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The evil forces behind globalism and multi-racialism.

An   endless   stream   of   non-white   immigrants   stream   into   the   UK   every   day.   There   are   few   checks   on   the hundreds   or   maybe   thousands   of   third-world   people   continuously   arriving   at   each   one   of   our   airports.   After every   flight   you   see   queues   of   them   drifting   out   of   the   airport   to   who   knows   where.   The   authorities   know nothing   about   them   and   don’t   even   care. Are   they   terrorists,   murderers,   gangsters   or   do   they   have   a   terrible incurable   disease.   It   makes   no   difference   because   the   authorities   clearly   don’t   want   to   know.   Our   bogus leaders   just   want   them   in   at   any   cost.   Everyone   is   welcome   to   live   in   the   UK   except   true   Britons   who complain. We   see   identical   problems   in Australia   and   New   Zealand   where   an   unlimited   number   of   immigrants,   mainly African   and   Oriental   pour   in.   Europe   has   an   identical   problem   and   so   does   the   USA.   White   Europeans   are all   due   to   be   outnumbered   by   the   darker   races   very   soon.   It   is   clear   that   our   governments   are   all   controlled by   an   invisible   force   implementing   an   agenda   designed   for   the   destruction   of   the   people   they   claim   to represent. Who   would   want   to   destroy   these   nations,   create   mayhem   and   bring   misery   to   millions?   Which   group   could be   responsible?   Certainly   not   the   Europeans   who   suffer   the   most   from   this   insanity!   Nor   black   Africans, Asians,   Eskimos   or   South Americans!   Fortunately   the   villains   themselves   have   been   revealing   their   identity by   bragging   about   creating   a   world   government,   without   nations,   that   no   one   wants.   This   group   is   often referred   to   as   banksters!   A   name   that   correctly   defines   them   as   people   who   financially   screw,   the   public while   operating   like   gangsters,   bullying   everyone   to   make   them   accede   to   their   demands.   They   are   the   only people   sufficiently   evil   to   have   created   the   horrific   atom   bomb,   forever   starting   wars,   operating   systems   of usury,   pushing   for   GM   crops   and   using   violence   and   intimidation   on   everyone   that   opposes   their   vile schemes.   These   shysters   then   have   the   cheek   to   claim   that   they   are   running   democracies.   Yet   most   senior Western   politicians   are   enthralled   by   them.   This   situation   can   only   come   about   through   a   combination   of greed,   vanity   and   mind-controlling,   Kabbalah   mysticism.   If   we   are   to   solve   this   enormous   problem   It   is   clear that   we   must   closely   scrutinise   the   people   who   to   stand   for   election,   making   sure   that   they   are   not connected in any way to the Freemasons, Zionists, Fabians, members of a sinister cult or Israel. London in 1945 - London   in   1995,   a   mere   fifty   years   later   with   hardly   a white face to be seen. If   you   live   near   a   synagogue   you   will   have   noticed   how   they   proudly   take   their   children   there   regularly   to count   them,   so   they   can   congratulate   themselves   at   how   their   tribe   is   growing.   Conversely   extremist   Jews get great satisfaction from seeing the number of white Europeans dwindling. All   of   the   wars   that   the   British   have   engaged   in   since   the   English   Civil   War   have   been   organised   to   further the   interest   of   Jewish   usurers,   and   their   allies   who   want   to   gain   the   wealth   of   every   nation.   The   First-World- War   was   an   unnecessary   bloodbath   that   never   should   have   happened.   This   makes   it   even   more   incredible that   Churchill,   working   for   various   anti-Christ   movements   was   able   to   push   Europe   into   war   again   in   1939. The two conflicts saw the deaths of around 100 million people, mainly Europeans . Our   lying   rulers   still   pretend   that   the   second-world-war   was   necessary.   The   old   lady   on   the   right   would   have been   around   the   same   age   as   the   child   in   the   other   picture   at   the   outbreak   of   the   second-world-war.   Like many   others   this   pensioner   was   murdered   by   an   immigrant   brought   over   by   an   anti-British   gang   who   have secretly been governing our country.   As   the   British   celebrated   the   end   of   the   second-world-war   little,   did they   know   that   an   internal   enemy   far   more   evil,   more   powerful   and more   cunning   wa s   determined   to   beat   them!   Not   by   an   army   but   by deceit! A   few   years   ago   the   Metropolitan   Police   publicly   announced   they   wouldn’t   allow   any   more   white   English   to join   their   force.   Yet   we   find   a   Muslim   immigrant   recruited,   who   will   not   show   allegiance   to   the   British,   by refusing   to   wear   a   Metropolitan   Police   badge   with   a   tiny   cross   on   it.   Police   chiefs   have   even   decided   to redesign   the   badge   for   stroppy   aliens. The   police,   the   armed   f orces,   the   NHS   and   state   education   all   fell   into the hands of our Zionist enemies when parliament began appointing their most senior officers. A TOO COMMON STORY Foreign   invaders   leave   our   ladybirds   facing   extinction,   while   indigenous   red   squirrel   numbers   have   dropped alarmingly   since   the   introduction   of   the   alien   grey   squirrel.   Those   in   control   of   the   USA   and   most   European countries   are   fully   aware   of   the   facts   and   are   using   similar   tactics   to   wipe   out   the   white   nations.   There   is   no point   debating   which   alien-led   major   political   party   is   slightly   better.   We   desperately   need   to   kick   them   all   out and select our own leaders!
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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