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Lord   Levy,   Tony   Blair’s   close   friend,   tennis   partner   and   mentor,   arranged   the   financing   of   Blair’s   campaign   to   become leader   of   the   Labour   Party.   Blair,   together   with   the   Jewish   group   of   Peter   Mandelson,   Jack   Straw,   Lord   David   Sainsbury and   Sir   Evelyn   de   Rothschild   (of   the   latter   powerful   usurer   banking   dynasty)   formed   the   nucleus   of   New   Labour’s   political strategists. Michael   Levy   has   close   ties   with   the   Israeli   government,   where   his   son   David   has   worked   for   Prime   Minister   Ehud   Barak as   well   as   Yossi   Beilin,   Israel’s   Justice   Minister.   Lord   Levy   has   a   £5   million   house   in   Israel   and   is   of   course   an   Israeli citizen.   He   has   raised   millions   of   pounds   for   Israel’s   Labour   Party   as   well   as   donating   large   sums   of   money   to   Israeli politicians.   The   Totteridge   millionaire   had   himself   appointed   as   Tony   Blair’s   personal   envoy   to   the   Middle   East.   As   chief fundraiser   for   the   Labour   Party,   it   has   been   his   job   to   foster   close   relations   between   the   party   and   its   benefactors.   Many   of the   donations   given   to   New   Labour   have   been   made   in   dishonorable   circumstances   which   has   caused   numerous scandals   for   the   socialists.   In   August   2001   MPs   demanded   to   know   how   Lord   Levy   was   given   a   desk   at   the   Foreign Office, which gives him semi-ministerial status, while remaining unaccountable to Parliament.   Tony Blair and Lord Levy working for Israel Tony Blair makes it clear where his allegiance lies David   Sainsbury   of   the   retail   conglomerate   has   been   of   late   the   Labour   Party’s   main   financial   backer.   Without   the   millions of   pounds   that   he   has   donated,   to   the   Zionist/communists   who   pretend   to   be   British   socialists   they   would   face   severe financial   difficulties.   "Lord"   Sainsbury,   as   he   now   is,   as   well   as   Science   Minister,   can   be   relied   upon   to   be   out   of   step   with the   views   of   the   British   public.   He   has   spearheaded   the   fight   to   scrap   the   pound,   as   well   as   being   the   man   dedicated   to the   introduction   of   GM   crops. The   EU,   of   which   he   is   so   fond,   did   Sainsbury   a   great   favour   when   European   Commissioner Fritz   Bolkestein   delivered   a   message   to   Tony   Blair,   giving   him   a   directive   for   a   dramatic   expansion   in   the   quantity   of   GM crops to be grown in the UK. In   the   Soviet   Union   Christianity   was   for   a   time   banned   outright.   In   Britain   the   removal   of   Christianity   has   been   more subtle,   but   no   less,   effective.   School   assemblies   which   once   gave   a   Christian   message   have   all   but   disappeared. Religious   programmes   have   been   virtually   expunged   from   all   TV   channels   and   Whit   Sunday   has   been   virtually   removed from   the   Christian   calendar.   The   once   hard-line   Christian   clergy   have   been   replaced   with   liberals,   Marxists,   homosexuals and   various   other   kinds   of   "progressive"   sinners.   (This   is   why   today’s   Christian   leaders   are   no   longer   prepared   to   defend established   Christian   principles   or   British   codes   of   morality.)   With   the   support   of   Parliament,   Communist   teachers   have banned   school   nativity   plays,   but   it   is   Sainsbury,   who   in   an   act   of   defiance,   first   desecrated   Christmas   by   opening   some   of his stores on Christmas Day. Thinking-men   have   for   a   long   time   had   grave   concerns   about   the   distribution   of   food   and   control   of   the   money   supply falling   into   the   hands   of   a   small   number   of   people.   Whoever   holds   a   monopoly   on   such   necessities   can   hold   an   entire nation   to   ransom.   The   situation   in   Zimbabwe   where   Robert   Mugabe   is   deliberately   withholding   food   from   areas   where   his political   opponents   live   is   a   case   in   point.   For   not   supporting   the   murderous   black   dictator,   hundreds   of   thousands   of decent   civilians   are   being   starved   to   death.   The   "International   Community",   including   our   recent   Labour   government,   will not   intervene   in   Zimbabwe   for   Mugabe   is   Parliament’s   man.   