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Western   governments   don’t   represent   us. They   have   their   own   sinister   agenda   that   is   harming   the   people   in many   ways.   Unfortunately   the   press   and   TV   companies   that   are   controlled   by   a   small   but   powerful   group have   been   able   to   fool   most   of   the   people   for   most   of   the   time.   We   are   all   suffering   in   many   ways   as   a result.   Power   has   remained   in   the   hands   of   our   enemies   through   the   fraudulent   party   system,   where   we   are given   an   illusion   of   choice. Anyone   that   has   the   relevant   facts   is   prevented   from   broadcasting   them,   only   the accepted   point   of   view   is   ever   heard.   You   will   have   noticed   that   whenever   there   is   a   change   of   party   in power   there   is   no   change   in   political   direction.   Although   they   claim   to   have   different   policies   their   aims   are identical.   It   is   not   just   the   Labour,   Liberal   and   Conservative   parties   that   comprise   the   political   establishment, the   numerous   extreme   left-wing   thug   groups   are   part   of   it   too.   Mobilised   through   the   universities   they   are used   to   stop   any   real   opposition   from   assembling   and   having   an   effect.   We   must   challenge   parliament   over issues   such   as   the   fraudulent   banking   system,   continual   unnecessary   wars,   toxins   in   our   food,   fluoride   in the water supply and a persistent anti-British attitude. Don’t   go   into   debt   at   university   to   learn   about   politics   you   will   only   be   taught   the   same   Zionist   and   Marxist propaganda   that   has   been   espoused   for   the   past   eighty   years.   The   world   is   controlled,   almost   exclusively, by   a   few   fanatical   groups   all   pursuing   the   same   objective   of   world   domination.   National   governments   rarely exist.   The   second-world-war   provided   a   massive   leap   forward   for   the   conspirators.   They   set   up   international organisations   including   the   United   Nations   and   N.A.T.O.   This   gave   them   another   tier   of   power   that   they   are not   entitled   to.   They   won’t   teach   you   that   in   any   Western   school,   college   or   university   because   the   tyrants control   the   education   system.   Our   national   demise   has   come   about   through   ex-university   people   dominating the   political   arena. They   were   the   creators   of   political   correctness,   which   although   totally   absurd   now   affects the   thinking   of   a   large   percentage   of   the   population.   While   the   public   is   denied   a   voice,   we   constantly   hear ex-university   students   repeating   the   dangerous   nonsense   they   learnt   on   their   courses. The   effect   of   this   can easily   be   seen   by   parliament’s   many   bizarre   policies   and   the   left-wing   bias   of   the   BBC.   If   we   really   lived   in   a democracy   there   would   be   no   need   for   sites   like   this   to   explain   government   corruption.   It   may   seem   a simple   task   to   elect   honest   and   capable   people   to   represent   us.   However,   our   devious   leaders   ensure   that the   truth   is   withheld   from   the   public.   They   can   always   find   excuses   to   implement   their   destructive   policies, but   always   ensure   that   those   who   can   expose   their   evil   activities   are   silenced.   The   number   of   suicides   is rising   among   Europeans   in   the   UK   and   the   United   States   because   life   has   been   made   intolerable.   Wouldn’t it   be   better   to   study   the   cause   of   our   problems   and   overcome   them?   With   the   aid   of   this   course   this   will   be possible. Every   nation   needs   to   take   control   of   its   own   affairs   and   work   in   co-operation   with   all   other   countries.   Then we   will   be   able   to   live   in   peace   in   a   world   the   way   we   want   it.   This   will   entail   finding   our   own   leaders   and bringing   an   end   to   the   power   of   the   multi-national   corporations,   IMF,   World   Bank   and   New   World   Order groups. On   this   site   you   will   learn   how   parliament   has   deliberately   brought   about   our   national   demise.   There   are other sites to visit and interesting books to download.


