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We   have   suffered   anti-British   governments   since   1939. At   that   time   we   had   the   largest   empire   the   world   had ever   seen.   Our   skilled   workforce   manufactured   a   wide   range   of   goods   which   were   exported   around   the world.   The   UK’s   all-white   Christian   based   society   was   friendly   and   crime   free,   where   families   could   have   all their   bills   paid,   without   worry,   with   just   one   parent   working.   We   traded   with   the   empire,   including   our relatives   in   Canada,   Australia   and   New   Zealand   plus   numerous   other   countries   around   the   world.   Let   us look   at   our   current   situation   and   then   look   at   what   caused   our   national   demise.   We   are   now   a   victimised minority unable to say what we thin k. Steven   Rolfe   was   threatened   with   eviction   for   having   a   decorative   cross   of   St   George   on   his   front   door.   He said   "I   am   ex-forces   and   I   am   proud   to   be   English.   I   am   not   EDL   or   any   other   racist   group."   Now   he   is   likely to   lose   his   home   under   our   anti-British   rulers   who   have   been   watching   him   for   some   time.   What   the   naive fool   doesn’t   understand   is   that   if   the   British   don’t   unite   in   some   way,   we   will   continue   to   be   a   put   upon, dwindling   minority   in   what   was   once   our   own   country.   Every   alien   group   in   the   UK   have   their   own   leadership councils   and   self   identity   apparatus.   The   Muslim   girl   depicted   is   not   going   to   be   evicted   because   she   is displaying   her   religious   identity.   Every   Jewish   house   has   a   Mezuzah   nailed   to   its   front   door   to   show   the occupiers are Jewish. Despite being the most racist of people no one in authority is going to complain. Parliament   says   it   cannot   deport   foreign   criminals.   Politicians   of   all   major   parties   clearly   want   mass   killers here. They had no trouble deporting Ah Bing Chen for having too much rubbish. By   the   time   Churchill   took   control   in   1940   the   Metropolitan   Police   force   in   London   had   already   come   under Jewish   control.   This   enabled   both   Jewish   gangsters   and   Jewish   communists   the   freedom   to   do   just   as   they liked.   Jack   "Spot"   Comer   was   a   Polish   Jew,   who   together   with   his   gang   were   allowed   to   terrorise   the   East End   of   London.   This   was   convenient   for   Churchill   because   Jews   wanted   war   with   Germany.   When   part   of the   patriotic   anti-war   movement   led   by   Sir   Oswald   Mosley   marched   along   Cable   Street   they   were   set   upon by   a   mass   of   thugs   led   by   Jack   Spot.   This   was   not   a   great   setback   for   Mosley’s   movement   although   every branch   of   the   establishment   claims   it   to   be   so.   What   about   law   and   order?   How   come   they   were   applauded for   physically   attacking   a   peaceful   group   of   protestors   including   women!   Of   course   many   thousands   of British   patriots,   including   Mosley   wanted   to   avert   a   war.   You   have   no   doubt   noticed   parliament’s   selective treatment   of   pressure   groups.   They   are   either   freedom   fighters   or   terrorists   depending   on   whose   side   the government   is   on.   We   have   seen   more   recently   how   the   Jewish   Kray   gang   were   also   allowed   to   break   the law with impunity for year s. Churchill,   Jack   spot   and   the   Jewish   communist   Gerry   Ross   were   just   three   of   the   many   that   were   engaged in   anti-   British   activity.   Winston   Churchill   was   a   Zionist,   worked   for   Jewish   international   financiers   and   allied himself   to   many   communist   parties,   Stalin   in   Russia   being   the   most   notorious.   Gerry   Ross   was   a   Jewish communist   who   bragged   about   how   he   physically   threatened   English   patriots.   Because   the   British   public pays    insufficient    interest    in    politics,    Gerry    Ross    was    able    to    become    Chairman    of    the    Inner    London Education Authority. He has also run Hackney Council with a disproportionate number of Jews. T ony   Crosland   with   his   Jewish   wife   and Henry Kissinger. The      second-world-war      put      the      UK completely   under   the   control   of   extremist Jews.     Since     then     they     have     been consolidating    their    position    by    taking over     more     and     more     administrative positions.    They    have    used    immigrants, particularly Asians,   to   take   up   senior   jobs within   the   Civil   Service   and   NHS.   