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Much   of   the   sympathy   many   people   feel   for   the   people   they   look   upon   as   Jews   is   due   to   them   thinking   of them   as   descendants   of   Israel,   having   no   idea   that   they   are,   in   fact   mostly   of   a   pagan   and   aggressive Tartar-Khazar   race.   Perhaps   it   is   worth   giving   the   information   about   these   people   from   B.   Jensen’s   "The Palestine Plot". "Authorities   agree   that   the   people   of   the   Jewish   faith   in   Eastern   Europe   are   descendents   largely   of   a   non- Semitic   Turkish-Finnish   race   which   came   into   Europe   from Asia   around   the   1st   century AD   by   a   land   route north   of   the   Caspian   Sea.   These   people   are   known   in   history   as   Khazars.   The   Khazars   had   always   been   a pagan   people.   They   settled   in   Eastern   Europe   and   there   established   the   Khazar   kingdom.   By   continuous and   successful   conquests   for   which   they   became   famous   in   history,   their   kingdom   increased   in   size   until   by the   8th   century A.D.,   it   occupied   the   greater   part   of   Eastern   Europe   west   of   the   Urals   and   north   of   the   Black Sea   and   extending   far   westwards   into   Europe.   The   Khazar   leaders   had   seen   many   nations   disappear through   assimilation.   They   didn’t   want   their   people   to   go   the   same   way   by   marrying   out   to   Christians   and Moslems.   So   at   the   end   of   the   7th   century   they   pretended   to   adopt   the   Jewish   religion,   while   retaining   their warring   and   conquering   mindset.   The   Khazars   also   had   the   problem   at   that   time   of   both   Christians   and Moslems trying to convert them. These   non-Semitic   Turkish-Finnish   people   from   Asia   now   converted   to   a   form   of   Judaism   and   created   the Khazar   kingdom   which   dominated   Eastern   Europe.   This   great   and   powerful   kingdom   at   the   peak   of   its power   was   collecting   tribute   from   twenty   five   conquered   peoples.   Conquest   was   their   vocation   and   still   is. In   the   10th   century   The   Khazar   kingdom   was   heavily   defeated   and   was   incorporated   into   the   Russian state.   The   Khazar   empire   then   disappeared   from   the   history   of   the   world.   Ever   since   that   time   Russia   has been   invading   and   occupying   neighbouring   territory.   Disraeli   remarked   about   the   "mysterious   Russian diplomacy"   which   was   controlled   by   his   co-racialists.   With   the   1917   revolution   the   Khazars   wiped   out   the Czar   and   the   Russian   aristocracy   and   completely   re-conquered   Russia,   which   they   kept   in   subjugation   until the   Soviet   Union   was   dismantled.   The   Khazars   are   now   well   on   the   way   to   world   domination   by   a combination of cool cheek and the use of the dirtiest means which are effective for their purpose. Our   problem   is   that   Europeans   fail   to   identify   the   Jews   and   false,   Khazar   Jews   who   dominate   their   politics, media   and   finances.   Jews   are   using   the   new   laws   of   anti-Semitism   to   prevent   anyone   from   exposing   their evil   deeds.   They   cannot   claim   to   be   British,   French,   German   or   Italian   and   be   Jewish,   which   entails   being of   a   different   race   with   different   loyalties   and   opposing   objectives.   Claims   of   anti-Semitism   are   bogus.   By far   the   majority   of   Semites   in   the   world   are   Arabs   and   not   one   of   them   has   ever   complained   of   anti- Semitism.   Semites   have   heavy   features   with   thick   lips   and   large   noses.   Those   claiming   to   be   Jews,   or hiding   their   Jewish   identity,   in   European   politics,   like   Peter   Mandelson,   Jack   Straw,   David   Cameron   and Nicholas Sarkozy have fine features and are clearly members of the Khazar tribe. Jews   came   to   England   with   William   of   Normandy   in   1066.   It   is   pretty   certain   that   these   Jews   would   have been   responsible   for   the   idea   of   compiling   the   Doomsday   Book   in   order   to   acquire   a   complete   inventory   of the   country   and   to   guide   them   in   exploring   a   means   to   set   up   a   system   of   usurious   money   lending.   They became   unpopular   with   the   English   but   stayed   until   they   were   expelled   in   1290,   by   that   great   king   and   man of   vision,   Edward   1st.   Later   Edward   11   suppressed   the   Knights   Templar   who   were   the   bankers   of   the period   and   also   the   ancestors   of   Freemasonry.   As   a   result   England   became   prosperous   during   the   14th, 15th and 16th centuries when it was known as "Merrie England". Later   the   Jews   were   also   expelled   from   France,   the   Knights   Templar   having   also   been   suppressed   as   in England.   The   result   in   France   was   also   great   prosperity   until   the   end   of   the   seventeenth   century   when   the secret   societies   and   Ashkenazim   Jews   ruined   it   with   the   French   Revolution.   After   that   Jews   got   a   grip   on the   country   and   it   has   been   in   trouble   ever   since.   Investigation   shows   that   movements   like   Theosophy,   the Grand   Orient,   Freemasonry,   Illuminism,   the   Templars,   Rosicrucians   etc   all   derive   their   ideas   from   the Jewish   Cabala.   