This   was   made   clear   to   the   public   when   reports   of   the   activities   of   George   Soros   were   published   in   the tabloid   press   during   February   2018.   Soros   like   many   others   have   used   their   tremendous   wealth   and determination   to   bring   about   the   destruction   and   subordination   of   Western   countries.   As   an   anti-European liberal   multi-racialist,   dictator   he   has   used   his   vast   wealth   to   promote   organisations   that   want   to   keep   the   UK in   the   European   Union.   He   has   also   done   his   utmost   to   ensure   that   a   massive   inflow   of   immigrants continues   to   swamp   us.   Soros   used   his   influence   to   step   up   the   number   of   European   abortions,   and promoted   the   sexual   diversity   programme.   He   has   also   helped   legalise   drugs.      In   1992   he   deliberately   broke the   Bank   of   England   costing   British   taxpayers   3.3   billion   pounds.   No   action   has   been   taken   by   parliament   to curb   his   criminal   activity.      In   fact   successive   governments   have   mirrored   and   encouraged   his   anti-British actions. Soros   is   just   one   of   many   alien   fanatics   that   have   manipulated   governments.   Fortunately,   it   has   been   his extreme   arrogance   that   has   made   the   public   aware   of   how   we   are   governed   by   self-promoting   groups. Others,   like   Peter   Mandelson,   Henry   Kissinger,   Rupert   Murdoch,   David   Sainsbury,   Karl   Marx,   Lord   Levy, Evelyn   De   Rothschild,   Peter   Tatchell,   Jack   Straw,   Bill   and   Hilary   Clinton,   Tony   Blair   and   the   warmonger Winston   Churchill   are   just   a   few   who   dictated   a   government   policy   which   opposed   the   national   interest. They   got   away   with   it   by   hiding   their   motives   and   pretending   to   be   part   of   the   political   establishment.   They all   helped   drive,   what   can   best   be   described   as   an   anti-Christ   Jewish   movement,   whose   aim   is   to   shift power   from   the   West   to   the   East   and   destroy   the   European   Christian   nations.   As   Christians   we   should   be aware   of   this.   However,   our   church   leaders   are   so   useless   that   most   Christians   no   longer   attend   a   church. This   is   why   Europeans   are   losing   the   battle.   We   are   being   defeated   to   a   large   degree   by   the   mass   non- white   immigration   programme.   Peter   Mandelson   said   “we   are   running   out   of   places   to   bring   immigrants   in from”.   This   was   solved   by   the   Zionist-controlled   American   government   by   bombing   the   Arab   States   to destruction,   creating   countless   thousands   of   refugees.   Prior   to   this   Jewish   communist   groups   had   driven Europeans   out   of   South   Africa,   Rhodesia,   Kenya   and   Uganda   saying   there   was   no   place   for   Europeans   in Africa. We were never there in such numbers as non-whites are currently in Europe. These    devious    self-appointed    political    thugs    have    taken    control    of    the    West.    They    house    coloured immigrants   before   our   own   people   calling   it   “positive   discrimination”.   They   made   it   a   crime   to   call   oneself English   and   created   race   laws   to   prevent   criticism   of   their   alien   invasion.   In   1983   they   sacked   the   English and   Irish   nurses   and   replaced   them   with   immigrants   from   the   Far   East.   Prior   to   this   they   persuaded   many   of our   doctors   and   surgeons   to   go   to America   where   they   could   get   higher   wages   and   enjoy   a   better   standard of   living.     The   nuclear   tests   known   as   the   Manhatten   project   continued   into   the   1960’s. This   in   part   consisted of   people   in   America   and   the   UK   being   injected   with   radio-active   material   without   their   knowledge   or consent,   with   terrible   consequences.   Today   they   are   dropping   dangerous   chemicals   from   the   sky   over   our cities   and   the   London   underground   had   toxic   material   pumped   into   it.      We   regularly   see   aircraft   spraying material   including   aluminium,   barium   and   strontium   over   built   up   areas.   The   traces   left   by   these   aircraft   are known   as   chemitrails.   As   soon   as   parliament   took   control   of   the   NHS   it   became   inefficient.   Pharmaceutical drugs   are   often   being   used   to   put   patients   into   a   permanent   daze.   Newspapers   carried   the   headline   “90%   of foreign   doctors   have   never   been   tested   to   see   if   they   are   capable   of   carrying   out   the   work   they   are   engaged in.” Needless to say nothing was done to correct the situation.



To   govern   an   advanced   modern   country   like   the   UK   our   leaders   need   to   be   specialists   at   the   top   of   their field.   To   become   a   Prime   or   cabinet   minister   you   do   not   require   any   qualifications   or   experience.   They   don’t have   to   set   out   their   objectives   or   prove   their   worth   in   any   way.   Cabinet   Ministers   often   reveal   their ignorance   and   have   to   be   reshuffled   to   another   department.   Those   who   appear   to   occupy   the   positions   of power   are   merely   there   to   conceal   the   identity   of   those   who   really   rule   over   us.   If   these   shadowy   individuals were   seen   to   be   in   office   they   would   either   be   rejected   immediately   or   removed   after   several   years,   never   to return.   Using   a   bogus   party   method   of   governing   they   have   been   able   to   stay   in   control   permanently. Parliament   appears   to   struggle   from   one   crisis   to   another   with   no   long   term   plan.   However,   the   long   term objectives   of   our   secret   rulers   are   steadily   reaching   their   conclusion.   So   much   so,   that   they   have   been   able to   identify   themselves   as   the   New   World   Order.   This   is   an   evil   organisation   that   wants   to   own   and   control the   world’s   finances,   commerce   and   every   aspect   of   our   lives.   Benjamin   Disraeli   said   back   in   Victorian   times “The   world   is   governed   by   very   different   personages   from   what   is   imagined   by   those   who   are   not   behind   the scenes.” On another occasion the learned gentleman said “race is everything.” Parliament   is   our   most   evil   enemy.   From   1945   to   until   1967   thousands   of   British   children,   some   as   young   as four,   were   sent   out   to   the   colonies,   mainly   Canada   and   Australia.   