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THE FLAME August 2017



We   have   mentioned   many   times   the   self-advancing   evil   organisations   that   govern   Western   nations   from behind   the   scenes.   They   constantly   oppose   European   and   Christian   tradition   and   go   against   the   best interest   of   the   people.   The   relatively   small   number   of   manipulators   would   not   be   able   to   take   control   of countries without an army of mind-controlled zombies to broadcast their ideas for them. The    unseen    enemy    realises    that    most    of    the    people    able    to    influence    public-thinking    have    been    to university.   They   hold   positions   as   playwrights,   film   producers,   high   level   executives,   authors,   journalists,   TV executives,   politicians,   judges,   senior   officers   in   the   police   and   armed   forces   as   well   as   directors   of   the National Trust.   From   these   professions   they   broadcast   views   they   learnt   at   university. The   danger   is   that   the syllabus   of   Oxford   University,   the   LSE   and   to   a   lesser   extent   Cambridge,   are   notorious   for   their   Marxist   and subversives   views.   To   gain   high-level   employment   one   has   to   ascribe   to   their   narrow   way   of   thinking, otherwise   one   is   dismissed   as   a   racist,   sexist,   homophobe,   anti-Semite,   fascist   or   little   Englander.   One   can even get the sack from a supermarket now for insisting that a black African from the Congo is not British. It   is   a   fact   that   only   around   16%   of   the   public   are   free   thinkers.   The   majority   simply   accept   whatever   is   told to   them,   particularly   if   they   hear   it   from   someone   with   authority   such   as   a   college   or   university   lecturer. As   a result   the   unseen   government   manipulators   have   hundreds   of   well   positioned   parrot-like   zombies,   wrecking our country, by spreading their propaganda for them. T he   public   hasn’t   the   faintest   idea   how   much   power   each   anti-British Jew    can    have.    "Sir"    Claus    Moser,    a    German-born    Jew,    was Chancellor    of    Keele    University,    ex-Chairman    of    the    Royal    Opera House,   ex-   Director   of   Rothschild   &   Sons   bankers,   Director   of   The Economist   magazine   and   former   warden   of   Wadham   College,   Oxford. He   was   also   Chairman   of   the   basic   skills   agency   and   the   committee on   public   literacy   as   well   as   President   of   the   British   Association   For the    advancement    of    Science.    He    worked    for    the    British    Museum Development   Trust   and   was   Chancellor   of   the   Open   University   for Israel.   In   1965   he   applied   for   a   job   at   the   Central   Statistics   Office   but was    rejected    as    a    former    enemy    alien.    This    didn’t    stop,    Israel- worshiper,   Harold   Wilson   giving   him   a   place   in   his   government   as Director   of   the   Central   Statistical   Office.   Educated   at   the   ultra   left-wing London   School   of   Economics,   he   later   went   back   as   a   lecturer.   Moser was    rewarded    with    a    CBE    in    honour    of    the    work    he    carried    out destroying the British nation. David   Frost,   an   Oxford   educated,   left   wing propagandist   was   a   regular   contributor   to the   BBC   with   his   own   TV   series.   In   January 2002    he    was    interviewed    by    police    after hippies   smoked   cannabis   on   his   show   and tried   to   Subvert   the   young.   Jerry   Rubin,   an American      Jew,      was      leader      of      the Revolutionary   Youth   International   Party.   He had   published   a   book   urging   teenagers   to leave   home,   burn   down   their   schools   and create   a   new   society.   This   impressed   David   Frost   so   he   invited   him   and   his   delinquent   friends   on   to   his show. The   show   descended   into   chaos   when   Jerry   Rubin   produced   a   joint   wrapped   in   a   cigarette   paper   with the   US   stars   and   stripes   printed   on   it.   More   hippies   came   on   to   the   stage   taking   over   the   show   and   creating chaos.   Police   raided   the   studio   after   numerous   viewers   had   complained   about   the   appalling   behaviour   and attempt   to   influence   their   children.   Jerry   Rubin   was   hoping   to   turn   our   children   into   delinquents.   He   kept quiet about the successful business he had. Oxford   educated,   Tony   Blair   won   two   terms   as   Prime   Minister,   when   he   clearly   wasn’t   fit   for   the   job.   He claims   that   he   really   wanted   to   be   an   actor   and   it   seems   he   was.   Blair   said   in   an   interview   I   had   no   interest in   politics   until   I   picked   up   a   book   on   Trotsky.   