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Toxins,   chemicals   and   other   unhealthy   substances   have   entered   our   food   chain   and   water   supply.   This   has dramatically   affected   people's   health.   Children   and   teenagers   are   the   most   seriously   affected   as   they   are still   growing.   In   the   past   five   years   we   have   seen   a   rapid   rise   in   serious   health   problems   in   the   under fifteens. To   a   large   degree   parliament   has   left   private   individuals   and   small   groups   to   make   studies   and   deal with   the   problems.   This   can   be   considered   a   crime   by   inaction.   It   has   been   reported   many   times   over   a number   of   years   that   the   widespread   practice   of   putting   food   and   drink   in   plastic   containers   is   making   boys effeminate.   Also   waste   plastic   has   been   building   up   in   the   oceans   for   years.   It   is   now   washing   up   in   vast amounts   on   the   pacific   islands.   The   problem   is   never   dealt   with   because   it   benefits   the   multi-national corporations in their bid for maximum profits. A s   far   back   as   1962   Rachel   Carson   published   a   best- selling   book   called   "Silent   Spring"   which   gave   warning   of the   dangers   to   all   forms   of   life   from   "a   persistent   and continuous   poisoning   of   the   whole   human   environment." From   time   to   time   we   see   articles   in   newspapers   and magazines    on    the    wide-scale    deaths,    diseases    and genetic     mutations     which     have     resulted     from     man interfering    with    the    balance    of    nature.    Despite    the existence      of      various      government      ministries      and departments   supposedly   responsible   for   public   health   and safety,     no     positive     action     is     ever     taken.     Large corporations   are   often   allowed   by   government   to   "self- regulate     their     operations",     which     roughly     translated means they can do as they like. GM   food   is   known   to   be   harmful   in   many   ways,   but   has   been   approved   by   Parliament   despite   ninety   five   per cent   of   the   public   objecting   strongly.   Lord   David   Sainsbury   appears   to   be   the   only   man   in   the   country   who shows   a   strong   desire   to   press   ahead   with   the   growing   of   GM   crops.   This   donor   poured   millions   of   pounds into   the   Labour   Party   when   it   was   in   the   doldrums   to   keep   it   going   in   order   to   gain   support   for   his   GM   crop venture.   The   ploy   seemed   to   work,   for   he   was   made   "Science   Minister"   and   allowed   to   overrule   the   wishes of   the   nation   and   risk   permanent   damage   to   our   natural   world   when   he   received   the   go-ahead   to   grow "Frankenstein food".    


