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The   public   are   still   unaware   that   all   senior   politicians   are   subservient   to   sinister   organisations   that   have   their own   evil,   world-government   agenda.   For   decades   most   people   have   put   the   failure   of   Western   governments down   to   unforeseen   circumstances   and   incompetence.   Only   recently   have   voters   come   to   realise   that   our MPs   are   in   fact   traitors.   Parliament   has   deliberately   wrecked   Britain.   We   have   been   made   subservient   to   the EU   and   usurer   bankers,   our   manufacturing   industry   has   been   sabotaged   our   national   assets   have   been seriously   reduced   and   we   have   been   taken   into   a   series   of   unjustifiable   wars.   There   appeared   to   be   a   new credible alternative but it has faded and left us without the genuine parties that it replaced.


For   decades   everyone   who   has   tried   to   point   out   the   problems   of   mass   immigration   and   the   EU   has   been harassed   and   intimidated.   To   prevent   criticism   of   its   unacceptable   actions   successive   government   have banned   free   speech.   Mentioning   the   downside   of   immigration   has   been   made   a   'hate   crime'.   For   forty   years innocent protesters and nationalists have been summoned to court as though they were criminals. Since   the   1930's   everyone   who   has   spoken   in   defence   of   our   nation   has   been   vilified   and   attacked   like   a criminal.   Lady   Birdwood,   Enoch   Powell,   the   National   Front   and   BNP   all   spoke   of   the   need   to   overcome   our most   serious   problems   and   all   were   met   with   hatred   and   venom   from   every   part   of   the   establishment.   Then suddenly   it   all   seemed   to   change.   Nigel   Farage   had   taken   control   of   the   redundant   UKIP   Party   that   no   one wanted.   He   was   given   freedom   to   speak   of   the   unmentionable   and   received   generous   publicity   for   doing   so. He   wasn't   saying   anything   different   from   the   National   Front   of   the   1970's,   the   British   National   Party   or Enoch   Powell   who   had   been   driven   out   of   the   Conservative   Party   and   into   the   political   wilderness   for   daring to   mention   immigration.   Everyone   who   publicly   spoke   of   the   taboo   subject   had   suffered   the   full   force   of   the political   establishment.   Then   along   comes   Nigel   Farage!   No   mobs   of   screaming   Reds   threatening   to   stop his   meetings.   UKIP   has   had   no   difficulty   hiring   halls   as   true   nationalists   do,   and   the   media   was   reporting their   meetings   in   a   friendly   positive   way.   One   may   wonder   why   he   has   been   allowed   complete   free   speech where   others   have   been   denied. Those   of   us   who   understand   the   way   politics   work   understand   there   is   only one   way   this   change   could   occur   and   we   saw   it   coming. The   problems   of   mass   immigration   and   the   EU   had become   so   severe   that   it   was   no   longer   possible   to   keep   the   public   quiet.   The   Zionists   and   secret   societies came   to   an   arrangement   with   Nigel   Farage   that   he   would   receive   no   opposition   so   long   as   he   didn't   mention the Zionists, communists and world government groups responsible for the problems. Nigel   Farage   comes   across   as   a   sincere,   friendly   easy   going,   knowledgeable,   beer   drinker.   UKIP   has   been allowed   to   mention   the   problems   but   not   the   groups   who   caused   them.   The   new   party   had   a   rule   that   no one   who   had   belonged   to   the   NF   or   BNP   could   join.   UKIP   rapidly   signed   up   members   so   it   could   field enough   candidates   to   contest   elections.   But   the   executive   knew   nothing   about   their   new   recruits.   There were    some    that    were    knowledgeable    and    could    make    a    commendable    speech,    there    were    also opportunists,   many   that   knew   nothing   about   politics,   some   who   were   an   embarrassment,   some   who   saw   it as an easy way of becoming an MP and a group of enemy infiltrators. So   who   is   in   charge   of   UKIP's   immigration   department?   Who   is   the   man   they   have   in   charge   of   this   most pressing   issue?   Don't   Laugh!   UKIP's   race   guru   is   a   Jew   called   Steven   Woolfe.   He   has   spent   his   working life,   first   as   a   barrister   and   then   as   a   counsel   for   an   international   hedge   fund   manager.   As   UKIP   migration control   officer,   he   calls   for   an   ethical   stance   on   immigration   which   he   wants   based   on   merit,   not   race, religion,   colour   or   nationality.   Might   we   point   out   this   would   ensure   the   eventual   disappearance   of   the   White British nation. Douglas   Carswell   defected   to   UKIP   from   the   Conservative   Party   in   Clacton,   where   a   by-election   was   held. Nigel   Farage   said   a   few   days   later   that   those   trying   to   get   into   the   UK   with   HIV   should't   be   allowed   in. Carswell   supported   the   Conservatives   and   said   that   having   HIV   should   not   be   a   reason   to   exclude   people who   want   to   come   and   live   here.   