They   were   lied   to   and   told   their   parents were    dead    when    they    weren’t.    On    arriving    they    suffered    neglect,    sexual    abuse    and    beatings.    Also responsible   for   this   crime   were   the   Salvation Army   and   Barnados.   Many   Britons   have   known   the   truth   about this   since   it   first   happened   but   have   been   silenced.      In   many   of   our   towns,   parliament   has   given   complete freedom   to   Pakistani   men   to   rape,   drug   and   intoxicate   white   girls.   This   is   common   practice   among   asylum seekers   virtually   everywhere.   Blacks   are   responsible   for   a   high   percentage   of   murders.   Parliament   keeps   it secret   because   they   don’t   want   any   of   their   precious   immigrants   deported,   not   if   they   are   going   to   get   us outnumbered   by   non-whites   before   2030.   Police   at   the   Notting   Hill   Carnival   were   under   instruction   to   look the   other   way   if   they   see   immigrants   selling   drugs.   Previous   to   this   The   Royal   Tournament   was   scrapped   to allow   this African   Pageant,   despite   its   high   level   of   crime,   to   become   London’s   major   annual   attraction.   The real   reason   for   adding   fluoride   to   the   water   supply   is   to   prevent   the   public   from   thinking   clearly.   Parliament prevents any such vital issues being raised. If   you   believe   Western   governments   every   country   in   turn   is   our   enemy.      They   are   not!   It   is   our   own   political leaders   that   get   vast   numbers   of   our   people   killed,   our   towns   and   cities   destroyed   and   build   up   enormous national   debts   that   are   our   enemies.   We   cannot   allow   politicians   to   do   just   as   they   want.   It   is   time   to   ditch the   old   parties   that   conspire   against   us.   We   British   must   come   first   in   our   own   country.   No   more   of   this equality   nonsense   which   puts   foreigners   before   our   own   people.   Stop   immigration   and   put   an   end   to   foreign speculators   building   all   over   the   UK   and   make   sure   our   own   people   are   housed   first.      We   must   not   get involved   in   any   more   expansionist   American   wars.   This   is   Britain,   the   homeland   of   the   English,   Scottish, Welsh   and   Northern   Irish.   The   mind-benders   who   rule   over   us   are   implanting   into   people’s   minds   the thought   that   anyone   can   come   and   live   here   and   we   are   all   equal.   This   is   because   the   would-be   world government   dictators   gain   a   massive   advantage   by   getting   us   outnumbered   and   creating   divisions   in society. In   1985   the   United   Nations   convened   a   conference   in   Geneva   to   discuss   with   Western   governments   new quotas   of   Third   World   immigrants   to   be   forced   on   to   European   countries.   All   news   reporters   were   banned from   the   meeting   on   the   grounds   that   the   matter   was   too   sensitive   for   public   consumption. The   meeting   was shrouded   in   secrecy   due   to   its   anti-European   nature,   not   even   the   names   of   the   seven   delegations   were   to be   divulged,   nor   was   there   to   be   a   final   press   statement. The   UN   went   ahead   with   its   plans   and   adopted   the slogan   “REFUGEE   86”   to   identify   a   massive   publicity   campaign   to   transport   vast   numbers   of   immigrants and   asylum   seekers   illegally   into   our   countries.   The   French   referred   to   this   as   importing   vast   numbers   of “false   refugees”.   Presumably   our   governments   were   privy   to   the   plot   and   colluded   in   the   treachery,   scared that   the   public   would   turn   on   them   if   they   knew.   The   English   have   become   sixth   class   citizens   in   their   own country similar to the Palestinians in their homeland.  So why are we not confronting the corrupt politicians? What   few   people   understand   is   that   only   around   14%   of   the   public   think   analytically.   The   majority   can   be deceived   by   whoever   has   the   most   money   to   create   the   maximum   noise.   Nowadays   this   usually   means   the ones   determined   to   make   the   most   trouble,   and   push   though   their   own   secret   agenda.      The   ones   intent   on making   nuclear   weapons,   pushing   thalidomide   drugs   etc   on   to   the   public,   creating   unnecessary   wars,   and mass   immigration   to   create   chaos   and   divisions   in   society!   Parliament   never   solves   our   problems   it   only creates   new   ones   and   injects   a   certain   amount   of   incorrect   directives   into   the   NHS,   police   and   military. Corruption is almost endless preventing the real villains from being arrested or deported. There   has   been   a   secret   plot   to   take   over   virtually   everything   by   stealth   over   centuries.   They   occasionally get   found   out   then   back   of   for   a   while   and   then   continue.   They   are   so   confident   now   that   they   are   able   to announce   the   arrival   of   their   New   World   Order   and   few   people   even   have   even   taken   notice.   The   New World   Order   is   the   arrival   of   the Anti-Christ,   Satanic   movement   that   Jesus   warned   us   about.   But   worse   than that,    this    threat    of    immense    evil    has    been    threatening    us    for    at    least    a    hundred    years    with    no    one mentioning   it.   In   1950,   when   I   was   eight-years-old   my   religious   next   door   neighbour   asked   me   if   I   wanted   to go   to   church   with   her.      I   said   yes   because   I   thought   I   would   hear   something   profound.   After   twenty   five minutes   I   was   becoming   bored.   She   asked   me   if   I   wanted   to   go   the   following   week.   I   said   no   because nothing   important   had   been   said.   Since   then   I   have   attended   every   division   of   the   Christian   Church   with none   of   the   most   vital   facts   being   mentioned. As   a   result   we   are   becoming   subservient   to   extremist   Muslims with their violent, threatening and demanding nature. There   have   been   constant   attacks   on   Europeans,   our   culture,   traditions   and   chosen   way   of   life   since   the 1960’s.   Our   unrepresentative   leaders   have   been   trying   to   force   us   into   a   mental   straightjacket,   by   only allowing   an   approved   way   of   thinking. A   way   that   is   always   harmful   to   us. Anyone   with   traditional   thoughts   or wants   to   do   what   is   best   for   our   people   is   treated   with   disdain   like   an   outcast.   