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It   is   clear   today   that   Europeans   have   no   say   in   the   politics   of   their   countries.   No   longer   do   these   nations have   the   ability   to   decide   their   future,   the   few   who   have   amassed   the   most   amount   of   money   and   power control   from   behind   the   scenes.   This   isn’t   a   recent   abuse   of   the   system,   it   has   only   come   to   the   public’s attention   since   political   decisions   have   become   so   clearly   against   the   national   interest.   Even   Disraeli   in Victorian   times   said,   “We   are   governed   by   different   people   from   those   the   public   imagine,   but   unless   you work   behind   the   scenes   you   would   never   know.”   There   are   several   evil   groups   that   secretly   rule   over   us, they   include   the   Fabian   Society,   high-ranking   Freemasons,   Zionists,   Bilderbergers,   the   World   Bank   and some   satanic   organisations.   Between   them   they   own   world-wide   98%   of   the   television   companies   and control   what   the   major   newspapers   print.   John   Swinton,   one   time   Chief   of   Staff   of   the   New   York   Times   said at   a   press   conference   meeting   “Not   one   of   you   dares   print   what   you   really   think.   If   you   did   you   would immediately   be   put   out   on   the   street   looking   for   another   job   and   what   you   had   written   would   never   be published.” Between   them   these   evil   societies   find   people   that   are   secretly   willing   to   work   for   them.   These   traitors   will then   be   shown   in   the   press   and   on   TV   as   perfect   future   leaders.   At   elections   they   will   be   placed   in   safe constituencies   where   they   are   certain   to   be   elected.   We   then   have   a   new   Prime   Minister   and   cabinet.   It takes   some   years   before   the   public   realise   they   are   near   identical   to   the   ones   they   were   eager   to   get   rid   of some   years   before.   Every   Prime   minister   since   Winston   Churchill   in   1940   has   been   a   Zionist   working   for shadowy   organisations,   the   United   States   government   and   later   Israel.   When   the   war   ended   in   1945   many Britons    complained    of    now    being    ruled    by    the    “almighty    dollar”    (America.)    In    the    1960's    the    Israel- worshipping   Prime   Minister,   Harold   Wilson   suggested   that   Britain   should   become   America's   51st   state which in effect we already were.  Je wish   newspapers   blatantly   brag   to   their   community   on   how they   control   parliament.   Few   Britons   are   aware   of   this   dangerous situation   and   it   is   not   only   the   UK   that   they   manipulate.   Western governments   have   been   controlled   secretly   by   several   sinister groups     for     decades.     They     have     a     common     objective     of dominating   all   the   Western   nations   of   the   world.   By   accruing most   of   the   wealth   they   have   achieved   complete   control   of   all   the news   sources   which   the   public   relies   on   for   its   information.   This has   given   them   the   ability   to   secretly   lead   nation   after   nation   to its own destruction. Since   1945   the   American,   Israeli   and   UK   governments   have been   complicit   in   creating   excuses   to   attack   one   independent nation   after   another   to   create   what   they   call   “regime   changes”. This   means   the   warmongers   installing   a   government   of   their choice   which   will   work   for   them.   An   alien   regime   that   does   not represent   the   indigenous   people!   Britons   mainly   seem   unaware that   parliament   is   determined   not   to   do   anything   in   the   national interest. It is determined to follow its anti-European agenda. After   the   diabolical   treatment   of   Wikileaks   founder,   Julian   Assange,   Chelsea   Manning   and   others,   it   has become   clear   that   the   US   government   is   prepared   to   go   to   its   utmost   lengths   to   prevent   anyone   exposing it’s criminal and inhuman activity.
Jewish   leaders   constantly   criticise   every   European   that   tries   to   preserve   their   identity   with   screams   of “racist”,   a   word   they   invented.   Yet   Rabbis   become   enraged   when   their   people   marry-out.   On   the   odd occasion   they   do   they   sometimes   hold   a   mock   funeral   to   let   the   couple   know   they   want   nothing   more   to   do with   them.   The   European   birth-rate   is   seriously   low,   while   Jewish   leaders   are   bragging   about   the   rapid increase   in   pregnancies   both   in   Israel   and   Europe.   This   is   because   Jews   are   content   as   they   are   getting their way, while Europeans are suffering by secretly being led by their enemies. 
