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In   the   1930s   both   Soviet   and   German   scientists   were   looking   at   ways   of   controlling   their   populations.   They found   that   they   could   influence   people's   minds   and   levels   of   fertility   by   placing   certain   additives   in   the   water supply.   Fluoride   was   found   to   reduce   people's   resistance   to   being   dominated.   The   capability   to   silence   and enfeeble   the   people   is   something   that   many   dictatorships   seem   to   desire   in   order   to   subdue   dissenters. This occurs   not   only   in   open   tyrannies,   but   bogus   democracies   like   our   own,   which   is   no   less   than   an   elected dictatorship.   Many   patriots,   moral   leaders   and   nationalists   can   attest   to   having   been   vigorously   suppressed in Britain during the past seventy five years. If   tyrants   cannot   keep   their   mind-controlling   techniques   secret,   they   invent   reasons   that   sound   plausible   to overcome   criticism.   So   it   has   been   with   the   water   fluoridation   schemes.   German   scientists   found   that fluoride   administered   in   small   regular   doses   could   make   the   public   docile.   This   works   by   acting   on   the   rear occiput   of   the   left   lobe   of   the   brain,   slowly   poisoning   and   narcoticizing   that   area   which   generates   self-will. For   many   years   there   was   collusion   between   the   Germans,   Americans,   Britons   and   Russians,   where   any new advances found in controlling the public were exchanged between them. Scientist,   Charles   Eliot   Perkins   spent   nearly   20   years   working   for   the   US   government   studying   chemistry, biochemistry,   physiology   and   pathology.   After   the   Second   World   War   he   was   sent   to   Germany   to   help   take charge   of   the   giant   IG   Farben   chemical   industry.   There   he   was   told   by   a   German   chemist,   prominent   in   the government   that,   any   person   who   drinks   artificially-fluoridated   water   for   a   period   of   one   year   or   more   will never be the same person again mentally or physically. Claims   that   fluoride   is   beneficial   are   false.   It   only   affects   children's   teeth   during   their   formative   years.   Even among   this   age   group   there   is   no   evidence   of   any   benefits.   Why   fluoridate   the   entire   public   water   supply when   those   who   want   it   could   simply   use   a   small   fluoride   tablet?   Why   do   former   chemist,   Margaret Thatcher and   the   Queen   drink   only   bottled   spring   water?   Can   they   not   see   the   clear   advantages   that   Parliament claims? Or is it that they know something that most other people don't? One    anti-German    wartime    piece    of    propaganda,    made    use    of    by    both    the    British    and    American governments,   was   to   criticise   the   horrific   scientific   experiments   being   carried   out   in   Deutschland.   What became   of   these   Frankenstein   scientists?   When   the   war   ended   in   1945   these   "persona   non   grata"-rated scientists   were   taken   to   America   and   Britain,   where   they   continued   with   exactly   the   same   frightful   tests. Despite   the   so-called   Cold   War,   collusion   between   the   Soviets   and   the   West   continued.   Virtually   all   Russia's military advances through the 1950's, '60s and '70s came from knowledge passed to them from the West. If   America,   in   particular,   had   not   given   technical   assistance   to   the   Russians,   the   great   Soviet   threat   could not   have   been   sustained. A   catalogue   of   military   and   scientific   knowledge   passed   to   the   Soviets   by   the   US has been catalogued by Anthony C. Sutton in his book "Military Aid to the Soviet Union".


After   the Axis   powers   surrendered,   German   scientists   were   flown   to America   and   the   UK   where   they   joined various   government-run   experimental   agencies.   Soon   after   this,   came   evidence   that   inhuman   experiments were being carried out on innocent members of the public. From   1947   to   as   recently   as   1993   civilians   were   being   injected   with   doses   of   radioactive   material,   often under   the   pretext   that   they   were   receiving   medical   treatment.   Both   in   Britain   and America   hundreds   (maybe thousands)   of   pregnant   women,   children   in   institutions   as   well   as   cancer   sufferers   were   administered radioactive material in secret tests. These   experiments   took   place   when   radioactivity   levels   rose   after   a   series   of   nuclear   explosions.   The governments   concerned   became   secretly   alarmed   and   wanted   to   know   to   what   extent   they   had   put   public life   at   risk.   Rather   than   halt   all   further   experiments   they   decided   to   find   out   what   effects   further   increased levels   of   radiation   would   have   on   the   human   body.   They   then   carried   out   tests   on   unsuspecting   people. Many   of   those   selected   for   the   purpose   died,   some   became   permanently   ill,   while   others   gave   birth   to children with serious medical ailments, sometimes with fatal results. Studies   were   carried   out   on   human   guinea   pigs   in America   in   July   1947   as   part   of   the   "Manhattan   Project", where   unsuspecting   victims   were   injected   with   a   poisonous   substance.   We   are   told   that   the   information gathered   from   these   monstrous   tests   was   regarded   as   of   little   use   and   soon   discarded.   During   the   1950's, more   children,   hospital   patients   and   pregnant   women   were   deliberately   exposed   to   radioactive   material.   To cover   up   the   sinister   aims   of   these   experiments   the   name   "Project   Sunshine"   was   given   to   them.   