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By Ralph Pentecost

Ralph   Pentecost   lived   in   the   magnificent   country   of   South Africa   while   it   was   under   White   rule.   He   watched, commented   and   wrote   at   length,   recording   the   tragedy   that   destroyed   his   beloved   country.   (Can   anyone imagine--   it   was   worse   than   watching   a   huge   lorry   run   down   your   entire   family.)   In   the   1950’s   it   would   have seemed   inconceivable   that   the   much   under-estimated   "New   World   Order",   against   all   odds   managed   to have its way.   Het   Vlek,   the   hamlet,   which   grew   to   become   South Africa,   was   founded   on   the   shores   of   Table   Bay   by   Van Riebeek   on   the   7th   April   1652.   It   was   not   intended   to   be   anything   other   than   a   victualling   station   for   the ships   of   the   Dutch   East   India   Company's   en-   route   to   the   spice   islands   in   the   East.   No   other   nation   had interest   in   the   region   at   that   time.   The   people   Van   Riebeck   found   there   were   the   Hottentots   and   Bushmen, Khoisan-speaking   peoples.   To   the   Bushmen   in   particular,   southern Africa   was   their   homeland   and   although their numbers were small, they roamed extensively. Fruit   and   vegetable   gardens   were   planted   and   the   hamlet   grew.   What   remains   of   those   gardens   today   are tree   and   flower   gardens,   lawns   and   pathways,   situated   at   the   top   of   Adderley   Street,   the   main   road   in central   Cape   Town.   The   settlement   continued   to   expand   until   roughly   a   hundred   and   twenty   years   after   Van Riebeeck's   landing,   when   for   the   first   time,   substantial   contact   was   made   with   westerly   migrating   tribes   of black   Africans   at   the   eastern   boundary   of   the   colony,   at   the   Great   Fish   river,   east   of   Port   Alfred.   There followed nine interracial wars, which spanned 100 years from 1779 onwards. About   a   hundred   and   forty   years   after   Van   Riebeek,   the   French   were   eying   southern Africa,   and   to   keep   the Cape   route   to   the   far   East   out   of   French   hands,   the   British   invaded   the   Dutch   settlement   and,   as   from   the 16th    of    September    1795,    installed    their    own    governors    in    the    forms    of    Admiral    Sir    G    Elphinstone, Major.General   Alured   Clarke   and   JH   Craig.   The   danger   averted,   the   settlement   was   handed   back   to   the Dutch   on   the   1st   March   1803,   only   to   be   taken   back   by   the   British   on   the   10th   January   1806   and   retained   by them,   until   it   became   a   republic   outside   the   British   Commonwealth   on   the   31st   of   May   1961.   Under   British rule,   much   was   done   to   build   up   the   Colony   and   on   the   30th   May   1910,   the   different   communities   were united   into   the   Union   of   South Africa   and   "South Africa"   and   a   nation   was   born,   with   4   provinces,   the   Cape, Natal, Transvaal and Orange Free State. If   South   Africa   had   a   troubled   history   it   is   nothing   compared   to   that   of   the   world   in   general.   If   governments were   properly   run   and   their   activities   confined   to   the   country   they   were   nominally   the   government   of, mankind   would   be   far   better   off.   Unfortunately,   the   people   permitted   to   govern   are   incapable   of   resisting   the temptations   almost   unrestricted   freedom   presents   to   offices   of   government. As   a   consequence   not   only   has "government"   been   turned   into   a   complicated   seat   for   hero   worship   and   amassing   money   but   its   main objective   has   become   interference   in   and   playing   games   of   intrigue   with   other   "governments",   leading periodically to highly destructive wars. All international wars are started by politicians. Purporting   to   put   an   end   to   international   wars,   in   1920   a   company   of   these   same   politicians   formed   the "League   of   Nations".   Amongst   a   number   of   "mandates"   it   issued   one   to   South   Africa   to   administer   the former   German   territory   known   as   South   West   Africa   which   the   SA   defence   forces   had   captured   in   1915. Failing   dismally,   at   the   end   of   world   war   two   in   1945   a   fresh   alliance   with   more   extensive   goals   was   initiated, called   the   "United   Nations   Organisation"   with   headquarters   in   New   York   City.   In   1996   the   UN   dictatorially and   unilaterally   terminated   SA's   mandate   to   South   West   Africa,   a   move   the   South   African   government rejected.   