When   I   started   to   read   it   I   couldn’t   put   it   down.   It   opened   up   a new   world   to   me.   I   suddenly   thought   the   world   is   full   of   injustices   that   inspired   this   guy   Trotsky   to   create   a Russian   Revolution   to   change   the   world.   In   2017   it   was   reported   that   the   moron   Tony   Blair   was   giving advice to the governments of twenty countries. God help us! There   is   a   big   difference   between   someone   who   passes   exams   simply   by   remembering   what   they   were told,   and   an   original   thinker   who   bases   his   beliefs   on   what   he   observes,   sees   and   hears   and   is   constantly updating   and   adding   to   his   knowledge.   Oxford   University   should   be   closed   down   and   new   staff   taken   on that are not Marxists, subversives or in the business of mind control. No   one   has   done   more   damage   to   the   British   nation,   with   greater   enthusiasm,   than   Oxford   educated   Jack Straw.   He   studied   the   most   dangerous,   anti   British   courses   there,   of   politics,   philosophy   and   economics.   His son is now hoping to become an MP to carry on the nation- wrecking family tradition. On   the   5th   August   2017   we   saw   headlines   "Mutiny   at   the   National   Trust   when   furious   volunteers   were   told to   wear   gay   pride   badges."   Many   workers   resigned   in   protest.   What   has   perversion   got   to   do   with   heritage sites   you   may   ask?   The   problem   stems   from   the   closed   shop   form   of   recruitment   that   operates   at   the highest   level.   To   gain   employment   in   the   public   sector   you   must   be   an   extreme   left-wing   fanatic,   a   believer in world government, a multi-racialist and a promoter of homosexuality. Dame   Helen   Ghosh   is   the   director   of   the   National   Trust.   She   was   promoted   to   cabinet   positions   by   Tony Blair   and   went   on   to   become   Permanent   Secretary   of   the   Home   Office.   While   holding   this   position   she   was heavily   criticised   over   Olympic   Security,   The   London   riots   and   an   inability   to   control   immigration.   Seriously brain-damaged   she   can’t   prevent   herself   from   pushing   the   anti-British   Marxist   agenda.   Now   she   wants   to become   the   Master   of   Oxford’s   Balliol   College   so   she   can   brainwash   another   generation   of   students.   No doubt   there   are   many   patriots   with   opposing   views   working   for   the   National   Trust   who   wouldn’t   dream   of making political comments. The   National   Trust   inherited   Fellbrig   Hall   from   Robert   Wyndham   Ketton-Cremer   in   1969.   He   never   married so   the   National   Trust   decided   he   was   queer   and   had   the   revolting   Stephen   Fry   narrate   a   film   about   him. Family   members   insisted   that   he   was   not   a   homosexual.   The   establishment   never   lets   the   truth   prevent them   from   doing   whatever   they   want.   The   National   Trust   has   even   set   up   a   "Prejudice   and   Pride"   project   in the hope of portraying some more of the former owners of their properties as queers. Conservative   Peer   Lord   Boothby   also   attended   Oxford   University.   In   the   early   post-war   period   he   was   the Chief   spokesman   for   the   Conservative   Party.   He   would   be   given   the   task   of   explaining   individual   party policies   to   the   media.   His   private   life   would   have   been   a   complete   embarrassment   to   the   party   if   it   were   not kept   secret.   He   had   links   to   Nikita   Kruschev   in   Moscow   made   due   to   his   flirting   with   communism   in   his student   days.   Worse   still   he   was   a   friend   of   the   gangster   Ronald   Kray   who   would   supply   him   with   boys   to bugger. Sometimes Boothby and Kray would roam the streets together looking for young boys. Tabloid   newspapers   sometimes   publish   the   most   important   facts.   A   few   years   ago   there   was   a   headline "90%   of   foreign   doctors   have   never   been   tested   to   see   if   they   are   capable   of   doing   the   work   they   are carrying   out."   The   high   number   of   needless   deaths   within   the   NHS   should   have   created   a   public   outcry   and the   government   forced   to   do   something   about   it.   But   as   usual   there   was   no   response   from   the   docile   public. Then   in   August   2017   every   tabloid   newspaper   revealed   how   gangs   of   Asian   males   are   sexually   abusing young   white   girls   and   selling   them   into   slavery.   Drink   and   drugs   are   often   used   to   make   them   subordinate. The   FBI   is   at   last   probing   into   these   human   trafficking   gangs   that   are   blighting   every   town   and   city   in   the UK.   