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Vicious   street   battles   between   English   and   Asian   youths   took   place   in   Windsor   during   October   2006.   Four days   of   riots   began   when   twenty   Asian   thugs   attacked   Karen   Hayes   and   her   18-year-old   daughter   Emily, with   iron   bars,   pitchforks   and   baseball   bats.   Prior   to   this   attack,   Karen's   15-year-old   son   and   his   friend   had been   beaten   up   by   Muslims.   The   assailants   in   both   cases   are   believed   to   be   part   of   the   same   gang.   Mrs Hayes   stated   that   the   attack   in   which   she   feared   she   would   be   killed   was   unprovoked,   and   of   a   racist nature.   Predictably,   anti-white   police   chiefs   said   it   was   unlikely   those   responsible   for   the   attacks   on   the English would be brought to justice. Tensions   started   building   up   in   2002,   when   Sardar   Hussain   sought   to   convert   an   office   building   into   a mosque   and   Islamic   education   centre.   These   premises   are   used   by   a   hard-core   of   fundamentalist   fanatics who   want   to   take   over   the   town   by   force.   There   is   evidence   that   Muslim   street-fighters   travel   hundreds   of miles to take part in violent confrontations just as black Africans do. Tempers   have   risen   in   the   Royal   Borough   of   Windsor,   since   Muslims   announced   plans   to   consolidate   their position   by   building   a   mosque.   The   white-robed   thugs   who   attacked   Mrs   Hayes   and   her   daughter   had   come from   the   temporary   mosque,   a   so-called   haven   of   religion.   This   current   Muslim   conflict   is   not   simply   a   war over   religion.   It   is   a   battle   over   English   territory   and   like   similar   territorial   disputes   in   Palestine   and   Cyprus the problem is not going to go away. Muslims   are   rightly   angry   that   British   and   American   troops   have   trespassed   into   their   lands.   The   mass media   is   always   ready   to   sympathise   with Arabs   over   the   forced   occupation   of   their   countries   which   should never   have   taken   place.   Clearly,   Muslims   are   not   prepared   to   have   a   decadent   world-government   tyranny imposed   upon   them.   So   why   shouldn't   we   Britons   oppose   the   alien   occupation   of   our   country?   Why   should we   tolerate   being   ruled   by   an   anti-Christian   government   that   hates   us?   Removing   the   invaders   is   the   only way   of   restoring   order   and   peace   of   mind.   This,   however,   is   the   one   option   that   our   enemies   who   control Parliament will not consider, no matter how violent places like Windsor become. These   Windsor   race   riots   came   only   a   week   after   the   Queen   converted   a   room   in   Windsor   castle   into   a Muslim   prayer   room.   No   doubt   the   elation   this   caused   in   the   Muslim   community   helped   trigger   the   attacks. The   Royal   Family   has   become   part   of   the   problem   we   cannot   expect   them   to   come   to   our   aid   in   difficult times.   The   House   of   Windsor   never   had   the   courage   to   offer   asylum   to   their   close   royal   relatives   at   the   time of   the   Russian   revolution.   Instead   they   left   them   to   be   massacred   by   communists.   The   reason   they   gave   for this   seemingly   cowardly   action   was   that   Britain   was   itself   under   threat   of   a   communist   revolution   of   its   own. Although   our   nation   staved   off   a   communist   takeover   at   that   time,   Britain   had   fallen   into   the   hands   of   a virtual   communist/Zionist   dictatorship   by   1939.   If   we   had   not   there   would   have   been   no   second   world   war and   we   would   not   have   been   forced   to   snuggle   up   with   our   "new   found   friend   and   ally"   the   mass   murderer Joseph   Stalin.   Unlike   the   bloody   revolution   which   saw   communists   take   power   in   Russia,   the   British   socialist revolution was brought about by subterfuge and stealth. Muslims   are   not   the   only   ones   intent   on   stealing   our   land.   Various   other   alien   groups   have   set   up   camp within   our   borders   and   they   too   are   determined   to   claim   large   areas   of   the   UK.   Parliament   has   opened   up our   borders   to   make   it   possible.   Like   armies   moving   in   the   night   various   alien   nations   have   steadily   built   up their   numbers.   They   have   entrenched   themselves   over   the   years   into   positions   where   they   confidently   feel they   have   the   match   of   the   British.   Muslims,   Hindus,   Jews   and   Sikhs   have   the   advantage   that,   unlike   us, they are not encumbered and tied down with Parliament's vicious race laws. Kruschev,   the   Soviet   Russian   leader   said   many   years   ago   that   the   West   would   be   destroyed   by   our   own hands.   Much   to   our   dismay   his   prophecy   seems   to   be   coming   true.   Our   people   have   put   themselves   into   a dire   predicament,   simply   because   too   many   have   accepted   socialist   ideas,   and   as   a   result   been   railroaded into   following   a   communist,   new   world   order   agenda.   This   deadly   plan   has   been   enthusiastically   lauded   for many   years   by   Liberals,   Socialists,   neo-Conservatives   as   well   as   the   mass   media.   The   appalling   results   of left-wing,   multi-racial   madness   are   all   around   us,   yet   still   large   sections   of   the   public   take   more   notice   of what they read in newspapers and see on television, rather than believe what they see with their own eyes. We   should   have   put   an   end   to   the   anti-British   "multi-racial"   programme   as   soon   as   it   started   in   the   early 1960s.   For   over   half   a   century,   too   many   people   have   stood   idly   by,   while   self-serving   politicians   have created   problem   after   problem   with   their   fanatical   race-obsessed   agenda.   What   we   are   witnessing   is   an alien   invasion   and   takeover   of   our   country,   organised   and   directed   by   the   very   people   who   have   been elected   to   look   after   our   interests.   No   matter   how   much   the   invasion   costs   the   taxpayers,   how   many   deaths result,   or   what   degree   of   suffering   is   inflicted   on   the   indigenous   British,   the   "swamping"   of   our   country   goes on regardless. Public   apathy   has   been   read   as   weakness.   This   has   given   our   enemies   supreme   confidence.   As   a   result, they   have   opened   the   floodgates   completely   and   offered   just   about   every   foreigner   the   right   to   come   and live   here   despite   the   fact   that   public   services   have   been   unable   to   cope   with   the   burgeoning   population. The government   still   has   plans   to   bring   in   many   millions   more   aliens   as   soon   as   possible.   The   three   major parties   all   want   to   build   millions   of   new   houses   to   accommodate   them.   Yet   despite   our   ever-growing population   many   schools,   hospitals,   libraries   and   fire   stations   have   been   closed   and   demolished,   while much of our farmland is under threat from developers.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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