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Every    Christian    should    know    that    internationalism    is    the    means    by    which    anti-Christ    Jews    and    their communist   allies   are   taking   control   of   the   world.   Through   internationalism   they   are   able   to   take   power   away from   nations,   and   transfer   it   to   international   organisations   that   they   control,   such   as   the   EU,   NATO,   the United   Nations,   the   IMF,   World   Bank   and   Bilderbergers.   Angela   Merkel   blocks   Christian   nationalists   by promoting   the   internationalist   agenda.   She   worked   enthusiastically   promoting   the   communist   regime   in   East Germany   before   its   fall.   In   contrast   Vladimir   Putin   who   had   a   similar   start   in   his   working   life   has   been seriously   promoting   Christianity   throughout   Russia.   This   is   why   the   American   government   and   the   mass media have been trying to create hostility toward him . Angela   Merkel   was   annoyed   when   this   photograph   appeared   in   the press   showing   her   enthusiastically   taking   part   in   an   East   German Communist Party Parade. Merkel’s   original   name   was   Angela   Kasner,   she   was   also   alleged   to have     been     a     propaganda     secretary     for     the     communist     youth movement.   The   photograph   was   found   by   Sonja   Feisberg,   an   old school-friend,    who    handed    it    to    the    German    Press.    Since    being elected    as    Germany’s    leader    she    has    pressed    ahead    with    the international,   communist   agenda.   While   East   Germany   was   ruled   by communists,   West   Germany   had   been   placed   firmly   under   the   Zionist jackboot   in   1945.   Like   all   Western   leaders   Angela   Merkel   only   gets elected because she is promoted by the Zionist-controlled media and press. You   may   wonder   why   Christian   church   leaders   no   longer   warn   their   congregations   of   the   imminent   threat from   anti-Christ   Jews,   for   it   is   clearly   written   in   the   bible.   It   is   because   our   enemy   work   as   gatekeepers, deciding   who   will   take   up   appointments   in   the   churches,   in   the   same   way   they   prevent   the   best   of   our people   from   entering   parliament.   It   was   commonly   known   that   when   Jews   return   to   the   holy   land   it   will   start the   rise   of   the   anti-Christ.   That   of   course   happened   in   1948   when   Zionists   set   up   the   state   of   Israel.   The majority   of   Jews   are   not   involved   in   this,   while   many   Orthodox   Jews   are   firmly   anti-Zionist.   This   goes   to show   just   how   much   power   a   small   group   of   incredibly   wealthy   and   fanatical   Jews   have.   Of   course   they   are aided and abetted by many non-Jews who are naive, unscrupulous, evil, greedy or vain. You   don’t   have   to   be   a   religious   fanatic   to   realise   that   Zionist   Jews   and   secret   societies   have   come   to dominate    the    politics    of    the    West,    and    we    are    all    suffering    severely    as    a    result.    They    control    our governments,   all   forms   of   entertainment,   commerce,   science,   news   agencies,   and   communications,   where they perpetually broadcast strategies designed to further their aim of forming a satanic world government. They   are   incredibly   cunning   and   devious.   They   have   set   up   what   appears   to   be   a   new   group   asking   “Who owns   the   UK   media?” They   call   themselves   “the   media   reform   coalition”. This   would   give   the   impression   that it   has   been   set   up   by   concerned   members   of   the   public   wanting   a   more   representative   system.   In   fact   it   is comprised   of   some   of   the   most   evil   organisations   that   have   been   corrupting   minds   while   destroying   the   UK and its moral institutions for decades. This   body   includes   the   New   Internationalist,   the   London   School   of   Economics,   The   Joseph   Rowntree   Trust, The   National   Union   of   Journalists,   Youth   Media   Agency,   Goldsmiths   of   London,   Open   Society   Foundation, and the Co-Operative Bank. They are basically world-government-promoting Zionist and communist groups. The   church   never   mentions   the   fact   that   Oliver   Cromwell   conspired   with   Jewish   usurers   on   mainland Europe,   to   allow   them   to   illegally   re-enter   England.   Once   here   they   created   the   civil   war   to   get   rid   of   the king.   Sixty   years   later   they   got   away   with   setting   up   The   Bank   of   England   on   a   fraudulent   system   of   usury. This   goes   against   basic   Christian   principles,   for   not   only   does   it   allow   bankers   to   steal   money   from governments and individuals, but it gives total power to those operating the money creation swindle. Once   the   Jews   returned   to   England   our   troubles   began.   By   being   cunning,   ruthless,   dishonest,   demanding and   racist   with   an   unhealthy   worship   of   money,   they   eventually   managed   to   gain   control   of   our   country.   The most   capable   and   virtuous   Briton   stands   no   chance   of   becoming   a   political   leader.   For   he   would   be   at   a disadvantage   by   being   straightforward   and   telling   the   truth.   Seeing   him   as   a   threat   Zionist   Jews   would   block his   route   preventing   him   from   getting   elected.   This   isn’t   unique   to   England   Jews   have   had   to   be   kicked   out of   every   country   in   Western   Europe   when   the   indigenous   people   reached   the   point   of   suffering   beyond endurance.   See   how   Zionists   who   are   in   control   have   promoted   numerous   non-white   immigrants   to   superior positions   above   the   indigenous   British.   Unable   to   understand   or   cope   with   the   situation   a   high   percentage   of our   people   have   become   depressed   and   mentally   disturbed.   If   they   learn   the   truth   they   will   be   able   to   deal with   the   situation   and   set   themselves   free.   This   is   what   Zionists   fear   the   most   which   is   why   they   have stepped   up   the   use   of   their   media   propaganda-machine.   Don’t   be   frightened   by   their   fake   shield   of   anti- Semitism we have to prevent a hostile takeover of our country.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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