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  Leonard   Young   was   educated   at   Cheltenham   College   and   the   Royal   Military Academy   at   Woolwich.   He   joined   the   Royal Engineers   in   1919.   Three   years   later   he   transferred   to   the   Royal Air   Force   until   he   retired   in   1946. As   a   pilot   he   served   on the   aircraft   carriers   Hermes   and   Eagle.   In   1932   he   formed   No   803   Fleet   Fighter   Squadron.   He   became   Senior   Training Officer   at   Kirkham   and   Cosford.   During   the   later   years   of   his   service,   his   thorough   investigations   and   candid   comments produced a number of clashes with the authorities. Having   fought   valiantly   throughout   the   second-world-war   and   then   seen   the   deliberate   destruction   of   everything   they supposedly   fought   for   destroyed,   many   ex-servicemen   began   to   question   what   was   going   on.   Here   we   review   the   book "Deadlier than the H Bomb" published in 1956 by Wing commander Leonard Young.


The   events   of   the   last   half   century,   and   particularly   the   last   decade,   give   us   every   cause   to   think   where   are   we   going? The   transformation   which   has   taken   place   is   stupendous   and   very   much   for   the   worse.   The   greatest   mistake   that   can   be made   is   to   regard   events   as   episodic   and   that   is   just   the   mistake   which   our   politicians,   press,   historians,   economists,   etc; persist   in   making,   although   it   does   not   take   much   investigation   to   realize   that   there   is   a   design   behind   events   and   that   we are   engaged   in   the   period   of   a   long   and   carefully   prepared   plot,   which   has   been   carried   out   with   diabolical   cunning   and remarkable efficiency.


George   Orwell,   the   author   of   1984,   described   the   Fabian   leaders   as   pendants   who   believe   that   fair   ends   may   be achieved   by   foul   means.   The   Fabian   society   is   an   integral   part   of   the   Labour   Party,   with   Peter   Mandelson   acting   as   one of   its   current   leaders. The   London   School   of   Economics   which   has   been   a   hotbed   of   socialist   revolution   was   according   to Sidney   Webb   financed   with   the   help   of   the   Rothschilds,   Sir   Julius   Whernher   and   similar   financial   magnates.   Lord Rothschild   is   the   "British   "   head   of   the   most   powerful   "family   money   trust   in   the   world."   He   joined   the   "British"   Labour Party   in   1945.   During   the   war   he   was   closely   connected   with   the   policy   of   unfairly   interning   British   patriots   (Gentliles) under   regulation   18b.   In   1920,   Sir   Ernest   Cassel   gave   the   L.S.E.£472,000,   when   it   was   in   serious   financial   difficulties,   in order to make it a place "to raise and train the bureaucracy for the future Socialist State." Cassel’s   favourite   grand-daughter   was   Lady   Mountbatten,   whose   Leftist   views   are   supposed   to   have   had   a   big   influence on   her   husband.   We   have   seen   the   part   they   played   in   the   scuttle   from   India,   to   say   no   more.   The   influence   of   the   LSE has   been   world-wide.   The   "key"   members   of   the   bureaucracies   in   all   English-speaking   countries   have   been   trained   there and    its    teachings    have    permeated    everywhere.   The    school    was    once    much    under    the    influence    of    Laski,    whose philosophy   was   summed   up   as   follows   "Christianity   has   failed,   and   the   Russian   Communist   ideal   is   taking   its   place   as the inspiration of mankind, and as the standard of morality. Sir   William   Beveridge,   advocate   of   a   "half   way   to   Moscow   policy"   was   director   of   the   School   from   1919   –   1937.   