Over   the   years   the   murder,   rape   and   drug   problem   has   been   encouraged   to   escalate   by   parliament.   The MP’s   we   elect   have   no   interest   in   serving   the   public,   nor   do   they   share   the   public’s   concern   over   global warming   or   the   horrific   plastic-waste   problem.   During   the   past   sixty   years   our   once   moral,   peaceful   and   law abiding   Christian   country   has   been   destroyed.   In   the   1950’s   murders   were   so   rare   they   were   mentioned   in newspapers   for   months.   In   2017   on   average   fourteen   people   were   murdered   every   week   in   the   UK   and they   were   seldom   publicised.   In   on   the   conspiracy   against   us   have   been   Home   Secretaries   and   judges   who refuse   to   give   adequate   sentences.   We   have   had   at   least   five   Jewish   senior   Judges.   They   were   Sir   John Dyson,   Lord   Brown,   Lord   Collins,   Lord   Chief   Justice   Wolfe   and   Lord   Phillips   pictured   above.   The   fanatically anti-British   Jack   Straw   who   has   served   as   both   Foreign   and   Home   Secretary   is   believed   by   many   to   be Jewish.   As   they   often   change   their   names   to   conceal   their   identity   we   can   never   be   sure.   As   a   result   we now   have   the   absurd   situation   where   murderers,   criminals   and   drug   pushers   are   allowed   to   go   free   while our   people   who   try   to   defend   our   nation   are   sent   to   jail.   Foolishly   we   have   even   allowed   Jews   to   take   up senior positions in the Christian Church.
Freedom   of   thought   is   central   to   Jewish   life   but   under   alien   rule   it   is   denied   to   Europeans,   and   in   particular the   English   who   are   not   officially   allowed   to   describe   themselves   as   “English”.   It   is   acceptable   however   to describe   a   predominately   black   African   football   team   as   English.   It   was   reported   in   the   Sun   newspaper   on the   6th   December   2001   that   “Patriot   Christopher   Molyneux   was   taken   to   court   and   fined   for   calling   himself English   on   his   census   form.”   This   problem   was   caused   by   allowing   anti-British   Zionists   and   their   allies   to control   parliament   and   the   justice   system.   It   is   reported   that   the   internal   enemy   would   have   liked   to   see Prince   Charles   marry   a   black   African.   Did   they   arrange   Prince   Harry’s   blind   date   with   Meghan   Markle? After   all   she   is   a   professional   actress   and   converted   to   Judaism   when   she   married   Jewish   film   producer Trevor   Engelson.   Moving   in   Jewish   circles   she   must   have   been   aware   of   the   Zionist   plot   to   wipe   out   the European   nations   through   race   mixing.   Euphoria   for   the   wedding   was   predictably   created   by   the   extreme left-wing    BBC,    known    to    many    as    the    Blatant    Biased    Corporation.    The    enemy    has    introduced    extra problems   by   encouraging   hostile   alien   immigrants   like   Diane   Abbott   and   Bernie   Grant   to   enter   parliament and   challenge   our   traditional   culture,   ideas   and   values.   There   are   continual   battles   between   different   ethnic groups   around   the   world.   The   UK   had   no   such   problem   until   the   1960’s   when   parliament   forced   mass immigration up the Christian European British.
   The   Fabian   Society   is   one   of   the   sinister   organisations   that   secretly   control   Western   politics.   It   said decades   ago   that   it   wouldn’t   need   another   Bolshevik   style   revolution   to   achieve   its   aims   it   would   merely change   attitudes   with   each   successive   generation.   We   can   see   that   their   evil   plan   is   working   by   the   way   the younger   generations   often   readily   accept   new   damaging   legislation   that   their   grandparents   totally   reject. This   will   come   as   no   surprise   when   you   realise   the   Fabians,   Zionists,   Bankers,   high-ranking   Freemasons and   Satanists   secretly   set   the   school   curriculums,   own   almost   all   of   the   major   companies,   nearly   all   of   the major   film   studios   and   advertising   agencies   while   controlling   the   civil   service,   book   distribution   and   the music   industry.   This   has   allowed   them   to   form   the   way   the   public   thinks.   This   can   clearly   be   seen   in   recent TV   advertisements   that   are   dominated   by   male   black   Africans   often   partnered   with   white   girls.   This   is   clearly to   get   young   children   thinking   that   blacks   belong   in   Europe   and   that   inter-racial   partnering   is   acceptable.   But not   of   course   for   Jews!   If   a   young   Jewish   woman   is   approached   by   a   male   black   African   she   only   has   to point   to   the   Star   of   David   around   her   neck   and   he   is   gone.   All   of   these   secret   groups   have   a   common objective   to   destroy   nations   and   set   up   a   world   government   dictatorship.   This   is   why   we   have   to   get   out   of the EU. 



