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There   are   many   sinister   left-wing   groups   whose   sole   purpose   is   to   ensure   the   British   do   not   regain   control   of their   country.   One   of   these   is   "Searchlight"   which   provides   the   media,   particularly   the   BBC,   with   information (seldom   accurate)   that   can   be   used   to   smear   individuals   or   organisations   which   stand   up   for   the   British.   At the   head   of   this   organisation   is   one   Gerry   Gable   who   produces   a   magazine   aimed   at   brainwashing   naive young   students   into   opposing   their   own   kind,   before   they   learn   anything   of   life.   Needless   to   say   the   Zionist- controlled press write positively about this evil, anti-British organisation. D uring   the   elections   in April   this   year,   once   again   Gordon   Brown teamed   up   with   Gerry   Gable   and   the   Searchlight   crew   with   the "Hope   not   Hate"   campaign.   The   aim   of   this   pathetic   bus   exercise was   to   try   and   persuade   the   public   to   keep   voting   for   the   old   fifth- column,   nation-wrecking   parties   rather   than   turning   to   Christian nationalist   candidates.   Left-wing   political   agitators   used   to   claim they   were   protecting   immigrants,   and   use   that   as   an   excuse   for their   illegal   and   often   violent   activities.   Now   they   more   openly proclaim   that   their   motive   is   simply   to   try   and   "stop"   patriots   from being   elected.   Since   its   failure   at   the   polls,   the   Labour   Party's dirty-tricks department has been working overtime. Up   until   recently   all   candidates   at   elections   were   ensured   freedom   during   the   election   period   to   canvass   and campaign   in   their   area   without   fear   of   physical   attack   or   the   intervention   of   a   fifth-column   who   would   spread lies   about   them. Although   the   Labour   Party   has   always   used   Communist   groups   to   carry   out   acts   of   violence and   thuggery   for   them,   the   level   of   attacks   on   nationalists   has   increased   recently   to   a   height   not   seen   since the   late   1970s.   They   hope   that   left-wing   thuggery   will   deter   us.   Far   worse   off   are   the   British   military personnel   who   have   (immorally   and   illegally)   been   sent   into   action   by   our   nation's   enemies   who   now   sit   in Parliament. The   legislation   which   previously   afforded   candidates   the   right   to   carry   out   their   campaign   without   fear   of attack   or   interference   was   The   'Representation   of   the   People's   act.'   This   act   was   scrapped   by   the   Labour government    because    it    prevented    Socialist    candidates    reaping    the    advantage    of    unlawful    and    violent activity.   Up   until   recently   the   "Hope   Not   Hate"   media   circus,   bus   stunt   would   have   been   unlawful,   for   only candidates   and   their   agents   had   the   right   to   address   the   public   in   a   political   way   during   the   election   period. Anyone   carrying   out   the   kind   of   activities   that   Gordon   Brown,   Gerry   Gable   and   their   left-wing   rabble   engage in,   would   have   been   arrested   and   liable   to   a   term   of   imprisonment.   In   a   fair   and   democratic   society   that   is how it would have remained. With   a   large   degree   of   low,   animal   cunning,   New   Labour   instigated   a   much   greater   use   of   postal   ballots. Socialists   engineered   this   change   because   it   offers   more   opportunities   for   tampering   with   the   ballot   papers. Although   difficult   to   detect,   many   Labour   and   Liberal   supporters   have   been   prosecuted   for   falsifying   ballot papers. The   whole   election   process   will   remain   open   to   cheating   for   as   long   as   a   situation   exists   where   from getting   the   ballot   slips   printed,   to   the   final   declaration   of   the   count   the   procedure   remains   in   the   hands   of   the ruling authority which has a vested interest in the outcome. T he   Anti   Nazi   League   is   another   evil   Jewish   organisation   which   seeks   to make   all   members   of   the   public   subservient   to   their   anti-Christ   agenda. Notice   how   they   have   no   fear   of   making   physical   attacks   on   members   of the   public.   If   any   Christian   or   European   organisation   did   this   their   leaders would   be   arrested,   put   on   trial   and   receive   a   jail   sentence.   Anti-British Jews   have   no   such   fear.   Their   alien   brethren   control   parliament,   the   home office,   the   police   and   the   courts.   They   can   also   rely   on   the   press   and television    news    channels    to    find    excuses    for    the   Anti    Nazi    League's criminal   activity,   while   demonising   the   innocents   who   were   likely   to   come under attack. Note   how   the   Searchlight   organisation   works   with   the   Anti   Nazi   League and   Jewish   socialists.   (It   was   these   kind   of   groups   that   organised   the Bolshevik   revolution   and   slaughtered   66   million   innocent   civilians.   This figure was confirmed by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. An   English   lady   was   sitting   on   the   bench   of   a   Magistrate's   Court   in   North   West   London!   The   others   sitting with   her   were   both   Jews.   An   English   lorry   driver   came   before   them   that   morning   accused   of   a   serious driving   offence.   "We   will   throw   the   book   at   him"   said   the   two   Jews.   The   Englishmen   was   fined   and   lost   his licence   for   a   year.   A   Jewish   man   came   before   them   later   that   day   accused   of   exactly   the   same   driving offence.   "We   must   treat   him   leniently."   said   the   Jews.   "Why"   enquired   the   English   magistrate.   They   replied "Because   giving   him   a   criminal   record   and   losing   his   licence   would   affect   his   standing   in   the   Jewish community".   The   English   lady   resigned   soon   after   leaving   the   way   clear   for   another   Jew   to   take   her   place. This   isn't   a   rare   example   of   how   British   Courts   operate!   Zionists   and   Freemasons   have   absolute   control over them.
Last updated 20 th. Nov 2017
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