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In   an   interview   during   March   2020,   Melanie   Phillips   a   regular   columnist   for   the   Guardian   newspaper admitted   that   the   entire   Western   establishment   set   out   in   1945,   to   destroy   the   European   nations,   their culture,   traditions,   beliefs,   Christian   religion,   and   white   race.   Mrs   Phillips   also   contributed   to   this   destruction programme   through   her   journalism.   Frank   Soskin   an   Eastern   European   communist   Jew   introduced   into parliament   the   first   “Race   Relations   Act.      This   imposition   was   used   to   silence   white   Europeans   while   their nations   were   being   destroyed.   This   was   followed   by   the   “anti-Semitism   laws   which   put   Jews   above   criticism now   matter   how   evil   their   activities.   Only   white   Europeans   have   to   suffer   these   diabolical   rules   which prevented   the   best   of   our   people   from   gaining   influential   jobs.   In   December   2019   Zionist   MP’s   began   to   brag how they prevented the most honest, knowledgeable and capable of our people from becoming MP’s. To   lower   Britain’s   position   in   the   world   soon   after   the   end   of   Second-World-War   parliament   moved   the   UK’s manufacturing   industry   to   the   Far   East.   It   put   cancer   and   mind   damaging   fluoride   into   the   water   supply   and sabotaged   our   farming   industry   by   forcing   farmers   to   remove   the   hedgerows.   Without   the   insects   that   fed   on the   pests   that   ate   the   crops,   they   were   immediately   ravaged.   From   that   time   farmers   have   relied   on poisonous chemicals to kill the pests that attack the crops.                                             EXTRACTS FROM MELANIE PHILLIPS INTERVIEW There   has   been   a   kind   of   cultural-revolution   since   1945,   that   I   think   it   had   its   roots   in   the   war.   It   took   place   in the   heart   of   Europe   where   it   delivered   a   seismic   shock.   This   is   what   reason   did,   this   is   what   the   West   did this   is   what   being   a   nation   did   –   all   became   toxic   and   tainted   –   a   cultural   demoralisation.      It   became   a method   for   people   who   wanted   to   change   society   completely.   They   undermined   the   traditional   family   and led   a   Marxist   attack   upon   education   and   claimed   our   culture   to   be   intrinsically   rotten.   The   public   came   to accept   lies   as   truth.   Biblical   morality   went   out   of   the   window   as   they   claimed   it   was   a   grotesque   intrusion into personal freedom. The   people   who   wanted   to   make   destructive   changes   were   linked   to   the   holocaust   (Jews.)    Many   of   them were   revolutionary   Marxists   who   said   the   West   did   this,   capitalism   and   nationalism   did   that.   The   West   at   the time   was   demoralised   and   was   receptive   to   overturning   the   basic   tenants   of   Western   civilisation   and   the very idea of the Western nation state.   In   came   man   made   morality   that   could   not   brook   any   opposition   because   they   were   all   designed   to   better humanity.   My   feelings   and   emotions   are   more   important   than   any   facts.   They   accepted   lies   as   truth consequently   if   someone   says   the   West   didn’t   invent   slavery   -   everyone   had   slavery   at   one   time.   Britain   and America   were   the   pioneers   in   getting   rid   of   it.   Although   this   was   a   historical   fact   it   goes   against   the   ideology which   says   white   people   are   intrinsically   bad.   So   those   truths   could   not   be   identified   as   facts   and   anyone who   claimed   them   would   be   identified   as   racists.   Anyone   who   opposed   our   new   masters   had   to   be   shot down   as   evil.   They   are   no   longer   burnt   at   the   stake   but   they   are   prevented   from   addressing   the   public, denied a place in parliament and blocked from having a good job. They   are   maligned   as   heretics   and   never   allowed   to   publicly   oppose   the   satanic   new   world   order   that   the Jewish    Melanie    Phillips    enthusiastically    worked    for    up    until    recently.    Of    course    the    word    racist    was introduced   by   Jews   as   a   way   of   silencing   Europeans.   For   many   decades   it   has   been   a   criminal   offence   to use   it   like   telling   the   truth   about   Jews.   This   Melanie   Phillips   interview   releases   us   all   from   the   diabolical Jewish laws that they should never have been allowed to introduce. Parliament   relied   on   African   immigrants   to   introduce   a   drug   problem   and   has   done   its   utmost   to   ensure   that it   spread   and   has   made   no   attempt   to   overcome   it.   In   fact   along   with   perversion   it   is   widely   engaged   in   by many   MP’s,   some   even   saying   whether   you   use   drugs   or   not   it   is   just   a   lifestyle   choice.      Murder   and   rape   by immigrants   has   become   a   common   problem   that   parliament   is   pleased   to   see.   Most   of   our   senior   MP’s   and every   Prime   Minister   since   Winston   Churchill   in   1945   has   been   a   Zionist   doing   their   utmost   to   destroy   the British nation. Going   back   to   Melanie   Phillips   interview,   most   British   servicemen   who   fought   seldom   mentioned   the   war. They   were   mentally   numbed   and   didn’t   want   to   think   about   it.   This   is   just   what   our   common   enemy   wanted so   they   could   start   their   nation   state   destruction.   This   ended   with   the   mass   non-white   alien   invasion   to   get us outnumbered, so we would not be able to get our country back through the ballot box. See the entire Melanie Phillips interview here youtube.com/watch?v=asQ8KFrZY84
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