  Soon   after   the   war   ended   several   of   our   most   learned   and   respected   Britons   realised   that   the   UK   was   being led   to   destruction.   These   included   A.K.   Chesterton,   Captain   Kenneth   McKilliam,   Wing   Commander   Leonard Young,   Andrew   Fountaine   and   Lady   Jane   Birdwood.   They   wrote   books   which   were   never   made   available   to the   public   as   they   were   not   distributed   through   the   usual   channels.   Most   of   this   group   went   on   to   become the   National   Front.   It   never   succeeded   in   the   way   that   it   deserved   to   because   the   mass   media   that   the public   relies   on   for   information   constantly   hurled   unfair   abuse   at   them.   To   prevent   the   public   from   listening they   constantly   and   ridiculously   accused   these   great   British   military   leaders   of   being   Nazis.   Recently   the Labour   MP   Nick   Boles   has   been   bragging   about   how   he   and   his   fellow   Zionists   prevented   the   National Front and BNP from being elected. Too   young   to   fight   in   the   second-world-war   I   spent   much   of   my   time   listening   to   my   female   neighbours. They   complained   that   they   didn’t   know   where   their   husbands   were   or   if   they   were   alive   or   dead.   They worried   about   their   children   that   had   been   evacuated   possibly   over   a   hundred   miles   away   and   didn’t   know the   people   they   were   with.   They   complained   that   food   was   scarce   life   was   disrupted   and   often   mentioned that   bastard   Churchill.   No   one   spoke   of   the   Germans   or   Adolf   Hitler.   I   wondered   why   we   were   at   war   with Germany   and   was   it   worth   the   sacrifice.      When   I   was   six-years-old   queuing   with   my   mother   in   the   grocers we   had   been   assigned   to   a   Jewess   that   had   been   served   walked   back   along   the   queue.   As   she   passed   a woman   complained   to   her   about   the   war   her   people   had   caused   and   the   terrible   effect   on   daily   life.   The Jewess   hurried   by,   when   she   reached   the   door   she   shouted   out   “Your   King   our   country”   and   fled.   This confirmed to me the way her community viewed the situation. For   years   I   was   aware   that   Parliament   was   ruled   by   our   enemies   and   that   the   BBC   spread   anti-British propaganda.   This   caused   the   misled   public   to   continue   voting   for   the   major   parties   that   were   responsible   for our   national   decline.   The   British   would   like   to   have   close   ties   with   our   relatives   in   Canada,   Australia   and New   Zealand,   but   parliament   is   mainly   interested   in   America   and   Israel.   I   stood   twice   for   parliament   and   on both   occasions   I   had   a   high-ranking   Freemason   shadowing   me.   During   my   first   campaign   he   questioned   me for   three   hours   about   the   people   I   was   complaining   about.   At   the   end   he   said   I   had   every   reason   to   criticise them.   Three   weeks   after   I   stood   the   second   time   he   invited   me   to   his   house.   He   said   in   the   period   between the   elections   the   problems   in   the   country   have   risen   dramatically   but   you   got   the   same   result,   seventeen and   a   half   per   cent.   You   won’t   get   more   than   that   because   only   around   sixteen   per   cent   of   the   public   are free-thinkers,   the   majority   can   be   persuaded   to   vote   by   the   press   and   TV   for   whichever   parties   they   want   to succeed.   He   then   suggested   that   to   improve   my   chances   I   should   become   a   Freemason.   He   then   offered me   a   bribe   that   would   have   made   me   very   wealthy   but   I   turned   him   down.   Because   I   know   that   if   I   did accept   I   would   no   longer   be   able   to   say   what   I   really   think   and   there   would   be   a   good   chance   of   them wanting me to return favours that I wouldn’t want to do. 
T he   purpose   of   the   second-world-war   was   to   make   the   UK   subservient   to the   US   government,   get   as   many   Europeans   killed   as   possible,   allowthe non-Semitic   Ashkenazi         tribe   to   invade   Palestine,   set   up   the   state   of Israel   and   put   Germany   firmly   back   under   the   Zionist   jack-boot.   Also   to bring   an   end   to   the   usury-free   method   of   banking   that   had   rapidly   made Germany   the   richest   country   in   Europe.   When   Churchill   needed   allies   to promote    his    conflict    he    approached    the    Communist    Party    for    help. Around   fifty   per   cent   of   them   were   enthusiastic.   These   were   mainly   Jews from   London’s   East   End.   With   this   success   the   warmonger   then   secretly invited   many   more   Jews   to   come   from   Germany   to   promote   his   war. Despite   this   the   anti-war   movement   had   rapidly   grown   to   be   a   worry   to the   fifth   column   that   was   determined   to   start   another   conflict.   By   1939   the Bolsheviks,    Trotskyites    and    Leninists    had    already    killed    countless millions   of   Europeans,   yet   one   could   imagine   Winston   Churchill   on   the phone   to   Stalin,   saying   we   may   not   get   our   war   the   opposition   is   growing   rapidly   and   Stalin   replying   “Just do   as   I   do,   round   them   up   and   put   them   in   jail.”   