Through   mind-control   they have    been    able    to    persuade    many    to    take    life-threatening    dugs,    while    self-harming    has    become commonplace.   They   have   shut   down   all   criticism   of   mass   immigration   and   same   sex   marriage   so   that   the naive   younger   generation   will   presume   that   is   the   normal   way   of   thinking.   Our   enemies   have   recreated   the UK    in    the    image    they    desire.    Our    alien    and    politically    correct    representatives    moved    work    from predominantly   English   Corby   to   immigrant   infested   Leicester   with   the   comment   shown.   Many   officials cannot   wait   until   there   is   hardly   a   white   face   to   be   seen.   Then   they   will   be   able   to   congratulate   themselves on having completed the task required of them by our most deadly enemie s. Similarly   when   politicians   took   charge   of   the police     force     it     was     deliberately     made inefficient       to       increase       crime       levels. Parliament    used    new    EU    laws    to    prevent immigrants    guilty    of    murder    from    being deported.   This   is   under   the   recently-created ridiculous   “human   rights”   laws.   Many   police forces   are   refusing   to   recruit   white   Britons. National   governments   no   longer   exist.   This can   be   seen   in   the   way   sexual   perversion laws     were     introduced     simultaneously     in many    countries    around    the    world.    This    is because   beastly   homosexual   practices   are widely   used   in   satanic   ritual   as   practised   by the    political    bully    boys    of    the    New    World Order.  Anti-Christ    groups    have    spent    centuries accumulating   vast   amounts   of   wealth   with which   to   subvert   Western   governments   and build     up     a     mind-bending     entertainment industry.        Fortunately        more        religious Orthodox   Jews   are   speaking   out   against   the political   Zionist   movement’s   activities.   Other   prominent   members   of   the   anti-Christ   movement   have   included J.   Robert   Oppenheimer   who   was   responsible   for   creating   the   atom   bomb,   which   has   held   every   nation   in fear   since   1945,   Wall   Street   financier   Bernard   Baruch   who   controlled   the   thinking   of   Winston   Churchill. Earlier   we   had   William   of   Orange,   Oliver   Cromwell   and   a   group   of   Jewish   bankers   from   the   European mainland   organising   the   English   civil   war   in   which   around   4%   of   the   population   died.   They   murdered   King Charles   Ist,   set   up   a   phony   parliament   and   created   the   Bank   of   England,   based   on   a   system   of   usury,   which should    have    been    avoided    by    Christians    and    Muslims.   The    Napoleonic    wars    were    organised    by    the Rothschilds   to   protect   their   banking   interests   and   the   Falklands   war   was   brought   about   by   Jewish   bankers to   get   rid   of   General   Galtieri   to   allow   them   to   take   control   of   the   Argentine.   In   every   conflict   the   anti-Christ movement   has   furthered   its   objective   partly   through   the   loss   of   numerous   European   lives.   Warmongers   play down   the   seriousness   of   their   actions   by   saying   “Two   fatalities   are   a   tragedy   while   a   million   deaths   are merely a statistic.” It   doesn’t   make   any   difference   which   party   is   in   power   for   as   long   as   Jews   control   a   country’s   finances   they will   determine   government   policy.   Simply,   he   who   pays   the   piper   calls   the   tune.   It   is   vital   that   every   nation takes    control    of    its    own    finances    and    prevents    troublemakers    from    creating    unnecessary    wars.    Evil organisations   were   responsible   for   the   creation   of   the   EU.   It   was   supposed   originally   only   to   be   a   trading arrangement,   which   is   rapidly   becoming   another   Soviet   Union.   This   will   come   as   no   surprise   to   those   who are   aware   that   the   EU   was   created   by   the   same   groups   that   were   responsible   for   the   Bolshevik   Revolution which   saw   at   least   ten   million   of   the   most   capable,   white   Europeans   murdered.      The   Fabian   Society   said   “It would   not   this   time   use   a   bloody   Bolshevik   style   Revolution   to   achieve   its   aims.   Instead   it   would   change attitudes   from   generation   to   generation.”   Recently   we   have   heard   politicians   say   that   the   over   65’s   shouldn’t be   allowed   to   vote.   Clearly   this   is   because   they   are   more   aware   of   the   damage   that   has   been   inflicted   on   to our people by a fifth column operating within parliament. It   should   be   clear   to   every   Briton   that   our   political   leaders   are   chosen   by   self-interested   groups   and   not   the voting   public!   This   means   that   since   1939   the   UK   has   been   ruled   by   a   secret   fifth-column.   Every   Prime Minister   since   Winston   Churchill   has   been   a   committed   Zionist   giving   their   loyalty   to   Israel.   This   is   why   the UK   government   doesn’t   want   close   connections   with   our   relatives   in   Canada,   Australia   and   New   Zealand preferring   to   view   Israel   and   war-mongering,   multi-racial   America   as   our   closest   allies.   Zionists,   who   have abundant    power    in    politics,    have    been    backing    the    fast    growing    fanatical    Muslim    groups    which    are attempting   to   defeat   Christianity.   In   the   UK   our   enemies   have   been   encouraging   Europeans   to   marry Asians and   black   Africans   while   at   the   same   time   ensuring   that   Jewish   boy   marries   Jewish   girl.   Sometimes   Jews even hold a mock funeral should one of their people marry out. We   were   all   surprised   by   the   discovery   that   Prince   Charles   wrote   to   his   good   friend   Laurens   van   der   Post   in 1986   confiding   that   “Jews   were   to   blame   for   the   turmoil   in   the   Middle   East   and   hoping   that   someone   in   the United   States   would   take   on   the   Jewish   lobby.”   It   is   a   pity   he   didn’t   voice   those   sentiments   publicly.   Since that   time   many   ordinary   members   of   the   public,   not   in   his   fortunate   position,   have   been   sent   to   jail   for voicing   similar   opinions,   that   we   all   know   are   true.   