It   is   true   that   many   of   their   leaders   have   been   Gentiles,   but   the   control   in   all   cases remained   in   the   hands   of   the   Sanhedrin.   In   fact,   in   the   final   analysis,   it   all   comes   from   Satan,   as   it   is   proved by   the   black   magic   basis   of   their   rituals.   Although   this   is   normally   only   known   to   the   most   secret   and advanced   members.   It   is   to   be   noted   that   the   works   of   these   secret   societies   are   always   damaging   to   the Nordic   peoples.   They   are   always   against   individual   freedom   and   national   sovereignty.   On   the   other   hand they always work to destructive purposes by means of Nihilism, Socialism or Communism. Although   they   had   been   expelled,   it   is   clear   that   Jews   retained,   or   in   time   regained,   contacts   in   England because,   during   the   reign   of   Charles   1st,   they   organised   the   English   Revolution   by   similar   methods   to those   used   later   to   organise   the   French   Revolution.   In   both   cases   the   revolutions   were   brought   about   by the   activities   of   secret   societies   and   the   use   of   "mobs",   organised   and   paid   for   from   behind-the-scenes   in London   and   Paris   respectively.   The   mobs   that   made   up   the   demonstrators   in   London   and   Paris   were imported for the purpose, as they still are in Europe and America today. Cromwell   was   financed   by   the   Amsterdam   Jew   Rabbi   Manesseh   Ben   Israel   and   Fernandez   Carvajal,   the "Great   Jew"   as   he   was   called.   He   was   the   chief   contractor   of   the   new   model   army.   It   was   Jews   who insisted   upon   and   had   the   power   to   bring   about   through   the   control   of   money,   the   execution’   –   in   fact   the murder   of   Charles   1st,   in   order   for   them   to   be   able   to   regain   admission   to   England   which   they   did   illegally under   Cromwell.   The   Jews   would   never   have   gained   any   political   influence   while   a   king   and   his   court   ruled England.   (Parliament,   which   became   the   ruling   body,   was   originally   created   by   King   Edward   1st   as   a talking   shop   for   people   who   had   no   contact   with   the   court,   to   put   forward   their   views.   The   name   parliament is derived from the French word "parler" to talk.) The   evidence   of   all   this   Jewish   activity   was   confirmed   by   Jewish   sources   in   the   writings   of   Isaac   Disraeli (father   of   Benjamin,   Earl   of   Beaconsfield);   the   writings   of   Benjamin   himself   and   in   the   "Protocols   of   the Elders   of   Zion"   which   fell   into   gentile   hands   in   1897,   and   in   which   is   the   sentence   "Remember   the   French Revolution, the secrets of its preparations are well known to us for it was entirely the work of our hands." When   Oliver   Cromwell   died   the   public   celebrated   and   insisted   on   Charles   11nd   being   restored   to   the throne.   But   he   never   had   the   power   of   former   kings   and   had   no   idea   of   the   Jewish   problem   or   their   plans. The   Jews   developed   propaganda   against   the   Papacy   and   got   the   people   divided   on   it.   While   the   public was   squabbling   over   the   Papacy   Jews   were   making   plans   for   placing   the   control   of   finances   of   both England   and   Scotland   into   their   hands.   From   then   on   economic   machinery   was   set   in   motion   which ultimately   reduced   all   wealth   to   the   fictitious   terms   of   gold   which   the   Jews   control   and   drained   away   the   life- blood   of   the   land   which   was   the   birthright   of   the   British   people.   Shortly   after   the   political   and   economic union   of   England   and   Scotland,   was   forced   on   to   Scotland   with   wholesale   corruption   and,   in   defiance   of every   county   and   borough.   The   main   object   of   the   Union   was   suppression   of   the   Royal   Mint   of   Scotland and   Scottish   responsibility   for   the   National   Debt.   The   second-world-war   with   Germany   and   the   recent military   invasions   of Arab   lands   has   been   to   terminate   their   national   banks   that   work   on   a   fair   system.   The Jewish   bankers   are   determined   to   get   every   nation   burdened   with   their   system   of   usury.   One   may   ask   why all   of   our   religious   leaders   remain   silent   over   this   anti-Christ   activity.   The   only   time   Jesus   became   angry was   when   he   threw   the   Jewish   moneylenders   out   of   a   temple   saying   they   were   turning   it   into   a   den   of thieves.   Shouldn’t   we   all   be   clamouring   for   non-usury   banking   today?"   I   remember   around   1953   a   letter   in the   Jewish   Chronicle   from   a   reader   who   was   concerned   about   the   overbearing   activities   of   the   thousands of   Ashkenazi   Jews   that   had   arrived   in   the   newly   formed   Israel   from   Eastern   Europe.   They   had   suddenly become   dominated   by   these   newcomers   and   were   wondering   if   they   were   Jews   at   all.   Genuine   Jews   had been    living    among    Palestinians    in    relative    peace    for    generations.    Today    many    Orthodox    Jews    (all Sephardic)   are   anti   Zionist   and   oppose   the   creation   of   Israel.   They   feel   that   to   occupy   the   Holy   Land through force and trickery would seriously displease God.
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