This   is   exactly   what   Churchill   did!   He   created   a   new   18B law   which   made   it   a   criminal   offence   to   oppose   his   war.   Around   1,000   of   the   most   outspoken   were   rounded up   and   put   into   jail.   What   is   never   mentioned   is   that   the   German   government   had   leaflets   dropped   over London   saying   they   didn’t   want   a   war.   This   is   an   inconvenient   truth   for   Western   rulers   and   is   never mentioned.   Other   inconvenient   truths   are   that   around   185,000   Jews   fought   in   Hitler’s   army,   a   fact   published in   the   Jewish   News,   and   that   many   Jews   lived   in   Germany   throughout   the   war   and   were   left   alone   to   get   on with their lives. How   many   people   know   that   Churchill’s   close   friend   and   ally   Dwight   D.   Eisenhower,   after   the   war   was   over held   almost   four   million   German   soldiers   who   were   looking   forward   to   going   home   to   their   families,   secretly captive   outside   in   the   freezing   cold,   with   little   food   or   water   with   the   intention   of   killing   them?   This   was attempted   mass   murder!   At   least   750,000   died   before   they   were   discovered.   The   facts   were   published   in   a book   by   James   Bacque   in   1989   called   “Other   Losses”,   but   as   it   is   yet   another   inconvenient   truth   it   has never   been   mentioned   by   those   who   have   control   over   us.   Other   close   friends   of   Churchill   who   promoted the   war   were   Bernard   Baruch   the   influential   Jewish   Wall   Street   financier   and   Peter   Mandelson's   Jewish grandfather,    Herbert    Morrison    who    acted    as    war    procurement    officer    and    the    team    including    Robert Oppenheimer,    and    Einstein    who    invented    the    horrific    atom    bomb    and    then    used    it.    This    should    be considered the most serious crime of the 20th century. Every nation has lived in fear since. For   years   there   have   been   many   anti-British   Jews   in   parliament.   Currently   they   are   trying   to   wreck   Brexit and   keep   us   tied   to   the   EU.   On   the   28th   March   the   Jewish   News   contained   an   article   where   Uri   Geller   said that   he   predicted   Theresa   May   would   become   prime   minister   three   years   before   it   happened   and   that Donald   Trump   would   become   President.   He   went   on   to   say   that   the   CIA,   MI5   and   Mossad,   the   Israeli secret   service,   would   stop   Theresa   May   leading   the   country   out   of   the   EU   through   Brexit.   It   was   revealed around   2016   that   Uri   Geller   uses   his   spoon   bending   tricks   to   cover   up   his   high-level   political   work   with senior   politicians.   Geller   knows   no   more   than   nationalists   who   seriously   study   politics   on   a   daily   basis   and he   conveniently   forgot   to   mention   that   Theresa   May   is   a   Zionist.   On   the   night   before   she   became   prime minister   she   spent   the   evening   with   the   Chief   Rabbi,   no   doubt   being   told   what   was   expected   of   her. Sabotaging   our   leaving   the   EU   was   no   doubt   the   main   topic.   It   was   made   clear   in   this   article   that   the   Jewish New   team   would   like   us   to   be   held   into   the   EU.   For   centuries   wars   in   Europe   have   been   organised   by bankers   and   their   allies   for   their   own   advantage.   Each   time   they   gained   while   the   public   was   loaded   with increased   debt.   More   recently   the   government    controlled   NHS   has   been   used   to   kill   patients   through   chaos, ignorance,   dangerous   drugs   and   sometimes   murder,   as   in   the   cases   of   Harold   Shipman,   who   killed   at   least 250   of   his   patients,   Dr   Jane   Barton   who   murdered   656   of   those   in   her   care   and   was   allowed   to   carry   on working.   Nurse   Lucy   Letby   was   responsible   for   the   deaths   of   at   least   17   babies.   Parliament   took   no   interest in   these   murders,   we   only   learned   of   them   through   newspaper   articles   and   the   internet.   Many   hospital workers   have   made   it   known   that   death   certificates   are   regularly   falsified   to   cover   up   the   real   reasons.   It   is kept   secret   by   the   police   and   our   rulers   that   Britons   are   regularly   being   murdered   by   immigrants,   and   that non-whites   using   the   false   description   of   “asylum   seekers”   are   being   housed   first,   while   many   of   our   people are   forced   to   sleep   on   the   streets   outside   in   the   rain   and   cold.   Our   enemies   are   hoping   the   non-white   mass invasion   of   Europe   will   get   our   numbers   further   reduced   through   mixed-race   marriages.   The   recently introduced   idea   of   abortion   on   demand,   where   workers   there   are   paid   bonuses   each   time   one   is   carried   out has a similar effect.
Under    the    direction    of    Jews    within    parliament    as    well    as    pressure    from    the    American    and    Israeli governments Britain is supplying the fanatical Israeli army with weapons.