He   was   installed   as   dictator   by   Bilderberger   chief   Lord Carrington while the latter was serving in Margaret Thatcher’s government. At   the   outbreak   of   the   Second-World-War   Jewish   grocers   who   supported   the   international   conspiracy   (this   included Sainsbury   and   Marks   &   Spencers)   remained   trading   while   most   Christian   grocers   were   made   to   board-up   their   shops   and go   off   to   war.   With   no   competition,   the   profits   of   those   that   remained   open   soared.   The   Sieff   family   who   owned   Marks   & Spencers   had   been   highly   supportive   of   Churchill’s   war;   as   a   result   they   were   rewarded   with   a   lucrative   contract   to   supply food   to   the   armed   forces   for   the   duration   of   the   war.   Having   gained   a   distinct   advantage,   these   store   giants   were   given further   impetus   for   expansion   when   Stanley   Kalms,   who   owns   Dixons,   was   able   to   have   Retail   Price   Maintenance abolished   when   Edward   Heath   was   Prime   Minister.   This   legislation   had   been   created   to   protect   specialist   trades   which were   usually   run   as   family   businesses.   At   a   stroke   thousands   of   British   family   businesses   were   forced   to   close   down   as the   high   street   shysters   gained   sales   in   trades   they   knew   nothing   about.   Edward   Heath   took   us   into   the   EEC   while   he was   taking   advice   from   a   think-tank   led   by   the   Rothschilds.   (Whenever   you   look   into   political   changes   which   have   been   a disaster   for   European   Christians,   it   is   interesting   to   note   how   often   the   names   Rothschild,   Rockefeller,   Oppenheimer   and Kissinger come into the frame.) Mass   communication   through   television   and   cinema,   as   well   as   state   education   in   the   UK   has   been   monopolised   by subversive   groups,   with   close   connections   to   the   wealthy,   anti-British   establishment.   As   a   result,   the   British   are   suffering social   chaos   and   underachievement,   as   well   as   attacks   both   physical   and   intellectual   upon   their   culture   and   religion.   Due to   developments   that   have   taken   place   during   the   past   forty   years,   our   very   existence   as   a   race   and   nation   has   been   put in jeopardy. Other   wealthy   Jews   who   have   funded   the   Labour   Party   include   the   Polish   publisher   who   went   on   to   become   Lord Hamlyn.   Paul   Hamlyn   has   given   more   than   £2   million   towards   Labour’s   past   general   election   fund.   Multi-millionaires David   Goldman,   Chairman   of   the   Sage   Group,   Sir   Emmanuel   Kaye,   Alex   Bernstein,   ex   head   of   Granada   TV,   and   Bob Gavron   and   others   have   done   likewise.   One   may   wonder   how   Britain   was   dragged   into   the   assault   on   Iraq   -   why foreigners   are   put   before   Britons   -   why   one   is   prosecuted   for   calling   oneself   English   or   persecuted   for   flying   our   national flag for its correct purpose. All should become clear when you look at who is running our country. In   the   Daily   Mail   of   23rd   May   2002,   it   was   reported   that   Lord   Levy   was   "believed   to   have   negotiated   the   £125,000 donation   from   Indian   steel   tycoon   Lakshmi   Mittal,   whose   bid   for   the   Romanian   steelworks   was   later   endorsed   by   Tony Blair.   "   In   the   same   report   Levy   was   accused   of   "playing   a   crucial   part   in   the   Hinduja   brothers’   £1   million   donation   to   the "Dome".   This   was   followed   by   the   cash   for   passport   scandal   after   which   Peter   Mandelson   was   forced   to   resign.   Levy himself   has   been   under   scrutiny   on   a   number   of   occasions.   He   was   paid   up   to   £250,000   as   a   consultant   for   Australian property   developers   Westfield,   which   was   looking   for   support   from   ministers’   to   expand   their   interest   in   British   shopping centres. Mark   Seddon   of   the   Labour   Party’s   own   national   executive   committee   voiced   concerns   over   who   controlled   the   purse strings   of   the   Labour   Party.   He   said   "If   we   want   to   reassure   the   public,   we   have   to   go   for   more   independent-minded people."   As   you   would   expect,   communists,   including   Labour   Chairman   Charles   Clarke,   David   Triesman   and   trade   union spokeswoman Margaret Prosser, came to the defence of the alien multi-millionaire cartel.
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