So   much   for   the   pro-British   stance   of   UKIP's   first   MP!   The   Jewish   News dated   13th   November   2014   informed   us   that   UKIP's   Friends   of   Israel   group   is   to   hold   its   largest   event   so far,   with   a   Westminster   reception   addressed   by   its   new   MP   the   aforementioned   Douglas   Carswell.   In attendance    also    will    be    the    party's    Foreign   Affairs    spokesman,    several    MEP's    and    prospective    UKIP parliamentary candidates. Rabbi Shneur Odze. The   Jewish   News   continued   "We're   very   pleased   by   the   level   of   interest   received   from   members   and elected   officials.   It   demonstrates   just   how   far   UKIP   has   come   as   a   party   and   how   much   support   the   Jewish community   has   within   UKIP.   This   should   greatly   assist   us   (the   Jewish   community)   in   lobbying   our   MEP's   in the   European   Parliament,   on   Israel   and   domestic   issues   close   to   our   heart.   Carswell   is   also   due   to   meet   the Jewish   Leadership   Council   and   the   CST   December   2014."   This   will   no   doubt   be   for   interrogation   purposes to ensure that he is totally subservient to organised Jewry. In   the   Jewish   news   20th   November   2014,   there   is   a   half   page,   in   full   colour,   devoted   to   bragging   about   the takeover   of   Trafalgar   Square   by   Jews   for   their   Chanukah   festival.   This   event,   which   almost   coincides   with Christmas,    grows    bigger    every    year.    Parliament    constantly    downplays    Christianity,    while    threatening, intimidating   and   prosecuting   Christians   who   insist   on   upholding   our   old   traditions.   This   has   created   a situation   where   many   Jews   believe   that   Judaism   has   already   eclipsed   Christianity   as   the   UK's   number   one religion.   The   Chanukah   candles   in   Trafalgar   Square   were   lit   by   Boris   Johnson,   a   man   who   regularly   attends synagogues,   Jewish   meetings   and   appears   in   the   Jewish   News,   to   prove   that   he   has   both   feet   firmly   in   their camp. At   the   Westminster   meeting,   Douglas   Carswell,   the   first   UKIP   MP,   pledged   to   make   it   his   job   to   stand   up   to anti-Israel   prejudice   among   the   elite   in   Britain.   The   former   Conservative   MP   was   speaking   at   a   UKIP Friends   of   Israel   event   in   Westminster.   There   were   also   addresses   by   two   prominent   MEP's,   with   Nigel Farage   in   the   audience.   UKIP   will   soon   be   selecting   candidates   for   the   Barnet   constituencies,   which   have the highest density of Jews in the country. Martin   Cohen   writes   in   the   Jewish   News   dated   20th   November   2014,   "Unlike   the   Lib-Dems,   Labour,   the Greens   and   Conservatives,   UKIP   does   not   have   an   anti-Israel   agenda.   All   new   members   have   to   sign   that they   are   not   ex-BNP/NF   members.   Make   a   Jew-hating   remark   and   you   are   thrown   out."   One   wonders   who is   in   control.   Ian   Hirshfield   writes   "UKIP   is   the   only   party   in   the   EU   Parliament   that   has   consistently   spoken for   Israel   and   against   the   proposed   boycott   of   the   EU-Israel   trade   agreement."   It   would   seem   UKIP   shows   a greater   concern   for   the   welfare   of   the   Jewish   community   and   Israel,   than   it   does   for   those   whose   country this happens to be. No wonder Jews have more confidence that UKIP will work for them than the British do. The   first   damning   action   by   Nigel   Farage   was   his   willingness   to   'Support   Tony   Blair   in   his   bid   to   become President   of   the   EU.'   It   was   UKIP   and   its   forerunner   the   Referendum   Party   that   to   a   large   degree   gave   the EU   its   extra   powers.   The   National   Front   had   advised   the   British   not   to   vote   in   EU   elections   as   it   would   give legitimacy   to   something   we   didn't   want.   It   would   signal   that   we   were   prepared   to   give   up   our   right   to   national self-determination   and   be   dictated   to   by   a   vast   international   organisation   over   which   we   have   no   control. The   National   Front   would   have   made   a   political   breakthrough   had   it   not   been   forcibly   opposed   by   the numerous Zionist organisations, many of which now support UKIP. Mark   Reckless   who   defected   to   UKIP   from   the   Conservatives,   once   worked   as   an   economist   for   the investment   bank   Warburg.   It   was   the   American-based   Warburg   bank   that   funded   Adolf   Hitler   in   his   rise   to power but that is never mentioned, although it would have, had he been in the BNP. On   the   13th   December   2014   it   was   reported   that   the   Jewish   Daily   Express   owner,   Richard   Desmond,   had just   donated   £300,000   to   UKIP.   Desmond   also   owns   the   Daily   Star   newspaper,   'adult'   magazines,   and   what is   described   as   a   portfolio   of   'adult' TV   channels. Among   his   other   enterprises   is   a   business   that   offers   fixed- rate, sex calls. For a while he had owned Channel 5 (Once dubbed Channel Filth.) Desmond   gave   £100,000   to   the   Labour   Party   when   Tony   Blair   was   Prime   Minister.   