The   American,   Israeli   and   British   governments   together   with   the   EU   not   only   intend   to   wipe   out   the Palestinians   but   also   the   European   nations!   The   UK   has   a   large   defence   budget   including   atom   bombs which   most   Britons   are   not   aware   of.   There   is   no   point   wasting   money   on   the   military   which   is   controlled   by the   United   States   government.   Currently   they   are   secretly   trying   to   merge   our   forces   into   a   Euro   Army.   We urgently   need   our   own   armed   forces   to   defend   our   ports   from   illegal   immigrants.   We   cannot   do   this   with America    controlling    them    and    successive    anti-British    governments    that    are    determined    to    get    us outnumbered   by   non-white   invaders.   The   Jewish   community   did   very   well   out   of   the   war.   In   1945   they   lived predominately   in   run   down   terraced   houses   in   London’s   East   End.   By   the   mid   1950’s   most   of   them   had moved   to   the   most   luxurious   parts   of   London   including   Hampstead   Garden   Suburb,   Swiss   Cottage,   Golders Green   (known   as   Goldberg   Green   to   the   locals),   Hampstead,   Stanmore,   Mill   Hill   and   Edgware.   From   this time   many   more   Jews   became   solicitors,   lawyers,   financial   consultants,   judges,   politicians,   script-writers, lecturers   and   journalists   giving   their   interpretation   of   what   is   going   on   in   the   world.      This   creates   a   problem as only around 16% of the public think clearly on political matters, the majority can too easily be deceived.  Onc e   the   American   government   ruled   over   parliament   it also    gained    control    of    the    British    Empire,    which    it    took control   of   and   dismantled   within   twenty   years.   Not   wanting to   be   seen   responsible   it   used   East   European   communist Jews   to   set   up   the   anti-apartheid   groups   to   set   up   the   white hatred   movements.   The   black   Africans   had   little   say   as   the world’s   media   sent   out   the   message   that   the   natives   were hell   bent   on   independence,   which   in   Africa   has   been   proven to   be   false.   While   the   British   governed   they   were   doing useful    work,    including    building    hospitals,    roads,    schools, airports,   railways   and   providing   fresh   drinking   water.   Once they   gained   the   illusion   of   independence   the   US   based   IMF and   World   Bank   saddled   them   with   huge   amounts   of   debt   that   they   would   never   be   able   to   repay.   They were stripped of their valuable assets to help pay repay these unrequested debts.   When   these   countries   were   under   British   rule   their   produce   could   be   sold   around   the   world   to   provide   cash for    building    up    the    infrastructures    of    these    countries.    Few    such    opportunities    have    arisen    since    the American   government   gained   control   and   the   lives   of   many   Africans   have   become   desperate   as   they   have starved,   suffered   from   disease   and   lacked   education.   The   Zionist   led   parliament   has   encouraged   many black   Africans   and   Asians   to   come   to   Europe   to   escape   their   homelands.   This   has   been   to   undermine   the European and eventually to destroy the racial identity of our people. Black   Africans   have   been   slaves   to   international   bankers   for   decades.   Now   China   is   investing   heavily   in their   countries.   Natives   need   to   return   home   to   prevent   the   loss   of   their   homelands.   Once   lost,   they   can never   be   regained   just   as   the   monks   of   Tibet   were   kicked   out   of   their   Tibetan   homeland   by   the   Chinese. China   is   not   spending   vast   amounts   of   money   purely   for   the   welfare   of   black   Africans.   Immigrants   living   in the   UK   must   be   aware   that   there   are   several   wealthy   and   influential   groups   trying   to   take   control   of   the   UK and   several   other   European   countries.   In   the   name   of   internationalism   the   same   is   happening   in   many more   countries.   This   is   why   we   hear   an   ever   increasing   number   of   complaints   of   anti-Semitism   and   anti- Zionism   as   more   and   more   people   become   aware   of   those   responsible   for   moves   to   steal   our   countries. Africans   that   have   acquired   knowledge   and   skills   should   return   to   their   homelands   and   secure   them   for their own people. Once the UK has left the EU we could trade with our former colonies.