The influence of the school has been evil wherever it has permeated. The   "Political   and   Economic   Planning"   group   is   a   semi-secret   organisation   developed   by   the   Fabians   as   part   of   their conspiratorial   technique.   Lord   Melchett   of   ICI   was   associated   with   it.   Fabians   and   other   Socialists   are   in   favour   of economic   centralisation   and   the   crushing   of   large   numbers   of   small   and   medium-sized   businesses.   The   most   prominent in   P.E.P   has   been   Mr   Israel   Moses   Sieff   of   Marks   &   Spencer.   The   Sieff   family   did   much   to   drag   Britain   to   war   in   1939, and were rewarded with the contract to supply food to the armed forces for the duration of the conflict.   It   is   hardly   surprising   that   in,   in   connection   with   the   policy   of   gradual   Sovietisation   put   forward   by   P.E.P.   Mr   Sieff   made   the claim   that: The   only   rival   world   political   and   economic   system   which   puts   forward   a   comparable   claim   is   that   of   the   Union of   Soviet   Republics."   On   October   the   14th   1938,   in   "Planning"   the   journal   of   P.E.P.   it   was   stated   that   "We   have   started from   the   position   that   only   in   war,   or   under   the   threat   of   war,   a   British   government   will   embark   on   large-scale   planning...." and   went   on   to   say   that   "emergency   measures   should   be   as   far   as   possible,   be   framed   in   accord   with   the   long-term needs   of   social   and   economic   reconstruction."   It   will   be   seen   that   Fabians   welcome   war   conditions   to   advance   their ideas, as do their masters the Sanhedrin. P.E.P.   also   infiltrated   the   Conservative   Party   and   it   is   of   interest   that   Winston   Churchill   had   made   great   use   of   Lord Woolton   of   Lewis,   a   one-time   fervent   Fabian   to   increase   his   grip   over   the   party   he   had   crossed   the   floor   to   join.   Churchill himself,   of   course,   had   been   a   lifelong   intimate   friend   of   leading   Jewish   financiers   including   Bernard   Baruch,   Sir   Ernest Cassel and Abe Bailey. To   prove   that   Churchill   knew   the   truth   which   he   chose   to   ignore   I   will   quote   the   following   extract   from   a   long   article   he wrote   in   the   "illustrated   Sunday   Herald"   of   February   8th   1920   in   which   he   described   Communism   as   Jewish:   "It   would almost   seem   as   if   the   gospel   of   Christ   and   the   gospel   of   the   Anti-Christ   were   destined   to   originate   among   the   same people;   and   that   the   mystic   and   mysterious   race   had   been   chosen   for   the   supreme   manifestations,   both   of   the   divine   and the   diabolical..."From   the   days   of   Spartacus   –   Weishaupt   to   those   of   Karl   Marx   and   Trotsky   (Russia),   Bela   Kuhn (Hungary),   Rosa   Luxembourg   (Germany)   and   Emma   Goldman   (United   States),   this   world   wide   conspiracy   for   the overthrow    of    civilisation    and    for    the    reconstruction    of    society    on    the    basis    of    arrested    development,    of    envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It   is   quite   clear   that   Winston   Churchill   knew   where   the   menace   to   the   human   race   lay   as   long   ago   as   thirty   five   years. How,   is   it   then   when   all   the   indications   were   that   Hitler   wanted   to   fight   the   menace   Churchill   used   all   his   energies   into starting war with Germany.