In   1983 Margaret   Thatcher’s   government   sacked the   English   and   Irish   fully-trained   nurses so      their      jobs      could      be      given      to immigrants. All    the    Matrons    who    made    sure    no mistakes    were    made    on    the    wards    were    also    removed.    The    education    level    in    British    schools    was deliberately   lowered   by Tony   Crosland   while   serving   as   Education   Secretary   in   Harold   Wilson’s   government. He   did   this   by   introducing   the   comprehensive   system   of   education.   For   decades   we   have   been   hearing   how our   children   are   leaving   school   barely   able   to   read,   write   or   calculate   simple   maths   questions.   Nothing   is ever   done   because   parliament   designed   it   that   way.   Police   Chiefs   are   selected   for   their   subservience   to Zionism   and   having   New   World   Order   loyalties,   and   not   their   ability   to   do   the   job.   The   Metropolitan   police force   in   London   said   a   few   years   ago   that   it   was   not   recruiting   white   Britons.   It   was   leaked   to   newspapers that   Chief   Superintendant,   Colin   Port,   of   Avon   and   Somerset   police   had   rejected   applications   by   186   white men   so   that   he   could   employ   immigrants   in   their   place.   Successive   governments   have   done   their   utmost   to ensure   that   crime   levels   rise.   Their   immigration   programme   has   increased   levels   alarmingly,   a   fact   that   they deny and try to conceal from the publi c. Dresden    in    Germany,    a    non    military    target,    was    completely devastated   as   were   many   cities   in   the   UK.   It   is   admitted   now   that the   war   was   already   over   for   the   Japanese   when   they   dropped atom   bombs   on   Hiroshima   and   Nagasaki.   The   second-world-war was   fought   out   of   Jewish   insanity.   Firstlyout   of   envy   and   hatred   for Christian   Europeans   and   then   the   determination   to   become   rulers of    the    world.    Feelings    against    the    war    were    running    high    has Churchill   made   his   plans.   He   couldn’t   trust   British   officers   not   to make   peace   as   they   had   nearing   the   end   of   the   first-world-   war when    they    had    a    Christmas    truce.    So    Churchill    secretly    invited Jews   with   no   military   experience   to   come   from   Europe   to   become officers.     The     Peruvian     comedian     Michael     Bentine     couldn’t understand    how    he    was    enlisted    into    military    intelligence    with    the    authorities    knowing    nothing    of    his background. On   the   right   we   see   five   foot   Bob   Roberts   sharing   a   joke,   as   he   frisks   a   seven   foot   six   German   soldier. There   was   a   plan   to   end   the   second-world-war   put   in   place   by   aristocrats   and   members   of   the   Royal   Family. The   first   part   of   the   Treaty   was   arranged   at   a   meeting   in   Germany.   It   was   to   be   finalised   in   Scotland   which was   the   purpose   of   Rudolph   Hess’s   flight   in   a   civil   aircraft.   Unfortunately   he   went   off   course   due   to   poor visibility and failed to see the landing lights that had been lit for him. Winston   Churchill   was   quite   aware   of   how   evil   the   Bolsheviks   were   who   controlled   Russia.   He   wrote   this comprehensive   damnation   of   revolutionary   Jews   in   the   Illustrated   Sunday   Herald   during   1920.   "On   the subject   of   Zionism   versus   Bolshevism   I   call   upon   Jews   to   opt   for   being   national   Jews   and   not   International Jews,   ie   communists   or   world-wide   conspirators,   for   the   overthrow   of   civilisation   and   the   reconstruction   of society   on   the   basis   of   arrested   development.   It   may   well   be   that   this   same   outstanding   race   may   at   the present   time   be   in   the   actual   process   of   producing   another   system   of   morals   and   philosophy,   as   malevolent as   Christianity   is   benevolent.   It   would   almost   seem   as   if   the   Gospel   of   Christ   and   the   gospel   of   the   anti- Christ were destined to originate among the same people."   So   why   did   Winston   Churchill   take   us   to   war   in   1939   while   so   many   Britons   knew   it   would   spell   disaster.   Let us   first   study   his   character.   Winston   was   born   at   Blenheim   Palace   and   was   a   grandchild   of   the   Duke   of Marlborough.   Not   unsurprisingly   he   displayed   illusions   of   grandeur.   Somewhat   neglected   by   his   parents   he developed   an   unhealthy   worship   of   his   illustrious   grandfather   whose   life   he   desperately   wanted   to   relive. The   young   Winston   would   spend   hours   playing   war   games   between   armies   made   of   thousands   of   lead soldiers.   