Recently   the   Israeli   government   sent   letters   to   around   half   of   the   black   African   immigrants   there,   telling   them they   must   accept   a   one   way   ticket   back   home   or   be   sent   to   jail.   After   thinking   about   it   for   some   days   it   was decided   that   more   damage   could   be   inflicted   by   sending   them   to   Canada   and   Europe.   By   organising themselves,   various   groups   of   immigrants   have   dug   their   heels   in   and   insisted   on   their   right   to   stay.   The matter   has   not   yet   been   resolved.   In   contrast   successive   British   governments   have   given   priority   in   work   to asylum   seekers   and   coloured   immigrants   putting   them   before   indigenous   Britons.   This   first   became   clear   in 1983   when   Margaret   Thatcher’s   government   secretly   sacked   many   of   the   English   and   Irish   nurses   so   their jobs   could   be   given   to   coloured   immigrants   that   had   been   invited   here.   Around   the   same   time   all   post   offices were   set   aside   for   Asians.   Prior   to   this   many   British   doctors   had   been   persuaded   to   go   to   America   where they   could   get   higher   wages   and   enjoy   a   better   lifestyle.   According   to   a   recent   press   statement   Britons   are suffering   because   “Ninety   per   cent   of   foreign   doctors   have   never   been   tested   to   see   if   they   have   the knowledge   to   carry   out   the   work   they   are   engaged   in.”   In   fact   most   of   them   are   not   real   doctors   they   are merely   laptop   operators   prescribing   drugs   recommended   by   the   massive   untrustworthy   pharmaceutical companies.   Their   tablets   often   lead   to   early   death   and   suicide.   Wealthy   aliens   by   abusing   the   stock   market have   bought   up   a   succession   of   popular   British   food   brands   and   added   dangerous   ingredients   to   them, which are a health hazard. Parliament will do nothing to solve the problems it deliberately created.   The   British   should   have   been   aware   of   the   forthcoming   disaster   when   parliament   announced   around   forty years   ago   that   “there   will   be   no   upper   limit   to   the   number   of   immigrants   allowed   in.”   This   should   have   been   a warning   that   our   political   enemies   were   determined   to   get   us   outnumbered   in   our   own   country.   Parliament invites   people   from   every   country   to   come   to   the   UK,   promising   great   rewards.   Seeking   asylum   during   times of   trouble   means   going   to   the   nearest   country   where   it   is   safe.   Not   travelling   half   way   around   the   world   to get   into   England!   During   the   second   world   war   when   cities   were   being   bombed   to   destruction   nobody   fled from   their   homeland.   To   have   done   so   would   have   been   deemed   a   disgrace.   Modern   so-called   asylum- seeking   has   been   invented   by   Western   governments   to   flood   Europe   with   non   Europeans.   The   naive amongst   us   would   say   that   there   is   no   problem   with   groups   of   other   nations   living   amongst   us.   Just   look   at how   many   wars   have   been   started   by   our   alien   rulers   since   1945   between   various   people   of   different   sects, nationalities and religions living in the same country and think again. Parliament   uses   the   excuse   of   “positive   discrimination”   to   give   preference   in   jobs   to   foreigners.   In   June   2001 it   was   widely   reported   in   the   press   that   British   passports   had   been   sold   in   large   numbers   on   Facebook   for three   years.   The   US   government   said   they   were   likely   to   fall   into   the   hands   of   terrorists   but   as   usual parliament   did   nothing.   Currently   the   internet   controllers   are   removing   information   by   those   trying   to   regain control of Europe by falsely classifying what they say as racist or anti-Semitic.  Labour   Party   members   have   been   in   Africa   since   the   1960's,   telling   the   black   natives   to   come   to   England. They   say   "We   want   you   there   you   can   get   jobs,   houses,   education,   healthcare,   welfare   payments   and   a pension.   All   are   welcome   but   when   you   get   there,   don't   forget   to   vote   Labour   as   it   is   our   party   that   made   it possible."   It   was   known   that   Africans   would   bring   their   dreadful   life-threatening   drug   culture   with   them   and parliament   has   encouraged   it,   with   some   MP's   saying   "whether   you   use   drugs   or   not   is   merely   a   lifestyle choice."  In   the   1950s   murder   was   so   rare   that   it   was   mentioned   in   newspapers   for   months.   In   2017   at   least   768 people   were   murdered   in   the   UK.   In   recent   years   they   are   become   so   common   that   parliament   uses   it   as   an excuse   to   avoid   mentioning   them.   It   is   essential   now   that   we   find   our   own   local   constituency   candidates from   among   the   knowledgeable   and   capable   people   we   can   trust.      If   we   don’t,   we   will   continue   to   be   ruled by   our   enemies   who   rely   on   illegal   immigrants   to   get   elected,   crime   rates,   murder,   unemployment   and   drug- problems   etc   will   continue   to   escalate.   Fluoride   was   added   to   the   drinking   water   because   it   dulls   the   mind and prevents people from thinking clearly.
If   you   thought   Boris   Johnson   could   be   trusted   to   work   for   us you   had   better   think   again!   We   cannot   allow   non-Europeans or   anyone   working   for   alien   interests   to   stand   in   elections. Only   around   .1   %   of   Jews   belong   to   any   of   the   powerful   evil organisations.   Unfortunately   the   majority   of   them   feel   they should    vote    for    Jewish    candidates.    However,    some    loyal Jews     have     stood     for     parliament     with     the     support     of recognised   nationalist   groups.   This   is   not   a   problem   so   long as they are thoroughly checked out.
