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Decent   people,   particularly   committed   Christians,   oppose   the   idea   of   same   sex   marriages.   Such   notions would   have   been   unspeakable   a   mere   twelve   years   ago.   Here   under   a   New   Labour   government,   with   the help   of   a   phoney   Conservative   Party,   something   that   is   an   affront   to   a   civilised   and   moral   society   has become a reality. Black African,   Registrar   Lillian   Ladele   refused   to   marry   "gay" couples,   saying   it   was   against   her   Christian   principles.   For doing    what    any    right-minded    person    would    do    she    was summonsed    to    appear    in    court.    On    her    appeal    "Lord" Neuberger,   the   Master   of   the   Rolls,   told   Lillian   Ladelle   that she   had   to   stifle   her   religious   principles   to   perform   what   she regarded   as   gay-marriage   or   give   up   her   job.   In   conclusion   it was    stated    that    Labour's    2007    "Sexual    Orientation    Act" (Satanism)     had     trumped     the     right     of     religious     beliefs (Christianity). Among   those   taking   a   stand   against   the   rising   tide   of   anti-Christ   legislation   are   many   black Africans   living   in the   UK.   When   explorers   first   discovered   African   tribes,   (not   that   long   ago),   they   found   them   living   in   mud huts   following   a   primitive   lifestyle   that   had   not   changed   for   a   thousand   years.   Much   to   their   credit   many Africans   who   have   come   to   the   West   have   adapted   and   learnt   the   skills   required   to   sustain   an   advanced 21st century society. The   wretched   Lord   Neuberger   on   the   other   hand   comes   from   what   is   described   as   a   Jewish   Academic family.   (This   is   a   euphemism   for   a   Marxist   cell.)   Neuberger   rose   rapidly   in   the   ranks   of   the   political   wing   of Labour's   legal   prosecutors.   Before   entering   the   "stasi"-style   legal   profession,   Neuberger   had   worked   for   N   M Rothschild bankers, where he would have been schooled in "one -world, Anti-Christ politics". The   Neuberger   clan   claim   to   be   God's   people,   who   due   to   their   high   moral   code,   should   be   allowed   to   rule over   all   nations.   How   the   mighty   seem   to   have   fallen   when   you   compare   Neuberger   with   Lillian   Ladele.   On reflection   though,   during   the   past   2,000   years   or   so   what   have   the   self   chosen   actually   given   us?   Marxism, usury,   the   Atom   bomb,   Communism,   the   race   relations   acts   (which   were   designed   as   part   of   a   genocide programme),   an   anti-culture   offered   to   the   young,   pornography,   unnecessary   wars   and   regime-changes   to steal countries. We definitely need to re-evaluate the races. The   oppressive   divisive   and   tyrannical   "equality"   laws   which   Lord   Neuberger   says   must   be   obeyed,   were not   drafted   by   British,   or   even,   European   Christians,   but   by   his   fellow   partner-in-crime   socialists.   With   major world   problems   escalating   daily   there   is   an   urgent   need   to   re-evaluate   the   races   and   insist   that   all   nations take control of their own countries.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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