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You must see. We   all   know   that   parliament   is   following   an   anti-British,   "world-government"   agenda.   It   is   time   for   all   of   our people to wake up and take our country back, before we become a dispossessed minority. The Deliberate Destruction of Britain by Parliament.pdf http://theflameuk.com/vids/VID-20190104-W6+6++A0001.mp4 The gov document: https://www.gov.uk/asylum-support/what-youll-get See   this   terrified   young   girl   who   is   scared   to   leave   her   house   in   fear   of   being   killed,   due   to Angela   Merkel's fanatical, anti-German policies.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGfP8CyJAhg   * * * * * * * * * * From issue 25 of The Flame - Jan 2005  


In   recent   years   many   senior   police   officers   and   high   ranking   members   of   the   armed   forces   have   been appointed   more   for   their   anarchist   beliefs   and   New   World   Order   loyalties   than   for   their   ability   to   carry   out their   respective   duties.   The   good   old   "common-sense   copper"   does   not   fit   into   New   Labour's   politically- correct   police   force   where   one   generally   has   to   be   a   member   of   a   sinister   inner   circle,   known   as   the   loop   (or snake) to rise through the ranks. Anyone   in   public   life   will   admit   that   it   is   becoming   increasingly   more   difficult   to   declare   that   one   is   a   Christian without   being   vilified   by   left-wing   thought   police.   It   is   still   possible   to   hold   Christian-based   moral   values   but   to announce   that   one   is   a   Christian   is   risking   a   hostile   confrontation.   What   we   are   witnessing   is   a   rise   of   the anti-Christ. Satan   has   now   officially   entered   the   realm   of   the   Royal   Navy.   N.C.O.   Chris   Cranmer   has been   given   permission   to   set   up   a   Devil's   altar   aboard   a   frigate   and,   while   at   sea,   perform satanic   rituals. According   to   a   report   in   the   Daily   Mail   of   October   25th   2004   the   serviceman says he believes he is evil. Cranmer   said   that   he   studied   the   Satanic   Bible   when   he   was   15.   This   book   was   written   by Anton   Szander   La   Vey   who   founded   the   church   of   Satan   in   San   Francisco   in   1966.   The movement    preaches    that    Satan    represents    all    of    the    so-called    sins    as    they    lead    to physical, mental and emotional gratification. Anto   Szander   La   Vey,   below,   was   referred   to   as   Levy   on   several   occasions   by Archbishop Malingo,   inferring   that   founder   of   this   Satanic   movement   was   Jewish. The   Church   of   Satan has much in common with the British and American governments in that they are all anti-white, anti-Christian and   anti-European. The   C.O.S   held   a   public   ceremony   in   California   which   was   advertised   as   a   "sacrifice   and ritual   to   atone   for   the   "white   man’s   destruction   of   the   native   Americans."   This   act   consisted   in   part   of   a Satanic High Priest having a whisky bottle thrust into his rectum. P eter    Gilmore    a    long-term    associate    of    La    Vey    wrote    an    article    entitled "Pretenders   to   the   Throne-   Regarding   "The   Temple   of   Set."   The   Temple   of Set   came   into   being   when   a   split   in   the   organisationtook   place   in   1974. Gilmore   informs   us   that   "The   Church   of   Satan   was   at   the   time   and   continues to   be,   a   large   and   stratifiedorganisation   with   many   discreet   individuals   placed in    positions    of    power."   An    insider    claimed    there    are    over    50,000    active Satanists   in   London   and   that   most   of   them   are   from   the   upper-middle   and upper classes. Through   personal   contacts   members   of   closed   societies   easily   manage   to   secure   jobs   in   the   mass   media, dissemination   of   news   and   the   public   service   sector.   (No   job   interviews   for   them.)   As   a   result   the   public suffers   from   groups   who   promote   their   own   strange   interests   rather   than   serving   the   nation.   This   is   why   the word   "national"   has   become   a   taboo   word.   This   also   explains   how   the   anti-Christ   fraternity,   comprising bankers,    Zionists,    Freemasons    and    high-ranking    members    of    the    Fabian    Society,    have    been    able    to dominate Western politics and prevent the most honest, knowledgeable and capable from becoming MPs. The    recently    introduced    "Human    Rights    Laws"    were    created    in    order    that    all    manner    of    evils    and wrongdoings   could   be   introduced   into   our   society.   It   has   been   through   the   Human   Rights   laws   that   Chris Cranmer   was   able   to   bring   Satanism   into   the Armed   Forces.   This   monstrous   act   will   create   further   problems in our already spiritually-damaged, chaotic and dysfunctional post -1960's society. It   has   been   common   practice   for   minorities   who   hold   political   control   of   a   large   majority   to   turn   to   unseen forces   of   darkness   for   help.   Those   practising   the   black   arts   often   seem   to   prosper,   but   rewards   come   at   a price.   