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  THE PERISHING WHITE RACE IN AMERICA by Marilyn Allen 1972 A derisory salute to the "see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing, do nothing" American WHITE RACE! With   the   exception   of   the   few   who   stand   tall   and   true,   the   so-called   white   Christian   race   in   America   has submitted   tamely   to   the   insults,   indignities,   injustices   and   denigration   inflicted   upon   it.   Actually   it   is   not   the red   and   black   revolutionaries   who   have   lost   us   our   country,   constitution   and   freedom   --   but   rather   the spineless   white   Christian   majority,   by   their   sins   of   OMISSION,   and   failure   to   rally   round   the   cross   and   the flag!   It   is   most   responsible   for   the   decline   and   fall   of   the   American   Republic   and   its   noble   dream   for   the uplifting of mankind. In   our   present   polluted   political   atmosphere   of   "equality"   (more   for   some   than   for   others),   it   is   accepted   as right,   natural   and   proper   for   the   black   militant   racists   always   to   act   and   especially   to   "bloc   vote"   for   their   own kind:   to   demand   special   privilege   for   themselves   to   receive   favouritism   in   government   jobs   over   the   majority whites,   and   greater   leniency   from   the   law   when   caught   in   misdeeds   ....   what   a   sin   for   the   whites   to   stand   up for   their   own   kind,   and   particularly   for   their   children!   All   coloureds   favour   their   own   kind.   Organised   Zionist Jewry   is   vociferously   for   itself,   even   to   dual   nationality   and   privileges   when   claiming   Israeli   and   American citizenship jointly. Even   animals   run   with   their   own   kind,   observing   God's   law   of   segregation   and   purity   of   type   and   species. But   not   the   stupid   brainwashed   and   subverted   whites. They   ignore   Gods   laws   as   well   as   the   common-sense laws   which   for   thousands   of   years   have   ensured   our   national   and   racial   survival.   In   an   unthinking   state   they ignore the basic instinct of self-preservation for their own kind implanted in them by nature. Only   the   lowest-grade   humans   break   that   fundamental   law.   Author   Madison   Grant   well   and   truly   titled   his book, The   passing   of   the   Great   race."...meaning   the   God   ordained   leadership   white   race   which   was   to   serve him.   This   pre-eminent   Founding   race   in   America   has   yielded   up   all   of   its   natural   prerogatives,   rights   and obligations   as   the   leading   race,   under   communistic   so-called   laws   and   pressure   purposefully   designed   to homogenise   and   destroy   the   white   race.   The   number   1   objective   in   the   Communist   Party   platform   (since 1928) for the subversion of America has always been race-mixing -- which invariably betrays and destroys. White   race   stupidity   and   cowardice   is   filling   our   land   with   evil,   violence   and   lawlessness.   Venal   politicians have   made   of   once-white   America   a   pot   pouri   of   mixed   races,   with   which   politicians   consort   and   make agreements   with,   including   even   anti-Christ   nations   displeasing   to   our   creator.   They   have   manoeuvred   our best   and   bravest   youth   into   a   fourth   disastrous   foreign   war   (   under   the   heathen   UN),   and   then   left   our captured   heroes   of   Korea   and   Vietnam   to   rot   year   after   year   in   filthy   foreign   prison-holes,   from   which   few will ever return with their lives or health.   Benjamin Franklin Traitors   who   run America   today   have   said   that   due   to   his   patriotism,   foresight, integrity,   ability   and   above   all   desire   to   serve   the   American   people,   Benjamin Franklin   would   stand   no   chance   of   being   elected   today.   What   does   that   say about senior politicians currently in office? All   intelligent Americans   who   follow   the   news   well   know   how America   is   being purposefully   delivered   over   to   her   enemies   within   and   without   and   almost without    a    whimper    from    the    populace,    who    are    now    bound    servants    to hypocrisy and treason. Senior   citizens   who   are   being   forced   to   scrape   the   bottom   of   the   barrel   under this   sort   of   alien   rule,   gasp   in   horror   over   the   coming   fate   of   this   once-proud and   land.   No   country   remains   free   whose   people   do   not   treasure   their   freedom,   and   do   not   valiantly   contend for   it   as   the   breath   of   life.   Unfortunately,   all   the   documented   truth   and   warnings   proclaimed   for   many   years by   the   smear-called   "anti-Semitism"   have   now   become   a   reality   --   mainly   because   the   so-called   "Christians" slumbered   and   slept,   even   as   their   Lord   is   knocking   at   their   door. As   it   is   written   these   are   "the   people   who will have no oil in their lamps" when the bridegroom cometh." The final paragraph is written in a way that only committed Christians will understand, so we will paraphrase it. There   are   numerous   government-introduced   evils   which   now   affect   society.   They   will   lead   to   great   troubles, wars   and   turmoil   on   a   scale   which   the   world   has   never   before   seen.   When   that   dreadful   time   comes,   people will   be   judged   by   themselves,   their   families,   their   nation   and   if   you   are   a   believer,   before   God.   One   will   have been   able   up   to   that   time   to   ignore   events   and   pretend   they   are   not   his   concern.   But   the   day   will   come   when they   are   every-ones'   concern.   Better   on   that   day   to   proclaim   I   stood   for   what   was   right   and   opposed   evil, rather than have to admit that through inaction and indifference one helped the Devil.
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