During   the   last   half-century,   Britain   has   produced   a   number   of   outstanding   people   in   various   fields,   eg.   Richard   St   Barbe Baker,   A.K.   Chesterton,   C.H.   Douglas,   Sir   Alfred   Howard,   Arnold   Leese,   J.C.   Thompson,   Prof   L.A.   Waddell,   Nesta Webster   and   C.H.Welch.   Unfortunately   they   tend   to   remain   more-or-less   unheard   of   because   they   stand   for   the   truth   in their   various   fields.   On   the   other   hand,   our   Judeo-Masonic,   Financial   "democratic"   system   imposed   on   us   during   the   last 300   years,   has   the   inevitable   tendency   to   bring   forth   to   prominence   in   Church   or   State   only   those   who   support   their cause. In   the   same   way   that   the   false   theories   of   Louis   Pasteur,   Freud   and   Dr   Spock   have   been   blazoned   forth   to   the   world   as truth   and   used   to   mislead   the   professions   in   to   inflicting   as   much   harm   on   the   human   race   as   possible.   The   same   thing applies   to   the   land.   A   little   fragmentary   knowledge   of   chemistry   backed   by   finance   is   being   used   to   destroy   the   natural fertility   of   the   land:   which   is   being   soured   and   the   natural   life   of   the   soil   destroyed   by   mixing   great   quantities   of   chemical fertilizers   with   the   soil   instead   of   using   the   natural   organic   methods   of   husbandry   which   have   always   proved   to   be   correct through the ages. The   government   is   either   completely   ignorant   of   the   basic   facts   about   money,   the   banking   system   and   international finance,   or   deliberately   concealing   any   knowledge   it   may   possess   while   pursuing   a   course   which   can   only   subjugate   us entirely   to   Wall   Street.   Theodore   Herzl,   leader   of   the   Zionists   in   1897   in   his   book   "A   Jewish   State"   wrote:   When   we   sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat; when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse. At   the   instigation   of   bankers,   every   Western   government   has   severely   lowered   the   quality   of   life   for   most   of   the   people they   purport   to   represent.   The   exceptions   to   the   rule   are   the   treacherous,   bodies   of   university   graduates   that   are   needed to   carry   out   the   work   of   mis-ruling   the   various   nations. The   majority   quietly   suffer   an   education   system   that   does   no   more than   keep   pupils   off   the   streets.   Educating   and   stretching   the   minds   of   students   will   not   be   tolerated.   Only   University students, the privately educated and Jewish scholars can be granted the kind of tuition they need. In   recent   years   numerous   dangerous   substances   have   been   introduced   into   our   food   in   many   different   guises. Although these   additives   are   known   to   have   a   harmful   effect   on   our   minds   and   bodies,   government   departments   always   come   up with   plausible-sounding   excuses   to   keep   the   toxins   there.   By   the   process   of   drugging   the   land   and   ourselves   with inorganic   substances,   we   are   becoming   more   and   more   the   victims   of   all   sorts   of   diseases,   both   mental   and   physical. Minds   are   also   turned   away   from   dealing   with   our   problems   by   the   doping   we   are   subjected   to   in   all   sorts   of   other   ways, including the cinema, radio, TV, the celebrity culture and novels aimed at exciting the most basic of human instincts. The   National   Health   Service,   which   was   once   the   envy   of   the   world,   has   become,   chaotic,   overworked   and   inefficient. Seeing   a   doctor   or   being   admitted   to   hospital   has   become   something   of   a   lottery.   If   you   are   lucky   you   will   be   seen   by   a competent   team   of   specialists.   If   you   are   unlucky   you   will   be   the   victim   of   unqualified   and   careless   staff.   It   has   been admitted   that   more   than   three   quarters   of   foreign   doctors   and   surgeons   operating   in   British   hospitals   have   never   been tested   to   see   if   they   are   qualified   to   carry   out   the   kind   of   work   they   have   been   employed   to   do.   One   thing   for   sure   is   that however   good   or   bad   your   treatment   you   will   be   pumped   full   of   drugs   and   tablets   no   matter   if   they   are   harmful   or beneficial. This   is   why   it   has   now   become   customary   for   us   to   accept   with   complete   apathy   or   docility,   things   which   would   have   had our   people   instantly   in   furious   uproar   in   earlier   decades.   