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When   Harold   Wilson’s   Labour   Party   was   elected   many   Britons   foolishly   believed   they   now   had   a   socialist government   that   would   work   for   them.   In   fact   they   had   an   anti-British   alien   force   that   was   packed   with hostile   Zionist   Jews.   In   many   cases   the   offending   MPs   and   advisers   were   also   Soviet   agents,   communists, Fabians,   members   of   secret   societies   or   paedophiles.   Because   they   were   taken   seriously   by   the   BBC   and many   tabloid   newspapers   the   public   failed   to   notice   how   they   did   their   utmost   to   destroy   Britain   and   its indigenous   people.   This   was   just   fifteen   years   after   we   were   supposed   to   have   fought   a   war   to   defend   our shores   and   protect   our   way   of   life.   For   the   first   time   parliament   would   undermine   traditional   British   values and   promote   a   new   rebellious   anti-culture.   This   anti-culture   tried   to   persuade   youngsters   that   foreigners, who   had   no   place   in   Britain,   are   as   British   as   they   are.   These   nation-wrecking   ideas   are   still   being   directed at   impressionable   and   naive   adolescents. Attempts   to   subvert   the   young   began   with   the   bright   lights,   noise and   euphoria   of   the   "Swinging   Sixties".   This   had   instant   appeal   to   the   young,   as   the   beat   music   and excitement was a departure from the calm period of the early post-war years. It   was   during   Harold   Wilson's   time   in   office   that   the   natural   inclination   to   safeguard   one's   homeland   first began   to   be   abandoned   in   favour   of   the   absurdity   of   a   borderless   mass   of   chaotic   humanity   living   in harmony.   This   new   ruling   elite   ensured   that   every   patriot   who   wanted   to   work   in   Britain’s   interest   was   kept out   of   parliament.   Only   nation-wreckers   would   be   allowed   to   hold   positions   that   give   power   or   influence. One   of   these   was   Shirley   Williams,   who   appeared   at   first   glance   to   be   a   moderate,   average   English   woman. A   bit   dotty   at   times,   but   you   would   not   expect   someone   middle-aged   like   her   to   be   expounding   nation- wrecking, communist ideas. However, she embraced them like a juvenile college Marxist. We   didn’t   need   telling   that   the   anti-British   nonsensical   ideas   that   she   promotes   with   such   single-mindedness originated   at   Oxford   University.   There   she   was   the   first   woman   to   chair   the   Oxford   University   Labour   Club. When   she   was   elected   as   a   Labour   MP   she   was   the   obvious   choice   to   become   the   "Education   Secretary   in the Labour government from where she could lead our children astray. The   hatred   for   her   own   nation   that   had   been   engendered   in   her   mind   manifested   itself   in   1977   when   she called   for   the   British   to   give   up   ruling   themselves   and   hand   control   of   Parliament   over   to   a   black   Prime Minister.   (Seemingly,   any   black   would   do,   as   there   was   no   likely   candidate   on   the   horizon.)   She   made   her announcement    in    a    government-produced,    race-mixing    periodical    called    Equals    (implying    that    every foreigner is equal to us in our own country). Here is a word-for-word account as it appeared in EQUALS No12, February/March 1977: Now children bring cultural riches to school The   positive   side   of   education   in   a   multi-racial   society   was   spelt   out   by   Mrs   Shirley   Williams,   Secretary   of State   for   Education   and   Science,   when   she   addressed   the   annual   conference   of   the   Council   for   Education in World Citizenship early in January. Having   asked   how   education   could   be   more   internationally   responsive,   she   answered,   "We   can   do   it   in Britain   by   not   only   recognising   the   fact   that   we   are   now   in   a   multi-national   and   multi-racial   country   but   by actually   using   that   to   good   purpose.   I   think   that   many   of   our   schools   can   take   further   the   richness   of resources   embodied   in   the   fact   that   some   of   their   students   will   come   from   Ireland,   some   from   India,   some from   the   West   Indies   and   others   from   the   continent   of   Europe.   