These   evil   aliens   view   white   girls   as   trash   to   be   exploited.   This   sex,   slavery,   prostitution   and   money laundering   racket   has   been   occurring   in   towns   throughout   Britain   for   years.   Those   in   authority   who   should have   done   something   about   it,   pretended   they   didn’t   know,   out   of   abject   fear   of   being   branded   a   "racist". These   predators   must   be   punished   and   returned   home.   We   should   demand   that   our   borders   now   be   closed to   all   aliens.   The   asylum   seeker   excuse   for   admitting   people   from   every   country   in   the   world   is   not   justified. Despite   continual   bombing   raids   no   Britons   or   Germans   fled   their   homeland   during   the   second-world-war. The   motive   behind   mass   immigration   is   to   create   permanent   divisions   in   society   which   will   eventually destroy   the   white   European   identity   of   our   continent.   In   September   2017   it   was   discovered   that   over   25,000 potential   Muslim   terrorists   had   been   unwittingly   invited   into   the   UK.   The   Jews   who   run   the   pornographic business also see European girls as trash to be exploited. The   number   of   homeless   people   sleeping   on   the   streets   in   the   UK   is   rapidly   rising.   The   majority   of   them   are white   Britons.   The   three   main   political   parties   claim   it   is   down   to   not   building   houses   quickly   enough.   The problem   is   clearly   due   to   politicians   allowing   too   many   immigrants   to   pour   into   the   UK   and   then   giving   them priority in housing.


At   election   time   we   have   the   Labour,   Liberal   and   Conservative   parties   competing   for   our   vote   seemingly offering   different   policies. This   is   a   complete   illusion. They   talk   about   improving   the   NHS,   building   new   roads and   improving   the   railways   to   fool   the   public   into   voting   for   them.   All   the   major   parties   have   an   identical mindset   and   it   has   nothing   to   do   with   serving   the   public,   which   is   why   nothing   changes   when   we   have   a different   party   come   to   power.   What   interests   them   is   flooding   our   country   with   non-white   immigrants, starting   wars   to   topple   foreign   leaders   that   do   not   conform   to   their   agenda,   promoting   homosexuality,   going soft   on   murderers   to   increase   crime   levels,   ensuring   that   our   schools   prevent   most   of   our   children   from receiving   a   high   standard   of   education,   keeping   fluoride   in   the   water   supply   to   prevent   the   public   from thinking   clearly,   using   the   NHS   to   put   as   many   of   our   people   on   drugs   as   possible,   allowing   the   incredibly wealthy   to   abuse   the   stock   market   to   get   a   monopoly   on   food   production   and   commerce   in   general   and doing   nothing   to   eradicate   the   sale   of   street   drugs   etc.   All   of   them   put   the   interest   of   foreign   immigrants before indigenous Britons and they are quite brazen about it. Should   any   MP   vote   according   to   his   conscience   the   whips   will   be   used   to   make   him   conform.   If   he continues   going   against   party   policy   he   will   lose   his   seat   and   be   thrown   out   of   the   party   just   like   Enoch Powell. Margaret   Thatcher    attended    Oxford    University.    While    she    was    young    and    impressionable,    during    the second-world-war,   her   parents   took   in   a   Jewish   Austrian,   refugee   girl.   Margaret   would   have   listened   with sympathy   as   the   refugee   poured   out   stories   of   poor,   honest   and   innocent   Jews   victimised   wherever   they   go. The   soft   spot   she   had   for   Jews   was   exploited   to   the   degree   she   was   made   Prime   Minister,   with   the knowledge   that   she   would   do   everything   Zionists   asked   of   her.   Margaret   Thatcher’s   sudden   demise   left   the Tory   Party   with   no   one   suitable   to   take   over.   John   Major   was   put   in   as   a   temporary   replacement   on   the understanding that all he had to do was sign the Maastricht Treaty. Edward   Heath   also   went   to   Oxford   University.   His   introduction   to   politics   began   when   Winston   Churchill visited   Oxford   during   a   by   election.   Churchill   had   of   course   been   calling   for   a   "new   united   Europe"   while   the war   was   still   raging.   It   is   no   coincidence   that   Edward   Heath   took   us   into   the   EEC,   as   Churchill   would   have made   him   keen   on   the   idea.   