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On   the   21st   July   2013,   BBC2   transmitted   a   programme   about   the   mysterious   and   clandestine   life   of   Uri   Geller.     For   thirty   years   he   had   been   working   as   a   spy   for   military   and   intelligence   agencies   in   three   continents.      Psychic Mr   Geller   and   his   associates   were   careful   not   to   give   away   any   information   about   their   activities   that   hadn’t already   been   discovered.      However,   a   sentence   they   used,   “breaking   the   infrastructure   of   nation   states”,   is   very revealing.         In   practice,   it   has   meant,   replacing   the   leaders   of   countries   with   their   own   agents.      It   is   this   kind   of activity   that   has   allowed   financiers,   world-government   groups,   Zionists   and   Mossad   to   secretly   take   control   of country after country and then run them to destruction. Throughout   the   television   programme   it   was   made   clear   that   the   subterfuge,   intrigue,   surveillance   and   State interference   which   are   blighting   people’s   lives   worldwide   are   being   carried   out   for   the   benefit   of   Israel.      If religious   Jews,   rather   than   Zionists,   had   taken   control   of   Israel   in   1948,   today’s   problems   would   not   have   arisen.     Former   Jewish   leader   Theodore   Hertzl   once   said   "All   people   are   treated   in   accordance   with   the   manner   in which   they   behave."      If   the   Israeli   government   were   to   understand   the   meaning   of   these   words,   it   would   stop being   belligerent,   covetous,   hateful   and   vindictive   to   others.      Then,   all   nations   could   live   in   peaceful   co- operation.      Zionist   domination   of   American   politics   has   been   widely   recognised   for   many   years,   thus   we   have the saying “Israel is the tail that wags the dog called America.” Today   few   nations   are   free!   Most   were   sold   into   slavery   by   their   stupid,   weak   and   immoral   leaders   who   gave into   Rothschild’s   bribery   and   intimidation.   The   public   know   little   or   nothing   about   elected   main   party   candidates when   they   are   given   the   most   important   jobs. They   don’t   know   how   they   think,   who   they   have   entered   into   pacts with   or   what   sinister   organisations   they   belong   to.      Political   leaders   are   installed   on   blind   trust.     After   four   or   five years   the   public   begin   to   detest   them   and   can’t   remove   them   fast   enough.   Then   voters,   brainwashed   and manipulated   by   the   Zionist-controlled   mass   media   elect   one   of   the   main   parties   that   they   were   desperate   to   get rid   of   a   short   time   before.      How   ridiculous   is   it   that   Prime   and   cabinet   ministers   are   the   only   jobs   that   need   no qualifications?      There   holds   the   clue   that   they   don’t   make   important   decisions   but   only   follow   orders.      Which   is why, when the other major party comes back into power there is no visible change. As   a   result   each   year   new   laws   are   passed   further   curtailing   freedom   of   speech,   thought   and   action.      Does   it   not seem   strange   that   Europeans   in   particular   are   denied   such   basic   rights;   while   laws   of   anti-Semitism   place   this most   politically-active   group   above   criticism?      No   one   ever   unfairly   judges   Jews   on   their   race   or   religion.      Only ever   for   their   monstrous   actions!      Have   you   ever   wondered   how   they   were   able   to   put   themselves   in   such   a dominant position over their host nations?  We   have   all   seen   how   telling   the   truth   has   become   a   long-term   jailing   offence.      It   is   vital   that   we   all   join   the   fight against the tyranny, called democracy, to regain sanity, justice and freedom. Available on DVD
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