Some   from   these   countries   will   be   able   to   tap that multiplicity of cultural background and historical background to make education more alive. We   shouldn't   see   it   as   a   problem   but   increasingly   as   an   opportunity   because   that   is   what   it   is.   Incidentally   ... in   the   next   couple   of   years   we   are   going   to   have   to   make   up   our   minds   to   drop   the   word   "immigrants" because   there   aren't   any   more   in   this   country   -   or   only   very   few   -   there   are   black   Britons,   brown   Britons, white   Britons   and   yellow   Britons   and   it   is   about   time   that   we   recognised   the   fact   that   we   are   if   you   like,   a rainbow country. Mrs   Williams   also   looked   forward   to   the   day   when   Britain   would   have   a   black   Prime   Minister,   saying,   "I   hope that   he   will   one   day   be   black.   Then   we   will   have   overthrown   a   stereotype   that   only   white   men   rule   things   in this   country."   She   made   this   clear   when   she   spoke   of   -   working   for   the   "Council   for   Education   in   World Citizenship"   (in   a   world   devoid   of   countries).   She   then   went   on   to   reinforce   this   statement   with   the   lines "recognising   the   fact   that   that   we   are   now   in   a   multi-national   and   multi-racial   country".   The   multi-national term   refers   to   the   proposed   global   dictatorship.   Williams   then   uses   the   words   "multi-racial   country"   in   the context   of   describing   post-national   Britain,   as   no   more   than   a   general   landmass,   marked   by   postcodes, rather than a nation, which of course it would then no longer be. Williams   then   goes   on   to   make   the   absurd   statement   that   we   should   drop   the   word   "immigrants"   because there   aren't   any   more   in   this   country   -   or   only   a   very   few.   Williams   was   a   muddle-head   who   was   known   to get   on   a   train   going   in   the   wrong   direction   and   arrive   late   for   meetings.   We   are   not   talking   Brain   of   Britain here,   but   to   claim   that   the   United   Kingdom   had   so   few   immigrants   that   they   didn't   need   classifying   is madness in the extreme. As   for   the   colours   brown,   black,   white   and   yellow   being   like   a   rainbow,   we   think   they   would   more   resemble   a cesspit.   Note   how   Shirley   Williams,   like   all   other   Education   ministers,   dwells   on   recreating   society,   with never   a   word   about   the   need   to   improve   the   quality   of   education   itself.   Importing   a   mass   of   people   from   all over   the   world   of   different   religions,   races,   cultures,   attitudes   to   life   and   levels   of   development   does   not create a nation. But it certainly will destroy one. Shirley   Williams   wasn't   the   only   vehemently   anti-British   female   cabinet   minister   in   Wilson's   government. Equally   repugnant   was   Judith   Hart   the   Minister   for   Overseas   Development.   The   incompetent   Labour   Party, (responsible   for   power   cuts,   strikes,   financial   ruin   and   unburied   corpses)   had   the   cheek   to   think   they   should be   allowed   to   develop Africa.   This   was   during   the   same   period   they   were   expending   a   great   deal   of   energy removing competent white farmers and administrators from that continent. Wilson's   government   devoted   much   time   to   stabbing   White   Rhodesians   in   the   back   and   thinking   about handing   that   country   over   to   black   terrorists.   There   was   a   report   that   guerrillas   from   Mozambique   had   gone over   the   border   and   been   shooting   white   families   in   Rhodesia.   Judith   Hart's   response   was   to   get   solidly behind   the   black   terrorists.   However,   it   was   Margaret   Thatcher's   incoming   government   that   finally   finished Rhodesia   by   installing   Robert   Mugabe   as   dictator   of   that   country,   which   he   renamed   Zimbabwe.   