The   vast   majority   of   our   people   seem   to   have   lost   the   ability   to do   any   individual   thinking.   The   public   seem   to   feel   safe   going   along   with   what   appears   the   majority   view,   even   though that way of thinking is bringing about distress and our national destruction. Our   political   leaders   are   selected   from   those   who   pose   the   greatest   threat   to   our   nation.   For   example   we   have   leading members   of   the   Church   of   England,   a   supposedly   Christian   organisation   who   are   also   Freemasons,   i.e.   members   of what   is   in   fact,   an   anti-Christian   secret   or   semi-secret   society.   They   hob   nob   with   problematic   Jews   in   a   so-called "Council   of   Christians   and   Jews",   apparently   totally   oblivious   of   the   fact   that   the   aim   of   prominent   Jews,   during   the   past nine   hundred   years,   has   been   to   destroy   Christianity   and   to   replace   it   with   a   kind   of   Marxist,   do-gooding,   perceived philosophy. However, Jews never allow any changes to Judaism which is considered sacrosanct. Our   political   and   Christian   leaders   have   all   enthusiastically   promoted   the   Jew-sponsored   suicidal   policies   of   race-mixing, designed   to   destroy   the   white   European   nations.   Yet   what   Jews   fear   most   is   their   people   marrying   out   which   would   spell the   death   of   their   nation.   In   fact   it   has   been   known   for   Jewish   families   to   hold   a   mock   funeral   on   the   odd   occasion   when one   of   their   children   has   married   out.   This   is   to   make   it   clear   to   the   newly-wed   that   they   want   no   further   contact   with them.   It   is   therefore   not   surprising   that   most   Churches   in   the   UK   are   nearly   empty.   With   our   church   leaders   fully   under anti-British mind control they serve no useful purpose. After   the   second-world-war,   Wall   Street   tied   up   Britain   and   the   British   Empire   by   means   of   the   Final   Act   of   Bretton Woods,   the American   Loan Agreement   and   the   General Agreement   on   Tariffs   and   Trade.   They   were   designed   to   prevent members   of   the   British   Empire   from   combining   in   any   way   to   help   each   other   commercially.   GATT   compelled   us   to submit   to   a   gang   of   foreigners   as   to   how   we   could   trade   within   the   Empire.   It   compelled   the   Dominions   to   treat   one another   as   foreign   countries.   The   motive   behind   this,   at   a   time   Britain   had   been   bankrupted   by   their   war,   was   to jeopardize   the   Empire.   The   Jewish   money   power   that   rules   America   has   been   determined   to   make   the   US   the   number one   power   in   the   world.   To   achieve   this   they   first   had   to   destroy   the   British   Empire.   They   managed   it   with   the   help   of Winston   Churchill,   Jewish-led   terrorist   organisations,   MP’s,   especially   selected   for   their   Zionist   and   New   World   Order loyalties   plus   the   support   of   the   BBC.   Successive   British   governments   have   cravenly   submitted   to   all   of   the   Jewish moves to destroy us since. Since   1945,   America   on   average   has   waged   war   on   one   country   every   year.   These   have   been   one   sided   attacks   which the   US   government   has   admitted   were   to   bring   about   "regime   changes".   That   is   to   replace   national   leaders   with   puppets that   would   serve   the American,   Zionist-led   government.   The   British   government   and   those   of   many   other   countries   have supported   the   US,   due   to   the   enormous   amount   of   Zionist/Marxist   and   financial   control   exerted   on   them.   The   indigenous British   have   no   say   in   the   running   of   their   own   country.   This   can   clearly   be   seen   by   the   way   Winston   Churchill   and   Oliver Cromwell   are   portrayed   as   heroes,   when   in   fact   they   were   the   rogues   that   did   the   most   to   bankrupt   and   destroy   the British nation.  THE REMEDY  In   spite   of   the   rotten   state   to   which   politicians,   the   national   press   and   many   other   people   seem   to   have   sunk,   it   is   the author’s   opinion   that   there   is   still   a   spark   of   the   old   sturdiness   of   British   character   left   in   the   country   which   is   capable   of being   fanned   into   a   blaze   again,   if   the   people   are   given   honest   leadership.   But   if   this   is   not   done   very   soon,   we   will   be sunk beyond hope of recovery.
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