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The   London   School   of   Economics   internal   magazine   claims   that   they   are   "shaping   tomorrow’s   leaders". That   is   exactly   what   communist-led   universities   like   the   L.S.E.   and   Oxford   have   done   for   many   decades. Many   of   those   currently   in   control   of   Western   governments   learnt   their   politically-   correct   nation-wrecking policies   while   students   at   university.   It   is   all   so   beautifully   simple,   if   you   think   about   it.   From   among   today’s university   students   will   come,   future   political   leaders.   If   students   are   caught   at   a   time   when   they   are   young and   naive,   with   no   political   knowledge   or   awareness,   they   can   easily   be   brainwashed   into   joining   subversive organisations,   as   long   as   these   give   the   impression   of   being   well-meaning.   However,   the   nation-wrecking programme   that   Marxists   and   internationalists   promote,   were   devised   by   incredibly   wealthy   groups   that   are never seen. The   1960's   saw   violent   student   action   aimed   at   undermining   the   forces   of   law   and   order.   However,   more recently,   the   same   students   have   had   far   more   success   in   bringing   about   the   ruination   of   the   police   force, since   they   have   been   allowed   to   take   a   leading   role   in   Parliament   and   the   administrative   buildings   in Whitehall. More   than   200   revolutionaries   from   around   the   world   were   invited   to   give   lectures   on   subversive   techniques at   the   London   School   of   Economics   during   the   summer   of   1968.   Those   invited   to   a   conference   were expected   to   subscribe   to   "Marxist   control   of   education   ",   as   well   as   "oppose   imperialism."   (This   was   a euphemism   for   disinheriting   the   white   man   and   sending   third-world   inhabitants   back   to   the   stone-age.) They supported   all   left-wing   terrorist   organisations   and   opposed   racialism   (in   this   they   sought   to   bring   an   end   to the   white-mans   racial   and   cultural   identity)   For   this   reason   they   also   to   a   man   opposed   any   form   of immigration control. Marshal   Bloom,   an American   Jew,   was   a   well   known   militant   student   activist   in   the   anti-Vietnam   war   rallies. In   the   big   anti-war   demonstration   held   in   Grosvenor   Square,   during   March   1968,   over   100   policemen   were injured.   Bloom   was   producing   a   journal   called   "The Amehurst   Student." At   the   time   he   became   President   of the LSE. The public’s silence over the Viet Nam war allowed students to gain an easy advantage.   How Marxist-trained students were organised to demonstrate in favour of revolution and attack all forms of pro-British activity. During   the   nineteenth   century   several   sinister   groups   set   out   to   dominate   all   the   nations   of   the   world   and take   control   of   the   earth's   valuable   resources.   Such   a   long-term   plan   could   never   be   carried   out   if   the conspirators   were   to   become   leaders.   For   when   things   got   worse,   as   they   surely   would,   they   would   be kicked   out   never   to   return.   So   instead,   they   use   puppet   world   leaders   to   act   as   paid   agents   for   them.   We must   all   be   aware   how   western   governments   have   been   packed   with   such   people.   To   fulfil   their   plan   for world   domination   the   power-hungry,   have   used   their   army   of   revolutionaries   to   create   anarchy,   dissent, division,   violence   and   civil   unrest.   This   seemingly   odd   behaviour   is   carried   out   in   the   belief   that   the   public will   blame   the   puppets   and   their   parties   for   the   breakdown   in   society.   The   power-hungry   plotters,   when   the time   comes,   hope   to   stand   unrecognised,   tut-tutting   on   the   sidelines   trying   to   persuade   us   that   they   would be   a   better   alternative.   Despite   using   the   word   "democracy"   with   gay   abandon,   anti-nationalists   do   not intend, if possible, to allow anyone but themselves to gain ultimate control.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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