Just   before   Edward   Heath   was   made   leader   of   the   Conservative   Party,   two senior   police   officers   called   on   him   saying   that,   in   his   new   position   he   would   come   under   close   scrutiny   and was advised to stop hanging around public toilets. Harold   Wilson   also   attended   Oxford   University.   He   was   so   enthralled   with   Israel   that   his   son   spent   a   long time   there   living   in   a   Kibbutz.   David   Cameron   is   Jewish   he   didn’t   need   persuading   to   do   what   is   in   Israel’s best   interest.   James   Callaghan,   whose   mothers   name   was   Bronstein,   made   a   speech   at   Ruskin   College Oxford   where   he   spoke   of   the   need   for   stronger   state   control   of   education.   Tony   Crosland,   who   lowered   the level   of   state   education,   was   the   homosexual   lover   of   Roy   Jenkins.   It   was   Jenkins   who   was   responsible   for the   decriminalisation   of   homosexuality",   for   which   he   was   named   "the   father   of   the   permissive   society." Michael   Foot,   his   son   Paul   and   Michael   Heseltine   were   all   Presidents   of   the   Oxford   Union   debating societies. The   wealthy   socialist,   Tony   Benn   whose   ultra   left-wing   ideas   did   much   to   destabilise   Britain,   also   went   to Oxford University as did Michael Gove a recent Secretary of State for education. These   naive   young   men   who   attended   the   notorious   Oxford   University   were   totally   brainwashed.   They would   have   thought   "aren’t   we   clever   being   able   to   understand   this   specialised   meaning   of   politics."   Once the   destruction   of   Britain   was   firmly   established   in   their   brain   they   would   never   deviate   from   that   line   of thought.   Therefore   the   small   number   of   people   who   write   the   political   curriculum   for   Oxford,   Cambridge   and the LSE have been able to decide the course of British politics for at least the last eighty years. Theresa   May   was   also   educated   at   Oxford. Among   her   bad   decisions,   she   voted   to   go   to   war   with   Iraq,   Iran, Afghanistan    and    Syria,    did    nothing    to    reduce    immigration    when    she    had    the    chance    and    voted    for homosexual   marriage.   Three   weeks   after   becoming   Prime   Minister,   despite   severe   problems   in   the   NHS, she   said   that   sex   change   operations   would   be   available.   She   then   tried   to   bribe   people   into   accepting fracking in their area. The   time   is   long   overdue   for   Europeans   to   reclaim   control   of   their   homelands. There   have   been   white   rallies in   the   USA   demanding   a   return   to   Christian   European   rule.   Needless   to   say   they   have   been   viciously opposed   by   communists,   politicians,   the   media   and   even   brainwashed   young   whites   who   seemingly   cannot suffer   enough   abuse,   degradation   and   punishment.   The   establishment   was   fearful   of   similar   white   rallies taking   place   in   the   UK.   The   Zionist   Movement   called   upon   the   illegal,   Muslim   Council   of   Britain   to   spew   out hate at the white Europeans who stand up for their right not to have their homelands turned into hellholes. World   government   groups   continually   smear   and   attack   people   and   organisations   that   want   to   do   what   is best    for    their    country.    This    is    nationalist    thinking    that    the    enemy    needs    to    overcome    before    it    can contemplate   winning.   The   National   Front   was   formed   by   high-   ranking   military   officers   and   aristocrats   who realised    that    the    second-world-war    had    not    been    fought    in    our    interest.    Nor    was    the    move    to    drive Europeans   from   our   African   colonies   done   for   the   benefit   of   the   natives.   As   soon   as   they   were   given   the illusion   of   freedom,   under   a   dictator   chosen   by   Western   governments,   they   were   plunged   into   debt   by   the IMF   and   World   Bank.   Many   of   our   former   colonies   are   in   chaos.   They   have   been   plagued   by   conflict, starvation   and   lack   of   drinking   water.   This   fact   is   conveniently   overlooked   by   journalists   and   TV   producers who continually beg for donations to alleviate starvation, thirst and disease in Africa. Contrary   to   the   propaganda   European   nationalists   do   not   hate   black Africans   or Asians.   They   simply   do   not want   their   nation   wiped   out   through   mass   immigration.   Europeans   serving   in   the   Empire   worked   hard   to develop   the   countries   for   the   benefit   of   all.   At   that   time   almost   everyone   thought   like   nationalists   with patriotic   thoughts.   We   can   see   how   the   enemy’s   message   has   permeated   Western   thinking   by   the   amount of   people   that   now   shy   away   from   any   form   of   patriotism   or   nationalism.   