I   would   take   issue   with   him   for   referring   to   it   as   merely   a “Jewish   lobby”   in   the   West   they   have   almost   total   control   of   our   politics,   commerce,   newspapers,   TV, entertainment,   advertising,   the   stock   exchange,   finance,   publishing   and   much   more.   Due   to   them   there   is   a continual   fear   of   the   atom   bomb   being   used.   It   was   created   by   a   predominantly   Jewish   team   led   by   Robert Oppenheimer   and   Albert   Einstein!   This   is   what   happens   when   Christians   allow   manipulative   Jews   to   make decisions for them. The time is long overdue to recognize the fact and put it righ t. It     is     clear     that     Parliament     does     not represent    the    British    people.    Time    after time      successive      governments      have declared   war   on   countries   that   our   people have    no    argument    with,    nor    right    to interfere.    Yet    the    public    goes    to    war mostly     without     complaint     killing     and suffering     numerous     casualties     and     at immense   costs.      Yet   any   patriotic   person opposing   the   government   backed   massive invasion    of    our    country    suffers    the    full force   of   the   law,   as   he   fights   against   a   jail sentence.    Clearly    parliament    works    for alien   anti-British   manipulators   and   not   the British   public.   It   is   clear   from   their   actions that    both    parliament    and    the    schemers are   intent   on   destroying   the   white   race, which   we   are   warned   of   in   the   bible.   You must    have    noticed    how    politicians    have increasingly   outlawed   the   Christian   way   of thinking.   Virtually   anyone   from   anywhere in   the   world   can   come   to   the   UK   and   be registered   as   British. Technically   you   had   to   be   of   English,   Scottish,   Welsh   or   Northern   Irish   parentage   to   be considered   British.   In   December   2001   Chris   Molyneux   was   the   first   to   be   hauled   into   court   and   fined   for declaring   himself   English   on   his   census   form.      You   are   permitted   to   fly   the   England   flag   in   support   of   a mixed-race   football   team,   but   not   for   its   original   purpose   of   denoting   your   nationality!   Foreigners   can   freely fly   our   flag   whenever   they   like.   Our   real   rulers   who   conspire   against   us,   we   never   see   but   they   are   clearly not   English.      You   have   seen   in   this   one   article   how   those   making   the   important   decisions   have   not   been Britis h. Our    enemies    who    control    the    UK    couldn’t make    it    any    clearer    that    they    are    out    to destroy     the     European     nations     with     the English   being   the   major   target.   I   was      shown a   blueprint   for   the   plan   back   in   the   1990’s which    said    “when    they    have    reduced    our numbers    sufficiently    they    would    make    it    a crime   to   marry   a   fellow   European.   When   we are   down   to   a   number   that   can   be   contained they   intend   to   have   us   rounded   up   and   killed.” One     option     for     them     is     how     American President   Eisenhower   held   almost   four   million German   soldiers   captive   in   a   remote   region   in France     after     the     war     had     finished.    The whereabouts   of   this   prison   camp   was   kept secret.    Left    in    the    freezing    cold,    without protection    and    little    food    or    water    at    least 750,000   died   before   they   were   discovered. Unlike    the    holocaust    this    crime    has    never officially   been   mentioned.   It   was   only   James Bacque   who   discovered   the   information   and published    a    book    about    it    called    “Other Losses.”   Needless   to   say   the   book   was   never distributed   through   the   normal   channels,   but   you   can   obtain   it   through   this   site. The   second-world-war   could have   been   prevented,   but   the   warmongers   insisted   that   it   went   ahead.   It   is   not   the   Jews   but   us   Europeans that   face   racial   genocide.   Secretive,   Western   politicians   and   those   that   guide   them   have   too   much   power.     We Europeans must expose their plans and unite against these evil people.                                                                                  In   January   2008   the   Daily   Express   warned   “Britain   to   build   2   million   more   homes   for   migrants.”   These   will have   to   be   built   for   the   current   crop   of   new   arrivals.”      It   means   that   263   houses   will   have   to   be   built   every day   until   2026   –   the   equivalent   of   five   new   cities   the   size   of   Birmingham   during   the   next   18   years.   But   the immigrant   flood   did   not   end   in   2008   it   is   still   going   on   and   parliament   has   no   intention   of   stopping   it. According   to   several   Westminster   sources   “there   is   no   upper   limit   to   the   number   of   immigrants   allowed   in.” The   building   programme   since   2008   has   risen   dramatically.   Is   it   not   time   for   us   to   stand   up   against   these Westminster traitors? It   is   perfectly   clear   that   Western   governments   are   more   interested   in   the   welfare   of   coloured   immigrants than   Europeans.   They   encourage   belligerent   groups   to   challenge   us   at   every   opportunity,   while   trying   to   jail any   white   that   stands   up   for   his   rights.   The   usurpers   of   political   power   are   clearly   trying   to   build-up   non- European   armies   that   they   would   side   with   if   it   came   to   race   war.   Our   governments   persistently   conspire   to bring   about   the   destruction   of   Western   nations.   We   must   set   about   reclaiming   our   country   now   because   the percentage   of   Europeans   is   dwindling   every   year   while   the   number   of   Africans,   Muslims   and   Asians   is rapidly   escalating.   There   is   no   point   in   joining   the   armed   forces,   they   were   put   under   the   control   of   the Zionist   Federation   in   1939   and   they   haven’t   given   them   back.   The   first   duty   of   the   armed   forces   is   to   defend our shores which they are not permitted to do. The   Jews   who   made   Tony   Blair   prime   minister   had   him   start   the   war   in   Iraq.   