His   cousin   Clare   noted   with   interest   "these   were   no   ordinary   child   games"   he   had   an   unhealthy obsession   with   war.   Most   of   his   writing   and   speaking   in   the   1920’s   was   centred   on   war.   He   was   fascinated by   the   complexity   of   battles.   In   1924   he   wrote   an   essay   in   which   he   said   "the   story   of   the   human   race   is war".   He   certainly   favoured   war   over   peace   causing   him   to   choose   war   when   it   could   be   avoided.   His   critics had   made   that   observation   of   him   long   before   1937.   Further   evidence   came   from   the   delusion   he   had   that "he   was   born   to   be   the   nation’s   saviour."   He   repeated   this   theme   as   a   young   man   when   he   said   on   a number   of   occasions   that   "I   saved   my   life   in   order   to   fulfil   my   destiny.   Winston   was   no   academic   and struggled   unhappily   at   school   without   a   close   relationship   to   his   parents.   This   caused   him   to   become   a somewhat resentful outsider. Churchill   liked   to   live   in   comfort.   This   came   to   an   end   when   he   lost   a   fortune   in   the   Wall   Street   crash.   He met   up   with   several   American   financiers   he   had   made   friends   of   including   Bernard   Baruch.   Winston   was impressed   when   he   was   shown   how   you   can   make   a   fortune   in   a   short   space   of   time   by   working   the   stock market.   Churchill   would   have   spent   a   lot   of   time   in   their   company   and   these   Jews   were   determined   to   start a   war   between   the   UK   and   Germany.   They   wouldn’t   have   been   able   to   resist   enlisting   Churchill   to   their cause.   This   is   where   we   come   to   Kabbalah   mystic   mind   control   where   a   victim   is   made   to   carry   out   the orders   of   his   controller   without   realising   it.   Let   us   look   how   both   Bill   and   Hillary   Clinton   have   been   under mind control from a mystic for decades. The    Clintons    came    under    mind    control    by    the    Jewish    Kabbalah    mystic    Michael    Lerner.    He    runs    a subversive,   Marxist   cult   called   Tikkun.   The   first   reports   of   the   Clintons   involvement   were   published   in   the Sunday   Telegraph    on    June    20th    1993.    Bill    and    Hillary    Clinton    became    enthusiastic    members    of    this dangerous   movement.   It   has   been   described   as   a   Jewish   heresy   that   mixes   the   Old   Testament   with medieval    cabala    mysticism,    with    a    noticeable amount     of     1960’s     university     Marxism.     This unhealthy   Tikkun   cult   gripped   the   imagination   of the    Clintons    who    claimed    they    looked    to    it    for inspiration.   Bill   Clinton   wrote   a   letter   to   Lerner   in 1988    saying    "You    have    helped    me    clarify    my thinking   and   explained   the   meaning   of   life."   Hilary was   also   converted   and   became   a   true   believer. As    a    result    she    went    on    to    try    and    feminise America.    Under    the    influence    of    Tikkun    Hilary Clinton   said   during   a   speech   that   she   wanted   to achieve   for   America   a   new   covenant   by   means   of a   paradigm   shift.   Like   most   subversives   he   had   in his   manifesto   an   anti-marriage   agendum.   He   once had   a   wedding   cake   made   with   the   words   "smash monogamy" iced on it. Michael Lerner on the left giving a satanic hand salute.. Now    you    understand    how    Kabbalah    mystics    take over   people’s   minds,   can   you   see   Jewish   financiers and    those    intent    on    having    war    passing    by    the chance    of    getting    Winston    Churchill    under    mind control?   Due   to   his   greed   and   pomposity   he   would be   an   easier   victim   than   most.   If   he   was,   it   would explain   his   times   of   mental   anguish   that   he   called   his "dark   dog   days"   when   he   would   drink   himself   into oblivion.   The   charity,   "rethink"   commissioned   this   9 foot   figure   of   Winston   Churchill   in   a   straightjacket   to show that mental health problems can affect anyone. The   Germans   never   wanted   war   with   Britain   or   any   part   of   its   Empire   they   dropped   leaflets   over   London telling us so. Who was responsible for the second-world-war is made clear in the headline below. Winston   Churchill,   more   than   anyone   not   only   brought   about   the   demise   of   Britain,   and   the   end   of   our Empire   but   put   the   West   totally   under   the   control   of   the   US   based   Zionist   money   power.   