It   would   be   in   everyone’s   interest   if Africans and Asians returned home and with our help made their countries successful. The   West   has   been   in   decline   since   the   outbreak   of   the   first-world-war   in   1914.   It   is   no   coincidence   that   this was   the   time   when   subversives,   secret   societies,   socialists   and   bankers   started   their   drive   to   create   a   world government that they want to control. Let us all think for ourselves and make sure that they do not win. The   gay   liberation   movement   was   set   up   to   further   create   divisions   in   society.   As   always,   those   in   power support   the   minority   in   order   to   crush   the   majority.   The   people   mainly   responsible   for   this   problematic change   have   been   to   university.   They   include   politicians,   judges   and   workers   in   the   movie   or   entertainment industry.   In   order   to   fool   the   public   they   have   overstated   their   case.   There   are   many   men   and   women   who do   not   take   up   with   a   partner   preferring   to   live   on   their   own.   Either   because   they   like   the   freedom   to   do   just as   they   please,   or   are   engaged   in   some   full   time   scientific,   artistic,   or   exploration   work.   There   is   another group   that   have   a   low   sex   drive   and   are   known   as   asexual.   I   know   many   such   people   from   these   groups and   they   tend   to   be   the   most   revolted   by   homosexual   activity   that   I   have   met.   Yet   mind-controllers   tell   us that   these   people   are   lesbians   or   homosexuals.   When   they   print   such   blatant   lies   in   tabloid   newspapers, magazines   or   books   no   one   is   able   to   demand   a   retraction.   Because   the   public   does   not   hear   the   truth   they tend to believe the lies they are constantly confronted with. Anti-nationalists   realise   that   teenagers   have   no   lifetime   experience.   So   they   are   not   able   to   make   informed opinions,   and   are   therefore   likely   to   accept   the   views   of   those   around   them.   By   bombarding   the   public   with repetitive   propaganda   the   enemy   has   been   able   to   change   attitudes   from   one   generation   to   the   next. This   is the plan being used by the Fabian Society to get its way. The   Conservative   Party   has   being   saying,   off   the   record,   for   many   years   that   they   cannot   do   what   the British   want,   due   to   the   vast   amount   of   immigrants   registered   to   vote. Also   that   it   is   impossible   to   get   elected without   the   approval   of   fanatical   Jewish   leaders.   The   fact   that   Britain   is   effectively   controlled   by   aliens   is   the fault   collectively   of   the   Conservative,   Labour   and   Liberal   Parties   who   have   prostituted   themselves   to   sinister organisations   in   order   to   get   their   candidates   elected.   The   Labour   Party   is   so   engrossed   in   its   Socialist agenda    that    it    sees    nothing    else.    This    situation    where    Britons    are    not    represented    by    parliament    is unacceptable to nationalists. Most Britons would agree if they understood how parliament works. While   canvassing   a   woman   said,   "Perhaps   we   should   give   the   Liberal   Party   a   chance?"   To   which   I   replied "And   why   not   the   boy   scouts?"   Only   then   did   she   see   the   absurdity   of   the   remark   that   had   been   put   into   her head by the mass media. In   the   1970’s   I   stood   in   the   general   election   for   a   nationalist   party.   My   middle-class   governor,   who   was   in   his eighties,   had   been   an   officer   in   the   Welsh   Guards   during   the   second-world-war.   He   was   a   staunch   member of   the   local   Conservative   Party.   When   he   read   my   election   address   and   what   I   had   written   in   the   local newspaper   he   said.   "I   entirely   agree   with   everything   you   say.   I   hadn’t   realised   how   my   views   had   been subtly   altered   over   the   years."   Some   Conservative   Party   members   in   Harrow   supported   our   party.   They voted   for   our   candidate   at   the   general   election.   By   remaining   in   the   Conservative   Party   instead   of   joining   us they   helped   the   Tories   retain   their   false   image   of   credibility.   The   Borough   of   Harrow   now   has   one   of   the highest density levels of immigrants in London. The   first   time   I   stood   for   parliament   a   high-ranking   Freemason   made   a   point   of   meeting   me.   I   had   reports that   he   was   hostile   to   us. After   talking   to   him   for   three   hours   he   had   to   admit   that   our   policies   were   what   the UK   needed.   