Wi nston   Churchill   and   his   co-conspirators   prevented   King   Edward,   his   wife   Wallis Simpson,   Sir   Oswald   and   Lady   Diana   Mosley   and   thousands   of   other   anti-war activists   from   having   any   effect.   If   there   had   been   no   war   millions   of   lives   and   the devastation   of   numerous   towns   and   cities   could   have   been   avoided.   The   United States    government’s    programme    of    continual    warmongering,    to    enact    regime changes   could   have   been   prevented   and   there   would   have   been   no   “holocaust”. The   world   must   no   longer   sit   and   watch   while   the   American   and   Israeli   leadership overthrow   elected   governments,   and   install   their   own   puppet   leaders.   From   1914 to   1939   taking   control   of   the   UK   government,   then   dismantling   our   Empire   and closing    down    major    British    industry,    starting    mass    non-white    immigration,    lowering    the    standard    of education   and   creating   a   serious   drug   problem   was   at   the   top   of   their   agenda.   In   less   than   thirty   years   they had   succeeded   in   all   of   this!   Yet   another   reason   for   the   war   was   that   the   National   Socialist   German government   scrapped   its   usury   system   of   banking,   which   rapidly   made   their   country   the   wealthiest   in Europe.   As   a   result   while   most   countries   were   burdened   with   debt   Germany   was   able   to   provide   work   for   its people   building   motorways,   cars   and   many   other   ways.   Those   that   had   unfairly   come   to   rule   over   us couldn’t   afford   other   countries   to   do   the   same.   It   would   have   put   an   end   to   their   dream   of   ruling   over   a world government made up of countries deep in debt. In   the   1960’s   parliament   together   with   East   European   communists   began   driving   Europeans   out   of   Africa with   the   excuse   that   they   had   no   right   to   be   there.   Shridith   Rampall   was   put   in   charge   of   immigration   at   the time   and   said   that   none   of   them   would   be   allowed   to   enter   the   UK,   but   went   on   to   say   that   we   needed   to speed   up   the   arrival   of   the   families   of   the   newly   arrived   black   immigrants.   This   prompted   Enoch   Powell   to say   “they   could   be   reunited   in   either   direction.”   For   decades   Africans,   Asians   and   Muslims   have   been backed   by   parliament   to   oppose   the   British.   This   has   had   the   consequence   of   allowing   immigrants   to   retain sufficient   confidence   to   take   their   children   out   of   school   over   the   gay   and   homosexual   agenda.   Whereas the   docile   Europeans   have   not   opposed   this   imposition,   which   goes   against   common   sense,   morals, tradition   and   Christianity   and   just   gone   along   with   this   parliamentary   treachery!   Coloured   immigration   is being   used   to   get   us   outnumbered   so   that   it   would   be   impossible   to   regain   control   of   our   country.   The worrying   number   of   street   murders   has   risen   due   to   parliament’s   liberal   attitude   to   offenders   and   the   poor financial   state   of   our   country   due   to   the   fact   that   we   have   been   ruled   by   our   enemies   for   over   a   century. Parliament   has   deliberately   made   a   mess   of   Brexit   in   the   hope   that   we   can   be   held   in   the   EU.   Every   one   of them that is calling for a second referendum should be put in jail for their treachery. In   England   our   problems   began   when   Oliver   Cromwell   brought   the   most   sinister   of   the   Jewish   usurers   back into   our   country.   They   had   the   secret   long   term   aim   of   gaining   complete   world-wide   political   control. Cromwell   by   using   communist   style   rhetoric   was   able   to   divide   the   country   and   set   up   a   rebel   army   for them.   This   caused   the   English   Civil   War   which   caused   the   deaths   of   high   percentage   of   the   English. Despite   the   monarchy   later   being   restored   the   Jewish   clique   was   able   to   rule   the   roost   and   set   up   the   Bank of   England.   This   ran   on   a   system   of   usury,   something   that   was   not   to   be   used   by   Christians.   The   mighty Roman   Empire   fell   by   constantly   creating   money   out   of   thin   air   which   made   its   currency   worthless.   The world now runs on this insane principle and is heading for a devastating financial crash.  Since   1939   Churchill   and   the   fanatical   anti-nationalists   can   be   seen   to   be   responsible   for   the   downfall   of European   civilisation.   Winston   Churchill   closed   down   the   British   aircraft   industry   on   behalf   of   the   American government.    (For    details    see    aircraft    in    the    index    of    this    site.)    Our    successful    British    manufacturing industries   were   exported   to   the   Far   East.      This   was   followed   by   the   swinging   60’s   cultural-revolution   when the   younger   generation   was   first   led   astray.   At   this   time   the   standard   of   education   was   severely   lowered   by introducing   the   comprehensive   system.   The   death   penalty   was   removed   mass   coloured   immigration   began and   with   it   the   drug   problem   was   introduced.   Then   we   had   the   formation   of   the   tyrannical   EU.   Parliament, media   controllers   and   the   self-chosen   organisations   that   rule   over   us   have   determined   everything   that   has destroyed our once great nation. Now is the time for Europeans to take back control of our countries.                    