In   1955, the   atomic   scientists   carrying   out   the   experiments   in   the   US   admitted   that   a   similar   study   was   taking   place in England, and they hoped that all the results could be collated. British   government   officials   denied   that   such   experiments   were   taking   place.   Since   then,   many   victims   and their   families   have   pieced   together   the   alarming   facts.   It   has   been   established   that   many   tests   were   carried out on various unsuspecting groups in the UK. Investigations   by   the   families   found   that   many   of   the   children   and   babies   who   died   from   suspected   radiation exposure   had   parts   of   their   bodies   removed   in   order   to   record   the   long-term   radiation   levels.   Among   the children   who   died   from   such   tests   was   a   six-month-old   baby   from Anglesy. The   Medical   Research   Council   is a   government   department   that   was   responsible   for   these   atrocities.   Yet   a   war   had   been   fought,   in   part   we were told, to put an end to such atrocities taking place in a foreign land. Windscale   opened   in   Britain   in   1951.   One   of   its   purposes   was   to   produce   plutonium   for   nuclear   weapons, (Questions   should   have   been   raised   at   the   time   of   whether   warmongering   British   governments   should   be trusted   with   such   things).   In   1957   a   fire   broke   out   at   the   factory,   spreading   radioactive   material   throughout the   north   of   England.   With   little   concern   for   life,   the   accident   was   played   down   and   only   cosmetic   action   was taken that consisted of little more than destroying the milk that had been collected at the time. We   must   not   forget,   either,   the   British   servicemen   who   were   sent   to   watch   a   nuclear   explosion   in   the   Pacific. They   never   knew   what   they   were   entering   into   and   had   not   been   briefed   on   the   dangers.   On   account   of being   far   too   close,   many   suffered   lifelong   physical   problems   for   which   they   are   still   awaiting   a   proper apology and suitable compensation. Now   that   Britain,   thanks   to   Parliament,   has   been   reduced   to   a   non-producing   bankrupt   and   backward country   we   are   resorting   to   taking   in   other   countries   nuclear   waste   and   dustbin   ships   laden   with   asbestos for disposal.


No   sooner   had   the   bankers   and   Zionists   seen   their   puppet   Barak   Obama   elected   in   America   when   pro world-government    began    to    appear.    On    December    9th    2008    a    front    page    headline    was    “World Government”?   For   the   first   time   in   my   life,   I   think   the   formation   of   such   a   thing   is   plausible.”    The   one-sided article   was   written   by   Gideon   Rachman.   We   must   say   that   the   name   doesn’t   inspire   one   with   a   sense   of trust.   Nor   should   it,   nothing   should   be   casually   taken   on   blind   trust.   Gideon   Rachman’s   article   begins,   “I have   never   believed   that   there   is   a   secret   United   Nation’s   plot   to   take   over   the   US.   I   have   never   seen   black helicopters   in   the   sky   above   Montana.   But   for   the   first   time   in   my   life,   I   think   the   formation   of   some   sort   of world   government   is   plausible.”    In   fact   the   UN   is   one   of   many   international   organisations   that   were   created to   take   power   away   from   national   governments   by   the   US   government.   The   United   Nations   was   created   by Alger   Hiss   while   working   for   the   American   government.   He   was   not   only   President   Franklin   D   Roosevelt’s right hand man who attended the dreadful Yalta Conference, but he was also a Soviet spy. Rachman   proposes   that   “the   European   Union   which   has   already   set   up   a   continental   government   for   27 countries   could   be   a   model.”    He   writes   this   as   though   the   idea   is   a   new   concept.   Many   nationalists, Christians   and   free-thinkers   have   known   of   the   plan   to   create   a   satanic   world-government   through   linking four   or   five   EU   style   blocs   for   decades.   Barry   Smith   the   New   Zealand   born   again   Christian,   travelled extensively   during   the   1970’s   and   80’s   giving   explicit   lectures   to   warn   of   the   forthcoming   money   crash   and the simultaneous rise of Satan. Gideon   Rachman   then   goes   on   to   use   more   false   claims   to   make   the   case   for   world   government.   He contends   that   “   the   most   difficult   issues   facing   governments   are   international   in   nature.    If   he   meant   national governments   coming   together   to   help   solve   the   problem   we   would   agree.   But   what   globalists   have   in   mind is   one   central   executive   with   total   power,   controlled   by   them   and   not   answerable   to   anyone.   The   global financial   crisis   and   global   terrorism   were   created   by   the   same   people   calling   for   world   government.    The global   money   crisis   was   caused   by   the   clandestine   group   who   control   world   finances.   Once   again   these   are the same people who think they can be trusted as global dictators. The   so   called   war   on   terror   is   no   more   than   a   means   to   try   and   panic   the   public   into   giving   up   their   freedom and   right   to   self   determination.   Once   again   it   was   principally   the   anti-nationalist,   American   and   British governments   with   their   assaults   on   Muslim   lands   that   created   the   problem.   Did   they   really   think   that   the Iraqis   and   Afghans   were   going   to   thank   them   for   bombing   their   countries,   maiming   and   killing   their   people, devastating their towns and placing them under occupation?
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