They   handed   the   matter   over   to   the   International   Court   of   Justice   at   the   "World   Court".   That   Court concurred with the UN in 1971, which ruling the SA government also had the courage to reject. Now   you   must   know   that   what   purports   to   be   a   globally   dictating   body   such   as   the   UN   could   not   afford   to have   its   orders   flouted,   especially   by   a   minor   government.   The   South African   government   would   have   to   be a   lasting   example   to   other   unremitting   governments.   Argumentative   governments   would   have   to   be   forced to   toe-the-line   by   any   means   possible. Trade   sanctions,   oil   and   arms   embargoes,   restricted   travel,   expulsion from   the   Universal   Postal   Union   and   use   of   internal   agent   provocateurs   were   deployed   against   South Africa's white government. The   UN   seized   upon   apartheid   as   a   scapegoat   to   bring   down   South Africa's   rulers. Apartheid   was   no   more than a long-established policy means by which Europeans protected their culture and identity. Living   right   in   the   midst   of   it,   it   became   all   too   apparent   to   the   SA   government   that   when   an   advanced culture   is   integrated   with   a   different,   less   advanced   one,   the   advanced   culture   will   automatically   copy   the less   advanced,   to   degenerate   thereby. Those   who   established   South Africa   were   of   the   most   advanced   race group   in   the   world.   The   Caucasoid,   having   made   the   most   discoveries   and   supplied   the   world   with   a veritable   avalanche   of   inventions   and   manufactured   goods   the   world   now   takes   for   granted.   The   negro settlers   having   just   emerged   from   their   primitive   lifestyles   were   of   the   least   advanced   race   group,   never having   had   a   written   language   of   their   own,   ships   or   brick   houses   and   who   were   scarcely   out   of   the   stone age.   This   made   the   final   outcome   of   integration   all   the   more   bizarre.   Clearly,   if   European   culture   were   to   be preserved,   especially   in   Africa,   racial   integration   must   not   be   permitted.   Hence   the   (Afrikaans:   policy   of separation.) It   was   rabbi   Abraham   L   Feinberg   of   Canada   who   said   "The   only   way   "we"   can   achieve   a   final   solution   to racial   prejudice   is   to   create   a   melange   (a   mixture)   of   races   so   universal   that   no   one   can   preen   himself   on his   racial   purity   or   practise   the   barbarism   to   safeguard   it   ...   The   West   must   tear   the   racial   poison   from   its vitals."   "Racial   prejudice"   is   not   of   course   the   basic   problem   (race-group   integration   is)   with   the   result   that the   rabbi's   "solution"   is   catastrophic!   His   method   would   also   mean   an   end   to   the   Jews,   unless   they   are exempted   as   a   special   case,   as   they   so   often   are.   There   can   be   no   doubt   that   agent   provocateurs   who   had been sent into communities did their work well. The    net    result    of    this    typically    destructive    idea    of    "government" practised   on   such   a   wide   scale   was   the   replacement   of   European government   in   South   Africa   by   black,   in   the   form   of   the   Communistic ANC   and   its   ragtag   beneficiaries.   In   order   to   provide   some   degree   of success,    the    European    Union,    another    branch    of    the    global- government   initiated   an   African   Union.   The   European   Union   clearly shows   up   its   fraudulent   democracy   and   how   easy   it   is   for   politicians to   twist   "the   great   majority"   of   citizens   around   their   fingers.   For   at least   six   years   many   millions   of   euros   were   donated   to   equip,   fund and   educate   the   raw   black   freedom   fighters   and   train   them   in   the   art of   European   "government".   Various   UN   governments   chipped   in   too, with   the   result   that   billions   poured   into ANC   coffers. Thus   a   seemingly impossible   change   of   government   was   brought   about   through   that killer   of   real   national   government,   international   interference ,   which   is responsible for the deadly state the world is in today. A more recent picture of a black South African unhappy at recent events.  Interference,    since    the    beginning    of    time,    has    been    the    essence    of    trouble    between    people,    groups, governments    and    nations.    