Judith   Hart was   made   a   Dame   in   recognition   of   her   achievements   in   helping   to   bring   Christian,   European   rule   to   an   end both in the UK and overseas. The   curse   of   the   party   system   is   it   allows   the   worst   kind   of   people   to   get   elected   without   voters   knowing their   real   intentions.   The   Labour,   Liberal,   Conservative   and   communists   parties   have   been   following   their own nation-wrecking agenda for eight decades, without the public even becoming suspicious. In   September   2017   it   was   announced   that   fifty   million   pounds   is   to   be   spent   in   London   alone   to   tackle terrorism. Could   these   be   your   new   neighbours?   If   they   make   themselves   at   home   in   the   UK   and   you   insist   that   they are   not   British   and   have   no   right   to   be   here,   you   could   be   summoned   to   court   under   the   "race   relations acts,"   fined   and   receive   a   criminal   record.   So   where   does   all   of   this   anti-British   legislation   come   from?   From people   like   the   Milliband   family!   They   fled   to   the   UK   from   Poland   after   communist   Jews   had   deeply   angered the   Poles.   Ralph   Milliband,   the   father   of   Ed   and   David,   was   a   troublesome,   manic   Marxist,   but   this   didn’t prevent   him   becoming   "Professor   of   Politics   at   the   University   of   Leeds.   In   1941   Ralph   Milliband   wrote   "The English   are   rabid   nationalists,   they   are   perhaps   the   most   nationalist   people   in   the   world.   When   you   hear   the Englishmen   talk   you   sometimes   want   them   to   lose   the   war. To   lose   their   Empire   would   be   the   worst   possible humiliation   for   them".   Soon   after,   all   of   the   various   factions   of   Jewish   politics   united   to   break   up   the   British Empire. The   Daily   Mail   published   an   article   on   27th   September   2013   about   Ralph   Milliband,   titled   "The   man   who hated   Britain."   Yet   the   Milliband   sons   were   able   to   remain   at   the   heart   of   British   politics.   David,   who   is   not very    bright,    became    leader    of    the    Labour    Party.    It    was    common    knowledge    in    the    1970’s    that    the Conservative   Party   doesn’t   allow   any   intelligent   Britons   to   rise   up   its   ranks.   In   comparison   to   Labour   and Liberal   MP’s   however   they   look   like   brains   of   Britain.   Enoch   Powell   had   been   inviting   West   Indians   to   come to   England   to   work   for   the   NHS   and   drive   buses.   When   he   realised   the   catastrophic   effect   this   would eventually   have   he   pointed   out   the   dangers   of   mass   immigration.   He   immediately   became   the   most   popular MP   with   support   of   both   Conservative   and   Labour   voters.   Parliament,   which   is   deeply   committed   to   the destruction   of   the   British   nation,   immediately   kicked   him   out   of   the   Conservative   Party.   The   British   have   had no   control   over   their   own   country   for   nearly   a   hundred   years,   who   comes   to   the   UK   is   decided   by   a Zionist/communist enemy within. David   Milliband   managed   to   gain   control   of   the   Foreign   Office   in   Tony   Blair’s   government.   He   used   his position    to    send    out    an    official    supportive    Ramadam    message,    while    ignoring    St    George    Day    and Christmas.   He   excused   his   snub   to   Christian   Britons   by   saying   it   was   his   "celebration   of   diversity",   in   other words   his   delight   at   the   destruction   of   the   British   nation.   This   shows   that   British   voters   can   no   longer   afford to   be   led   astray   by   the   mass   media;   they   need   to   pay   full   attention   to   what   is   going   on.   Ensure   that   Zionists, bankers and Marxists are soundly rejected and play no further part in Western politics. For   the   past   six   years   I   have   been   able   to   have   an   intelligent   political   conversation   with   every   kind   of foreigner,   which   I   cannot   often   do   with   my   fellow   countrymen.   A   deep   fear   of   stating   what   is   on   their   minds has   been   engendered   into   the   British   by   those   they   voted   in   to   parliament.   Clearly   they   are   suffering   in   the same way as the unfortunate people of the former Soviet regime .
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