Such   beneficiaries   may   believe   that   they   are   using   unseen   forces   of   evil   to   aid   them   in   their   ambitions. In reality they are being used by the anti-Christ to fulfil the devil's programme. Both   British   and   American   governments   utilise   forms   of   trickery.   Sometimes   politicians   pretend   not   to   be doing   what   they   clearly   are.   Sometimes   when   confronted   with   their   own   serious   misdeeds,   they   have   tried   to hide   their   guilt   by   sending   out   misleading   signals.   When   proven   guilty   most   people   will   appear   awkward, apologise   and   blush,   thus   registering   their   guilt.   Politicians   like   Bill   Clinton,   George   Bush   and   Tony   Blair   try to   fool   us   by   not   showing   any   of   the   expected   guilt   reactions.   Instead   they   calmly   tell   us   that   they   "have   done nothing   wrong".   The   public   are   expected   to   react   by   thinking   if   they   are   not   displaying   the   emotions   that   we would   expect   from   someone   who   is   guilty   perhaps   we   are   wrong   to   accuse   them.   Bill   Clinton   used   this technique   during   the   Monica   Lewinsky   scandal   when   he   claimed   'This   is   not   sex'   while   Tony   Blair   uses   the same trick to avoid being convicted of the crime of starting unnecessary wars. For   years   British   governments   have   tried   to   convince   us   that   we   are   not   entering   a   Euro-state   when   we clearly   are.   New   Labour   is   still   blatantly   claiming   that   foreigners   only   make   up   a   tiny   percentage   of   the population   and   that   immigration   has   been   good   for   Britain.   Most   people   can   see   for   themselves   that   this   is not   the   case,   but   few   people   take   them   to   task   over   it   because   a   myth   has   been   created   that   nothing   can   be done about it. Another   means   politicians   use   to   avoid   criticism   when   they   do   wrong,   is   to   act   in   a   confident   manner   hoping that   no-one   will   become   suspicious   and   question   their   actions.   The   way   in   which   Tony   Blair   handed   the much   mistrusted   Peter   Mandelson   in   his   self-appointed   position   as   a   British   Commissioner   in   the   EU   is   a good example. Since   New   Labour   came   to   power   evil   has   walked   our   land.   Murder,   sodomy,   rape,   paedophilia,   kidnapping and   personal   attacks   have   become   commonplace.   Drink   and   drug   abuse   has   also   caused   serious   social problems,   often   resulting   in   suicide,   bullying,   depression   or   self-mutilation.   New   Labour   has   done   more   than any   previous   administration   to   destroy   all   that   is   good,   and   supplant   it   with   all   that   is   evil.   They   have   also created   new   groups   of   terrorists   from   the   countries   they   have   bombed   and   destroyed.   Thousands   of   victims of   the   US   attacks   have   been   welcomed   into   the   West   by   evil   politicians   in   the   hope   they   will   attack   the general   public.   Yet   Labour's   general   election   message   is   that   they   themselves   are   the   only   ones   capable   of restoring order. What a cheek! Those   who   want   to   drastically   change   society   would   not   become   dentists   or   plumbers   but   would   gravitate   to positions   where   they   would   have   power   and   influence.   We   would   expect   to   find   them   in   political   parties, broadcasting,   film   production,   literature   and   the   arts.   Political   correctness   which   has   become   the   bane   of   our lives   seems   to   have   a   kind   of   unexplained   magical   control   about   it   and   is   almost   entirely   confined   to   the aforementioned   fields   which   are   monopolised   by   people   who   would   describe   themselves   as   left   wing   and anti-racist.. Peter   Solheim,   was   a   Parish   councillor   in   Cornwall,   he   died   under   mysterious   circumstances   after   practising Satanic rituals and performing at least two black magic spells on other people. We   have   seen   in   recent   years   how   our   rulers   in   Parliament   as   well   as   local   Councillors   have   grown   away from   both   the   working   and   middle   classes.   There   is   a   kind   of   destructive   insanity   in   all   of   the   legislation coming   from   our   elected   representatives.   Within   four   decades   our   prosperous,   honourable,   care-free   and ordered society has become one that is to a large extent unhealthy, violent, chaotic and miserable. While   life   for   the   masses   has   become   a   struggle,   the   parasitic   ruling   elite   have   become   incredibly   wealthy, amoral   and   tyrannical.   Following   up   its   attack   on   British   society,   New   Labour   had   hoped   to   cover   our   island with   Las   Vegas   style   gambling   casinos.   Fortunately   a   great   amount   of   public   opposition   caused   this   venture to   be   terminated.   Until   such   time   as   Labour,   Liberal,   Conservative   and   Communist   candidates   are   soundly defeated   in   the   polls   opposition   to   all   unpopular   legislation   will   have   to   be   dealt   with   in   the   same   effective way.
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