After   I   stood   a   second   time   as   a   candidate   at   a   general   election   the   Freemason   invited   me   to call   again.   The   problems   in   the   UK   had   escalated   between   the   elections   but   my   share   of   the   vote   had remained   the   same   at   17%.   The   Freemason   agreed   that   it   is   difficult   to   get   more   because   only   around   16% of   the   public   think   for   themselves,   the   majority   can   be   persuaded   by   the   TV   and   newspapers   to   vote   for whichever   party   the   establishment   wants   to   get   elected.   He   said   "Why   don’t   you   become   a   Freemason", and   then   went   on   to   make   me   an   offer   which   would   have   made   me   wealthy   and   an   opportunity   to   stand   as either   a   Labour   or   Tory   Councillor   in   an   area   I   would   have   been   certain   to   get   elected.   I   turned   him   down   as it   would   have   prevented   me   from   saying   what   I   wanted   and   trying   to   rescue   my   country   from   its   dire   state.   I also   remembered   that   my   old   governor   had   said   that   his   father   was   a   Freemason   and   they   wanted   favours returned   so   often   that   he   couldn’t   call   his   life   his   own.   No   doubt   many   main   party   candidates   accept Freemason’s bribes forcing them to go along with the anti-British agenda. The   world   government   groups   always   think   ahead.   Sometimes   they   propose   an   idea   to   see   how   the   public reacts.   In   the   1960’s   they   suggested,   that   at   some   time   in   the   future   when   technology   had   advanced sufficiently,   a   microchip   could   be   planted   in   everyone’s   head   so   we   would   all   have   a   wealth   of   knowledge. For   instance   everyone   would   know   the   complete   Encyclopaedia   Britannica.   Zionists,   Freemasons   and Fabians   would   have   put   into   the   device   everything   they   wanted   us   to   believe.   They   no   longer   need   to   do this   for   over   the   past   forty   years   they   have   achieved   the   same   result   by   controlling   what   is   transmitted   on television,   published   in   newspapers   and   magazines,   the   content   of   the   film   industry   and   book   distribution. Recently   it   has   been   revealed   that   the   latest   form   of   subliminal   thought   transference   is   widely   being   used   by TV   companies   which   cannot   be   detected.   They   also   use   advertising   to   reinforce   what   they   want   people   to think.   For   many   years   we   have   all   seen   adverts   where   a   newly   married   couple,   consisting   of   a   black   man and   white   woman   go   together   to   select   furniture.   Whenever   we   see   family   gatherings   seated   around   a   table there   is   nearly   always   one   black.   This   message   has   got   into   the   subconscious   of   many. As   a   result   we   see now   see   many   mixed   marriages   and   half   caste   children.   This   never   happens   in   the   Jewish   community. Being   closely   bound   they   have   been   able   to   keep   to   strict   rules. They   have   many   leaders   to   watch   over   their community   and   unlike   Christians   they   do   not   allow   anyone   to   interfere   or   change   their   tradition.   We   need   to rebuild our white communities to ensure we achieve the same result. Peter   Mandelson,   a   high-ranking   member   of   the   Fabian   society,   has   been   able,   unsupervised,   to   do   just   as he    likes.    He    is    the    grandson    of    Herbert    Morrison    who    worked    as    wartime    "Procurement    Officer"    in Churchill’s   wartime   government.   It   was   his   job   to   collect   together   everything   that   was   needed   for   the   war. He   abused   his   position   by   offering   contracts   to   Jews   to   supply   equipment   that   would   never   be   needed. Having   been   paid   for   it,   they   then   bought   it   back   after   the   war   for   next   to   nothing   and   sold   it   in   government surplus   stores   in   London.   I   was   told   by   English   locals   living   in   the   East   End   that   Jews   would   go   into   bomb damaged   houses,   take   property   and   sell   it   on   the   black   market.   During   the   late   1940’s   the   Jews   in   London were   still   mainly   confined   to   terraced   houses   in   London’s   poor   East   End.   With   the   money   they   made   out   of the    war    large    numbers    of    them    were    able    to    buy    luxurious    houses    in    the    most    desirable    areas    of Hampstead   Garden   Suburb,   Golders   Green,   Swiss   Cottage   and   Stanmore.   By   the   1980’s   many   Jews owned   two   or   three   houses   and   earned   extra   incomes   by   operating   as   landlords.   