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Under   the   heading   "The   "last   Supper"   for   anti-Fascist   stalwarts"   an   article   printed   in   the   Jewish   Chronicle   of March   3rd   2006   carried   a   few   admissions.   We   were   told   that   the   anti-British   43   Group   was   "dedicated   to fighting   Fascism   by   means   within   or   outside   British   law."   Group   chairman,   Gerry   Flamberg   said   his   Jewish group   were   more   ruthless   than   the   British   nationalists   they   attacked.   Troublemaker,   Alf   Summers   said   he would turn up at Ridley Road, fists clenched and ready for action. When   did   we   ever   see   headlines   such   as   "Jewish   thugs   attack   British   patriots"?   Never   but   by   their   own admission   they   did,   and   often.   The   reason   that   Jewish   attackers   got   away   with   so   much,   and   that   British patriots   were   reluctant   to   retaliate   was   that   the   press   was   predominately   in   the   hands   of   politically-motivated Jews   or   their   left-wing   sympathisers.   Attacks   carried   out   by   communist   or   Jews   were   never   reported,   while any   violent   activity   engaged   in   by   white   British   patriots   would   be   widely   broadcast   forever   and   a   day.   The same kind of media bias against whites is found in the media today. With   odds   stacked   heavily   against   British   patriots   during   the   1930s,   Sir   Oswald   Mosley   wrote   to   the   then Home   Secretary   saying,   "Your   new   legislation   has   put   Jews   above   the   law.   Would   you   please   state   if   this was your intention?" Without   such   enemies   as   the   43   Group,   the   Jewish   Board   of   Deputies   and   the   Jewish   /   left-wing   controlled media   we   British   would   never   have   lost   control   of   our   country. There   would   have   been   no   second-world-war, nor   Suez   crisis,   Falklands   war,   Gulf   war,   no   incursion   into   the   Balkans   or   involvement   in Afghanistan   or   Iraq. Our   Empire   would   have   remained   intact   leaving   us   with   a   large   trading   area   and   healthy   manufacturing base.   The   Africans   and   Asians   in   our   former   colonies   would   by   now   be   trained   to   a   level   where   they   could run   their   own   countries.   Under   continued   British   rule   there   would   be   no   famine   or   wide-scale   disease   as exists   today   and   the   IMF/   World   Bank   would   never   have   been   able   to   saddle   the   poorest   people   of   the   world with   crippling   interest   bearing   loans.   There   would   be   no   EU.   The   Einstein   /   Oppenheimer   atom   bomb   would never have been created and there would have been no Afro-Asian invasions of European lands. Of   course   most   Jews   are   happy   to   live   here   and   just   get   on   with   their   lives,   just   as   the   majority   of   Muslims residing   in   the   UK   are   not   plotting   attacks   against   us.   Even   with   home   grown   IRA   terrorism   only   a   tiny fraction   of   the   Irish   community   were   involved.   It   only   takes   a   relatively   few   dedicated   fanatics   to   create   an enormous   problem.   What   has   made   our   nation's   predicament   substantially   worse   is   that   we   had   already   lost control   of   our   country   by   1939   and   not   enough   of   our   people   have   yet   realised   that   alarming   fact.   For   over sixty   years   the   British   have   been   mere   observers   of   their   own   downfall   powerless   to   do   anything   about   it. This   is   something   that   our   people   need   to   seriously   think   about   and   remedy   while   we   still   have   a   nation   to save. It   seems   unbelievable   that   a   hostile   alien   fifth   column   has   been   able   to   dominate   European   nations   for nearly   a   hundred   years.   The   sad   fact   is   that   only   around   16%   of   the   public   think   in   an   analytical   way.   The majority   merely   believe,   without   question,   what   they   see   on   TV   and   read   in   the   newspapers.   They   don't realise   that   the   mass   media   is   tightly   controlled   by   the   same   kind   of   arrogant   Jews   who   have   been destroying Christendom for generations. The   problem   we   have   is   that   when   you   try   to   explain   the   facts   to   the   unthinking   they   won't   listen,   as   they believe   they   know.   Jews   are   in   a   far   more   favourable   position,   they   select   thousands   of   people   to   watch over them, and have an army of professionals to advise their people on every subject.
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