’t   had   them   back.   This   is   why   our   military   since   1945 has   been   working   with   the   American   government   attacking   and   bombing   independent   countries   where   we had   no   right   to   interfere.   These   wars   have   blatantly   been   referred   to   as   “regime   changes”,   where   a legitimate   national   government   has   been   replaced   with   U.S.   government   stooges.   The   second-world-war was   not   fought   for   the   benefit   of   Europeans.   It   had   four   basic   aims,   to   get   as   many   Europeans   killed   as possible,   to   bankrupt   the   UK   and   put   it   under   the   control   of   the   American   government,   to   create   an   excuse to   allow   the Askenazi   false   Jews   in   Europe   to   invade   Palestine   and   set   up   the   State   of   Israel,   and   fourthly   to put   Germany   firmly   back   under   the   Zionist   jackboot.   East   Germany   was   handed   over   to   the   mass   murderer of   Europeans,   the   fanatical   Joseph   Stalin   and   West   Germany   placed   under   the   control   of   its   Zionist enemies.   Captain   Kenneth   McKilliam   and   wing   commander      Leonard   Young   both   wrote   in   the   1950’s,   that the   West’s   manufacturing   industry   was   to   be   moved   to   the   East. The   publications   they   produced   were   never offered to the public, as book distribution has been in the hands of our enemies for at least a hundred years. From   1937   to   39   the   government   persuaded   many   Britons   that   we   had   to   go   to   war   to   fight   the   non existent threat   of   a   German   invasion.   Parliament   and   its   allies   never   mention   the   fact   that   the   German   government dropped   leaflets   over   London   saying   they   didn’t   want   to   go   to   war.   In   order   to   sustain   the   myth   we   still   get anti-German   and   holocaust   propaganda   forced   on   to   us   every   day.   Too   many   of   our   people   welcome   the real   threat   of   the   alien   invasion   that   will   cause   the   destruction   (genocide)   of   our   nation   unless   a   repatriation process   is   implemented   very   soon.   This   isn’t   racism   it   is   a   natural   act   to   defend   our   country   and   rescue   our nation   from   total   destruction.   This   is   the   real   reason   for   mass   immigration.   Starting   a   repatriation   process   is something that parliament has no intention of doing. At last the public is becoming aware of the situation. The   best   of   our   people   need   to   regain   control   of   parliament.   We   don’t   need   a   new   political   party   to   do   this   it is   best   achieved   through   constituency   groups.   A   major   priority   must   be   checking   on   the   immigrants   that arrived   after   1937.   This   is   the   time   when   Churchill   secretly   invited   into   our   country   many   European-hating German   Zionists   and   communists.   Many   of   them   subsequently   entrenched   themselves   into   British   politics where   they   started   non-white   immigration   as   well   as   introducing   the   race   laws   and   rules   of   anti-Semitism. The   Poles   and   Italians   that   stayed   in   the   UK   after   the   war   are   no   problem.   From   the   early   1960’s   parliament has   been   flooding   the   UK   with   African   and   Asian   immigrants.   Many   of   them   have   done   useful   work   in   the NHS   and   Civil   Service.   However,   there   are   many   criminals   and   long   term   unemployed   in   these   communities that   need   deporting.   After   being   in   the   UK   for   a   long   time   many   immigrants   now   have   the   knowledge   and skills   that   are   required   to   bring   third-world   countries   into   the   21st   century.   They   should   be   encouraged   to return and develop their homelands in their own particular style.                                        


Last updated 24 th.  Jun 2020
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