Successive   government’s   since   the   1960’s   have   encouraged   rapists,   murderous   and   thieves   by   either giving    lenient    sentences    or    ignoring    them.    Child    murders    have    escalated    since    paedophiles    were encouraged   and   emboldened   to   come   out   of   the   shadows.   Most   Europeans   have   allowed   our   enemies   to create   and   use   atom   bombs,   while   adding   toxins   to   the   earth,   medicines   and   our   food.   Most   people   oppose fracking   as   it   damages   and   pollutes   large   areas.   The   majority   point   of   view   clearly   counts   for   nothing   in   our bogus   democracies.   Our   enemies   have   led   youngsters   to   follow   unhealthy   life-styles   that   have   led   to serious   problems   and   mass   deaths.   Our   reprehensible   leaders   have   done   little   to   solve   the   enormous problem   of   plastic   waste.   But   then   there   is   no   one   in   Western   governments   that   serves   the   people.   All politicians   work   to   a   secret   agenda   and   not   one   of   them   has   the   knowledge   and   skills   to   solve   our   practical problems   even   if   they   wanted   to.   In   fact   prime   and   cabinet   ministers   are   probably   the   only   jobs   that   you   can get without any qualifications or job interview. 
The   thieves   who   have   taken   over   the   West   are   trying   to   falsely   prosecute   hundreds   of   citizens   by   claiming they   are   anti-Semites.   Zionism   is   a   world-wide   movement   that   seeks   to   control   every   country,   all   forms   of communication   and   government   department.   Arabs   make   up   the   greatest   number   of   Semites   in   the   world and   not   one   of   them   has   ever   complained   of   anti-Semitism.   There   are   many   Jews,   particularly   of   the Orthodox   groups   that   are   anti-Zionist.   The   majority   of   Jews   in   the   world   belong   to   the   Ashkenazi   tribe   and they   are   not   a   Semitic   people.   Think   of   Peter   Mandelson,   Lord   Levy   and   Greville   Janner.   They   are   of   the Ashkenazi   tribe   and   unlike   Arabs   do   not   have   a   Semitic   appearance.   Whereas   there   are   countless   Zionists who   are   not   Jews!   So   do   not   be   taken   in   by   the   false   accusation   of   anti-Semitism.   Semitic   Arabs   never complain   of   anti-Semitism   because   they   are   not   Zionists.   We   all   see   daily   how   the   Semitic   Palestinians   are victims   of   the   Zionist   Israeli   government.   We   need   to   prevent   this   outsider   fifth   column   from   making   our laws. The    money    manipulators    view    the    nation    state    as    an    obstacle    to    globalisation.    This    is    why    illegal immigrants   have   been   given   more   rights   than   indigenous   Britons.   We   should   come   first   in   our   own   country but   this   doesn’t   suit   the   world   government   fanatics.   The   shift   of   loyalty   can   clearly   be   seen   in   the   way insurance   companies   operate.   If   you   stayed   with   one   company   you   would   have   received   a   loyalty   discount. Today   new   customers   are   attracted   by   being   given   reduced   rates.   Parliament   does   the   same   with   newly arrived   non-European   immigrants.   This   is   due   to   the   fact   that   nation   states   are   an   obstacle   to   the   New World Order’s aim of controlling everyone in an Orwellian world government dictatorship.
It    says   in   the   bible   that   “when   Jesus   rose   from   the dead   he   travelled   with   caution   for   fear   of   the   Jews”. We   have   allowed   these   same   Jews   to   control   world finance   and   select   who   will   govern   on   their   behalf around   the   world.   The   most   evil   of   them   use   every conceivable   method   to   get   their   way.   They   have started   most   of   the   wars   and   enticed   many   millions of   people   to   settle   in   foreign   countries   to   the   extent that   the   indigenous   people   have   difficulty   claiming their   country   as   their   own.   The   US   government   has troops    stationed    in    177    countries    ensuring    they don’t break free from anti-Christ rule. They   never   give   up   they   wear   the   nations   down until   get   their   way.   As   a   result   of   allowing   our   most formidable   enemy   to   take   all   major   decisions   our planet   is   now   close   to   destruction.   When   the   anti- Christ   mob   was   satisfied   that   it   controlled   the   West it   moved   its   target   to   the   Muslims   in   North   Africa.   Having   made   millions   of   them   angry   and   homeless   we have   allowed   our   satanic-controlled   Western   governments   to   entice   them   here   as   immigrants.   It   has   been concealed   from   the   public   that   Christians   and   churches   are   being   regularly   attacked   around   the   world. Christians need to unite and remove the anti-Christ gang from all positions of power and influence.
Last updated 17 th.  May 2019
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