Much    vaunted    and    protected    democracy,    the    choosing    of    governmental candidates   on   the   basis   of   numbers,   couldn't   be   a   clearer   indication   of   the   intelligence   quota   of   politicians. Members   elected   to   office   should   be   the   best,   most   learned,   most   honest,   most   capable,   most   honest   and of   the   highest   integrity.   Such   people   would   oppose   a   system,   which   uses   loyalty   to   a   corrupt,   self-serving dynasty   as   a   means   of   getting   elected.   Whoever   is   offered   a   position   as   candidate   is   something   of   a   lottery. To   elect   a   government   on   such   a   basis   in   such   a   country   as   South Africa   is   downright   insane.   Many   blacks are   primitive,   bush   living   people   of   the   most   backward   race   group   on   the   planet,   to   bring   them   in   to   the political arena is totally devoid of rationality. SATV,   when   it   isn't   pounding   black   and   white   race   mixing,   daily   presents   pictures   of   the   "poorest   of   the poor"   (specially   organised   for   the   sympathy   trip)   living   in   flooded-out   areas,   no   money,   no   drinking   water,   no drains   or   electric   lighting,   no   schools   "for   our   children"   and   so   much   in   need   of   your   money   but,   they   keep on   having   children   without   a   shred   of   responsibility.   It   is   these   people   who   have   sent   the   population   graph into   a   near   vertical   climb.   Leftists   keep   many   Whites   in   a   state   of   surrender,   by   constantly   telling   them   they are   responsible   for   the   wretched   state   of   poorer   blacks.   One   may   ask   what   would   be   the   position   of primitive   blacks,   if   whites   had   never   ventured   into   Southern   Africa?   They   would   of   course   be   in   a   similar state   as   they   are   today.   So   their   condition   has   absolutely   nothing   to   do   with   Europeans,   particularly   when you consider they chose not to become part of White man’s society. What   is   the   fundamental   change   in   South   Africa   that   has   been   engineered   from   far   away   produced?   To answer   that   question   fairly   one   has   to   be   thoroughly   conversant   with   conditions   in   South   Africa   prior   to   the change,   as   well   as   conditions   after   the   change.   One   need   also   to   bear   in   mind   that   what   we   call   "South Africa"   is   the   product   of   Europeans   and   their   descendants   and   that   black   settlers   never   produced   anything even   vaguely   approaching   it   in   their   history.   They   are   in   fact   squatters   in   South Africa.   Their   heroes   are   not those   who   claim   to   have   won   freedom   from   European   law   for   them,   but   decoys   used   to   divert   attention   from the   G-8   leaders,   who   through   their   fronts   secured   the   current   ANC   elevation.   It   is   only   too   obvious   that   the UN   and   EU   are   the   real   accomplices   in   the   theft   of   South   Africa;   and   of   Rhodesia,   Iraq   ......   and   without whose money and influence none of these degrading changes would have happened, CHANGE FOR THE WORSE In   my   youth,   before   the   change,   schooling   proceeded   smoothly   year   after   year.   Nowadays,   there   are constant   incidents   detracting   from   the   purpose   of   schooling:   trashing   of   the   grounds,   stabbing   of   pupils   or teachers,   even   murders,   the   closing   of   schools   over   some   political   disagreement,   drugs,   murders   and shootings -- things never dreamed of in my days. The   curriculum   was   academic,   adequate   and   free   from   political   contamination.   The   vagaries   of   childhood neither   needed   "counselling"   or   treatment   with   dangerous   habit   forming   psychoactive   drugs,   the   basic cause   of   the   insane   school   shooting   incidents   which   have   arisen   today.   This   insane   practice   instituted   by psychiatrists   with   stated   aims   such   as:   "The   idea   is   to   change   human   nature   through   redefinition   and restructuring   of   education";   "Education   no   longer   means   teaching   people   what   they   need   to   know   ....   it means   teaching   them   to   behave   in   an   unnatural   way.   So-called   mental   health   specialists   say   that   the concept   of   good   and   evil   is   the   basis   of   all   neurosis,   ....   the   world   should   be   freed   from   this   crippling burden."   Does   that   not   run   counter   to   everything   that   is   in   the   bible   ...which   is   the   basis   of   European civilisation?   