He   should   be   prosecuted   but   it is   impossible   to   get   wealthy   or   influential   Jews   or   their   agents   into   court   as   they   control   the   judiciary   and legal   system.      There   are   seven   main   reasons   why   the   wars   were   started   in   the   Middle   East.      To   prevent Arab   nations   uniting   against   Israel,   to   reduce   the   Muslims   population,   create   hordes   of   refugees   which   could be   enticed   into   Europe,   get   contracts   to   rebuild   the   war   zones   and   put   the   Muslims   states   under   a   Jewish system   of   usury   banking   also   make   profits   for   the American   arms   industry   and   possibly   take   control   of   some of   the   oil   companies.   Undercover   Jewish   groups   are   experts   in   starting   wars   that   they   are   the   only   ones   to benefit   from.   They   have   survived   as   a   people   by   not   mixing   with   other   races.   They   are   fully   aware   of   the dangers!      Their   actions   tell   us   they   are   trying   to   destroy   the   European   nations   which   they   view   as   the   major obstacle   to   world   domination.   They   have   spent   over   two   thousand   years   perfecting   the   art   of   deceit   and secretly   taking   control.   This   has   been   accomplished   to   a   large   degree   through   the   abuse   of   money.   Jewish groups   fully   understand   how   to   make   money   talk,   and   use   money   to   corrupt.   They   put   their   ideas   into   the subconscious   of   the   masses   and   make   it   appear   as   the   only   valid   point   of   view. Thus   we   constantly   hear   the words   “you   can’t   say   that   it’s   racist”.   Why   not,   it’s   a   valid   point   of   view   that   has   been   held   around   the   world since man first communicated? It is being ruled out because that’s the way pushy Jews want it. Why   can’t   people   understand   that   Jews   are   the   most   determined   race   on   earth? They   constantly   wear   other people   down   until   they   get   their   way   or   do   it   furtively. They   change   their   names   to   conceal   their   identity. After three   or   four   generations   it   is   difficult   to   trace   them.   “Blair”   is   a   Jewish   name,   he   gave   no   indication   that   he was,   but   he   was   financed   by   them   and   worked   together   with   Zionists   using   parliament   to   force   through   a Jewish   agenda.   David   Cameron   and   Jack   Straw   are   just   two   of   many   senior   politicians   with   misleading names.   This,   demanding   race   also   have   a   great   deal   of   influence   in   the   arts   and   theatre   deciding   what   the public   are   allowed   to   see.   Read   Jewish   newspapers   and   you   will   discover   that   their   aims   and   objectives   are never   revealed   in   the   general   press.   In   the   1950’s   the   UK   was   an   all   white   peaceful,   Christian   crime   free country.   Now   we   are   rapidly   becoming   a   minority   with   various   alien   factions   being   stirred   into   conflict   by Zionists   and   the   other   secret   societies   that   control   our   government.   We   need   to   deport   the   trouble-making aliens before they create a racial or religious war. The   television   and   film   industry   doesn’t   just   provide   entertainment.   It   wipes   out   the   old   fashioned   Christian and    moral    principles    on    which    our    once-great    country    was    built.    Since    the    1960’s    their    scripts    have increasingly   been   written   to   convey   ideas   they   want   the   public   to   believe.   What   we   now   call   political correctness!   It   is   advisable   to   control   what   your   children   watch.   Orthodox   Jews   in   America   will   not   have   a child   in   their   school   if   they   have   a   television   at   home,   because   they   are   likely   to   introduce   dangerous   ideas to   their   classmates.   One   should   also   be   aware   that   with   the   latest   technology   subliminal   messages   can   be sent   through   the   television   which   cannot   be   detected.   Ideas   are   accepted   by   the   brain   which   the   viewer believes   are   his   own   thoughts. This   is   how   attitudes   are   being   altered   from   one   generation   to   the   next.   Films since   the   1960’s   have   become   increasingly   violent,   carrying   immoral   messages   that   impact   on   the   way people   think.   The   whole   entertainment   industry,   including   TV   companies   and   newspapers   are   under   the control of a small number of mind-controllers; think Rupert Murdoch for instance. The   George   Soros   foundation   operates   in   37   countries   manipulating   politics.   He   did   his   utmost   to   prevent Donald    Trump    getting    elected.    He    gave    billions    to    Obama    and    the    Clintons    during    their    presidential campaigns   and   used   his   influence   to   sway   the   thinking   of   the   EU   commission   president   Jean   Claude Juncker   over   Brexit.      Soros,   like   many   of   the   other   political   trouble   makers,   attended   the   London   School   of Economics,   which   together   with   Oxford   University   promotes   an   anti-British   agenda.   He   is   currently   trying   to bring   down   Theresa   May’s   government   with   a   call   for   a   second   Brexit   referendum.   We   have   no   confidence in   any   major-party   government.   We   need   to   get   rid   of   the   bogus   party   system   and   go   back   to   constituency- based   MPs.   We   can’t   do   this   overnight   we   will   have   to   keep   a   close   watch   on   the   government   to   keep   it   on the   straight   and   narrow.   The   English   have   become   fifth   class   citizens   in   their   own   country   similar   to   the Palestinians   in   their   homeland.   Only   the   British   have   the   right   to   decide   the   future   of   the   UK.   Foreign immigrants   should   not   be   allowed   to   vote.   It   is   important   that   each   one   of   us   brings   these   facts   to   the attention of our fellow countrymen. In   1963   a   volcano   erupted   on   the   island   of   Tristan   da   Cunah   and   the   inhabitants   were   brought   to   England for   safety.   It   was   made   clear   to   them   they   would   not   be   allowed   to   stay.   They   all   went   home   without   a   fuss when   it   was   safe   to   do   so.   Politicians   and   the   BBC   are   constantly   bemoaning   how   immigrants   are   suffering from    wars    and    impossible    conditions.    This    is    being    used    as    an    excuse    to    keep    them    in    the    West permanently.   