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Argentina   was   a   successful   modern   country,   led   in   a   reasonably   efficient   way   by   General   Galtieri.   Many   of the   prosperous   beef   farms   were   owned   by   Europeans,   so   the   Zionist   fraternity   had   to   employ   a   different kind of strategy to gain control of Argentina than they had used in Africa.  THIS IS HOW THE GLOBAL IMPERIALISTS GAINED AN INROAD INTO ARGENTINE’S POLITICS  In   1982   Margaret   Thatcher   was   tricked   by   her   Zionist   advisers   to   remove   troops   from   the   Falkland   Islands and   deploy   them   in   Northern   Ireland   and   anywhere   else   they   might   be   needed.   When   this   was   done delegates   from   the American   government   went   to   see Argentine   leader,   General   Leopoldi   Galtieri. Argentina had   rising   unemployment   and   a   minor   debt   crisis.   The   US   Zionists   suggested   to   the   military   ruler   that   if   he were   to   send   troops   to   capture   the   Falkland   Islands,   he   would   be   viewed   as   a   great   hero   by   his   people.   It was   made   clear   that   if   he   did   attack, America   would   back   him,   and   Israel   would   supply   him   with   arms,   (but not   openly).   Israel   also   bolstered   the   Argentine   army   by   giving   strategy   and   combat   advice.   It   did   this, knowing   that   Galtieri’s   army   was   seriously   inexperienced.   Furthermore,   the   General   was   told   that   he   "didn’t need   to   worry   about   Britain   as   it   was   no   longer   interested   in   its   colonies;   They   pointed   out   how   Britain   had recently given up Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Rhodesia, India and Ceylon without a fuss" The   farms   and   businesses   in   our   former   colonies   were   owned   by   private   individuals   whom   the   British   and US   governments   were   prepared   to   betray!   The   Falkland   Islands   were   totally   different.   Our   troops   were   not sent   to   rescue   the   Islanders,   as   the   press   would   have   us   believe. Any   country   that   has   land   adjacent   to   the South   Pole   automatically   has   the   right   to   explore   and   exploit   whatever   valuable   material   may   be   there.   This means    that    several    large    multi-national    corporations    that    exert    an    enormous    influence    on    Western governments   have   a   vested   interest   in   the   region.   For   this   reason   there   was   no   possibility   of   Her   Majesty’s government letting the Falkland Islands go as it had the rest of the Empire. With   the   Falklands   war,   Zionists   achieved   their   objective   of   removing   the   Galtieri   administration,   further wrecking   the Argentine   economy,   and   placing   the   people   under   a   heavy   burden   of   IMF   debt.   Once   General Galtieri   had   brought   humiliation   on   his   people   he   was   forced   into   the   political   wilderness,   leaving   an   opening for   a   Zionist   fifth   column   to   entering   Argentine’s   politics.   When   the   Western   Press   declared   that   Argentina now had a "democratic" government, we knew that it was under Zionist control Another   reason   why   Zionists   took   delight   in   conquering   Argentina   is   that   during the   second-world-war   President   Juan   Peron   sold   10,000   blank   passports   to   the ODDESSA   organisation   that   was   formed   to   protect,   and   give   a   safe   haven   to, former   SS   soldiers   in   the   event   of   defeat.   It   is   believed   that   at   least   5,000   Nazis, many   of   them   officers,   went   to   live   in   Argentina   between   1944   and   1946.   Some people believe that Adolf Hitler may have lived there until his death in 1965. Juan   Peron   opposite   was   a   military   officer   and   political   leader.   He   was   immensely popular   due   to   his   efforts   to   eliminate   poverty.   His   wife   Eva   was   also   greatly respected   for   her   devotion   to   the   people.   Because   of   this,   they   opposed   the selfish, greedy and manipulative American government. During   the   Zionist-instigated   Falklands   conflict   255   British   soldiers   were   killed.   The   Falklands   war   created   a false   belief   that   Britain   was   once   more   looking   after   its   own   interests.   This   was   used   by   Margaret   Thatcher to   boost   her   popularity.   Hopefully   the   public   will   come   to   realize   that   that   there   is   nothing   patriotic   about   the Conservative Party. This   recently   disclosed,   classified   information   only   appeared   in   Jewish   newspapers.   There   is   a   political misconception   that   because   Jews   are   good   at   making   money   and   tend   to   be   ruthlessly   efficient   they   would do   a   good   job   running   our   government.   Most   of   our   half-witted,   greedy   and   vain   politicians   fall   for   this   idea. It   is   a   complete   fallacy.   Let   Zionist   Jews   loose   in   Parliament   and   they   work   solely   for   themselves   viewing   UK assets   as   their   own   property   and   the   British   as   fools.   A   serious   misappropriation   of   public   funds   is   an understatement.   Of   course   most   Jews   are   not   like   this,   but   then   most   Jews   are   not   trying   get   control   of Parliament.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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