The   world   that   had been   led   by   well-   meaning,   competent   Christians   suddenly   fell   into   the   hands   of   evil,   power   hungry,   money grabbing   tyrants.   Since   1945   the   world   has   descended   into   chaos   with   increasing   numbers   of   wars   and revolutions.   The   ordinary   people   are   now   denied   any   say,   as   power   has   passed   to   a   super   wealthy   few   and the   international   organisations   they   control.   Every   Western,   leader   in   recent   times,   has   sworn   allegiance, not   to   the   people   they   have   been   elected   to   represent,   but   to   the   self-serving   money   power   that   controls world politics. Effectively power has been passed from the Christ to the anti-Christ; from God to Mammon. The   Rothschild’s   organised   the   Napoleonic   wars   to   serve   their   own   interests.   Napoleon   wanted   to   get   rid   of the   system   of   usury   that   robbed   the   public,   and   replace   it   with   a   fair   system.   This   would   have   brought   an end   to   the   racketeering   that   was   making   the   Rothshilds   a   fortune   at   the   expense   of   the   people.   It   was   one   of the   main   reasons   for   the   second-world-war   with   Germany,   for   the   National   Socialists   had   instituted   their own    money    system    that    was    free    of    usury.    In    a    very    short    space    of    time    Germany    went    from    an impoverished   country   to   the   wealthiest   in   Europe,   able   to   put   their   people   to   work   building   motorways   and manufacturing cars etc. The Rothschild didn’t want the rest of Europe to do the same. Rothschild   isn’t   their   real   name.   Because   the   Germans   were   aware   that   Jews   couldn’t   be   trusted   they   were confined   to   a   certain   area   called   Jew   Street.   They   had   a   red   shield   over   the   house   from   where   they   derived the   name   Rothschild.   Before   that   the   great   Christian   philosopher,   Martin   Luther   had   recognised   the   threat that   the   organised   Jewish   community   posed   to   the   German   people,   so   he   had   them   dispersed   throughout the land. Mayer   Amchel   Rothschild,   a   wealthy   banking   Jew   in   Germany,   sent   his   five   sons   to   the   major   European countries   to   set   up   similar   systems   of   usurer   banking,   to   gain   not   only   great   wealth   but   also   political   power. In   their   fraudulent   way   of   usury,   they   were   able   to   supply   the   Bank   of   England   with   coin,   bearing   interest that should have been provided interest free by the national bank itself. The   Rothschild’s   were   principally   responsible   for   the   dismantling   of   the   British   Empire   and   the   creation   of the   EU. Although   they   played   a   large   part   in   supporting   Cecil   Rhodes   in   the   creation   of   Rhodesia,   they   had it   destroyed   when   it   suited   them.   (Many   British   children   were   born   while   their   parents   were   serving   in   the empire.   Despite   living   most   of   their   lives   in   the   UK,   now   that   they   are   in   their   seventies   and   eighties,   they are   being   told   that   they   cannot   live   here   because   they   were   born   abroad.   No   one   is   allowed   to   point   out   they are   genuinely   British,   while   every   immigrant   was   obviously   born   abroad,   yet   many   them   are   considered   to be full Britons with a right to live here.) The    powerful    Jewish    families    set    up    the    Zionist    Federation,    so    that    the    vast    number    of    problematic Ashkenazi   Jews   from   Europe   could   invade   Palestine.   Israel   has   proven   to   be   a   disaster   since   it   was founded.   The   German   National   Socialists   had   urged   them   to   go   to   Madagascar.   It   was   a   large   island   with   a small   population   that   would   have   been   ideal   for   them.   But   Israel   is   at   the   point   where   Africa   joins   Europe and Asia   with   connections   to   the   USA. The   Rothschild’s   don’t   make   the   amount   of   money   they   once   did,   but they    still    exert    an    enormous    amount    of    political    power    world-wide.    We    never    get    representative governments   because   they   ensure   that   the   best   of   our   people   are   kept   out   of   politics.   In   the   post   war   period Israel    and    organised    Jewry    have    completely    dominated   American    and    British    politics    and    are    vastly influential   around   the   world.   It   seems   they   are   also   able   to   appoint   their   own   placemen   into   the   Christian church, which in the main no longer serves a useful purpose.
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