No   one   is   allowed   to   raise   the   fact   that   the   American   government,   the   EU   and   various establishment   organisations   are   chiefly   responsible   for   the   major   problems   around   the   world.   It   should   be made   clear   to   refugees   and   immigrants   that   we   sympathise   with   their   situation   but   they   need   to   return   home as   soon   as   possible.   They   certainly   shouldn’t   be   given   houses,   British   nationality   and   votes.   The   second- world-war   was   a   terrible   experience   for   the   British,   Germans,   Italians,   French,   Japanese,   Dutch   and   many more   nationalities,   but   none   of   them   left   their   homelands.   To   have   done   so   would   be   considered   something to be ashamed of. You see how attitudes have been changed to suit our enemies over the years. When   Tony   Blair’s   government   was   in   power   the   Daily   Mail   published   this   article   “REMORSELESSLY, unstoppable   Britain’s   bloated   public   sector   just   keeps   growing.   With   another   95,000   employees   joining   the payroll   last   year,   one   in   five   of   us   now   works   for   Whitehall,   town   halls   and   the   myriad   of   quangos   spawned by   New   Labour.   In   some   areas   nearly   half   of   all   workers   are   paid   by   the   state,   this   dependence   is reminiscent   of   life   in   the   old   Soviet   Union.   This   all   powerful   state   dominates   the   labour   market   at   the expense   of   our   dwindling   enterprise   economy.”   Every   public   service   and   large   corporation   employee   has   to ascribe   to   the   internationalist,   anti-British   agenda   or   face   the   sack.   The   more   enthusiastic   they   are   for   this treacherous   dogma   the   higher   they   will   rise   in   the   ranks.   Every   civil   servant   will   receive   an   additional pension   paid   partly   by   the   already   overstretched   public.   Going   back   to   our   enterprise   economy,   most   of those    who    are    aware    of    how    our    heavy    industry    was    deliberately    sabotaged    by    the    early    post-war governments are rapidly dying off. That is something you won’t learn on a university course.   Whenever   an   advanced   race   meets   up   with   primitive   people,   the   overall   effect   is   for   the   backward   people   to bring   the   more   competent   nation   down. The   more   capable Africans   move   to   the   West   where   they   learn   from Europeans.   Zionists   introduced   blacks   into   politics   with   the   lie,   “You   are   suffering   from   discrimination   like   us poor   Jews.”   This   method   created   tyrants   and   troublemakers   such   as   Bernie   Grant,   Diane   Abbott,   Paul Boateng,   David   Lammy,   Lee   jasper   and   Oonah   King.   It   is   common   Jewish   practice   to   stir   up   minorities against   the   indigenous   people.   Successive   governments   have   not   only   welcomed   coloured   immigrants   into the   UK,   but   they   have   often   given   them   employment   in   the   civil   service,   the   NHS   and   education.   The communist   led   National   Union   of   Teachers   insists   that   coloured   immigrants   are   given   special   attention   to allow   them   to   progress   at   the   expense   of   indigenous   children.   They   claim   this   is   “positive   discrimination.”   In many African   countries   the   natives   have   not   even   been   able   to   develop   fresh   drinking   water   for   themselves.     Europeans   have   only   recently   started   to   return   to   finish   these   projects   after   they   were   driven   out   by   Jewish communist   and   terrorist   around   sixty   years   ago,   with   the   help   of   parliament.   We   should   all   be   aware   of   how anti-British   the   Labour,   Liberal   and   Conservative   parties   are,   but   the   public   votes   for   them   while   rejecting far-sighted   and   genuine   Britons   who   are   determined   to   create   a   fairer   system.   It   is   not   as   though   the   public hasn’t   been   warned.   Of   course   the   immigrants,   who   shouldn’t   be   allowed   to   vote,   predominantly   support   the Labour   Party.   This   is   most   noticeable   in   our   major   cities   where   the   original   British   communities   have   been driven   out. The   great   Western   countries   would   never   have   reached   the   advance   level   they   have   if   they   were inhabited   by   black   Africans.   This   is   because   living   with   nature   in   the   jungles   they   didn’t   have   to   advance   in the   same   way   as   we   did.   However,   we   shouldn’t   have   allowed   multi-national   corporations   the   World   Bank and   IMF   to   exploit   them,   put   them   in   debt   and   destroy   their   jungles   and   rain   forests,   driving   the   natives   to despair. Colossal   multi-national   corporations   were   formed   by   abusing   the   stock   market.   Old   familiar   trusted   British companies   were   quietly   taken   over.   This   eventually   caused   most   family   businesses   to   close.   In   turn   the gardeners,    maintenance    people    and    engineers    they    employed    were    also    put    out    of    work.    Having    a monopoly   the   corporations   began   to   produce   cheap   plastic   electrical   good   that   couldn’t   be   repaired. This   led to   the   consumer   throw-away   society.   As   a   result   massive   land-fill   sites   have   been   created   and   the   oceans are   awash   with   plastic   debris.   Over   the   years   wages   have   been   forced   down!   It   now   takes   both   parents working   frantically   to   keep   up   a   meagre   existence.   With   the   arrival   of   the   pound   shops,   Aldi   and   Lidl   the large   supermarkets   were   forced   to   severely   drop   their   prices   to   compete.   This   shows   that   for   decades Sainsbury,   Tesco,   Marks   and   Spencers   etc   had   been   overcharging   for   their   goods.   Did   the   public   take revenge   and   boycott   them?   No!   You   see   shoppers   acting   as   unpaid   staff,   busy   pricing   their   purchases   while the   few   checkout   girls   left   are   often   waiting   for   a   customer   to   go   to   them.   This   is   just   one   example   of   how the   zombified,   unthinking   public   reacts.   Congratulations   for   reading   this   so   far.   Most   people   would   have given   up   by   now.   Perhaps   you   understand   why   the   world   is   in   a   mess.   We   need   to   take   action!   Western governments   are   always   finding   countries   to   go   to   war   with,   concealing   the   fact   that   they   are   our   only   real enemies.