No   true   European nationalist   party   would   accept   money   from   this   man.   UKIP   spokesmen   have   admitted   that   their   party   only gets   more   votes   than   other   nationalist   parties   because   it   has   more   money   and   support   from   the   mass media. Recently   It   has   been   reported   that   UKIP   is   struggling   to   gain   support   in   the   capital   city.   This   is   due   to   the vast   number   of   aliens   and   immigrants   living   there   who   have   no   affinity   with   our   country.   This   situation   can only   get   worse   as   the   percentage   of   Britons   to   foreigners   diminishes   even   further.   To   rescue   our   country   we need   to   ensure   that   aliens   do   not   receive   a   vote.   We   wouldn't   be   allowed   to   vote   in   their   countries   and   we wouldn't   expect   it.   Merely   because   someone   has   housed   himself   in   the   UK   doesn't   make   him   British. Anyone who believes they should must be kept out of parliament. This   article   was   started   with   the   intention   of   keeping   an   open   mind   and   being   fair.   However   the   more research   I   carried   out,   the   clearer   it   became   that   UKIP   is   rapidly   becoming   a   Jewish   front   organisation. Zionists   would   never   allow   a   recently-formed   upstart   party   to   depose   them.   They   will   do   what   they   have done   so   many   times   before   and   take   that   party   over   by   what   communists   call   "entryism".   That   is   putting their   own   people   in   and   taking   up   positions   of   authority.   If   you   look   closely   at   UKIP   you   will   see   that   it   is   not a nationalist party. Even the public have come to view UKIP to the left of the Conservative Party. There   are   some   honest   millionaires   that   fund   UKIP,   including   Paul   Sykes   the   son   of   a   miner.   He   had opposed Roger Knapman's selection as a party leader. Such people however, are fast becoming a minority. It   seems   that   UKIP   have   been   infiltrated   by   those   that   control   the   three   main   parties.   It   was   obvious   that   the power-brokers   who   have   monopolised   British   politics   for   nearly   a   hundred   years   would   not   allow   a   new party, so easily, to snatch power from them. The   dedicated   and   hard   working   UKIP   members   who   built   up   their   branches   believed   they   would   be   able   to stand   as   candidates   at   the   general   election   in   their   own   constituencies.   An   increasing   number   of   them   are being   de-selected   in   favour   of   celebrity-status   Conservatives.   As   a   result   some   UKIP   organisers   have decided to stand as independent candidates. This is the best thing they can do. BY   2017   UKIP   had   collapsed,   its   vote   is   now   lower   than   the   NF   and   BNP   parties,   that   it   pushed   out   of politics   with   its   liberal   image.   We   fortunately   managed   to   win   the   vote   to   leave   the   EU.   However,   many   of the   Conservatives   that   we   now   rely   on   to   see   the   Brexit   deal   brought   to   fruition   have   a   secret   desire   to   keep us   in   the   EU.   The   government   appears   to   be   closing   our   borders   somewhat   and   evicting   some   EU nationals.   As   a   British   nationalist   I   am   more   concerned   at   the   number   of   Asians   and   Africans   residing   here and   in   particular   with   the   criminals   within   the   black   community.   They   should   be   deported   where   necessary or   encouraged   to   go   home   and   use   their   knowledge   and   skill   to   improve   the   conditions   in   Africa.   I   know many   Africans   personally   who   have   regretted   coming   to   England   when   they   reached   the   age   of   65.   As   for EU   nationals   some   can   stay   so   long   as   they   are   doing   useful   work   and   are   needed.   But   we   don't   need   to give them British citizenship or a vote in our elections. It   is   time   we   discarded   the   party   system   of   politics.   Even   if   a   perfect   party   was   formed   it   would   be   taken   over within   sixty   years.   You   can   never   be   sure   who   you   can   trust   in   a   party,   as   soon   as   it   starts   to   gain   public support   our   usual   enemies   will   be   deciding   whether   to   take   it   over   or   destroy   it.   It   is   much   better   to   select parliamentary    candidates    from    within    each    constituency.    Then    everything    can    be    known    about    each candidate,   who   their   friends   are,   do   they   belong   to   any   organisations,   if   they   know   what   needs   to   be   done, are   they   honest   and   trustworthy.   MPs   should   represent   their   region   with   its   unique   needs   and   problems. Running   a   nation-wide   party   wastes   a   lot   of   time   and   resources.   Members   spend   much   time,   usually   at weekends,   travelling   to   support   another   region,   when   the   time   would   be   better   spent   in   their   own   high streets getting their message across to their constituents.