When   the   blacks   arrived   in Hendon   during   the   1980’s   most   of   the   Jews   moved   out   and   went   to   the   upper   class   areas   of   Elstree, Shenley   and   Radlett   in   South   Hertfordshire.   Within   months   of   arriving   they   had   taken   control   of   the   local councils. Peter    Mandelson    and    his    Zionist    friends    created    New    Labour    to    fool    the    public    into    thinking    it    was something   new   and   improved.   They   decided   to   make   Tony   Blair   leader.   After   Labour   won   the   election   in 1997   Peter   Mandelson   was   made   "Minister   without   Portfolio".   This   enabled   him   to   do   just   as   he   pleased without   having   to   explain   what   he   was   doing.   Against   the   wishes   of   the   public   he   went   off   to   try   and implement   the   EU   Charter.   In   June   2014   he   was   recruited   by   the   Serbian   government   to   try   and   get   their country into the EU . Mandelson seen here working on his evil new world order project. Having   learned   nothing   from   the   past   we   are   still   allowing   Zionists,   Freemasons,   Fabians   and   communists to   make   all   of   the   important   decisions   for   us   in   the   West. As   a   result,   in   2017,   we   are   facing   the   possibility   of a third-world-war. Collectively we must ensure, this time, that it doesn’t happen. Greville   Janner   MP   was   believed   to   have   been   guilty   of   the   most   serious   sex-crimes   against   young   boys. When   he   was   first   accused   he   stood   up   in   the   House   of   Commons   and   declared   his   innocence,   where   he was   loudly   applauded.   As   a   so-called   "honourable   man"   it   seemed   sufficient   to   prevent   him   being   taken   to court   for   some   years.   He   was   accused   of   16   indecent   assaults   on   boys   under   sixteen   and   six   counts   of buggery   on   male   minors   between   1969   and   1988.   Janner   was   leader   of   the   illegal   "Board   of   Deputies   of British   Jews".   This   organisation   was   set   as   a   rival   body   to   parliament.   Through   the   post   war   period parliament    has    been    controlled    by    Zionists,    so    the    Board    has    been    used    to    back    up    successive governments in their anti-British activities. Greville   Janner’s,   Lithuanian, Ashkenazi-Jewish   father,   Barnett,   was   also   a   leading   MP   and   President   of   the Board   of   Deputies   of   British   Jews.   He   was   elected   to   the   executive   of   the   problematic   Zionist   Federation. The   British   vote   for   their   most   deadly   enemies   because   they   simply   don’t   carry   out   any   research   on   the candidates that stand for the major parties. Mandelson   was   not   only   born   into   Zionism,   but   had   his   mind   screwed   at   Oxford   University   where   he   read philosophy,   politics   and   economics.   He   was   a   delegate   at   the   1978,   Soviet   organised   World   Festival   of Youth   in   Cuba,   along   with   Trevor   Phillips   and   Charles   Clarke.   Like   many   other   anti-British   conspirators   he was   given   a   peerage.   Former   MI5   officer   David   Shayler   said   that   Peter   Mandelsons   phones   were   tapped   in the 1970’s as the secret services suspected him of being a Soviet Spy. Published   in   the   Jewish   News   on   10th   August   2017,   "It   has   been   anti-Semitism   that   has   strangely   brought us   to   where   we   are   now.   Without   the   anti-Semitism   of   the   past   2000   years   the   Jewish   people   would   have virtually   ceased   to   be   and   might   only   be   represented   in   the   UK   as   a   minority   Orthodox   sect."   What   the author   has   admitted   is   that   for   the   full   2000   years   Jews   have   selfishly   been   creating   enormous   problems   for the   people   in   every   country   where   they   have   ever   lived. They   had   to   be   kicked   out   of   47   European   countries alone.   The   anti-Semitism   lobby   insist   that   Jews   keep   supporting   their   troublemaking   and   fanatical   leaders otherwise   they   will   suffer   a   terrible   fate.   It   doesn’t   occur   to   them   that   it   is   the   terrible   actions   of   their   most demonic   leadersthat   engenderhatred.   In   1858   at   the   time   Jews   were   first   able   to   sit   in   parliament,   the Jewish   Chronicle   warned   that   "every   movement   and   every   vote   of   the   Jewish   Mp’s   will   be   identified   with   our community   and   the   latter   held   responsible   for   their   public   acts.   Not   today,   although   very   important,   the public fails to identify Jews and doesn’t notice them implementing their own anti-British agenda.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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