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March 2008


On   March   4th   2008,   Margaret   Hodge   attacked   Britain's   last   remaining   patriotic   event,   the   Last   Night   of   the Proms.   In   an   attempt   to   remove   another   tract   of   this   country's   national   identity,   she   said   "The   audience   for many   of   our   cultural   events   -   I'm   thinking   in   particular   of   the   Proms   -   is   still   a   long   way   from   demonstrating that people from different backgrounds feel at ease in being part of this." What   she   is   saying   is   that   the   sight   of   any   number   of   Britons,   gathered   together   for   common   enjoyment,   or common   purpose,   is   repugnant   to   her   and   that   all   signs   of   the   British   character   must   be   removed   from   these islands. Margaret    Hodge    is    on    the    panel    of    the    Institute    of    Public    Policy    Research.    This    secretive    and Unrepresentative,   forum   determines   the   way   British   culture   is   to   be   set   out.   This   body   also   decides   which kind   of   art   will   win   the   Turner   Prize.   (We   have   all   become   accustomed   to   abominations   like   Tracy   Emin's "Unmade   Bed"   being   declared   the   winner.   Left-wing   extremists   control   most   public   galleries.   This   is   why meaningless daubs are often displayed as works of art. So   who   is   this   Margaret   Hodge?   The   name   would   imply   that   she   is   simply   a   dotty   and   misguided   English woman,   who   out   of   consideration   for   all   races,   has   allowed   political   correctness   to   take   her   into   the   realm   of something   akin   to   Alice   in   Wonderland.   This   is   an   illusion   she   would   be   happy   for   the   public   to   retain.   The name   Hodge   conceals   the   fact   that   she   is   the   daughter   of   a   wealthy   political   string-puller   named   Hans Oppenheimer,   who   is   of   German   origin.   His   branch   of   the   family   fled   the   country   when   their   anti-German activities   were   discovered   by   the   authorities.   They   went   to   live   in   Egypt.   They   moved   to   London   in   1944 when it became clear that Britain and its allies were going to win the war. Margaret   Hodge   is   a   dangerous   enemy   activist.   She   comes   from   one   of   a   group   of   families   which   set   out   to destroy   the   white   Christian   nations.   Virtually   unseen,   and   under   the   cover   of   the   Labour   Party   she,   and others   like   her,   have   manoeuvred   themselves   into   positions   from   where   they   have   been   able   to   chip   away   at our    culture,    our    country's    traditions,    our    national    infrastructure    as    well    as    determine    a    good    deal    of government    policy.    These    anti-nationalists    are    of    course    behind    both    the    programme    of    non-white immigration   into   European   lands   and   the   creation   of   a   world   government   of   which   the   EU   would   form   a   large part. Although   a   threat   to   our   nation   she   still   manages   to   get   re-elected.   She   achieves   this   by   unthinking   English who   we   feel   would   even   vote   Labour   if   the   candidate   was   a   gorilla,   and   the   hordes   of   coloured   immigrants that go canvassing for her. Germany    surrendered    in    1945    and    was    immediately    put    back    firmly    under    the    Zionist    jackboot.    Italy surrendered   in   1943.   Churchill   and   the   US   wartime   administration   handed   control   of   that   country   to   the Mafia, that Mussolini had managed to defeat. We seldom hear the truth about the second-world-war. We    were    informed    by    the    London    Jewish    News,    in    November    2003    that 150,000   Jews   took   part   in   Hitler’s   army.   The   public   has   never   been   told   this because   it   doesn’t   fit   with   the   myth   that   they   want   us   to   believe.   Nor   do   we ever   hear   of   the   thousands   of   Jews   that   lived   in   Germany   throughout   the duration    of    the    war    without    any    interference    from    the    government.   A    TV programme   made   this   clear.   One   German   Jew   said   that   he   "would   go   to   the town   centre   on   Hitler's   birthday   and   make   sure   he   was   seen   giving   a   Nazi salute, so no one would think that he was snubbing the leader." Margaret   Hodge   is   only   one   of   many   anti-British   aliens   in   control   of   our   country.   Jack   Straw,   the   man currently   in   charge   of   our   prisons,   is   clearly   happy   with   the   number   of   foreign   murderers   and   criminals   who have   been   released   onto   our   streets,   saying   recently   that   he   "will   not   be   losing   any   sleep   over   the   crisis   in the   prison   system."   Like   Danny   the-Red   and   Peter   Mandelson,   Straw   is   an   ex-student   revolutionary   of Jewish   descent.   Not   only   were   Jews   the   only   ones   that   profited   from   the   second-world-war,   but   if   there weren’t any of them in the world the war would never have taken place. Abid   Javaid   is   one   of   many   potentially   dangerous   illegal   immigrants   found   working   for   the   Home   Office. Despite   belonging   to   a   hostile   Islamic   group,   the   government   claimed   it   was   powerless   to   sack   the   Kenyan from   his   £40,000   pound   a-year   job. Though,   of   course,   it   wouldn't   be   powerless   to   sack   a   patriotic   or   devout Christian Briton. Millions    of    coloured    immigrants    were    invited    into    the    UK    by    the    Labour,    Liberal,    Conservative    and Communist   parties.   Peter   Mandelsdon   said   they   were   running   out   of   places   to   find   them.   We   have   heard from   many   black   Africans   that   Labour   Party   members   had   been   stationed   there   as   immigration   officers. They   told   the   natives   "We   can   arrange   for   any   of   your   friends   and   relatives   to   go   to   the   UK,   where   they   can get   a   house,   a   job,   social   security   and   free   hospital   treatment.   When   you   get   to   the   UK   don’t   forget   that   it was   the   Labour   Party   that   made   it   possible,   so   vote   for   us   at   elections.   Many   immigrants   didn’t   intend   to stay   permanently,   but   once   here   they   couldn't   save   the   fare   to   go   back.   A   poll   conducted   by   the   Sun   and Daily   Express   newpapers   found   that   the   majority   of   Blacks   and Asians   would   have   liked   to   return   home   with financial assistance.
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