 By Derek Godfrey

While   casualties   among   our   forces   in   Iraq   and Afghanistan   mount   through   not   being   supplied   with   effective defence   against   roadside   bombs   and   attacks   by   insurgents,   the   government   is   hoping   to   win   "hearts   and minds"   among   Islamic   communities   in   Britain   by   investing   millions   of   pounds   of   taxpayer's   money   in   what could   be   described   as   "Danegeld".   Huge   amounts   of   revenue   are   to   be   made   available   to   local   civic authorities   in   areas   with   Muslim   communities,   with   the   idea   of   it   being   used   to   dissuade   young   militants   from rejecting   British   values   in   favour   of   the   kind   of   extremism   which   have   motivated   attacks   in   our   cities.   Luton with   an   Islamic   community   of   around   36,000   is   to   receive   £200,000   a   year   for   the   next   three   years,   with Bedford having already garnered £50,000 with at least another £120,000 in the pipeline. History   should   have   now   proven,   at   times   much   to   Britain's   cost,   that   making   concessions   to   terrorism   is never   a   solution,   and   is   always   viewed   as   the   kind   of   weakness   which   encourages   ongoing   and   ever- increasing    demands.    During    the    second-world-war    anyone    in    the    UK    even    suspected    of    harbouring sympathies   toward   the   enemy   was   interned   without   trial   under   the   wartime   Regulation   18B.   Following   the attacks   on   Pearl   Harbour,   virtually   the   entire   Japanese-American   population   of   the   United   States   were rounded up and interned, irrespective of them holding American citizenship. In   an   opinion   poll   by   the   London   Daily   Telegraph   following   the   July   7th   suicide   bomb   attacks   in   London, 100,000   Muslims   in   Britain   expressed   total   justification   for   such   an   outrage   which   had   been   designed   and succeeded   in   inflicting   the   highest   number   of   civilian   casualties   in   any   single   incident   since   the   wartime   blitz on   London.   Islamic   factions   -   and   there   are   many   of   them   in   the   UK   -   hailed   the   perpetrators   as   "martyrs   to Islam".   It   was   deemed   necessary   to   lock   up   over   a   thousand   of   our   people,   including   many   first-world-war veterans,   on   the   grounds   of   their   opposition   to   British   involvement   in   a   second   European   conflict   as   their criticism   was   likely   to   "undermine   public   morale".   Why   are   not   similar   or   even   more   drastic   measures   not being   taken   against   members   of   immigrant   communities   known   or   suspected   of   being   enemies   of   the Queen and the British people? Omar   Bakri   Mohammed,   a   Muslim   cleric   well   known   for   his   rabble   rousing,   is   no   longer   in   the   country   but   is nonetheless   fighting   to   get   back   into   Britain,   one   reason   no   doubt   to   regain   the   generous   payout   he   was receiving   in   welfare   benefit.   But   this   is   only   a   fraction   of   the   £25,000   annually   pocketed   by   Farbiz   Khan,   who along   with   others   of   his   kind   recently   received   a   fourteen-year   jail   sentence   for   plotting   to   kidnap   a   British soldier   and   cut   off   his   head   with   the   intention   of   placing   a   film   of   it   on   the   terrorist   website.   We   can   assume that   his   family   whom   he   is   infusing   with   his   poison   will   continue   living   in   Britain,   benefitting   from   a   weekly state handout. Parliament's   excuse   for   prying   into   everyone's   private   details   has   nothing   to   do   with   fighting   terrorism   as   it claims.   Terrorists   have   been   given   every   opportunity   to   mass   within   our   borders   and   no   matter   how   great   a threat   they   pose   to   the   British,   every   excuse   possible   is   given   to   ensure   that   they   remain   here.   The Palestinian/Jordanian   preacher Abu   Qatada   ia   known   to   be   Bin   Laden's   right   hand   man   in   Europe,   has   not only   gained   release   from   Lartin   Prison   but   also   managed   to   overturn   his   deportation   order.   Most   people would   agree   that   someone   as   potentially   dangerous   to   our   society   should   have   been   locked   up   or   at   least kicked   out   of   Britain   altogether.   Even   the   soft   option   of   curtailing   his   movements   has   nonetheless   raised   the ire   of   the   usual   conglomeration   of   socially   conscious   malcontents,   moral   philosophers   and   pink-liberals currently accusing the authorities of denying Abu Qatada his civil rights. Given   the   current   state   of   affairs   it   would   be   no   exaggeration   to   describe   anyone   within   the   more   lawless areas   of   our   inner   cities   as   being   almost   at   as   much   risk   of   becoming   a   victim   of   criminal   or   terrorist   activity as   he   would   have   been   falling   foul   of   Herman   Goering's   bombs,   had   he   been   living   in   London   during   the blitz. Despite   the   many   and   worsening   social   problems   that   threaten   to   overturn   and   eventually   see   the   demise   of Britain   as   a   Christian,   Anglo   Saxon   Society,   the   only   tough   action   from   the   government   appears   to   be reserved   for   pensioners   who   default   on   their   council   tax   payments   (well   above   the   level   of   legalised robbery),   and   those   threatening   to   upset   the   "good   community   relations"   apple   cart   by   addressing   the situation in a way that common sense demands. We should never have allowed the American government to drag us into the North African conflicts. Unfortunately   the   British   government   put   the   UK   into   colossal   debt   in   order   to   finance   the   Zionist   organised second-world-war.   In   1945   many   Britons   realised   they   had   become   subordinate   to   the   'almighty   dollar'. The   whole   programme   of   internationalism   that   has   been   growing   since   the   early   1960's   has   created enormous   problems,   not   only   in   the   UK,   but   around   the   world.   Now   is   the   time   to   decide   where   we   are   going and startto reverse the trend .


During   the   past   sixty   years   I   have   attended   numerous   services   of   every   denomination   of   the   Christian Church.   During   all   of   the   sermons   I   have   heard,   not   once   has   the   congregation   been   told   what   they   really need   to   know.   Preachers   have   dwelt   upon   such   things   as   the   "forgiveness   of   sins"   and   the   "power   of prayer". All   very   fine,   except   Christians   in   particular   are   suffering   severe   anguish,   deprivation,   hardship   and injustice imposed by anti-Christians within their own government and international organisations. Whatever   minor   transgressions   parishioners   may   be   guilty   of   they   fade   into   insignificance   when   compared to   the   vile   deeds   carried   out   by   the   untouchable   warmongers,   bankers   and   politicians.   The   power   of   prayer, although   important,   is   too   subtle   to   overcome   those   who   arrogantly   strut   upon   the   "international   stage", making major decisions which affect the whole of humanity. There   is   an   urgent   need   for   a   practical   form   of   Christianity   to   challenge   the   pompous   Anti-Christ   league, which   for   an   entire   lifetime   has   been   given   licence   to   do   its   worst.   For   decades   world   government   people have   been   tearing   down   civilisation   and   attacking   everything   that   is   moral   and   decent.   They   have   been aided   and   abetted   in   this   wrecking   process   by   clergymen   who   have   kept   their   congregations   in   the   dark   as to the activities of the sinister, political manipulators. Christians   must   fight   to   put   an   end   to   all   forms   of   anti-Christ   activity.   The   un-Godly   have   the   advantage   of being   bound   by   no   rules. They   are   free   to   lie,   cheat   and   do   anything   else   to   get   their   own   way.   However,   the satanic   groups   that   want   to   rule   over   the   whole   of   humanity   are   tiny   in   comparison   to   the   moral   majority. One   doesn't   have   to   go   to   church   to   help   save   the   problems   all   we   need   is   a   widespread   recognition   of   the truth to set us free.
Last updated 8 th. Aug 2018
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