Jewish   News   27th August   200. A   Jewish   psychology   professor   who   vandalised   her   own   car   with   anti-Semitic graffiti   has   been   convicted   of   insurance   fraud.   Kerri   Dunn   was   working   as   a   visiting   professor   at   Claremont McKenna   College   in   Los Angeles   in   March,   when   she   reported   the   attack   to   the   police.   But   it   was   revealed in court that witnesses had seen Dunn spray-painting a swastika on the side of her car. Jewish   News   19th   May   2005,   a   Spanish   pensioner   who   claimed   he   was   a   political   prisoner   at   an   Austrian concentration   camp   where   thousands   of   Jews   lost   their   lives   has   admitted   that   he   lied   about   his   past.   Eric Marco   84,   gave   weekly   talks   to   schoolchildren,   and   even   wrote   a   book   about   his   experiences   as   one   of hundreds   of   Spanish   left-wingers   who   were   rounded   up   in   France   and   imprisoned   in   Nazi   camps.   But   Marco whose   lies,   were   exposed   by   a   historian   confessed   he   had   never   set   foot   in   Mauthausen   or   Flossenburg camps as he claimed. On   the   3rd   9.2004   in   the   Jewish   News,   a   homeless   Jew   suspected   of   carrying   out   an   arson   attack   on   a Jewish   soup   kitchen   in   Paris   has   been   arrested.   The   Social   Centre   housed   in   a   former   synagogue,   was torched   early   on   the   22nd   August   2004.   Swastikas   and   anti-Semitic   slogans   were   found   on   the   charred walls.    Totally   Jewish   News, A   French   woman   who   falsely   claimed   to   be   subjected   to   a   terrifying   anti-Semitic   attack on   a   Paris   train   was   this   week   given   a   four-month   jail   suspended   prison   sentence.   Single   mother   Marie   Le Blank   claimed   she   was   set   upon   by   youths   who   cut   her   hair,   tore   her   clothes   and   scrawled   swastikas   on   her stomach. This was a complete lie. Clive   Lawton   in   21.5.04   wrote   how   a   rabbi’s   son   was   arrested   in   connection   with   a   fire   at   his   father’s   shul. Avi   Langer,   33,   was   taken   into   custody   after   a   suspicious   blaze   at   the   Chabad   House   in   San   Francisco. Langar   who   faces   charges   including   arson,   burglary,   grand   theft   and   possession   of   stolen   property   had   a Sefer Torah when he was arrested. 21st   May   2004,   Police   in   France   have   arrested   a   19-year-old   man   following   the   discovery   last   week   of   a fake bomb daubed with swastikas in the garden of a synagogue.    Jewish   News   27th   August   2004,   this   newspaper   took   great   delight   in   reporting   that   more   than   100   people were   arrested   at   a   rally   commemorating   the   death   of   Rudolph   Hess.   Around   4,000   people   attended   the event   in   the   southern   German   town   of   Wunsledel,   where   the   German   leader,   who   was   found   hanged   in   his cell is buried. Europeans   are   constantly   being   harassed,   intimidated   and   arrested   by   Jews   for   carrying   out   peaceful activities.   Rudolph   Hess   was   working   with   members   of   the   Royal   Family,   aristocrats   and   important   Germans to   bring   an   end   to   the   war. Agreements   had   been   made   in   Germany   and   Rudolph   Hess   flew   to   Scotland   to seal   the   final   phase   for   the   cessation   of   hostilities.   He   was   unable   to   see   the   landing   lights   in   the   fog   that had   been   switched   on   for   him.   Unfortunately   he   was   caught   by   someone   who   wasn’t   aware   of   his   mission and   was   handed   over   to   our   nation’s   enemies.   He   was   held   in   isolation   until   his   death   so   he   could   not   reveal the treacherous plot of the warmongers.

            Read on and find out how we have been betrayed by parliament during the past hundred years.

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