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From issue 26 2006 Wide-Scale race-wars struck mainland Europe ----- soon after horrendous riots took place between blacks and Asians in Birmingham. The   French   have   to   a   large   degree   been   persuaded,   that   to   be   French   one   merely   has   to   live   in   the   country   and   follow French   customs.   Many   Boers   in   South Africa   made   the   same   fatal   mistake.   If   a   nation   allows   fifth   columns   of   aliens   to   set up   camp   within   its   borders   it   will   eventually   bring   about   its   own   destruction.   This   is   the   Trojan   horse   syndrome.   The   great civilisations   all   fell   at   the   hands   of   invited   alien   hordes.   Single   race   existence   is   essential   for   a   peaceful   and   united society.   If   people   of   more   than   one   race   or   religion   share   the   same   land,   competition,   argument   and   battles   are   bound   to ensue.   Even   if   differing   groups   manage   to   calmly   co-exist   for   some   time,   there   are   always   going   to   be   third   parties   who will   create   conflict   for   their   own   self   interest.   This   often   comes   in   the   form   of   divide   and   rule   tactics.   We   can   already   see this happening throughout the once-great West European countries, including France, Britain, Italy and Germany. In   2006,   for   eighteen   nights,   non-white   immigrants   rioted   and   started   fires   across   France.   Over   300   towns   and   cities came   under   attack.   Scores   of   public   buildings   and   schools   were   burnt   down   and   over   8,500   cars   set   on   fire.   Police officers   were   also   shot   at   and   wounded.   Street   violence   spread   to   Germany   where   cars   were   set   ablaze   in   the   city   of Chemintz.   Leaflets   were   also   distributed   in   Belgium,   urging   young   immigrants   to   do   the   same   there.   These   coordinated attacks   carry   all   the   hallmarks   of   communist   party   activity.   The   left-wing   anti,   Le-Pen   brigade   all   showed   more   sympathy towards   the   rioters   than   the   French   public.   Laurent   Fabius,   the   former   Socialist   Prime   Minister,   was   eager   not   to   upset the   rampaging   mob,   saying   "emergency   measures   must   be   controlled   very,   very   closely."   Marie-George   Buffet,   the Communist   Party   leader   was   keen   to   see   that   any   action   taken   to   bring   the   situation   under   control   would   not   inflame   the rioters.   In   this   frightening   civil   war   situation   who   was   afraid   of   whom?   Where   did   mainstream   politicians’   loyalties   lie? Certainly not with the French! Soon   after   the   French   riots,   race   battles   flared   in Australia   when   a   group   of Aussies   decided   they   had   had   enough   of   non- whites   sexually   molesting   their   women   and   generally   taking   liberties.   Of   course   the   world's   media;   or   should   we   say Rupert Murdoch, and his kind within the media; were highly critical of white man's justice being meted out.


The   French   government   expects   to   receive   £670   million   from   the   EU,   part   of   which   is   to   be   used   as   "Danegeld"   to   buy   off the   immigrants   and   quell   the   rioting   for   a   well.   The   rest   will   go   towards   repairing   the   extensive   damage   that   was   caused during   the   attacks. A   further   £85   million   of   British   taxpayers’   money   has   been   demanded   to   clean   up   after   these   riots;   this on   top   of   the   billions   we   already   pay   into   the   unaccounted-for   EU   funds. To   make   matters   worse,   it   would   seem   that   Peter Mandelson   and   Tony   Blair,   between   them,   have   lost   for   us   our   £3   billion   annual   rebate   from   the   EU   budget.   Most   people in   the   UK   seldom   reflect   on   the   fact   that   the   EU   steals   nearly   one   fifth   of   our   incomes   in   the   form   of   VAT,   quite   apart   from the   enormous   amounts   donated   on   our   behalf   by   the   Chancellor.   Remember   how   Gordon   Brown   twice   undersold   our gold reserves to prop up the ailing Euro. Those   multi-racialists,   and   anti-racists   who   took   it   upon   themselves   to   bring   millions   of   non-whites   into   Europe   against the   wishes   of   the   people,   should   be   forced   to   help   pay   the   cost   of   their   lunatic   exercise.   Why   should   the   majority   have   to suffer   financial   hardship   and   a   drastically   reduced   quality   of   life   caused   by   the   anti-social   few?   Here   we   are   not   talking about   immigrants,   but   about   mainstream   politicians   who   have   been   responsible   for   the   foreign   invasions   and   bankruptcy of   our   lands.   Others   who   should   be   forced   to   pay   are   those   who   have   used   the   threat   of   race   laws   to   silence   objection and criticism. The   French   government   has   said   it   will   not   boot   out   foreign   rioters.   It   is   not   only   immigrant   rioters   that   want   booting   out, but   foreign,   anti   nationalist   politicians   as   well.   Did   you   notice   in   their   anger,   that   the   French   government   made   a   Freudian slip? They   referred   to   the   rioters   as   foreigners,   when   they   normally   refer   to   them   as   French,   just   as   Parliament   and   those who aid and abet them always refer to foreigners living in the UK as British. World   government   people,   the   enemy   of   every   nation,   admit   that   there   exists   in   Iraq   an   almost   impossible   task   of   getting the   three   religious   groups   living   in   that   country   to   agree   and   peacefully   co-exist.   Having   people   of   different   races   or religions   living   in   the   same   country   is   clearly   an   undesirable   state   of   affairs.   So   why   do   we   allow   the   world-government criminals   to   flood   our   country   with   foreigners   of   every   race,   religion,   creed   and   culture?   Why   do   we   let   them   get   away with   claiming   their   invasion   plan   is   desirable,   when   it   clearly   is   not!   To   make   sense   of   what   is   happening   study   the   final paragraphs. No   matter   how   bad   things   get,   and   they   are   set   to   get   much   worse,   do   not   expect   to   be   able   to   reason   with   any   senior politician,   they   are   incapable   of   rational   thoughts   –their   strategy   is   set   in   stone.   Post   1945   politicians   have   in   the   main, been   enlisted   to   destroy   nations,   bankrupt   them   and   transfer   all   power   to   a   self-appointed   dictators.   To   be   identified   later as   "the   new   world   order."   Politicians   can   only   serve   one   master,   and   due   to   the   current   balance   of   power   it   is   not   going   to be the people.   The   anti-Christ   movement,   that   has   ruled   the   entire   West   since   1945,   was   responsible   for   bringing   countless   millions   of Africans   and Asians   into   our   lands.   By   controlling   our   governments,   political   organisations   and   universities   they   are   able to   mobilize   immigrants   to   attack   us   whenever   they   choose.   The   New   World   Order   regularly   use   violent,   left-wing   street mobs   to   attack   the   virtuous.   They   back   aliens   in   anti-European   forms   of   politics   and   promote   them   in   journalism   and   the arts.   Our   internal   enemies   are   waiting   for   the   day   when   white   Europeans   are   outnumbered   in   every   one   of   their countries. They have even brainwashed many of our children into believing this is a good thing.
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