Other   psychiatric   mind   bending   includes   "That   the   curriculum   be   designed   to   bend   the   student to   the   realities   of   society   ...   a   means   of   altering   culture",   and   "Through   the   schools   of   the   world   we   shall disseminate   a   new   concept   of   government.   Education   which   includes   teaching   the   rational   difference between   what   is   right   and   wrong   is   not   part   of   the   current   ideology   of   the   day.   That   schoolchildren   cannot read   or   spell   their   own   names,   are   already   drug   addicted   in   their   youth,   are   sufficiently   and   artificially mentally   disturbed   to   take   guns   to   school   and   shoot   their   associates   or   become   pregnant   and   have   an abortion   in   their   early   teens,   all   of   these   sudden   changes   which   have   resulted   from   trendy   teaching methods, are considered, by our new rulers, to be a positive advancement over what went before. In   my   youth   there   were   boy's   schools   and   girl's   schools,   thus   eliminating   the   sexual   distractions   which   exist today   during   school   hours.   There   were   white   and   non-white   schools,   thus   eliminating   racial   strife,   cultural differences   and   a   "one   to   fit-all",   make-piece   syllabus.   Since   the   introduction   of   racially-integrated   schools, which   mix   students   with   differing   abilities,   pass   rates   have   declined   nationally   for   the   past   six   years.   Leftists have   a   mania   for   "equality".   Clearly   mentally   slow   students   cannot   be   brought   up   to   the   level   of   the   more studious   and   intelligent   ones.   Therefore,   equality   can   only   be   achieved   by   bringing   all   students   down   to   the level   of   the   near   mentally   retarded   pupils.   Despite   the   insanity   of   their   actions,   liberals,   socialists   and   neo conservatives   all   claim   to   have   improved   the   standard   of   education.   To   make   this   claim   seem   half-plausible exams have been made significantly easier. South   African   cities   were   clean,   orderly   and   safe.   Since   the   regime   change   neither   person   nor   property   is safe.   From   a   civilised   Western-style   country   South Africa   has   become   the   murder,   drug,   sexual   immoral   and lethal-disease   capital   of   the   world.   This   unbridled   lawlessness   is   common   behaviour   in   the   bush,   and   since the   end   of   apartheid,   it   has   spread   like   wildfire   throughout   Southern   Africa.   Having   seen   how   effectively primitive   behaviour   can   destroy   civilisation,   liberals,   Marxists   and   World   Government   people   have   moved millions of people from the third world into Europe to do the same there. AIDS   is   now   wildly   out   of   control   with   around   1,600   new   cases   being   discovered   every   day.   The   teaching   of sex   and   sexual   aberrations,   including   homosexuality   in   schools   is   fuelling   the   AIDS   epidemic.   Vehicle   hi- jackings   and   house   break-ins   are   so   frequent   they're   no   longer   newsworthy.   Theft,   a   common   norm   in   the Bush,   is   now   rampant   all   over   the   city.   Road   sewer   covers   and   electricity   connection   covers   are   missing. Mountain   paths   and   scenic   areas,   where   as   a   youth   I   walked   alone   and   then   at   all   hours,   are   no   longer safe. These today are no-go areas even for groups of tourists. City   streets   are   now   often   littered   with   papers,   empty   bottles,   cartons   and   the   like,   a   sight   once   only   seen   in Afro   shanty   towns.   Pavements   are   often   littered   with   sleeping   bodies,   smelly   from   urine   and   stained   with human   faeces.   So   as   not   to   have   to   come   into   direct   contact   with   such   people,   South   Africa   once   had separate   buses   for   Europeans.   An   act   heavily   criticised   by   World   Government   people   at   the   time   they sought   the   overthrow   of   Western   rule.   Towns   are   overcrowded   with   blacks,   often   from   outside   our   borders. They   are   driven   out   in   one   direction   by   the   appalling   conditions   found   in   their   own   black-governed   countries, while   being   encouraged   to   seek   refuge   in   South   Africa   by   a   "government"   fervent   on   transforming   this country   into   an   exclusively   black   State.   (Millions   of   whites   have   left   South   Africa   to   chance   their   fortunes and   children's   education   in   other   parts   of   the   former   British   Empire.   