This   document   published   in   the   London   Gazette   in   February   1936   is   titled   "The   Jewish   Peril   and   The Catholic    Church"    (In    reality    it    should    have    read,    "The    Jewish    Peril    against    Christianity    and    White Europeans.")   The   book   is   based   on   information   smuggled   out   of   a   series   of   speeches   delivered   at   Secret Jewish meetings that had taken place in Paris. The   first   paragraph   begins   'As   long   as   there   remains   among   the   Gentiles   any   moral   conception   of   the   social order,   and   until   all   faith,   patriotism   and   dignity   are   uprooted   our   reign   over   the   world   shall   not   come'   and   the Gentiles   in   their   stupidity,   have   proved   easier   dupes   than   we   expected   them   to   be.   One   would   expect   more practical   common   sense,   but   they   are   no   better   than   a   herd   of   sheep.   Let   them   graze   until   they   are   under the rule of our future King of the world. We   have   founded   many   secret   associations,   which   all   work   for   our   purpose,   under   our   orders   and   our direction.   We   have   made   it   a   great   honour   for   Gentiles   to   join   us   in   our   organisations   which,   thanks   to   gold, is   flourishing   more   than   ever.   Yet   it   remains   our   secret   that   those   Gentiles   who   betray   their   own   and   most precious   interests,   by   joining   us   in   our   plot,   should   never   know   that   the   associations   are   of   our   creation,   and that they serve our purpose. One   of   the   many   triumphs   of   Freemasonry   is   that   those   Gentiles   who   become   members   of   our   Lodges should   never   suspect   that   we   are   using   them   to   build   their   own   jails,   upon   whose   terraces   we   shall   erect   the throne   of   our   Universal   King   of   the   Jews.   Gentile   Freemasons   should   never   know   that   we   are   commanding them to forge the chains of their servility to our future King of the World. Many   countries,   including   the   United   States   have   already   fallen   for   our   scheming.   But   the   Christian   Church is   still   alive   ...   we   must   destroy   it   without   delay   and   without   the   slightest   mercy.   Most   of   the   Press   in   the world   is   under   our   control   let   us   encourage   in   a   still   more   violent   way   the   hatred   of   the   world   against   the Christian   Church.   Let   us   intensify   our   activities   in   poisoning   the   morality   of   the   Gentiles.   Let   us   spread   the spirit of revolution in the minds of the people. They   must   be   made   to   despise   patriotism   and   the   love   of   their   family,   to   consider   their   faith   as   a   humbug, their   obedience   to   their   Christ   as   a   degrading   servility,   so   that   they   become   deaf   to   the   appeal   of   the   Church and   blind   to   its   warnings   against   us.   If   our   plot   be   revealed,   the   Gentiles   will   turn   against   us,   in   the   spirit   of revenge, and our domination over them will never be realized." (It   is   not   only   the   Christian   religion   that   anti-Christ   Jews   want   to   see   wiped   out   but   the   White   European   race too.)   Most   politicians   and   journalists   are   under   the   influence   of   evil   organisations.   It's   not   enough   sitting   in Church we all need to be outand aboutpreventing these Anti-Christ groups controlling our lives.
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