Although   the   British   government   has made   it   clear   that   it   does   not   want   to   take-in   many   educated,   white   South   Africans,   preferring   instead   to admit   to   the   UK   millions   of   non-white   social   outcasts,   violent   criminals   or   those   suffering   from   a   serious disease.   No   sane   person   would   allow   his   country   to   become   a   squatter   camp   for   the   poorly-off   from   an entire continent because a small handful of people say so. Conditions   in   other   parts   of   the   African   continent   are   so   bad   that   their   citizens   are   only   too   eager   to immigrate   to   South Africa   which   is   a   relative   paradise.   This   rapid   increase   in   tribal   blacks   is   rapidly   reducing our   Western   culture   and   bringing   our   country   down   to   third-world   level.   This   is   a   crime   against   civilisation which   rests   squarely   on   the   shoulders   of   the   UN,   EU   and   so-called   international   community   of   politicians whose   efforts   alone   have   made   possible   this   degradation.   What's   more,   it   is   being   enforced   across   Europe and the former British Empire as well. How   do   you   weaken   something,   a   glass   of   whisky,   for   instance,   which   is   too   strong   for   you?   You   dilute   it.   It works   nationally   and   racially   too.   What   kind   of   mentalities   would   advocate   the   dilution   of   a   nation   or   a   racial group?   Minds   which   are   seriously   impaired   and   unable   to   act   rationally   on   matters   of   right   and   wrong!   We see   the   glaringly   evident   results   of   such   racial   dilution   in   the   renamed   Rhodesia   (now   Zimbabwe)   and increasingly   in   the   larger   South Africa.   We   see   a   spate   of   place   renaming   which   is   one   step   in   national   theft. When   such   things   are   not   only   condoned   but   enforced   by   international   dictatorships   there   is   little   future   left for   the   future   of   mankind.   When   a   tribe,   a   race   or   nation   cannot   rely   on   the   integrity   of   those   expected   to lead, it is on the road to extinction. So are those "leaders". Despite   all   the   years   and   money   spent   by   the   EU   training   the   Negro   to   govern   a   European   economy,   we find   now   that   the   use   to   which   he   puts   the   training   is   theft,   called   "transformation".   While   the   country   falls   to pieces   through   lack   of   sensible   government   the   previously   Western-style   country   is   falling   apart.   Black leaders,   like   Robert   Mugabe   cannot   conceive   the   idea   of   ruling   on   behalf   of   the   entire   nation.   They   behave as   though   they   have   won   a   country   like   a   prize   in   a   raffle,   and   it   is   their   property   to   do   with   as   they   wish. One   can't   really   blame   him   but   one   can   certainly   blame   those   Europeans   who   are   little   more   than   traitors   to their   own   racial   group   and   whose   irrational   sentiments   and   actions   are   insanely   destroying   European culture. They have proven beyond doubt their unfitness to lead. Nelson   Mandela's   ANC's   first   triumph   after   marching   into   the   South   African   Houses   of   Parliament   was   to remove   the   portraits   of   the   European   former   members   from   the   walls.   Then   replaced   them   with   a   UN   anti- apartheid   exhibition!   Other   changes   made   were   the   replacement   of   the   national   flag,   the   anthem,   the   mace, the   coat   of   arms,   the   motto   with   the   chant   "OUR   constitution,   OUR   Parliament,   OUR   people,   Our   South Africa). A   long   list   of   street   and   place   name   changes   took   place,   as   well   as   the   slicing   up   of   the   provinces   --- all   part   of   the   calculated   theft   of   South   Africa   --   whilst   instead   of   condemning   it,   as   most   Europeans   might have expected, the UN and EU pushed it along. Every   European-run   colony   in   Africa   has   suffered   since   so-called   independence.   Kenya,   pictured   below,   was   a   beautiful and   efficient   country   that   could   be   compared   favourably   with   many   in   Europe.   There   seems   no   hope   of   bringing prosperity and order back to this East European country now.   One   should   note   how   the   EU   has   isolated   the   British   from   their   families   and   friends   in   Australia,   New Zealand,   Canada,   South   Africa   and,   what   was   Rhodesia.   Every   British   Prime   Minister   since   Winston Churchill   has   viewed   America,   Israel   and   Zionists   as   their   closest   allies.   A   disturbing   fact   that   too   many Europeans seem to be unaware of!
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